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Halkegenia Online Thread 24 : PLEASE STAND BY!

Discussion in 'User Fiction' started by Triggerhappy, Apr 22, 2015.

  1. Triggerhappy

    Triggerhappy Hard Knocks University

    Threads 1 to 20 scraped from the originals on Spacebattles


    --- Discussion Threads ---
    Where It All Began
    The First Thread
    Official Conclusion of First Thread (Last Author Post) For continuity's sake.
    The Second Thread Things Pick Up Pace
    Official Conclusion of Second Thread (Last Author Post)
    Thread The Third (Mind the Crazy Arguments)
    Official Conlcusion of Third Thread (Last Author Post)
    Thread the Fourth (What the hell!)
    Official Conclusion of Fourth Thread (Last Author Post)
    Thread the Fifth (Things are exploding!)
    Official Conlcusion of Firth Thread (Last Author Post)
    Thread the Sixth (Over Half a Million Words and We've only Finished one Arc :eek:)
    Official Conclusion of the Sixth Thread (Last Author Post)
    Thread the Seventh (In Which TH shows he can't write a murder mystery :oops:)
    Official Conclusion of the Seventh Thread (Last Author Post)
    Thread the Eigth (Things have been slowing down, been kind of relaxing!)
    Official Conclusion of Eigth Thread (Last Author Post)
    Thread the Ninth (The Conspiracy Revealed!)
    Official Conclusion of Ninth Thread (Last Author Post)
    Thread the Tenth (We've reached double digits!)
    Officical Conlusion of Tenth Thread (Last Author Post)
    Thread the Eleventh(We're going to outstrip the FnZ Ideas Thread at this Rate!)
    Official Conclusion of Eleventh Thread (Last Author Post)
    Thread the Twelfth(The the Curious Case of Louise Francois)
    Official Conclusion of Thread Twelve (Last Author Post)
    Thread the Thirteenth(Can I just have fun for a while? Ahoy!)
    Official Conclusion of Thread Thirteen (Last Author Post)
    Thread the Fourteenth(I'm not feeling the love for Mortimer right now)
    Official Conclusion of the Fourteenth Thread (Last Author Post)
    Thread the Fifteenth(Problem Children Are Being Conceived Out of Wedlock, Aren't They?)
    Official Conclusion of the Fifteenth Thread (Last Author Post)
    Thread the Sixteenth(Ninja Pirate Faerie Catgirls!)
    Official Conclusion of the Sixteenth(Last Author Post)
    Thread the Seventeenth(Slice of Life and Death)
    Official Conclusion of the Seventeenth (Last Author Post)
    Thread the Eighteenth (Black Wedding Dress)
    Official Conclusion of the Eighteenth (Last Author Post)
    Thread the Nineteenth (Black Wedding)
    Official Conclusion of the Nineteenth (Last Author Post)
    Thread the Twentieth (Caits and Robbers)
    Official Conclusion of the Twentieth (Last Author Post)
    Thread the Twenty First (Beach Episode!)
    Official Conclusion of the Twenty First (Last Author Post)
    Thread the Twenty Second (Kill Sheffield Vol. 2)
    Official Conclusion of the Twenty Second (Last Author Post)
    Thread the Twenty Third (I Think We're Going to be Alright. AKA Triggerhappy takes a holiday.)
    Official Conclusion of the Twenty Third Thread
    Thread the Twenty Fourth (Stand By and Story Maintenance)

