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Composite Servant (Nasuverse) vs Ainz Ooal Gown (Overlord)

Discussion in 'Versus Debates' started by xcv45, Jan 7, 2017.

  1. A composite of all Servants in the Nasuverse* vs Ainz Ooal Gown (Guild)
    New World.
    Battle to the death (actual permanent death). If not possible, until one of the participants cant continue.
    For the Servant, the annihilation of Ainz Ooal Gown (or at least as much of it as possible).
    For Ainz Ooal Gown, defending themselves.
    The Servant has all Grails obtainable in Fate/Grand Order.
    Not relevant for the composite.
    Novel 10 of Overlord.
    Canon versions.

    *: Grand Servants, Alter Egos, Beasts, Mythological Formal Wear, Buddha, Arcueid and Solomon are not included in the composite**.
    **: As an alternate scenario, the above may be included in the composite.
  2. Grey Rook

    Grey Rook Genuine Nerd

    The Quantum Foam
    Doesn't Ainz have blanket immunity to roughly every concievable form of attack, at-will timestop and a flawless, inresistable instakill that is only limited by the fact that it takes time to perform? Or am I thinking of somebody else?
  3. Ford Prefect

    Ford Prefect What is Project Zohar? Director

    Probably. The character seems largely defined by how invincible he is.

    But like like, his opponent is a character with all of Gilgamesh's weapons, a few more besides, and probably no compunction against using them at will. I feel like that probably just to count for SOMETHING.
  4. No, just under a specific level for most and a few things he has blanket immunity to.


    Yes and he has items that can be used to cut down casting time.
  5. Grey Rook

    Grey Rook Genuine Nerd

    The Quantum Foam
    Oh, so he's just mostly invincible instead of totally invincible. Which does not change the fact that he will simply has to will his opponent to stop existing and they will.
    Even against an opponent with an instantaneus, completely blanket unresistable, unavoidable and unstoppable instant death spell? That explicitly says that it ignores all forms of resistance or immunity to instant death?
  6. Only against non-peer opponents. Anyone that's at his level should be largely unbothered by most it barring one or two specific forms of attack that are inherently ineffective against undead.
  7. Ford Prefect

    Ford Prefect What is Project Zohar? Director

    Eh, the composite Servant has God Hand, Andreias Amarantos, Kavacha and Kundala and Armor of Fafnir. Basically invincible and indestructible four times over.

    e: for that matter the composite Servant has like, a lot of magic resistance. A lot. A frankly crazy amount of magic resistance.

    ee: like the composite has Ruler's EX-rank magic resistance which is just straight up 'cannot be hurt by magic.' I guess maybe I was overestimating Ainz a little :V
    Last edited: Jan 8, 2017
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  8. Grey Rook

    Grey Rook Genuine Nerd

    The Quantum Foam
    Are there any peer opponents to him at all in the entire world? If there are, do they have any inclination to do anything at all about the rampaging Lich?
    And Ainz has an ability that allows his instant death spells to completely ignore all forms of resistance and immunity, as I have already said. I guess it comes down to who gets to ignore the others' rules, as usual for such debates.
  9. The Servant has God Hand (yeah for resurrection!) and possibly Avalon to counter The Goal of All Life is Death. It also can use Avalon, Lord Camelot, and other NPs like Achilles' shield for even more invincibility, and has really really good regen (Avalon again, Cu Alter's runes, just having a fuckton of energy from the Grails, etc).
    Last edited: Jan 9, 2017
  10. That's a question that isn't really that answerable. The Platinum Dragon Lord required the help of other dragon lords and dividing the enemy to bring down the Eight Greed Kings who were players like Ainz but weaker who managed to take over the world. But that was like 500 years ago and dragons grow stronger with age. A character believed the Platinum Dragon Lord to be as strong as Demiurge but is unlikely to have an accurate idea of eithers strength. He wasn't able to beat Shalltear while using magically controlled armor that he used to fake being a human but Shalltear is the strongest single fighter in Nazarick and fully equipped herself for the fight.

    There have been weapons Ainz found that don't work the way they should when interacting with him, one was capable of hurting him through his defenses despite not being close to the level it should be to do that.

    The Platinum Dragon Lord is likely to try and do something about Ainz depending on how he acts as he attacked Shalltear because of how evil he could tell she was, but has worked with players in the past so that's only a "maybe". The New World is kind of a crapsack world few would try and stop him just because, by their standards so far he's not even exceptionally evil! Humanity only still exists because of the Eight Greed Kings fucking everything up so badly and people like Ainz keep showing up causing them to continue to survive but even still are restricted to the safest area of the world.

    The dwarves were almost wiped out by a race that is considered nothing but food to the monsters living in the area around them and were enslaved by a group of weak dragons. The elves are on the verge of total destruction and enslavement. One of the few human nations is on the verge of destruction and willing to potentially sacrifice nearly their entire population to power their secret weapon against their enemies out of spite because they cannibalize humans and intend to move onto the other countries after. Their enemies meanwhile lost 120,000 people to a handful of powerful undead. The Minotaur's country enslaves humans which is an improvement over their previous treatment of them as live stock.
  11. Grey Rook

