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Tabletop General Exalted Thread

Discussion in 'Creative Discussion & Worldbuilding' started by Aleph, Apr 20, 2014.

  1. Aleph

    Aleph Magical Girl Moderator-chan Moderator

    Ladies. Gentlemen. Undefined. We do not have a thread on which we can discuss demigod PCs running around and wrecking vast swathes of Creation in pursuit of power, wealth and badly written First Age limericks about Ma Ha Suchi's bedroom habits; post homebrew with varying levels of balance, and argue over what the biggest problem with the Lunar Exalted is (hint: "everything").

    This must be remedied at once.
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  2. Ah damn it, Aleph.

    You beat me to it. I was gonna make this thread.
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  3. Aleph

    Aleph Magical Girl Moderator-chan Moderator

    Mwaa haa. I am a Sidereal~
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  4. I thought you were a cloud of knives?

    Although, going by your new user title, I'm wondering if you are a Maiden of Destiny....
  5. Turns out there was a 6th Maiden. They don't like to talk about her and family reunions get awkward. And messy. So much blood.
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  6. I imagine being the Maiden of Knives is a lot like being the Maiden of Battles, but more concentrated.
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  7. Cornuthaum

    Cornuthaum Joyless Bureaucrat Councillor

    I am currently contemplating by what percentage I should inflate the health pools of Exalts - away from the standard seven - to make room for something like "being able to take a hit", "being able to use Resistance as a main-line defensive tree" and "not getting wrecked in one good hit".

    Right now, I am looking at anything from tripling to quintupling health levels - so, roughly twenty to thirty five.

    Does this make combat longer? Yes. Does this mean that both villains and heroes actually have a chance to escape when the fight goes bad, instead of getting splattered in one hit? Yes. Is it worth it? Maybe.

    So, what'Dy ou suggest?
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  8. Well if it were me I wouldn't even use Exalted under the Storyteller system anyway but as I lack the know how for making system conversions I am shit out of luck.
  9. Does anyone know where the Three-Spheres Cataclysm is elaborated on(or, at least, mentioned)? I can't seem to find it in any of my splat books, and that's saying something, considering my obsession with the Yozis.
  10. Aleph

    Aleph Magical Girl Moderator-chan Moderator

    Ignore what's in the books, it's crap that's awkwardly and badly written to try and stop people playing in the Age of Glories, with its stupid "90% of everything" number.

    Say instead that it was a cataclysm where SWLIHN broke three of her spheres against Creation in fury and spite, effectively using destructive Adamant Sorcery against vast areas, and Shaped everything that got caught in the blast out of existence and memory of anything without a Shaping defence. Screw the "90% of everything" figure, but keep it huge. At the very least, several countries worth to a continent just vanished in one apocalyptic fit of rage.
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  11. Havocfett

    Havocfett Be, So It Is Moderator

    MJ12's Aberrant 2.0 actually has some pretty great rules for this.

    First: High Stamina gives a small amount of extra health levels. (A -0 at 3, a -1 at 5, a -2 at 7, etc.)

    Second: One -0 Health Level for each dot of essence

    Third: Extra Health Levels are either a cheaper or b a lot more abundant. (The Extra Health Levels Augmentation. Which is 2*-0 HLs and 2*-2 HLs)

    Fourth: Very heavy armor gives you Ablative Health Levels. This can be Bypassed, but is pr. useful for most purposes.

    It's what I'm using in Ravana Quest and has resulted in pretty decent survivability, at least at low experience.
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  12. DissMech

    DissMech is a she. Get it right.

    Portland, OR
    I personally would recommend you just wait for third edition. But that's me.
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  13. Well, the mechanics in the caste books are kind of useless unless you're planning to run 1st Edition, but I don't think most people pick up the aspect/caste books nowadays because they're interested in mechanics. Basically, buy the Zenith caste book if you want an in-character look at how some of the canon Zenith characters act and think.