    --- Halkegenia Online v1.0 ---
    Prologue - "The Mage and the Swordsman" aka "Summoning Ritual"
    Chapter 1 - "Big Tree" aka "New Arrivals"
    Chapter 2 - Part 1 - "Damage Control, First Contact"
    Chapter 2 - Part 2 - "Survivors"
    Chapter 2 - Part 3 - "Ambush, The Princess and the General"
    Chapter 3 - part 1 - "History Lesson, The Headmaster"
    Chapter 3 - part 2 - "Meeting the Fae Lords"
    Chapter 3 - part 3 - "First Day in a New World"
    Chapter 3 - part 4 - "Making Friends, Scheming"
    Chapter 4 - part 1 - "Game Logic"
    Chapter 4 - part 2 - "The Sleeping Beauty Awakens"
    Chapter 4 - part 3 - "Mother Cometh"
    Chapter 4 - part 4 - "Nightmares, Friendly Conversations, The Chalice"
    Chapter 5 - part 1 - "Diplomacy"
    Chapter 5 - part 2 - "Concerns and Ideas, Learning to Fly, Clearers Assemble!"
    Chapter 5 - part 3 - "Explanations, The Crimson Samurai, Sense of Belonging".
    Chapter 5 - part 4 - "Field Trip, Pillage Then Burn, This Isn't a Game"
    Chapter 5 - part 5 - "Coping, Millia, Knights of Blood"
    Chapter 6 - part 1 - "Back to Basics, Killer Strikes Again, Politics, Heart Throbs, Trolling Midori"
    Chapter 6 - part 2 - "Convoy, On the Road Again, Decisions"
    Chapter 6 - part 3 - "Hammer and Heart, Split Moon"
    Chapter 6 - part 4 - "A Pact of Blood Between Air and Fae"
    Chapter 6 - part 5 - "Arrival in York, An Incident Ensues, Gunpowder Plot, The Captain and the Pirate Prince"
    Chapter 7 - part 1 - "Millia's True Colors, York Escape!, The Daring Prince, the Winged Flash"
    Chapter 7 - part 2 - "Meeting a Prince, Meeting a Postman, A Faerie Reveals Herself, Sir Dunwell Arrives"
    Chapter 7 - part 3 - "Execution, Battle of Skiesedge, Farewell to a Knight"
    Chapter 8 - part 1 - "PoppopBoom!, the Luckless Princess , A wild Silica Appears!"
    Chapter 8 - part 2 - "Eve of the World Tree Raid"
    Chapter 8 - part 3 - "A game of Crowns, An Incident in Albion, Midori the female swordsman"
    Chapter 8 - part 4 - "Goodbyes, Mob Violence, We're Family"
    Chapter 9 - Part 1 - "Tarbes Side Quest"
    Chapter 9 - Part 2 - "Arrival in Tarbes, Goodnight Louise & KoKo"
    Chapter 9 - Part 3 - "So Cute, Pixies Attack, Where's Yui?"
    Chapter 9 - Part 4 - "Yui alone, the Shaman and the Yearning Knight, the Healer's Cottage"
    Chapter 9 - Part 5 - "The Lame Count, Serpent in the Forest, Overheard Conversation"
    Chapter 9 - Part 6 - "Sounding the Alarm, Missing Children"
    Chapter 9 - Part 7 - "Kiting, Antoine and Euphrasie, The Butler did it!"
    Chapter 9 - Part 8 - "Fernand the Traitor, Lhamthanc the Steel Toothed"
    Chapter 9 - Part 9 - "Judgement & Duel, Sayuri's Reward, Healing"
    Chapter 10 - Part 1 - "Midori & Bandits"
    Chapter 10 - Part 2 - "Disclosure, Scheming, Zombie Powder"
    Chapter 10 - Part 3 - "Will the Circle Be Unbroken?"
    Chapter 10 - Part 4 - "Breakfast With Zombies"
    Chapter 10 - Part 5 - "Flawless Romeo"
    Chapter 11 - Part 1 - "Night Raid of the Living Dead"
    Chapter 11 - Part 2 - "A Crier's Call, The Trio Pursues"
    Chapter 11 - Part 3 - "Reunion"
    Chapter 11 - Part 4 - "Morning, Flashback, General of the Skies, Betrayal"
    Chapter 12 - Part 1 - "Lunch with a Faerie Lord, Negotiations are Interrupted"
    Chapter 12 - Part 2 - "Meeting of the Fae and Royalty"
    Chapter 12 - Part 3 - "The Stone Wall Gramont, Strategy Meeting"
    Chapter 12 - Part 4 - "Telenecronomicon, the Princess Leads, Argument Among Equals"
    Chapter 12 - Part 5 - "Meet the Kurotaka, Captain Thorn, <<Dual Deciders>>"
    Chapter 13 - Part 1 - "Dunkirk"
    Chapter 13 - Part 2 - "Battleship Alley, Apparitions"
    Chapter 13 - Part 3 - "The Phantom Queen, Battle Lines Drawn"
    Chapter 13 - Part 4 - "It's About Time, the Fall of Newcastle"
    Chapter 13 - Part 5 - "Hold the Wall, the Prince Departs, the Children of Medb"
    Chapter 13 - Part 6 - "The Lightning Viscount, Zombie Mamba"
    Chapter 13 - Part 7 - "Lightning Rod, the Hat is Dropped, the Prince Takes his Leave"
    Chapter 13 - Part 8 - "The Heavy Wind, Morgan La Fae"

