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Staff Actions

Staff Actions

The Staff have a range of actions we use to manage Sufficient Velocity. The most common ones are listed below:

  1. General Housekeeping

    Merging similar threads, splitting out unrelated lines of discussion into separate threads, moving posts from one thread to another, renaming threads, updating tags, etc;

  2. Thread Policies

    Creating specific rules for a specific thread to keep it on-track. These policies apply to all users preemptively. They will be conveyed in a box at the bottom of each page, above the quick-reply box. These are used where there is a strong possibility that the thread itself may have the effect of causing problematic behavior.

  3. Warning Post

    An official post in a thread, targeted at a user or group of users, informing them that a certain behavior should stop or not begin. Used where no stronger response is needed.

  4. Warning for Marginal Behavior

    An official warning to a specific user for behavior that toes the line or falls into a grey area. It carries no penalty, but goes onto a user's infraction record and may be taken into consideration when laying infractions in the future.

  5. Infraction

    Infractions are official reprimands for violating the rules, issued by the Staff. If it is the content of a specific post that is against the rules, a warning banner is placed on that post to inform other users of the fact that the post is against the rules, and why.

    Each infraction comes with a certain number of points. These points expire after a certain amount of time has elapsed; if a user has too many current infraction points, they will be automatically suspended for a certain amount of time.

    Infractions generally come with 25 points each. Staff may vary from this, but if they do so, they will explain what mitigating or aggravating factor caused that deviation.

    You can see your infraction history at the Warnings tab on your Profile page. This lists each infraction, how many points were assigned, and when those points are set to expire. Only yourself and Staff can see it.

  6. Automatic Suspensions

    As a user accumulates 'current' infraction points, they will be automatically suspended. Suspension removes your ability to post, but you may continue to log in, view the forum, read and send personal messages, and appeal. If these privileges are abused, they may be removed on a case-by-case basis.

    Suspension lengths may be viewed on the Infraction Actions tab on your Profile page.

    If, after crossing a threshold, enough points expire for you to drop beneath it, and then you re-accumulate enough points to cross it again, it will trigger another suspension.

    In and of themselves, infraction points will only trigger automatic suspensions. Alternative sanctions, such as permanent banning or the removal of specific privileges, may be applied by the Staff on a case-by-case basis.

    If a user has two hundred active infraction points, a thread will be opened in the Council review forum where Council and Staff can review a user's posting behavior and determine what, if any, alternative responses are necessary.

    This table sets out the automatic suspension thresholds:

    Points Suspension Length
    50 1 Day
    75 3 Days
    100 1 Week
    125 1 Week
    150 2 Weeks
    175 2 Weeks
    200 3 Weeks + Review
  7. Alternative Sanctions

    In addition to automatic suspension, there are a variety of alternative sanctions that may be applied on a case-by-case basis in response to specific behavior or as the result of a 200-point review.

  8. Thread Bans

    Staff may ban a user from a particular thread. This can be instead of or in addition to other actions. This is often done when someone's behavior in one particular discussion is causing a problem.

    Most thread bans are short: one week. Severe or repeated misbehaviour causes longer ones, and may include permanent removal from a thread.

  9. Forum Bans

    Staff may restrict a user's ability to post in a particular forum or subforum. This is done where someone has demonstrated a pattern of poor behavior in that forum or subforum, but not elsewhere. This requires the approval of the Directors.

  10. Removing Specific Privileges

    Staff may remove specific privileges, such as the ability to rate posts, change avatars or signatures, or the ability to use the personal messaging system. This will be done where a user has demonstrated that they will not use those privileges appropriately.

  11. Executive Powers

    The Executive Staff may, from time to time, craft any alternate remedy that they believe in their sole discretion is required to carry out Sufficient Velocity's mission statement or its rules.

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