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Our Rules

Our Rules

Sufficient Velocity's rules are designed to implement our mission statement. You must agree to follow them in order to use Sufficient Velocity. They can briefly be summarized as follows: don't break the law, don't be an asshole, and don't post pornography or gore.

These rules are not exclusive. Failure to follow them will result in Staff action, up to and including permanent removal from Sufficient Velocity, but the Staff may take any action that they believe is necessary to carry out our mission statement, or to protect the safety, integrity, and comfort of Sufficient Velocity's community, staff, and users.

Avatars and signatures are held to higher standards regarding these rules than ordinary posts.

Posting a link to something that is against the rules is the same as posting that thing. That includes a link to a page where the advertising on that page is against the rules.

If you are unsure whether something would break these rules, you may submit it for pre-approval.

  1. Illegal Material is Prohibited.

    You can't post anything which, in the opinion of a Director, exposes anyone or the forum itself to legal liability in the United States, Australia, or Canada.

    For example:

    • Child pornography, including fictional or written material;
    • Slander or libel, or any false or malicious statement against a person;
    • Hate speech: advocating genocide, incitement of hatred, and similar things;
    • Harassment, such as stalking, threatening behavior, or exposing another person's personal information;
    • Copyright infringement, like linking to illegal torrents or scans or posting anything like that on this site.
  2. Don't be hateful.

    Even if something doesn't rise to the level of legal hate speech, you can't post anything that is hateful or advocates harassment or violence, including against fictional or historical people. In the case of fictional or historic people, this rule may be relaxed if circumstances warrant.

    That means, for example, you can't:

    • Advocate any serious violence against any group of people;
    • Advocate any kind of harassment or violence against any specific person;
    • Use racial, ethnic, gender-based, or any other kind of slurs;
    • Talk about how great it would be if someone was subject to rape, torture, maiming, or other extreme punishments.

  3. Be civil to other users.

    Do not post in a way which is discourteous or indecorous. It is possible to disagree, even vehemently, with people both on and off the site in a constructive manner.

    That means, for example, you can't:

    • Post personal attacks or insults which are overly abrasive or otherwise offensive;
    • Threaten to use the site's report or ignore functions, or use or discuss the use of those functions in a way that might disrupt the peace;;
    • Publicly distribute information about someone else which is conventionally understood to be private;
    • Create, join, or post in a thread specifically to attack someone else.
  4. Don't be disruptive.

    Don't act in a way that that would be disruptive in a thread or forum.

    That means, for example, you can't:

    • Post spam, whether as defined in the Advertising and Commercialization Policy or simply unnecessarily posting multiple posts in sequence or multiple threads in quick succession;
    • post unwanted spoilers or off-topic material, large numbers of images, text memes, etc;
    • Troll, i.e., intentionally posting specifically to get a rise out of certain posters;
    • Intentionally lie, mislead, or otherwise behave dishonestly in order to 'win' a discussion or to get a rise out of anyone;
    • Use your signature to mock other users.
  5. Don't make it harder for us to do our jobs.

    You can't do anything that, for whatever reason, gets in the way of the Staff doing our jobs or which could cause trouble for Sufficient Velocity that we would have to clean up.

    That means, for example, that you can't:

    • Create multiple accounts without staff permission;
    • Encourage other users to break the rules;
    • Challenge a staff action outside of the normal appeals process or a complaint in the Management forum;
    • Attempt to get around the rules and the staff's enforcement of them;
    • Use Sufficient Velocity to plan or otherwise participate in any kind of behavior that might be against the rules or law elsewhere.
  6. Don't post porn.

    You can't post anything pornographic, or anything sexual about children. If it is risque, it must be behind a spoiler.

    That means, for example, that you can't:

    • Depict children having sex, naked, or in any other sexual fashion. Whether or not they are fictional is irrelevant. If it is both relevant and tasteful, you may have age-appropriate content (kissing, for example) with a fade-out details for things that are more serious than kissing and a fade-to-black for actual sexual acts;
    • Post images that feature uncovered sexual characteristics for the primary purpose of sexual titillation;
    • Post text that explicitly depicts significant sexual activity.
    • Use a NSFW avatar.
  7. Don't post gore.

    You cannot post any gore that would be out of place in something shown to the 10-14 age bracket. Anything that depicts serious physical injury, even if not explicit, should be spoilered.

    That means, for example, you can't:

    • Post real photographs or images of dismembered bodies, seriously bloody wounds, surgical medical procedures, etc;
    • Post drawn images if they explicitly show an unnecessary level of gore: giblets, organs, bones poking out of severed limbs, etc;
    • Post anything which glorifies or fetishizes explicit violence or injury.
  8. It might be okay if...

    These rules do not stop you from posting something:

    • If it is explicitly approved in writing by the staff through the Questions & Review forum as being either in compliance with our rules, or having sufficient literary, artistic, political, or scientific value so as to warrant an exception from the rules;
    • If it is posted in a subforum, such as Sufficiently Sexy, whose rules explicitly allow it;
    • If it is involved in a discussion of news, history, literature, science, or art so long as that discussion is tasteful, relevant, and as little of the offending material as possible is posted.
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