    1.0 Epilogue - "One end, a New Beginning"

    --- Halkegenia Online v2.0 ---
    Chapter 1 - "Yamada Sakura, Arrun Noir, the Dutiful Knight"
    Chapter 2 - "Autopsy, Vandalism, Louise Obtains a Rare Drop!"
    Chapter 3 - "Pixie Lunch, Investigation Complication, Silence in the Library"
    Chapter 4 - "The Lieutenant's Investigation, Spoiled Morning , Freelia on the Coast"
    Chapter 5 - "Bad Dreams, Hot Scoop, The Assassin Revealed"
    Chapter 6 - "Rip Jack, Sakuya and Mortimer, Suisen and Argo"
    Chapter 7 - "Negotiations and Trolls, Terrance de'Martou, the Plot Thickens"
    Chapter 8 - "We Will Never See Eye to Eye, Family Reunion, No Justice Just Us"
    Chapter 9 - "Horses for Courses, Caught!, Interrogation, Ganker, Midori meets Monmon"
    Chapter 9 - Part 3a - "Interrogation"
    Chapter 10 - "A lot of stuff happens" :cool:
    Chapter 11 - "Foolish Girl"
    Chapter 12 - Part 1 - "Arch Guardian"
    Chapter 12 - Part 2a - "Bosses Battle"
    Chapter 12 - Part 2b - "Tanngjostr vs Cerberus"
    Chapter 12 - Part 3 - "Breakdown"
    Chapter 12 - Part 4 - "Crossing Borders"
    Chapter 12 - Part 5 - "Recompile"

    2.0 Epilogue - Part 1 - Henrietta - "Unleashing the Hounds"
    2.0 Epilogue - Part 2 - Ephi, Richmond - "Wages of Betrayal"
    2.0 Epilogue - Part 3 - Kino, Caramella - "Morning Confusion"
    2.0 Epilogue - Part 4 - Yui, Leafa, Bishop - "Encounters in the Library"
    2.0 Epilogue - Part 5 - Bardiche, Balandene - "Crash Into Hello"
    2.0 Epilogue - Part 6 - Morgiana - "Checkup"
    2.0 Epilogue - Part 7 - Terrance de Martou, Agnes, Botan - "Interrogation"
    2.0 Epilogue - Part 8 - Hyuuga - "TRIST Demonstration"
    2.0 Epilogue - Part 9 - Mortimer, Gramont, La Ramee - "Strategy Meeting"
    2.0 Epilogue - Part 10a - Argo, Jensen - "Vigilo Confido"
    2.0 Epilogue - Part 10b - Alicia, the Shiori - "Non Disclosure"
    2.0 Epilogue - Part 11 - Skuld, Tonkii - "Awakenings in a Land of Ice"
    2.0 Epilogue - Part 12 - Julio, Vittorio, Louise - "An Incarnate Radius"

    --- Side Story: Melancholy Heart ---
    Chapter 1
    Chapter 2a
    Chapter 2b
    Chapter 3a
    Chapter 3b

