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Evangelion Ideas Thread: You Can (Not) Rebuild

Discussion in 'Fanfiction Discussion' started by Teen Spirit, Apr 24, 2014.

  1. Teen Spirit

    Teen Spirit I don't actually know what to put here.

    Noticed we didn't have one of these here. Thought I should correct that.

    So what if Shinji somehow accidentally pulled off Rip Van Winkle for fourteen years thing at the end of End of Evangelion? What do you think the world he awakes to would be like? Assuming people came out of the LCL of course
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  2. Shadow Archon

    Shadow Archon Protoss Preserver

    If you go by the manga, the entire world resets after Third Impact, and nobody has memories of Evas or Angels.

    The Mass Produced Evas have existed throughout all of human history, and are just mysterious relics to humanity.


    I'm not exactly sure how Shinji would be in your specific situation, but he has a better life after 3I in the manga where the timescale is unknown.
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  3. What do you guys think about the story idea of Evas as nanite-based, semi-intelligent magical girl outfits? Basically, take the magical girl genre and replace the "magical" part with "Clarkian (sufficiently advanced) technology". Instead of magic, the power of love and whatnot, these girls fight their enemies with gatling guns, recoilless rifles and the power of dakka.

    By genre conventions, some cast genderbending is required (Shinji and Kaworu only). OCs are not necessary for the most part, except for the foreshadowing that Kensuke used to have an older sister who mysteriously disappeared when he was young, later revealed to have been "eaten" by a malfunctioning Eva going gray goo.

    Points readers may not like or agree with include the Evas' fanservice implications (the outfits themselves aren't revealing but it's outright stated that the girls have nothing underneath and must hide and strip before transforming or it'll telefrag their clothes), Misato having gotten brainwashed during Second Impact into a nihilistic sociopath serving the Angels and the revelation that the Angels' cores come into existence inside girl!Kaworu's womb (referencing how Kaworu addresses Adam as mother in canon, taken a bit more literally).
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  4. You had me till this part. Kaworu's connection to the Angels should still be used, but I don't think that's the right way to do it. Misato's whole thing is her fanatic hatred for Angels, so as long as she's "rescued" by the resolution of the first arc and takes all the kids in a big heartfelt "thank you" hug and then joins whatever organization (NERV I assume) that created the Eva Suits (I see them being a mix of classic Magic Girl fanfare, and Eva's Plug-Suits). I could also see them just plain eating whatever clothes the kids are wearing to transform them, replicating and whatnot, but being unable to restore the mundane clothes. This allows for a normal transformation object and the obligatory Sailor Moon-esque transformation sequences.

    Ultimately no stranger than Kill La Kill.

    A for Effort I guess, but the points readers "might not" like or agree with are less of a "might not" and more of a "will not".

    I could also see the Angels being living things that were transformed by nanites as well, perhaps the Kaworu connection is just that he/she was the only one to survive the installation of the core component. 17 on the production line, the first survivor and the first success. Play up Kaworu's "super special snowflake" aspect but call attention to it in parody, Asuka just plainly hates the fact that he/she is so perfect.

    Also Genderbent Shinji is hilarious to me because I honestly can't tell the difference. Extra funny if he was a boy, but the nanites where only ever designed for girls and the bio-enhancements of the Eva system gender swap him and nobody (not even he) can really tell the difference at first. It would probably help him a lot ironically... all that societal pressure to be manly suddenly fades away and his behavior to acceptable to everyone... except for Asuka who isn't even aware he used to be a boy and tells him to stop being such a Nadeshiko. Japanese cultural things as they are, people making comments like "you'd make a good wife" would probably be abundant given his skill set and temperament, but also likely to grate on him over time.

