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Tabletop General Exalted Thread

Discussion in 'Creative Discussion & Worldbuilding' started by Aleph, Apr 20, 2014.

  1. Good luck gathering a couple hundred high level Celestial in the Age of Sorrows, buddy.

    Miles long Greater Elemental Dragon that destroys everything and can cleanse shadowlands. His write up in the Games of Divinity basically says any player characters trying to fight him can get fucked.
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  2. Omicron

    Omicron "I already have dragons, I do not want men." Councillor

    Godzilla was defeated by a single genius super-scientist whose miracle bomb outstripped even the power of nuclear weapons, and was of such terrifying might that he used it only once and arranged for his own death so the technology could never be used again.

    Godzilla is essentially beaten by a Twilight Caste.

    A Greater Elemental Dragon of midling power.

    It is several miles long, and where it passes all that exists is destroyed, replaced by fertile earth so that the world may be reborn.
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  3. Broken25


    It's probably worth to remember here than the only rules given about an awakened Kuckla are "You lose".
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  4. Imrix

    Imrix Periodically Malevolent QM

    Thematically, the Exalted analogue to Godzilla is more like the Neverborn, really.
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  5. Sorry, middling?
    Is high-end just straight up destroy the world level of power?
  6. Omicron

    Omicron "I already have dragons, I do not want men." Councillor

    Well, the Kukla can destroy the world on its own given enough time.

    "A Greater Elemental Dragon of middling power" is a quote from the Kukla's original write-up, and has always kind of baffled the fanbase as I can recall. It's the only GED of whose power we have a good indication, so... No one really knows anything more than that. Possibly it was just a joke.
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  7. If you have a Greater Elemental Dragon that's slumbering, could it still potentially effect the world?

    I was contemplating having a Greater Elemental Dragon of Wood that IS a jungle and is sort of messing things up without even having been awoken. Is that a bad call?
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  8. Actually, the given rules are "you can win if you sacrifice all your armies, many of your most powerful allies and make terrible deals with beings you realy should'nt, but you'll win. Probably."
  9. So, I've been treading back towards a rewatch of the Pirates of the Caribbean series, and, well - I think I remember there being some ill will (a good bit deserved, given how patchy and off At World's End got plot-wise), but let me just draw our collective attention to Davy Jones:

    This is a fucking Scourge of Kimbery. No change in backstory needed. This is a dashing man of the West who fell in love with a capricious sea-goddess, committed the folly of trying to pursue his adoration into something tangible, and then was abandoned at the altar*. Boom, done, send in a demon to offer him the Exaltation while he's kneeling on the ground, staring dead-eyed into the surf.

    I mean, the video linked could literally just be him using Sorcery or an Artifact to flash-invoke one of Kimbery's Second Circle Souls and set it upon the wretched Outcaste who dared try to escape him.

    Tell me I'm wrong.

    * Hey, what was it demons say about love? Something about love and pain? Seems apropos...
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  10. azoicennead

    azoicennead Overly-Affectionate Zombie Squad

    Naw, that'd be a behemoth of some sort.
    Also, Magma Kraken is a spell.
  11. ManusDomine

    ManusDomine Immaculate

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  12. Carrnage

    Carrnage Human

    personally Exalts should be riding horses which are the result of a Lunar getting caught up in a series of bets, extra legs optional.
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  13. Ok.

    1st. As someone who cannot comprehend the damnable crunch, how good are the Alchemicals at the whole 'crafting' thing? Can they bring things to first age level when they come into creation?

    2nd. Also, what do the gods think of Autocthon? I know that the Solar exalted revere him, but what about those in Yu-shan?

    3rd. Why are there so few Sidereals compared to the Solars and Lunars? What would happen if, say, there were 300 Sidereals?
  14. azoicennead

    azoicennead Overly-Affectionate Zombie Squad

    The First Age was the collective effort of an unbroken Celestial Host (300 Solars and Lunars plus 100 Sidereals), working with a functional Yu-Shan, and supported by their army of pure-blooded Terrestrials.

    TL;DR it's fucking gone.
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  15. It's complicated. They're good, easily comparable to Solars. However, the First age was not merely built by the solars or the ability to craft, and there are a bunch of factors that went into making it possible that aren't the case now, and that Alchemicals aren't as good at(managing society, for instance). They would certainly be able to make the current age more wondrous, especially if they can gain access to significant resource locations, but the First age would take more than just the Alchemicals.

    The gods are probably somewhat scared of him, but in general I'm not sure they'd really care unless he was active again. Otherwise, he's probably be lumped in with all of the Other Primordials.

    As for the Siereals, I think it's mainly that Five Score Fellowship is a really neat nickname.
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  16. Like, say, Gaia?
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  17. Carrnage

    Carrnage Human

    Also their centuries of R&D
  18. And the Yozi.
  19. Ah, fine then.

    It's just that I was thinking of all the different things that Alchemicals could get up to when they enter Creation. Such as meeting the jadeborn. Or start trading/ assisting in the manufacture of artifacts.

    Or maybe the interactions between the alchemicals and dragonblooded. How the dragonblooded deal with these guys. After all, they are pretty different. One doesn't rule, and instead serve as the people's champions. The other, holds themselves as spiritually superior and pretty much bullies and kicks around the non-exalts, or at least oppresses them.

