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Announcement Design contest: corporate logos

Discussion in 'Forum News and Staff Communication' started by Ford Prefect, Jan 4, 2017.

  1. Ford Prefect

    Ford Prefect What is Project Zohar? Director

    Hello everyone!

    As most of you are no doubt aware, Sufficient Velocity is actually owned by a registered company that is owned and operated by LordSquishy, Xon and myself. That company also owns and operates a subsidiary which handles our software development and sales of.

    When we first started these, LordSquishy tossed together a couple of logos. They're fit for purpose, but after some discussion we have decided to replace them. They're not at the same level at the SV logo. We would like to extend the opportunity to the members of this forum to submit designs for consideration by us.

    This is a competition in the sense that we are opening the field to as many people as would like to submit, and only one or two people will 'win'. The prize is to have your logo purchased by us. We are looking to spend $500 overall, or $250 per logo.

    The two businesses are:

    Perihelion Media Works - our holding company, which owns and manages our other ventures. This is the 'top level' of the business.
    Atelier Aphelion - our software developer and distributor. This is Xon's domain, where new features and add-ons for XenForo are developed and sold.

    We need a logo for each. You may submit a design for one or the other, or both.

    We will not be setting complex requirements, however we may request small alterations before completing purchase. We simply want distinct, recognisable logos that can sit on the front of our websites and give a good impression to customers and other entities. The logo should be able to look good in monochrome, but we are interested in colour as well.

    Otherwise, go nuts. I'd much prefer to see the creativity of our userbase than stifle it with requirements. After all, if I had any good ideas I'd just ask LordSquishy to make them :V

    Please also be aware that this will constitute a purchase, in that we will be purchasing the rights to use the logo from you, in the event that you are successful.

    This design contest is open now and will close at the end of January. Thanks, and good luck.

    e: Important note, any design submitted cannot use any licenced elements. Any fonts must be of your own creation or public domain.
    Last edited: Jan 5, 2017
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  2. Fernandel

    Fernandel Lovely Writing, Tendency to Waffle Councillor

    Question from us non-Greek speaking nooblets:

    What do "Perihelion" and "Aphelion" actually mean? Both literally and figuratively?
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  3. Broken25


    Perihelion and aphelion

    Last edited: Jan 4, 2017
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  4. Ford Prefect

    Ford Prefect What is Project Zohar? Director

    They're astronomical terms. The perihelion is the point where a celestial object is closest to its sun, and the aphelion is the opposite.
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  5. Fernandel

    Fernandel Lovely Writing, Tendency to Waffle Councillor

    Planets and orbits. That's fitting and very cool.

    Why not go Doctor Manhattan? Simple and elegant.

    Do I get the winning bid now? :p

    (This is a joke. No worries. My artistic skill is nil.)
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  6. Tossing in some well-meaning advice: Make sure there is a reasonable and clear agreement of rights to the logo/its usage for all parties. There are some horror stories I don't anyone to run afoul of.
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  7. Ford Prefect

    Ford Prefect What is Project Zohar? Director

    Of course. There will be paperwork at the end of things.
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  8. open_sketchbook

    open_sketchbook The Pretty Guardian of RPGs Commission Artist

    I'm on it.
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  9. Skyllian Blitz

    Skyllian Blitz Shadow Cabal Member Moderator On Leave

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  10. Eye Eye Cap.
  11. The Englanderish

    The Englanderish Schrödinger's Kuudere Thoughtcriminal

    Pays De Galles
    ... so the directors are... 'Grecaboos'? 'Hellenaboos'? :V
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  12. Ford Prefect

    Ford Prefect What is Project Zohar? Director

    Our money tends to be in USD.

    Space nerds :V
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  13. The Englanderish

    The Englanderish Schrödinger's Kuudere Thoughtcriminal

    Pays De Galles
    Space Greebs then.
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  14. Gear

    Gear Set Moon to Ramming Speed!

    Any particular color schemes for these companies?
  15. Ford Prefect

    Ford Prefect What is Project Zohar? Director

    We use a similar cosmos theme across our various business. The black of space, starfields, and so on. Colours that fit with that - black, blue, and so on - are probably best. However, we're willing to see what people have to offer. If someone has a good design that works in pastels, well, we'll consider it.

    That said, the logo should probably be able to work in monochrome, as well.
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  16. In this case, would people submit designs in this thread then? How many attempts are we allowed, or can we just keep making more designs?
  17. erlking

    erlking I'd do a pun, but you probably Doen't want one

    So are these the two sites, with the logos we're looking to replace?
  18. Nictis

    Nictis Verified Sidekick

    Just wanted to say I like the logo on Perihelion. Good luck to all you artists working on this.
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  19. Private Lee O'Malley

    Private Lee O'Malley Head Puns = -10 to Next Roll Councillor

    How will we be paid?

    And uhh...shit, any vague guidelines you have? Like beyond the common sense ones of "No handing in a dick pic." but like something sci-fi-ish? Animu-ish, what?
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  20. Ford Prefect

    Ford Prefect What is Project Zohar? Director

    This thread is fine. You can submit as many designs as you'd like.

    That is so.

    We use Paypal for these kinds of transactions, but if that's not suitable a different option will be found.
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  21. James D. Fawkes

    James D. Fawkes Court Scribe

    I assume you want the site names in the logos?

    If so, any particular font?
  22. Slayers148

    Slayers148 Kuso-chan desu~ Hawawawa~ Commission Artist

    I want to clarify the term 'logo' a bit. Do you want a logo or a symbol, or a combination of both?
  23. LordSquishy

    LordSquishy Probably Not A Producer

    Thanks. :V

    I actually like logo design, it's an interesting exercise in minimalism.
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  24. 13th Fleet

    13th Fleet Citizen

    Tennessee, USA
    Damn, and here I thought we might be retiring the ejaculating penis. :V
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  25. ForumWarrior

    ForumWarrior shhh bby is okay, only jimmies now

    After having worked at a print shop / graphics design small business I'd assume that for $250 they're wanting logos:

    - that are vectored
    - for company stationary
    - for watermarks
    - for clothing patches or stitched directly into clothing by an automated sewing machine
    - for cut contouring on vinyl stickers to be applied to products or shipping containers.
    - in dark color theme web layouts
    - in light color theme web layouts

    The winner of the contest will likely end up making two or three very similar but slightly different logos for the different layouts.

    If they want logos which can be used for colored vinyl cuts for applying to glass or as vehicle graphics you'll probably want to use an Orafol color palette that matches up to the various Oracal 651 and 751 vinyls. Otherwise they'll end up being print cuts which are not as good as colored vinyl imo.
    Last edited: Jan 4, 2017
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