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Evangelion Ideas Thread: You Can (Not) Rebuild

Discussion in 'Fanfiction Discussion' started by Teen Spirit, Apr 24, 2014.

  1. Fyrstorm

    Fyrstorm Everyone's Favourite Makinami Fanboy

    the pit of spiders
    Nope. Raziel does not eat souls, nor is it a wraith.
  2. Whaaaaaaat
    I think I tried to read this fic once. I suppose round two is imminent, then.
    I do have NtE in my massive backlog, so good to know.
  3. You know....considering that Zeruel can munch on EVAs....

    Doesn't that mean other Angels could technically do it if they wanted/knew how?

    I mean, sure, Studio KHARA intentionally merged Zeruel and Armisael to make Rebuild Zeruel...

    But it just makes me wonder about a EVA/Gods Eater Burst crossover.

    ....Great, now I have the Snake Eater intro song stuck in my head....

    "Angel~ Eater~!"

    With Asuka Shikinami as 'The Boss/Bossu'....
    Last edited: Nov 30, 2016
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  4. Muphrid

    Muphrid Star of the Lancer

    No points for new Angels to go along with a new setting, eh?
  5. Coming up for new abilities for existing Angels is something I dare to believe I'm good at.

    New ones, though... I do come up with new stuff for SCE but these tend to be high-end.

    Like, so high-end that the strongest are not actually going to get fought because... well... we're talking anti-solarsystem attacks and unlimited reality manipulation here. I haven't the slightest clue how these could possibly be defeated without making the plot bend backwards in favor of their opponent and/or leaving the audience unsatisfied with an anticlimax.
    Last edited: Nov 30, 2016
  6. Aeon Natum Engel was pretty different.
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  7. khazit

    khazit Verified Skrull infiltrator

    Sooo... did anybody play Pokemon Sun/Moon?
    Because I think there might be a crack crossover/fusion idea somewhere along this:
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  8. That Rei was a bit...off and creepy, more so than in canon.
  9. I'm going to question exactly why such an Angel exists, because Angels are either supposed to evolve to the point were they acquire the ability to do SCIENCE via their souls and replace their Progenitor, turn every Angel on their planet into gloop via expanding their AT Field across the planet and then yoinking their souls in order to create a new race according to their desires....or be strong/smart enough to take on their Progenitor, merge and then perform Third Impact, replacing any remaining Angels with the children of the new Progenitor.

    All I can think of is that the Angel is actually an attempt from another Lilin race who wanted out of the cycle of reincarnation.......
  10. Fyrstorm

    Fyrstorm Everyone's Favourite Makinami Fanboy

    the pit of spiders
    The Angel's in SCE are... Different in origin from those in canon.
  11. Inter-Seed warfare.

    As you know, the Seeds were created to perform a specific purpose. Namely, create life. Two Seeds' spawn competing each other would be a normal occurrence because competition breeds adaptation which breeds stronger spawn - but things had gone so badly off the rails due to external factors that a certain two Seeds are more interested in killing each other than actually fulfilling their purpose. And considering how powerful Seeds are, you can imagine that open warfare between two is not going to be pretty.

    So to reiterate, this is happening because two Seeds are acting outside operational parameters and consider each other's destruction their overriding priority.
    Last edited: Dec 1, 2016
  12. akrasiel23

    akrasiel23 Praetor Humanitas

    I take it that Seeds had never heard of the phrase "If you can't beat them, join them"?
  13. Muphrid

    Muphrid Star of the Lancer

    I mean, they seem capable enough of joining each other. Hence End of Evangelion.
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  14. Well, each Seed is supposed to be only able to access their own Room of Guf/Gauf and no one elses and considering each Room housed a seventh of the total population of the FAR...

    The real reason why they weren't supposed to actually merge is probably due to losing access to a Room of Guf/Gauf meaning those souls would be lost, on top of potentially decreasing their chances of survival via disporia.

    Seriously though, the FAR never really thought that maybe, just maybe, granting terraforming beings the ability to create lifeforms that shouldn't evolve naturally and had the ability to perform interstellar travel without technology and can live indefinitely was a Bad IdeaTM.

    Hello, Wandering Aliens of Mass Destruction.

    If the galaxy wasn't lifeless before the FAR released the seeds upon the galaxy....

    It is now.
    Last edited: Dec 1, 2016
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  15. Actually, EoE is what started this whole mess in the first place.
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    "You commited the crime of genocide against the FAR, and the punishment for that... is EXTERMINATUS"

    *plays DOOM theme song
  17. Muphrid

    Muphrid Star of the Lancer

    My friend, I may have something you'd be interested in.
  18. Fyrstorm

    Fyrstorm Everyone's Favourite Makinami Fanboy

    the pit of spiders
    (First off, I'm incredibly annoyed at myself that I came up with this. I have way too much work right now and the last thing I need is incentive to write different stories.)

    (Second off, I really like this concept for some reason.)

    Some time after episode 20, while Shinji's still stuck in Unit-01, Kaworu arrives a little early. More than a month and a half early, to be specific. Asuka, frustrated by her constantly dropping Synch Ratio, accidentally runs into him one day. Kaworu attempts to strike up a little bit of a chat, while Asuka attempts to not participate in the conversation at all-- though he's so affable it's hard to completely hate the guy.