    --- Halkegenia Online v3.0 ---
    Chapter 1 - Part 1 - Dragon Knight Recruits
    Chapter 1 - Part 2 - The Black Crow and the White Swan
    Chapter 1 - Part 3a - Parental Responsibilities & Paperwork
    Chapter 1 - part 3b - Perspectives on the Emperor
    Chapter 1 - Part 4 - Matilda Departs, Stowaway
    Chapter 2 - Part 1 - The Politics of Pregnancy
    Chapter 2 - Part 2 - Fishing Traditions and Milkshakes
    Chapter 2 - Part 3a - Clear Waters
    Chapter 2 - Part 3b - Tarou and Momoko
    Chapter 3 - Part 1 - Entry with a Boom
    Chapter 3 - Part 2a - Propaganda and Training
    Chapter 3 - Part 2b - Holland's Ponderings
    Chapter 3 - Part 3 - Three Black Cats
    Chapter 3 - Part 4 - Backroom Meeting
    Chapter 4 - Part 1 - Improvisation
    Chapter 4 - Part 2 - Teach Us, Enya-Sensei!
    Chapter 4 - Part 3a - Need to Know
    Chapter 4 - Part 3b - Boot Camp Begins
    Chapter 5 - Part 1 - Kingston on Hull
    Chapter 5 - Part 2 - Shiori's Infiltration
    Chapter 5 - Part 3a - Foquet's Consultation
    Chapter 5 - Part 3b - Shiori's Groundwork
    Chapter 6 - Part 1a - Suit Up, Training Duel
    Chapter 6 - Part 1b - Take Your Medicine
    Chapter 6 - Part 2 - Invade the Enemy Compound
    Chapter 6 - Part 3a - Pixie History and Changes
    Chapter 6 - Part 3b - Aberrant Rose
    Chapter 7 - Part 1 - Mission Start
    Chapter 7 - Part 2 - The Heist
    Chapter 7 - Part 3 - Interrogation
    Chapter 7 - Part 4a - Trouble with Dragons
    Chapter 7 - Part 4b - The Long Drop
    Chapter 8 - Part 1 - Arrun Home Staff Meeting
    Chapter 8 - Part 2a - First Day at School
    Chapter 8 - Part 2b - Making Friends
    Chapter 8 - Part 2c - Afternoon Classes
    Chapter 8 - Part 2d - Sleepover
    Chapter 8 - Part 3 - Arrun Watch HQ
    Chapter 9 - Part 1 - An Enlightening Tea Party
    Chapter 9 - Part 2a - Big Sis and Kurotaka
    Chapter 9 - Part 2b - Young Priest Acquired
    Chapter 9 - Part 3a - Karin and Morgiana
    Chapter 9 - Part 3b - We are Gathered Here Today
    Chapter 9 - Part 4 - New Traditions
    Chapter 10 - Part 1 - Truly Lost
    Chapter 10 - Part 2a - Entering Saxe Gotha
    Chapter 10 - Part 2b - The Hunt Begins
    Chapter 10 - Part 2c - The House of Rose Petals
    Chapter 10 - Part 3a - Dragon Knights Deployed
    Chapter 10 - Part 3b - Loss
    Chapter 10 - Part 4a - Treasures Found, Cornered Prey
    Chapter 10 - Part 4b - Dark Sorceress
    Chapter 10 - Part 5 - Fury and Fire
    Chapter 10 - Part 6 - Ruin and Salvation
    Chapter 11 - Part 1 - Family
    Chapter 11 - Part 2 - Chance Encounter
    Chapter 11 - Part 3 - Rumors, Propaganda and Stray Cats
    Chapter 11 – Part 4 - Introductions
    Chapter 12 – Part 1 - Musings
    Chapter 12 – Part 2 - Unexpected Discoveries
    Chapter 12 – Part 3 - Scout, meet Secretary
    Chapter 12 – Part 4 - Leave taking, Get in the Box
    Chapter 13 – Part 1 - On the road again
    Chapter 13 – Part 2 - Revised Terms
    Chapter 13 – Part 3a - Complications
    Chapter 13 – Part 3b - Heave To!
    Chapter 14 – Part 1 - Struggle in the skies

    3.0 Epilogue – Part 1 - The Black Cat is Back
    3.0 Epilogue – Part 2 - Hyuuga's Playground
    3.0 Epilogue – Part 3 - The Holy Cause
    3.0 Epilogue – Part 4 - Détente before the storm

    --- Side Story: Beach Episode ---
    Chapter 1a - Fun in the Sun
    Chapter 1b - Beach Alliances
    Chapter 1c - A gathering of blonds
    Chapter 1d - Flowers wilt, flowers thrive
    Chapter 1e - Calling on a Neighbor
    Chapter 2a - Gaddan
    Chapter 2b - A Deepness in Ragdorian
    Chapter 2c - Speak with the Fishes
    Chapter 2d - Missing Data
    Chapter 2e - The Legend of Titania
    Chapter 2f - Call of Octavia
    Chapter 2g - Restless Night
    Chapter 3a - Round One
    Chapter 3b - Meanwhile...
    Chapter 3c - Go! We! Go!
    Chapter 3d - Round Two
    Chapter 3e - Opposing Elements
    Chapter 3f - Freedom
    Chapter 3g - Round Three, TKO!
    Chapter 4a - Oath Givers
    Chapter 4b - Requests
    Chapter 4c - Regression
    Chapter 4d - Life, Memories and Loss