    Of course there are squick traps in full gender bender, as well as pitfalls of the genre of dealing with transgendered characters that would have to be carefully navigated. If Shinji winds up preferring it, it would have to be made into a central theme of the story, with considerable emphasis on the difficulty of that kind of decision and the like. Trivializing it would insult people who actually go through that kind of stuff, joking about it as something "wrong" or "irreversible and unwanted" would be even worse. Maybe have Ritsuko wave a hand dismissively like "Oh well... nanites did it so I could probably build some to undo it. Just uh... would take time and it would be undone every time you used the Eva anyway." So when she finally succeeds it's truly his choice, regardless of what he chooses.

    But hey, you'd need some drama to fill the void left by "be a good son boy" that Girl!Shinji wouldn't have anyway.
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  5. I guess I might as well throw my two ideas out here. Who knows if I'm ever going to get around to them after all.

    My first NGE idea was a post-series shipping fic of Rei and Asuka. It was... basically that. Nothing really special, I just felt like trying romance, and I don't really like any of the Shinji pairings. I like to think he goes and finds a nice girl or boy that has nothing to do with Nerv years later. Still, a college-age romance of Rei and Asuka? It could be fun.

    The other idea was a Mass Effect cross where an asari expedition discovers Earth a few months prior to second impact and frantically send for help, which due to the need for slowboating until the relay is excavated only arrives a few years after things have really gone to shit. Then asari aid forces arrive and save probably approximately a billion people through preventing mass instability and famine. The nascent UN dominion is then bolstered by the asari and Seele steps softly.

    Things progress, until around 2016-2018 or so, when the somewhat delayed project reach completion and for some reason trigger the Angels. Seele sabotage shuts off the relay and Earth goes dark. A twisted canon NGE occurs, ending with victory for Nerv and miserable failure for Seele as strong independent forces intervene and tear the heart out of their powerbase. Third impact never happens. However instead, there is a galaxy upon which Evangelion tech has suddenly been unleashed.

    I was thinking that with some manipulation by Sovereign to help things along and trigger a galactic civil war over access to Eva tech, leading into a very different sort of Reaper war.

    Never got around to writing much of either though.
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  6. It wouldn't really be a factor until the end, where Shinji flies to the Moon for the final confrontation and walks in on Kaworu giving birth to her newest "child" in a squicky, fan disservice-y scene. Until then, the only foreshadowing would be Kaworu absently rubbing her imperceptibly small belly when alone.

    I actually intended for her to be a massively popular teenage pop idol several cast members are fans of, aiding the Angels' cause by housing and hiding Kaworu so that Angel production can go uninterrupted. She only gets deprogrammed at the end but by then, it's a bit too late to help.

    I was thinking a mix between plugsuits and Barrier Jackets.

    Actually, the Evas eat the user for power. To be more exact, they consume heavy elements from the user's body, force said elements to undergo baryon decay (which breaks the laws of physics as we know them; partly because baryon decay has not been proved scientifically and partly because quantum physics specifically states that radioactive decay is inherently random and thus uncontrollable) and use the resultant energy release to fuel themselves, releasing weak beta radiation in the process. They could run on atmospheric air but its far less efficient (heavier elements have more baryons to consume) and the development team doesn't really know why the Evas prefer living tissue to consume.

    The Evas do have a transformation object.

    Thought so.:(

    The Evas themselves were reverse-engineered from Iruel. And yes, Kaworu does have an Eva; just not from the same source as the heroines. By herself, Kaworu doesn't have much power, hence why she stole an Eva prototype.

    That's the point. From what I've seen, not even genderbending is considered an acceptable excuse for acting out of character in the fandom. Shinji is a bit more stable due to growing up in a normal family but she's still a bit reclusive.

    I also don't intend on changing her name like most writers do, considering that she already has a unisex name. The only name change in the cast would be Kaworu, who would use the feminine version (Kaori).

    Yui becoming so obsessed with Eva development that she subjected a toddler Shinji to agonizingly painful experiments to increase the girl's aptitude for Evas until Gendo (Gendo!) couldn't take it anymore, grabbed Shinji and ran?

    Rei having been created explicitly as a replacement for Shinji and she knows it (not to mention wearing scars of physical abuse for failing to deliver)?