    Of course, the weird German albino shows up in her (massively smaller from evacuations) class the next day, and greets her with the same appreciative formality (I'm thinking 'Frau Langley' or something like that) as he did yesterday. And he keeps being nice. Genuinely pleasant. It's a little baffling.

    Essentially, Kaworu (who knows his death's inevitable, having lived through it several times by this point (cycling shenanigans)) is trying to make another friend and help someone out of their downwards spiral. Someone who isn't Shinji, because Shinji won't get out of the giant robot. I wouldn't plan for any AsuKaworu shipping or anything, just the two of them tentatively becoming friends, and Kaworu helping Asuka deal with her problems. I mean, there's no way that he's going to solve all her traumas and issues, but it'd hopefully be enough that she doesn't get kicked off the piloting roster/jump the gun and get mindraped by Arael/try to kill herself/suffer horribly in other ways. I don't like it when the kids suffer too much, Asuka especially.


    Also, other little thing related to that; I can kinda see one exchange where Kaworu tries Rei's 'open your heart to the Eva' tactic in a slightly different way...

    K: You just have to open yourself to the Eva, show it your heart...
    A: Show it my heart? Bah, what are you talking about-- it's not like it's alive or something idiot!
    K: In that case...
    K: ...it wouldn't hurt you, would it? If your Eva is not alive, then you don't have to worry about what it'll think of you. Isn't that true?
    A: ...
    K: Just give it a try, Frau Langley. If it doesn't go well... you can take it out on me.

    I don't know.
    Last edited: Dec 6, 2016
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  19. Hm. Well, as one detail, nobody uses Fräulein anymore. And while it would maybe fit to Kaworu to speak archaically, the reason why nobody is using it anymore is because it is considered dismissive these days. Basically, removing it from the language was a success of modern attitudes and the feminist movement. So, while Kaworu may use it, Asuka might then put him in his place ;)

    (Really, that already kinda annoyed me in A&T, which Germanophone is responsible for having Kaworu use the Fräulein address in A&T...)

    Also, why would Kaworu be sent? He can't pilot 01, so his official reason as replacement pilot wouldn't stand...
    Last edited: Dec 6, 2016
  20. Fyrstorm

    Fyrstorm Everyone's Favourite Makinami Fanboy

    the pit of spiders
    Noted. What'd be the better term, then? Isn't it straight-up Fräu or something like that?

    I don't know, I'd presumably think of that when I actually write it eventually. For all I care, he could just bullshit Seele with some philosophical junk and waltz out. That's not really the important part of the story (I would, obviously, come up with an actual reason).
    Last edited: Dec 6, 2016
  21. Frau, yes. Though you couldn't just say "blabla, Frau" like you could with Fräulein. You would have to say "blabla, Frau Soryu". Which would still be weird in German between teenagers, indeed like using last names among classmates, but since that's something they do in Japan, maybe not quite as weird in a NGE context. And weirdness fits to Kaworu, anyway.

    Well, I think Asuka would be kinda like Shinji in this: Someone who is just unconditionally nice to her would be really soothing to her soul. In fact, I think Asuka's voice actress once commented that Asuka would maybe need such a boyfriend (and yes, I know you said not necessarily romance). So this would be nice.

    ...until the day Kaworu descends down to Terminal Dogma, of course.
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  22. Fyrstorm

    Fyrstorm Everyone's Favourite Makinami Fanboy

    the pit of spiders
    True (I'll admit, using German words in a Japanese style is... wel, as you said, kinda fitting for Kaworu and his oddness).

    Kaworu generally seems to be a positive factor for whoever he's entangled himself with. Which is a shame, really, because...
    This happens.

    But yeah, I'm not saying it'll fix everything for Asuka-- obviously not-- but it might make some things go a bit better. Like, as one of my examples, if she's getting some good emotion vibes going on, and she's no longer stuck in a spiral, she may not jump the gun on the next sortie, which would result in... well, which would make it less likely that Asuka is the one Arael opens up its symphony on. Which is good for Asuka.
  23. And bad for Rei :p

    Here's a thought, though. Kaworu can control Adamite tissue. That's how he controls EVA-02. Wouldn't that also include angels? Indeed, in the manga he considers using his powers on Armisael, but doesn't want to reveal himself...
  24. Fyrstorm

    Fyrstorm Everyone's Favourite Makinami Fanboy

    the pit of spiders
    No, since the only reason he could control Unit-02 was because Kyoko had retreated deeper into the Eva, relinquishing control from it. Other Angels have their souls in full control, so Kaworu couldn't do anything with them.

    I figured that 'using his powers' meant 'forcibly expelling Armisael with his AT Field' or something of the like to wound it or force it away, which would out him as a Pattern Blue, rather than 'seize control of the Angel'. I mean, he could probably block Arael's Hallelujah Beam, but it'd have the same problem of revealing his oen massively powerful AT Field. He has a great defense, but he can't use it if he wants to stay seeming semi-human.
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