    Grey Rook Genuine Nerd

    The Quantum Foam
    So no, then. As expected.
  12. Wander

    Wander I alone determine my destiny

    I mean, even assuming for whatever reason that Ainz's instakill gets past Avalon, Lord Chaldeas, Ex-rank magic resistance, and the billion other 'no u' effects the composite servant has, does the instakill spell stop them from just coming back to life with God Hand?
  13. Not the time we saw him use it though he does have spells that prevent resurrection by resurrection spells under a certain tier. His plan for beating Shalltear was designed around the fact that using The Goal of All Life Is Death wouldn't be able to stop her revival item from bringing her back afterward.
  14. Well, King Hassan is now part of the composite. Did not expect Grand Order to add him so soon.
  15. Ford Prefect

    Ford Prefect What is Project Zohar? Director

    I don't really think he'll manage to ignore that degree of resistance. Like, immune to magic + literally indestructible four times over is, I think, sufficient to say that they won't get taken down by an instant death spell. And even if the Servant does, they can freely come back to life with an acquired, specific immunity to that ability.
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  16. Soulgazer

    Soulgazer Orokin

    TGoALiD is only usable once per ~5 days, and God Hand will immunize Composite to it, after which point Ainz...doesn't really have anything to hurt the guy with. As Ford said earlier, you have at least 5-6 layers of passive defense here.
    1: Normal A rank magic resistance, which blocks anything A rank or below, including high thautamurgy
    2: Joan's special EX rank magic resistance which deflects (as opposed to negating like normal magic resistance) all magic.
    3: Armor of Fafnir, which subtracts "B" level power from any attack
    4: Kavacha and Kundala, which reduces the power of any attack by 90%
    5: Andreias Amarantos, which completely stops any attack committed by beings that aren't divine in nature, and reduce the power of attacks from beings with less divinity then the holder (which in this case would be anyone who isn't a full on diety given Composite's highest possible divinity)
    6: God Hand, which negates B rank attacks and gives the user 12 lives that each immunize the holder to the killing blows of the other lives.

    To be honest, I'm not even sure how these would interact. Like, the absolute optimal configuration would be K/K outer later, followed by Amarantos, then Fafnir and then God Hand/magic resistance, because any incoming attack would be reduced by 90%, then be reduced by whatever Amarantos reduces it (to 1/2 or 1/4 if the attacker is a demigod or the like) then have "B" rank power subtracted from it, then still have to be above B to make it through God Hand (and if its magic, be above A to make it through magic resistance). The problem is ascribing values of practical power to these annoying letters and then somehow translating that into Overlord's terms.

    Anyway, that still doesn't include the multitude of active defenses or regeneration that Composite has. Within the 12 seconds it takes for TGoALiD to activate, Composite could use Avalon, or the Hazy Wall of Chalk to just not be within the power's range.

    On the other hand, Composite should easily be able to hurt and destroy Ainz here. Ainz's nullification protects him from attacks below level 60. How that translates to a servant, I don't know, but the power of attacks that Shaltear and Ainz were exchanging didn't seem beyond the Composite, especially not when A and above noble phantasms are involved. How powerful Excalibur is, its actually rather hard to say, but the A+ Brahmastra Kundala is likened to a nuclear weapon, and then A++ An Gal Tā Kigal Shē is by its very nature strong enough to shatter a mountain. The power of Noble Phantasms like these so far surpasses anything we've seen so far in Overlord (barring perhaps World class items) that Ainz should go down relatively easily.

    Anime always tends to tone down compared to the original non visual medium, but Karna attacking a plateau in the FGO America PV seemed to cause as much damage as Fallen Down did, honestly.

    Though, I'm not caught up with the LN, and there are a few people on SB who know much more then I on Overlord.

    ** is an obvious win for the composite.

    That's not quite true. Shalltear is more then a match for him in power, he just had a few marked advantages in their fight (the first move, full knowledge of her capabilities, and her inexperience in PvP). There's also a character from the Black Scripture who at least one BS member thought to be Shalltear's equal, though his estimation is imperfect.

    At the Boundry is yet another conceptual instakill/anti insta kill ability.
    Last edited: Jan 10, 2017
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  17. Grey Rook

    Grey Rook Genuine Nerd

    The Quantum Foam
    Okay, point. Conceded.
  18. drake_azathoth

    drake_azathoth Ascending Caprine

    Composite of just all Fate/Stay Night Servants vs Ainz Ooal Gown would be an interesting question.

    Composite of ALL Nasu Servants barring the Grand Servants is just overkill. As stated, they'd just have redundant defenses sufficient to endure anything Ainz Ooal Gown could dish out even collectively. And in contrast, I'm not sold on the idea anybody besides Momonga could endure even something like Excalibur.
  19. Blaze


    It seemed in the anime that Ainz needed a bit of time to charge or cast each spell. Regardless he certainly has the raw destructive power and intelligence to pretty much defeat almost anyone in Nasuverse. Giving him prep time would certainly seal the deal for him to defeat anyone the poster stated.
  20. Soulgazer

    Soulgazer Orokin

    I don't think he really has any way to deal with a TYPE or BEAST. Even if he does, TYPEs tend to explode when killed for massive damage.

    Edit: whoops, no TYPEs in here. Still, there's Formal Wear servants.
    Last edited: Jan 17, 2017 at 8:36 PM
  21. Wander

    Wander I alone determine my destiny

    See, you're saying this, but I'm just not seeing the evidence for him being able to get through several redundant layers of passive invulnerability, active defenses, the ability to come back to life multiple times with a specific immunity to whatever killed them the first time, and no evidence at all that Ainz has any method of stopping the composite from just using Ea to immediately win the fight.
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