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Tabletop General Exalted Thread

Discussion in 'Creative Discussion & Worldbuilding' started by Aleph, Apr 20, 2014.

  1. The big five elemental dragons (progenitors of Dragon-blooded) are sleeping under Elemental Poles.
  2. Isn't this a game where there is a monster that pees heroin or something like that?
  3. "Dare you enter my magical realm?"
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  4. azoicennead

    azoicennead Overly-Affectionate Zombie Squad

    The full explanation is complicated, but the short version is that I was homeschooled and met the requirements for graduating high school.

    Yes, there is a dinosaur that pees heroin.
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  5. This is a game where the stereotypical 'Golden Age Long Past' happened, but while it was high tech and decadent, it wasn't exactly good. That species is one of the things that survived since then, because while individuals die off, the species as a whole doesn't need maintenance, and hunters tend to want to capture them alive.
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  6. EarthScorpion

    EarthScorpion CR of the Thrown

    Written in a world where people drink coffee made from beans that have been eaten by a civet and then crapped out.

    The Beasts of Resplendent Liquid are dinosaur-like bioengineering creatures created thousands of years ago for the purpose of drug manufacture. If you feed them the right plants, their artificial organs and internal alchemical systems refine the ingredients into drugs, which, yes, are excreted as urine. Of the Beasts that survive to the present day, there's one that makes life-extending drugs, a few more that make other specialised compounds, and, yes, the most famous ones that are fed poppies and excrete opiates.

    EDIT: And indeed, here's the quote from the guy who wrote them:

    Article: As the person who created and wrote these creatures (after a discussion with then developer Geoff Grabowski), I can definitively say that the Beasts of Resplendent Liquids are:

    1) Proof of just how decadent and messed up the last few centuries of the First Age was.

    2) A rather gonzo (this is Exalted after all) extension of the fact that in our world pre-modern people have processed several drugs in exactly this fashion. The beasts eat opium and piss heroin. There are several hallucinogens (at least one is a mushroom, I forget what the other one is) which are also mildly toxic. The local elites who enjoy them drink either drink the urine of reindeer who eat the substance or drink the urine of poor people who eat the substance. In both cases, the bodies of the animals or people who eat the mushroom or plant absorb the toxin (often becoming mildly to moderately ill in the process) but the substance contains more of the hallucinogen than their bodies can process as once, so much of it is excreted in their urine.

    3) A way to introduce yet another real-world drug into Exalted w/o having to introduce yet another wacked out and unlikely type of Alchemy.

    4) A tempting target for PCs to steal, thus providing the GM with a way to provide all manner of fun and possibly utterly hilarious craziness as the hungry beast bellows through a town, trampling buildings in its quest for something to climb, and then goes dormant while standing on top of the slowly crumbling temple or palace of the local ruler.

    All of these answers are true.
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  7. I was thinking what would happen if they woke up and started walking around.

    Would there be pilgrimages of immaculates?
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  8. Well. Given that at least one of them is living underneath the largest mountain in the setting, which is in the center of the Realm, which is the Immaculate Stronghold, and it would collapse into the largest avalanche ever if he did...
    No. No they would not.
  9. Salty

    Salty Shadow Cabal Assumptor Supreme

    Sun, Moon, Talia
    They wouldn't. There are oodles of systems that are there precisely for the purpose of preventing this occurrence.

    Also, it would be yet another apocalypse.
  10. ManusDomine

    ManusDomine Immaculate

    There is a difference between the Immaculate Dragons and the Elemental Dragons.
  11. frozenchicken

    frozenchicken Does not have a custom title.

    Yeah. The Elemental Dragons actually existed.
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  12. ManusDomine

    ManusDomine Immaculate


    a): Very confrontational.
    b): A pretty stupid thing to say given that the Immaculate Dragons are supposed to be ambiguous and there are lots of hints that they were real Dragon-Blooded under the Usurpation.
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  13. Broken25



    Don't be silly, everybody knows that Hesiesh was a disguised Zenith.
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  14. frozenchicken

    frozenchicken Does not have a custom title.

    I play an Infernal.
  15. How powerful should a level five kung fu robot artifact be?
  16. Azrael

    Azrael Magus of Flowers

    Garden of Avalon
    That's completely irrelevant when he's pointing out how confrontational you are being, not your character.

    Perhaps be more clear in future that you are speaking from an in-character perspective, or else show some indication of joking?
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  17. frozenchicken

    frozenchicken Does not have a custom title.

    I'm going to be honest, I don't see how it can be NOT viewed as an in-character statement. I don't think anyone here is willing to state that the Immaculate Faith and its' precepts are a real-life statement of facts, unless I'm missing some kind of obscure reference to real-life belief.

    Though yeah, I'll admit that as I'd originally phrased things, it wasn't as funny as it sounded in my head. I'm still pretty sure Manus just meant confrontational as in 'Monks will punch you through a mountain for saying that' though.
    Last edited: Jan 7, 2017
  18. Sigh.

    That's kinda boring....

    is it ok if I just view exalted as a story?

    Also, I can't seem to find Sidereals/ alchemicals 1st edition. Am I missing anything?
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  19. I accidentally bought a copy of Sidereals 1e. I will happily mail it to whatever address/PO box you provide, given a few weeks' notice.
  20. Sanctaphrax



    You can find some 5-dot kung-fu robots that I homebrewed for 2e here. 3e stats are available here, but they're not artifacts in 3e because Workings seem more appropriate.
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  21. Graypairofsocks

    Graypairofsocks What is Grammar?

    Which one? There are quite a few.
  22. Ah, i remember that.
  23. Dif


    Despite the naming scheme you'd expect, 1e tried to distance Alchemicals from being a "splatbook" with assumed canonicity and more of a "campaign book," albeit with a Charms section and chargen rules, calling it Exalted: The Autochthonians instead. That PDF is basically the cheapest you're going to see it bandied around these days.

    Not sure how you're missing Sidereals though, but its also there as well.
  24. By the way, is there any uses for a "Beast of Resplendent Liquids" or no?
  25. azoicennead

    azoicennead Overly-Affectionate Zombie Squad

    Produce heroin, which has seen use as a pain reliever.
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