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Tabletop General Exalted Thread

Discussion in 'Creative Discussion & Worldbuilding' started by Aleph, Apr 20, 2014.

  1. Jemnite

    Jemnite Atlanta is ours, and fairly won.

    You're welcome

    >not an alchemical + dragonblooded duo
    >not being quick while the other is tall
    >not wall running while getting sweet headshots with a powerbow, while mainlining athletic charms to move at sanic speed
    >not doing a sweet execution killmove on some Lintha scrub while your alchemical partner in warstrider form to crush some demonic warstrider they were trying to use against you
    >not swooping around to flank and hijack an enemy warstrider from behind as it tries to fight your alchemical partner
    >not being two legends, one legacy

    Missed opportunities
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  2. ManusDomine

    ManusDomine Immaculate

    Thanks fam.

    a): What even is 'Warstrider form'? :V
    b): Titanfall literally didn't exist at that time.
    c): The missed opportunities still sting.
  3. Threadmark: The Padua Family

    EarthScorpion CR of the Thrown

    The Padua Family

    Sky-blue sails emblazoned with a golden sun catch the wind, driving finely painted narrow-hulled cutters through the sargasso-choked sea. Most Southern captains would baulk at the expense, but to the golden-eyed Padua family such things are mandatory. They are not some low-life pirate scum - they are nobleborn and kin to the Sun, and to hide their proud heritage would shame them. And the hot-blooded Padua are quick with their machetes at the slightest hint of disrespect.

    Sixty years ago, the current duchess of Anara Lulina seized power from her elder brother, driving him into ignominious exile. Half the fleet followed their lord, taking refuge in Saata. The dukes had always raided the Deep South West for slaves and treasures, and now without lands to call their own the Padua exiles embraced a life of piracy. With the proceeds of his plundering Aunra Padua bought a lush estate from the lords of Saata, but his heart remained always with his malaria-choked home and he raised his children to resent the thieves who stole their birthright.

    Unlike some of the pirate-lords of Saata, the Padua are firmly anchored in their territory. The current duke-in-exile, Mauro Padua, holds residence in Saata, but they have also founded the township of Na Lulina on the volcanic Heou archipelago in the far South West, which serves as their base of operations when raiding and plundering. Trade fleets carry the goods gathered north, to be sold to the merchants of the Three Flame society or in the Daimyo & Yellow on Saata.

    The Padua descend from the goddess Sulyverre, great-granddaughter of the Sun, and while they are mostly men their luck sometimes seems divine. When the sun shines brightly on them, things go on their favour more than they should. At midday a ship they are chasing snags its rudder on sargasso and is slowed enough that they catch it easily.

    Mauro Padua is no longer a young man, and an old wound to his leg got in a youthly brawl has left him dependent on opiates. His two sons vie with one another to be the new Duke-in-Exile, knowing that their father has not yet chosen an heir. Ju is beloved by his men, rash and touchy with open pockets and a bright nature, while the morbidly obese Mataki is colder and more calculating, but has little of the luck of the family. Unknown to either of them, their sister is secretly in contact with their great-aunt, the grand duchess of Anara Lulina. As she sees if, if she offers the duchess her hated brothers’ heads, she can reunite the family - and keep the holdings the pirates have built up in exile. Malaria-ridden Anara Lulina appeals to her little, when she might snatch the Saatan estates for her own.

    Vessels & Men

    The Padua family maintains three trading fleets of scows and junks, focussing mostly on transporting hardwoods, spices and slaves north from Na Lulina. These fleets have cutters attached to them, like wolves among sheep to dart out and prey on targets of opportunity. Their pride and joy, however, is the great expeditionary fleet of eight vessels, and their four-mast junk flagship, The Duke’s Revenge.

    While the Padua began as nobles and their retainers, they have recruited heavily from outcasts and the scum of the Saatan docks. The brutal attitude of men has mixed with the arrogance of the Padua lords to produce violent pirates with hair triggers and lavish tastes. The family has long known how to buy the loyalty of men, and the treasure shares they offer to their crews are the most generous of the pirate-lords of Saata. Their men are well-trained in the use of firewands and the signature Padua style of machete, and in the docks of Saata they are known for their swaggering bravado and willingness to draw on the slightest perceived insult.
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  4. Kuciwalker