    Touji's sister having a close encounter with an Angel giving her a sort of sixth sense warning of Angel presence - by turning her into a convulsing, shrieking wreck who has to be physically restrained from clawing her own eyes out whenever an Angel is near?

    One of the girls turning from the friendly, nice girl she was in canon into a cold-blooded berserker after one of her friends bites it during Zeruel's attack?

    Shinji vaporizing half of the world's population, permanently disfiguring the Earth and shattering the Moon in an omnicidal rampage once she finally snaps at having been manipulated all along, not having been able to prevent all the shit that befell her friends AND finding out that the Angels were specifically after her all along and none of this would've happened if she would've changed sides at the beginning?

    I think there's drama aplenty.
    Last edited: Apr 29, 2014
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  7. Sounds like you already have your story all figured out. Not how I'd do it, but I'm not you. At this point, I'd start writing if you have so much of it figured out already. I can disagree with the concepts, but until I see it written you never know. A snip's worth a thousand explanations, something done well gets a lot of leeway to be questionable otherwise if it handles the content tastefully.

    That said, it doesn't look so much like an Eva fic as a story inspired by Evangelion. Could rename everybody and call it an original piece.
  8. Nowhere near all of it. After I have the basic premise, I make up stuff in anachronic order, ie. in the order it comes to me. That might be why I have around half a dozen unwritten concepts sitting on my hard drive, including this one. Almost all of them are Eva AUs.

    I wrote lemons before, so I think I know how to tone questionable content down.

    I tend to write wildly-divergent-from-canon AUs because I'll have an established framework to start with but rigid adherence to this framework makes me feel like my hands are tied. Believe it or not, my longest-to-date story started out in my head as an original concept; I eventually decided, at the start of my forays into anime, that it would work very well as an Eva AU. That is, until I realized several years ago that it's way too ambitious to work and got stuck. Plus nobody really reads it since it's supposed to be a very long (300,000+ words at current pace, not counting the sequel which I also have more-or-less completely planned out) story less than a sixth way done and I'm keeping the good stuff for later to maintain a consistent quality instead of "blowing my load early", so to speak.:oops:

    I have a completely original (mildly inspired by Rinne no Lagrange and Aquarion Evol) story in brainstorming, although that one's not even remotely like Eva aside from having an introverted (female) protagonist press-ganged (by the JSDF) into piloting a mecha to save the world (from mecha-armed remnants of a parallel universe Soviet Union trying to survive a nuclear winter by stealing food).
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  9. Fair enough, but outside of broad concepts I have nothing to add really. I can wish you luck though.

    Already I feel that means you've missed my meaning. I wasn't talking about sex stuff at all. I was talking about themes. Having things happen and applying them meaning. For instance, the Kaworu thing you mentioned comes bundled with a bucket of negative symbolic meanings that I can't even begin. A story has to be really good for someone to (intentionally or not) vilify the process of giving life and for me to ignore it.

    You say that, but time has transformed every single character in Evangelion into a trope that has occurred hundreds of times in anime. You could literally write it as a gritty magical girl subversion and have the fact you use Evangelion archetypes be one of your themes. Like a sci-fi Madoka Magika. Literally name-swapping. That's all the story needs to diverge to the point it's unrecognizable as an Eva fanfic.

    I do the same a bit, or I used to... because I like Evangelion's characters more than their setting. However, after gender-bending two of them, changing their family situations, and even changing Misato's age and her role in the story completely... I honestly can't bring myself to say they're the same characters exactly... just similar.
    Last edited: Apr 29, 2014
  10. I didn't. I understood perfectly what you meant; I brought up lemon as an example that I worked with questionable content before.

    Some fans don't seem to know there's a middle ground between canon copycat and In Name Only. It might sound stupid but it took me years until I admitted to myself that I can't really please everyone and depth is more important than appeal.

    In the unfinished long-runner I mentioned above, I would've eventually handled that issue by revealing that the cast are not just OOC canon characters but just plain not the canon characters, period. It'd take very long to explain so all I'm going to say is that it's a stupidly simple solution no one would ever see coming. In this one, I have no such excuse; it's simply like this for fun.


