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Advertising Banners for critique and improvement

Discussion in 'Art and Music' started by Look to the Left, Nov 16, 2015.

  1. [​IMG]
    Adjusted the text color, applied some blur to the beam so it would look less pixellated at the curve, and tried to center the text a bit more.
  2. Look to the Left

    Look to the Left Hi, I'm Nui here

    OH CANADA!!!
    The bottom text is still a bit tricky to read...
  3. In what way, specifically?
  4. Low-resolution text shouldn't be in serif fonts, it tends to look blurry and blend together. That's why computer fonts moved to sans-serif early and are only starting to move back. I think that's the main issue, though the contrast is also not high.
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  5. defenestrator

    defenestrator White Knight Waifu

    What @Dessard said. Title itself is fine, might want to experiment with different fonts for the subtitle. You could also try darkening tge background a bit, give a better contrast brtween it and the text.
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  6. Nemuikougi

    Nemuikougi Certifiably Eculdian Commission Artist

    Space Australia
  7. Yeah, definitely not. Testing it out it doesn't look great, and it lacks anything for lowercase letters or punctuation.
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