    Personally, I liked the Zenith caste book because it featured Karal Fire-Orchid as one of the five. Otherwise, I prefered the aspect books to the caste books because I found them better for shedding light on the setting.
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  14. Personally, I feel like every game that uses the storyteller system can be improved by using Aberrant 2.0 rules as a baseline.
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  15. Romantic_Kaiju

    Romantic_Kaiju Romantic Kaiju

    Quick I need a random monster to pit against my Group of PCs. They went after the Directional Titian at Mount Metagalapa without IC knowledge or reasoning!

    Anyone know how I should make one?
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  16. Are you looking to make one from scratch, or do you want an already existing one(and if so, from the East)?
  17. Start with Revlid's mutation system, build up something scary, give it an Essence pool and either a couple Panoply Charms or else a crap ton of Spirit Charms and possibly mooks.

    Then if they get past that and into Mount Metagalapa, don't have the Titan there. Have it be a big empty room. Or just a mountain.

    Because seriously, fuck them if they're trying to go for a Directional Titan without any IC knowledge or reasoning.
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  18. Romantic_Kaiju

    Romantic_Kaiju Romantic Kaiju

    Either or. Just need something big and nasty.

    What happened was I was asked about the Directional Titan I said it would be there if they came up with an in character reason to claim Metagalapa. When they just said lets go take over Metagalapa, with no reasoning given, I decided to put a monster there.

    Hell if they said they were going to build a fortress on the Mountain, or use it as a base of operations in the Eastern Threshold I would been fine with them discovering the Titan.

    I might do that.

    If they were going after the Hawk riders and a nearly impossible to assault base I would lead that into discovering the Directional Titan.

    They are just going there's a Directional Titan there, lets go get it, which I am not going to let happen
    Last edited: Apr 20, 2014
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  19. I haven't been over Eastern stuff in a while, so I'm a bit at a loss there.

    If you want to try and move the setting forward, you could have Juggernaut currently heading towards Metagalpa, for whatever region. I don't re-call his pre-MOW origins very well, but I believe he has a hate-boner for both Lawgivers and Abssyals. The Mask of Winter's is currently using him as a transport for his citadel, and he was a behemoth with his day of death long since written into Fate before that.

    He's currently in Thorns, which shouldn't be terribly far from Metagalpa, fundamentally speaking,
  20. Romantic_Kaiju

    Romantic_Kaiju Romantic Kaiju

    Actually running two games in the same world at the same time, One has 3 Solars at E5 (sorcerer/craftsmen/teacher) and 2 at E4 (Omnitactial Battle Hydra/Diplomat) who are attempting to knock off the Mask, and have pretty much united the Scavenger Lands to do so. The other Group is 4 E2 Solars (3 combat idiots and 1 craftsman riding herd who really does not deserve what I am going to do to him) who want the Directional Titan.

    So Juggernaut is not available for screwing the Metagalapa group over, as if Juggernaut moves everyone ganks the Mask, as the Mask Group is hunting down the last of Masks' Deathknights.

    Fuck why can't the Metagalapa group separate IC and OOC knowledge
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  21. Aleph

    Aleph Magical Girl Moderator-chan Moderator

    Have it just be a giant Wyld-tainted flying mountain left over from the Balorian Crusade, infested with hawk-riders and various nasties.
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  22. Hrm....

    Or possibly have the mountain be a giant Wyld tainted behemoth/mountain thingy covered in a number of various nasties that fill the role of ticks to Metagalapa.

    Party pokes around looking for the Titan, they wake up Metagalapa, who's feeling a combination of smashy and hungry first thing in the morning.
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  23. Romantic_Kaiju

    Romantic_Kaiju Romantic Kaiju

    That sounds like fun
  24. TheLastOne

    TheLastOne Person of impeccable tastes (for destruction)

    Keep track of what you've said, and remember that anything you haven't said which they only know through OCC knowledge can be completely wrong. Also, someone else might beat them to the Directional Titan, forcing them to destroy it to save themselves.
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  25. Romantic_Kaiju

    Romantic_Kaiju Romantic Kaiju

    That's why I'm dropping a Kaiju on the Metagalapa group
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