    Returning to topic. I've been meaning to write a Shinji/Mayumi fic that would end with the two delivering a Sekiha Love-Love Tenkyoken to Adam. I just don't know where to start.
  11. Shadow Archon

    Shadow Archon Protoss Preserver

    Have a C&C/Eva/Portal Idea as a sequel to my current fic on the forum. Already posted a bunch in the C&C idea thread.

    I'm not sure if its been done before, but in it, I will be shipping Dr. Naoko and Dr. Katsuragi.

    So, let's first start with the beginning.

    Shinji wakes up in Eva Unit 01's Entry Plug. The Strange part is he's naked, and his empty plugsuit is floating around inside it.

    After activating Eva, he tries to contact Misato or anyone, but due to a few things that are off in the Entry Plug, he instead activates Eva Unit's 01 EVA, which lights the entire Entry Plug's screen. Apparently, it hasn't been installed yet.

    After "Establishing Battlefield Control -STANDBY-" and "Welcome back pilot" Shinji finds Eva Unit 01 activated in Tokyo 3 like usual.

    Except Unit 00 is slowly being picked up by its head by the Third Angel.

    That's where it would start anyways.

    EDIT: And I just realized that without context, this sounds horrible. :oops:
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  12. Teen Spirit

    Teen Spirit I don't actually know what to put here.

    So I know this was played with a few times on SB but it never really went anywhere. So what about a Evangelion/Attack on Titan Fusion?

    The Outline I have for the idea (taken in parts from other ideas I saw long ago.)

    Second Impact caused Most of the Katsuragi Expedition and later a large chunk of the world population to turn into giant, apparently mindless man-eating titans.

    Most of the World was overrun but a large chunk of Japan managed to survive by rapidly walling itself off from the outside. This system was improved over the years until you had something similar to the three massive walls, along with all the various little districts you had in AoT, only much more modern.

    SEELE rules this massive fortress city from the shadows, currently trying to figure out just what the hell went wrong with their plans and how to fix it.

    Shinji, Asuka and Rei are all "Controlled Titans" Still working on the name, kids who can transform into Titans and retain their humanity, for a time, if they remain a titan too long (over five minutes) things start to get wonky.Originally intended to help reclaim at least some of the outside world, the project was cancelled when all subjects but three, died horribly, and the surviving three...tended to eat people if transformed too long. Shinji's memory was wiped and he was sent to live with his aunt and uncle, Rei was kept on just in case, and Asuka was transferred to other side of the city when the wipes...didn't fully stick. Naturally when the Colossal Titan broke through the Outer Wall, the decision was made very very quickly to reactivate Shinji.

    All the Angels now correspond to Titan Infiltrators and general Abnormal Titans (IE: Titans that Resemble smaller versions of Canonical Angels and share some abilities)

    Titan Infiltrators are Hikari (Female Titan) Kensuke(Armored) And Kaworu (Colossal). Meaning that Toji's friends are pretty much all titans, with some being good and some being evil. It sucks to be Toji in this is what I'm saying.

    Misato is Technically an infiltrator but really "Titan Defector" would be a better term for her. As far as the world knows she was immune to whatever effected the rest of the Expedition and survived by the skin of her teeth. That's a lie, the only difference between her and the rest of the expedition is she retained her humanity, so to speak. unlike those on the mainland who were rendered basically mindless and locked into their titan by the transformation, the Expedition members have retained their mind (for the most part) and ability to resume human form, it's just that Second Impact has, for lack of a better term, turned them all into evil cannibals.

    Fairly bare bones at the moment, as you can tell.
    Last edited: Apr 30, 2014
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  13. Shadow Archon

    Shadow Archon Protoss Preserver

    I had a similar idea, except it was post-Rebuild 3I, and Shinji's Eva happens to be one of the Wall Titans, when he wakes up. Instead of it being a 14 year time skip, its several tens of thousands years.