    Actually there are three other charms that work on this model. Vice-Miracle Technique is exactly this: 1/story free artifact 2-3 with a reward if you "produce this Artifact in response to a problem, a question, or otherwise introduce their new invention as part of a socially-driven stunt that makes your character seem like a miraculous wonder-worker". It's explained as a side project you've been working on the whole time. Words-as-Workshop Method lets you make temporary artifacts tools appropriate to a present Craft/Lore/Medicine/Occult/Investigation challenge. From the backer Charms, Ever-Ready Innovation Method lets you retroactively introduce a major project (i.e. non-artifact) that will help with the present situation.
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  5. Your first mistake was taking anything in the Daystar write up seriously. Throw it out, all of it. The Daystar does not need to be a giant fighting robot with a train that is a friend to all children running to it. That is ridiculous and everything in it from the forge to the super special ghosts needs to be excised from the game.

    A game mechanic that allowed one to introduce facts into the setting, much like the Declarations from Legends of the Wulin (or, in fact, Lore in 3e) would be perfectly acceptable provided three things:

    1: You get a limited supply of them based off some in game stat like Backgrounds. So if you have Contacts you can declare "This guy is secretly my informant" and so on.
    2: There is an explicit way to resist it. If you declare a fact in a scene other characters present can resist this with an opposed roll off or perhaps even a whole minigame similar to combat. This leads to excellent Sherlock vs Moriarty style play.
    3: All characters have access to it at some level. This includes NPCs would be using this system which means the PCs can resist the Storyteller introducing facts.

    This would give an excellent system to hang Craft, Lore, Occult, Socialize, War and Bureaucracy off of and probably form the vast majority of the Sidereal and Fair Folk charm set.
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  6. Has anyone homebrewed their own artifacts?

    I'm thinking of making a setting that draws ideas from Exalted, but I'm thinking of artifacts. If, say, one-dot artifacts were common in Creation, as in, 'you can buy in cornerstore along with your peanuts' common, how would the setting look like? How would normal life look like? Of course, ignoring loom shenanigans.
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  7. horngeek

    horngeek Australian Dragon Moderator

    Nothing I can share here. :V
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  8. ManusDomine

    ManusDomine Immaculate

    Your sins are evident to me @horngeek.

    You cannot flee from the past. :V
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  9. ?????
  10. horngeek

    horngeek Australian Dragon Moderator

    Look anyone on the Freedom Stone forums probably knows what I mean.

    If not, I'll explain when you're older. :V
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  11. ManusDomine

    ManusDomine Immaculate

    The Artifacts are certainly well-written though.

    Such quality if you know what I mean. :V
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  12. I am completely confused.

    I'm 19. I'm not a kid anymore.
  13. EarthScorpion

    EarthScorpion CR of the Thrown

    Oh my. Sir, did you once erect a monument to your sins?
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  14. Walker of the Yellow Path

    Walker of the Yellow Path Pass into despair

    The Land of Memes
    He'a probably made some questionable in balance or quality artifacts back on the Freedom Stone.

    And like, a third of the Homebrew on this thread is Artifacts, I feel.
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  15. Will start posting several days later.
  16. horngeek

    horngeek Australian Dragon Moderator

    Also they were NSFW Artifacts.

    ...I'm more bothered by the fact they probably weren't that well-written, but the NSFW bit is why I can't post them here. :V
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  17. Any keywords?
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  18. horngeek

    horngeek Australian Dragon Moderator

    It's on the Freedom Stone Forums in the members-only section. It's posted under my handle there if you really want to do a search. :V
  19. NonSequtur

    NonSequtur Inaccessible Executive On Leave

    The Stratosphere
    Blinding/Deafening, Oscillation, Requires Supervision, Immobilizing, Hearthstone Not Included... :V
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  20. What's Freedom stone?
  21. ManusDomine

    ManusDomine Immaculate

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  23. Maudova


    Looks at the gym bag full of "Artifacts" I didn't know you were the Artifister that made those!
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  24. Noctum

    Noctum Dual Paradox

    One of the early (if not first) Exalted Webcomics about a Terrestrial who gets caught up in the misadventures of a Solar looking for the Manse that her Freedom Stone Hearthstone comes from. Its forums hosts one of the oldest Exalted fan communities outside of the official forums. Been ages since I lurked there.

    Also the tension between the leads can be cut with a knife.
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  25. horngeek

    horngeek Australian Dragon Moderator

    It's been mostly dead for yeeeeeeears at this point.
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