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Advertising & Commercial Use Policy

Advertising & Commercial Use Policy

  1. Advertising Generally Prohibited

    Advertising is prohibited unless specifically allowed. This includes all requests for money, promotions of a product, sales of a product, and so on.

  2. News, Discussion of New Products, etc.

    The discussion or promotion of news, newly-released products, or other goods and services which would otherwise constitute a general source of discussion on the forum is not advertising, if you have no personal or economic interest.

  3. Useful Promotion of Own Products

    You may make a post or thread discussing something and advocating that people might want to buy it, if:

    1. You are a member otherwise in good standing, who has a history of participating in the community;
    2. You do not make more than one thread, or make numerous posts, in places where they are not appropriate;
    3. You fully disclose your financial interest;
    4. The thing you are advertising is a good or service which might reasonably be of interest to our community.
  4. Internal Advertising

    You may use our internal advertising system to advertise a thread on Sufficient Velocity.

    We will accept advertisements for:

    • Quests and roleplaying games of all kinds;
    • Stories;
    • Other kinds of threads at our discretion.

    You do not need to have started that thread or be responsible for the works in it, but if the person who is responsible for it objects, we may remove it.

    You may apply to advertise a thread that promotes your own product, or which includes a link to a Patreon or other funding source. We will examine these on a case-by-case basis and may approve or reject them as we see fit.

    You may not use our advertisement system for any other promotional or fundraising purpose, or for any purpose we deem abusive, and we have the right to veto or terminate any advertisement for any reason we see fit. You may not use the advertisement system to advertise debating threads.

    We will reject any advertisement that contains fonts, images, or other items which you cannot demonstrate you have the legal rights to use.

    In addition, any use of the ad system must completely comply with Sufficient Velocity's standard rules.

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