    The idea of the dragonblooded dudes hiring alchemicals to help maintain/ repair first age artifacts/ magitech crossed my mind too.
  20. ManusDomine

    ManusDomine Immaculate

    I ran a game of Dragon-Blooded/Alchemicals that was pretty much Creation but where the Alchemicals emerged into Creation somewhere in the middle of the Balorian Crusade and when the Scarlet Empress secured power, she established communications with them and founded a joint-Dragon-Blooded/Alchemcal empire with the Dragon-Blooded as the rulers and the Alchemicals as Champions and sometimes top-secret-not-it-really-is-that-classified agents of the state.

    It was fun.
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  21. The Phoenixian

    The Phoenixian Protean Philospher

    Well the question that occurs to me is: which aspect and incarnation of Godzilla are we talking about?

    A giant monster who, if ever awakened or unleashed, would destroy Tokyo Creation? Yeah, that sounds like the Kulka. But then, it sounds like a lot of other monsters too.

    But if there's The Apocalypse in the Shape of a Lizard, there's also The Monster who Fights Monsters and the Hubris of Men. (One pictures a lizard-totemed Lunar --- possibly also an Infernal but most likely a Lunar --- who loves nothing more than finding the biggest, meanest foes he can and fighting them. Someone who's services are only called on by the very desperate and very foolish, as he is as likely to destroy a city in his love of fighting as save it.)

    And if you have those three aspects, you also have the Godzilla that the 1998 Godzilla exemplifies: The Monster That Came to Civilization. She's a lizard, and a creature from the far reaches of the world and now she and her brood have come to Your City and they're very likely going to make a mess of things.

    You can stop her, you will stop her, but can you prevent the collateral damage?

    ... I would like to hear more.
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  22. Is there a link? Or even online?

    Because that sounds very interesting.

    What did the empire look like in the end?
  23. ManusDomine

    ManusDomine Immaculate

    My online presence before SV was very limited so there is sadly no link, but it was a solo game focusing on a newly decanted Alchemical agent, that had to work as agent of a state without any head to rule that state. The Empress had just disappeared, the Royal Ministry of Censorship was doing it's best to keep news of her disappearance hidden, Anathema were appearing everywhere, the Realm was overextended in every direction and it felt like everything was falling apart.

    At the start of the game, she was deployed to a Tengese coastal village, mainly to investigate a lack of taxes coming through; she quickly got the taxes to flow once more, but noticed that it seemed way too easy and that the village had quite a lack of actual Lintha attacks, which was rather weird, given it's place as a coastal village. So she started snooping around, which came to a conclusion when someone stabbed her in the gut with a poisoned knife and threw her in the ocean, since she uhm, had a basic poison negator and environmental Charms, the result was that she floated around awkwardly until she could get back up and she employed a different disguise. She soon realized that the place was basically Exalted!Innsmouth including the whole 'try and summon something massively powerful', in this case the Cthulhu stand-ibn being a Soul of Kimbery, whose release condition the Cult were trying to engineer. She got evidence of her findings and the end of the first arc was after her combat refit where she led a raid on the place and battled the Second Circle that had orchestrated it all, in the depths of the city.

    I had um, also just read @EarthScorpion's Aeon Natum Engel (and was reading Aeon Entelechy Evangelion) at the time, so this means that the entire next arc (after an arc of investigating the Lintha's involvement in the affair) was basically Operation CATO, including a trio of Hellstriders (but made with Autochthonian spirits, because I adore Hellstriders so much) rising from the sea and Genesis-crafted totally-not-Replica-Forces-guys assassinating the defense forces of Bluehaven and finally being involved in a high-lethality strike mission against Exalted!Mot, which I had as a First Age autonomous superweapon that had been supposed to run off Solar Essence but had been fucked by the Contagion and know was doing fine with Abyssal Essence instead (which meant that it could run forever inside a Shadowland, and since it ran off the assumption that the Solar Deliberative had never fallen, after all that was impossible, it was trying to turn all Creation into a Shadowland so that it could safeguard the Deliberative forever and since the Deliberative couldn't fall it had to turn all Creation into a Shadowland so that it could safeguard the Deliberative forever and since the Deliberative couldn't fall...). The Lintha had basically found it and activated it in a desperate attempt to protect Bluehaven without understanding what they had activated, and Mot promptly started murdering on both sides until they managed to stop it at the cost of most of their forces and it exploded and left most of Bluehaven a Shadowland.

    The entire next arc was focused on rebuilding Bluehaven and establishing an effective perimeter containment around the Shadowland. They built up some camps that would become cities on the coastline of Bluehaven, established the place as a Satrapy and our Alchemcial protagonist intentionally gathered as much Clarity as possible to distance herself from humanity, since she had seen some shit now and had the most horrible PTSD ever. This arc was much more low-key and ended when one of the Dragon-Blooded convinced her that she was needed as a human being and not as a cold machine.

    And I would really like to write more, but um, law school is calling. :V
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  24. ManusDomine

    ManusDomine Immaculate

    The best part of that post was the fact that it reminded @EarthScorpion about his old shames. :V

    (I lol'd at the 'literally everyone is fucking dead jim' ending because I considered it appropriate to the setting and tone of the world, though I recognized it as a way to quickly put the story out of it's misery and make way for stronger and better works, it's like eugenics but it actually works and is for fanfiction. :V)
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  25. Ah, yes. School.

    The bane of all Spacebattlers and sufficient velocity.
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