    Based on the idea that when Shinji's Eva starts Third Impact, instead of the Spear stopping it, it morphs into Unit 01 like the Lance did in EoE.

    The one AU Liberty taken is that Eva Unit 01 is a spliced Adam/Lilith Hybrid, so when the world is remade, it supports human life, but is responsible for Titans capable of existing. Titans in this setting would be Human/Angel hybrids where the Fruit of Life and Fruit of Knowledge merged and migrated to the neck.

    Humans becoming mindless Titans would be failures of infinity.

    The exact details would have to be worked with, but somethings would be obvious.

    Such as the Church being ruled by Seele, and attempting to "fix" the world with a proper impact.
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  14. Teen Spirit

    Teen Spirit I don't actually know what to put here.

    That works, though I would argue it's not really needed to have it set that far in the future. Only complaint would be that bar Shinji and Kaworu, none of the Evangelion cast would be there. Well one could argue that they were turned into a Titan during Third Impact and only recently acquired the means to turn back into Human form, though if you though Asuka was mad at Shinji in 3.33...
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  15. PhoenixMercurous

    PhoenixMercurous Rhino Punch!

    This idea sound interesting. Mind if I steal bits of it in the event I take another shot at my ME/NGE idea?

    I still like the idea of letting the existence of Black Moons and White Moons impact the ME galaxy beyond Earth, so I'm not sold on your version of the post NGE story.

    There are a few other problems with your idea, namely that the nearest relay, the Arcturus relay, is only ~40 ly from Earth as I recall. That's about one week in FTL, not years. This changes the dynamic of the Asari's intervention with Earth.
  16. Did you guys know that there's an actual scientific reason why NERV should want the pilots to be happy, making their canon treatment even more illogical?
  17. I did not what is that reason?
  18. Sure. Grab what you like.

    The post-NGE events were designed to 1) not require me to rewrite all of ME canon and 2) to do something different by having the galactic peace collapse way before the Reaper war.

    As for the Arcturus, meh. I'll just punt it away. :p
  19. Sadamoto himself once stated that "the power of love drives this weapon of mass destruction" but that's an oversimplification. The A10 or ventral tegmental area of the brain Evas connect to is a dopamine receptor wired into the reward system, ie. it's activated by doing anything you like doing, not just love; drug addiction and possibly even the obsessive behavior of rejected relationship partners is caused by this area. Thus, the fan assumption that Evas run on depression is complete bogus; depression would achieve the exact opposite due to prolonged stress being known to dampen dopamine release, hence the negative mood and Asuka's difficulties after Zeruel. In fact, reduced dopamine release for a prolonged period in this area is one of the causes of psychiatric disorders and in test animals, deactivating the A10 entirely caused the animal to stop seeking food and starve to death (although it still ate when force-fed and even showed happiness at doing so). Sounds familiar?

    Shinji's unusually high initial sync ratio was not due to something innate to him but because he was desperate to prove himself to Gendo, ie. motivation and reward-seeking behavior firing up his A10. Shortly after he made top scores, it's mentioned that his scores dropped back a bit; he was doing it to please Gendo but Gendo didn't care and an expected reward not materializing is known to reduce dopamine release.

    Ironically, the (understandable) fan backlash against repeated instances of lemon being used as a cure-all to the pilots' psychological problems is actually misguided here as the VTA is indeed triggered by orgasm... But strangely enough, it's also activated by pain. So there's also a theory that the A10 triggers the "I want to do this because if I do, something good will happen" behavior, regardless whether the motivation is positive or negative.
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  20. Huh that's actually really interesting, going have to figure out how that works in my quest.
  21. Teen Spirit

    Teen Spirit I don't actually know what to put here.

    So Attack on Titan Evangelion idea.

    Shinji's Titan form would be pretty much early stage Eren. Vicious towards titans but almost completely uncontrollable. Not vicious towards humans but the longer he's in titan form the more collateral damage builds, and builds. The best weapon against the Titans but using him is more like carpet bombing a place then anything else.

