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Announcement Current Affairs - Rules

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by foamy, Jul 5, 2016.

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  1. foamy

    foamy Lying liar who lies. Executive Director


    Current Affairs, owing to the often contentious political (and other) topics it regularly discusses, has a number of forum-specific rules people posting here need to be aware of.

    Article Lengths Are Limited:
    Posting an entire article has copyright implications, and on top of that it reduces page views for the original author of the article. As such, it is enforceable policy in Current Affairs that when posting an article:

    1. You must not post more than one quarter of the full text or more than 250 words, whichever is smaller.
    2. You must include a link to the source for that article.

    In addition, please be aware that in a rich-text copy&paste, the text often becomes illegible against SV's background. Use the remove-formatting tool in the upper left of the editor to clean it up.

    Ongoing Topics Go In Megathreads:

    Perennial topics have dedicated threads. Anything which is "ongoing news" about those topics goes in the megathread. Separate threads should only be made for specific, meaningful discussions where the OP is starting off with some meaningful discussion. New threads made with "check out this cool article" and a link which should go in the megathread will not be permitted, and repeated ignoring of this rule will lead to infractions.

    No Two-Minutes Hate Threads:
    If you create a thread which is a link to a news article, and you don't provide some analysis or contribution to make it worthwhile in the OP; and it seems likely to just rile things up, it will be locked straight-off. Repeated ignoring of this rule will lead to infractions.

    Mindful Discussion Principle:

    Even if something is not prohibited, it can be broached in a way that, instead of promoting open and frank discourse, lowers the tone. If, recklessly or without due care, you say something that lowers the tone of a conversation, you may be infracted. If you want to seriously discuss the death penalty, that's fine; if you charge into a thread and start saying all criminals should be shot dead in the street like dogs, you are going to get into trouble.

    Thread Policies:
    A reminder, since Current Affairs is where this is used the most:

    The Staff have the power to create thread-specific supplementary rules, called "thread policies". These policies can be created by any moderator, and they have the same force in that thread as any other provision of the Compact. The creation of thread policies can be appealed. Successfully appealing will require you to convince a Magistrate or the Tribunal that the thread policy was created in bad faith- i.e., it was created for some other purpose than to keep the thread within the rules and flowing smoothly.
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Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.
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