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Discussion in 'Art and Music' started by horngeek, Sep 7, 2016.

  1. horngeek

    horngeek Australian Dragon Moderator


    This thread provides a registry of all artists on Sufficient Velocity who are interested and able to take commissions, in various fields. This is provided for your ease of reference only. SV does not take responsibility for these postings, mediate disputes, handle money, or otherwise do anything besides control their general formatting and provide them as a public service.

    If you are an artist who is interested in being listed here, please make a thread in the Ask A Private Question subforum with the same formatting as the listings below, and we'll add you.

    What are the perks? Other than exposure of simply being on the registry we're also offering artists on the registry free ad space within SV's internal advertising system, and user banners that link to the same. If you're on the registry, you can submit a banner up to the normal standards (ownership of element, size, file format) through the Submit Internal Advertisement subforum, and we'll add it to the rotation - entirely free. Free advertising to nearly 12,000 dedicated fans - it's not a bad deal, right? Free ads will run for at least a month, and possibly longer depending on demand. (Subscribers, of course, can run them indefinitely.)
    Contact @foamy for more details.

    If you are interested in commissioning one of our artists, please feel free to PM them.

    Note: Just because an artist has 'yes' marked in the NSFW column, this does not mean they will agree to draw anything and everything that may fall under that category. Check their user profile, and ask if you're still unsure.

    Index of Artists:
    UsernameDoes NSFW?Type of Work
    AndelevionNoBasically anything?
    CetashwayoNo (how?)Maps and flags
    CornyBonesNoFigures, environments, and Concept Design. Also Fanart.
    DekutullaNoLogos and visual design
    DuskwitchYesPretty goth clothes and fantastical settings.
    elykkYesAnything goes, with a preference for cyborgs and armours.
    GeeBombNoPretty much anything except an anime style
    GuessmynameNoDigital character painting and pixel art.
    GUNINANRUNINYesLarge pixel art.
    KrekianYesAnime-esque, Creepy/Sora-grotesque, Silly, Cute, Assorted.
    LifeofGestureYesTraditional Art. Will do anything.
    LupercalNoMinatures Painting
    MaskedAndDangerYesPretty much anything...
    Microwave MKIIYes (soft)Digital and Traditional Characters, Creatures, Environments, and More!
    NemuikougiYesBanners, Logos, assorted vector stuff.
    open_sketchbookNoGraphic design, logos, book covers!
    PriestYes (content dependent)Digital Character Design and Cover Work
    RenuYesNearly anything goes
    Ronan O'Brien, aka PhearoYesAnything, really.
    ShyftNoCheesecake and/or Badass
    SinkquattroYesCute girls, armour and weapons!
    Slayers148Yes (soft)Anything Anime (Except Hentai)
    Space JawaNoPosters, webcomics, etc.
    TheOneMoiderahYesAn overabundance of 3/4s, frowning faces and psychotic grimaces.
    Also armor and character designs.
    TopHattedZombieNoPeople and Costume/Character Design
    thongnguyenNoPortrait and illustration, especially fantasy style.
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    Large pixel art.

    I'm prepared to accommodate most reasonable methods of payment but Paypal is my preference.

    My typical rate is 10USD/hour. The sample pieces in the spoiler above each took between 2-4 hours.

    When I receive a request I'll estimate how much time it will take and make an offer on the price. When an agreement is reached, I will require half the price ahead of time, and the other half upon delivery of the completed artwork.

    Additional Notes Section:
    Happy to do NSFW. Please inquire privately for questions about what I won't do. This won't affect prices at all.

    I can animate as well, but this adds a lot to the time needed to finish a piece depending on the criteria. In general pixel art becomes exponentially more time consuming to animate as things get bigger.
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  3. Phearo
    (Ronan O' Brien here because of an idea that never took off)

    Anything, really.

    Prices: The minimum base price for every piece will always start at 10 dollars. However, it will change depending on the nature of your request. Everything's in a case by case basis. For comics(or anything similar), you'll have to pay per page.

    Animations.. on the other hand- I don't have a solid pricing for that yet.

    (NSFW will cost extra)

    Additional Notes:
    If possible, I'd like as much specific details as you could give, as well as any references you might have laying around. It'll help us both be on the same page, and can make things go smoother! (And on the rare case I do add a few changes to spice things up a bit, I'll let you know before I actually go and do it! It's an open talk!)
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