    Asuka's Titan Form can grow blades on her arm, not quite wolverine size but enough to seriously mess up a titan. If Shinji is good for taking out a horde, Asuka is best at single combat against one of the tougher ones. For the first five minutes she's in complete control, after that...sooner or later she blacks out for a second, and when she wakes up she becomes completely sadistic, killing everyone and everything in sight with murderous glee until she's forced to untransform. Why the project was cancelled last time, they let her go past five minutesand she damn near wiped out an entire NERV facility. She doesn't remember this (Which is good because she couldn't handle remembering that she killed her parents) but she's been mentally conditioned to never go past five minutes transformed.

    Rei's Titan form is pretty much Ymir's Dancing Titan. Small and weak but also quick and nimble. Basically if Shinji is a bomb, and Asuka's a sword, then Rei's a knife in the dark, well as much as a Titan can be. She does have an advantage over the other two in that she can remain in titan form for effectively an unlimited amount of time without having any problems. Now in this universe Rei is more or less a straight up clone of Yui. During Second impact, Yui was partially effected by whatever caused the mass transformation into mindless titans. Allowing her to remain human and led to the development of artificial titan creation, unfortunately she couldn't maintain control forever and had to be killed to prevent her from fully transforming. Rei is basically an attempt to recreate her abilities but controlled. The result was largely a failure. Yui was much more impressive.

    Misato's titan form is something else. Regular titans are about as threatening as say Matarael, scaled down of course, Titan Infiltrators are around the level of Israfel or Leliel. The Katasurgi Expedition, everyone who came out of that is about as Dangerous as Zeruel or Ramiel. So my picture of her is basically a giant armored titan, not quite Colossal titan level of big but still a fair bit bigger than the average titan, and better control over the armor as well, allowing her to to it into impromptu built it blades. Of course since she hates Titans with a passion and is kinda deep in denial over this part of herself, not to mention hiding it from everyone she knows. It's not likely you would see it until the situation truly got desperate.
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  22. Shadow Archon

    Shadow Archon Protoss Preserver

    I don't think its what Nerv as a whole wants that matters when Seele and Gendo are the ones pulling the strings.

    The less happy the pilots are, the less independent they are. They need someone in the cockpit they can manipulate and control.

    Not to mention the very same thing can be applied to some people in Nerv itself.

    Misato was manipulated via her desire to destroy the angels.

    Ritsuko was manipulated by Gendo via "love."

    The rest were manipulated by not being in the know.

    While Gendo is against Seele, he still wanted Third Impact, and the best way for that to happen without any hiccups is to have the pilots in the most manipulative state possible, as well as the other people in Nerv.
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  23. So where did the widely accepted idea that those in the know wanted the Children to be isolated emotionally and not have human connections so they would better connect with their Eva's come from?
    Even a cursory look at the series shows that all the pilots are at their best when they are connecting with the people in their lives not necessarily their Evas. Shinji and Asuka on the Over the Rainbow hit their best synch to that point when they personally connect and share a common goal. Shinji takes Zeruel at a 400% synch because he has decided to fight for the people who he has connected with in his life, not because of a lack of connection. Further Asuka's decent at the end of the series coincides with her withdrawal from those around her. Sure there is EoE, but we're not actually led to believe her synch ratio is actually anything special there, but rather she is finally showing that skill and training that she had been so insistent on the whole series.
    So yeah I don't get where the idea that the pilots were crafted into emotional wrecks to be better pilots comes from.
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  24. It sometimes happens that a high-profile fanfic makes an addition some readers start considering canon. A decade or so ago, some people thought Toji's sister was canonically named Mari (this was way before Rebuild) when in fact it just came from a fanfic.
  25. I always liked that one but it makes reading older fics a bit awkward on the cortex with the rebuild characters in evidence. Can't see "Mari" in an Eva fic without thinking of glasses.
    Last edited: May 3, 2014
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