    --- Halkegenia Online v3.0 - Refactored ---

    Chapter - 1
    Chapter - 2
    Chapter - 3
    Last edited: Jul 23, 2015
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  2. jwolfe_beta

    jwolfe_beta Semi Genre-Savvy Overlord

    Omake and Snippet Index v3.2
    (now with internal links!)
    v3 Refactored: PDF, EPUB

    Omake and Snippet Index v3.2

    Table of Contents
    0. Extras
    1. Transition’s Aftermath
    2. Named Characters
    3. Guilds and Players
    4. Inhabitants of ALfheim
    5. War Stories
    6. Miscellaneous
    7. Fae Literature
    8. Media Productions
    9. Artwork
    10. Trivia

    * For latest snippets, search for 'Th24'
    :o = dark content

    0. Extras (back to ToC)
    Suggested Guidelines for posting in the HalkO threads
    Omake Reading Recommendations
    Story Timeline *spoiler alert*
    Character Sheets
    Character IRL Names
    Map of Tristain, alt
    Wikia (needs some TLC)
    TV Tropes page
    FF.net Version
    OC Player Spreadsheet
    Role Play IRC

    1. Transition's Aftermath (back to ToC)

    Fae-Tristain Integration (Japanese geeks in Princess Henrietta's Court)
    Th02 p054 - Kirche has competition -Triggerhappy
    Th04 p018 - Mineral springs and envy -Triggerhappy
    Th04 p040 - Faces of the past and therapy -Triggerhappy
    Th05 p020 - The Art of the Deal -an NPC
    Th07 p135 - The Second Valliere Daughter -aightaight2
    Th07 p157 - Product Placement -aightaight2
    Th11 p035 - Radio Yggdrasil -Jonnoda
    Th21 p076 - Daydreams -Blinded
    Th23 p044 - Leadership -an NPC
    Th23 p055 - Citizens' Harmony -Blinded

    Faction Disguise Issues (Somebody put out a patch for this thing!)
    Th03 p121 - Best Served Cold -GeshronTyler
    Th03 p177 - Klein's Discovery -Triggerhappy
    Th05 p001 - Love potion hijinks, 2 -Triggerhappy and Exsequens
    Th05 p075 - The art of trolling -wkz
    Th07 p011 - Arrun Illustrated: Swimsuit Edition -Triggerhappy
    Th18 p061 - The Queen's Machinations -Blinded
    Th18 p088 - The 3 Midori's, (info) -Triggerhappy
    Th18 p089 - Cardinal Save Us from The Queen! -Exsequens

    Faction Disguise Outcomes (Yui is going to be one busy shrink)
    Th03 p176 - You're Having the Next One -Triggerhappy
    Th03 p178 - Instinctive Jealousy -Triggerhappy
    Th04 p016 - Father Empathy Class -zero_traveler and mdkcde
    Th03 p181 - Delivery -Triggerhappy
    Th04 p044 - Delivery's Aftermath, Sachi! -741AuthorNCS

    Camp Mulan (Let's get down to business!)
    Th03 p190 - Guiche mans up -Triggerhappy
    Th05 p141 - Spriggan Stress Relief -aightaight2
    Th06 p001 - Motivation -Triggerhappy
    Th07 p081 - Trials of Midori -Triggerhappy
    Th07 p086 - Asuma Yuuki -Academic Guardian
    Th11 p095 - Guiche: Hero of the Academy! 1, 2, 3 -aightaight2

    TRIST Offshoots (Hegent and Yuyu ahoy!)
    Th07 p050 - TRIST Cast List (info) -wkz
    Th06 p022 - Hegent and Yuyu, 2, 3 (info) -deadheadzed
    Th06 p107 - The Truth of TRIST -Faraway-R
    Th04 p105 - Agnes and the Science Institute -Triggerhappy
    Th04 p189 - Yu-Gi-HalkO -Spectrum
    Th05 p004 - DON'T THINK! RUN! -mdkcde
    Th05 p011 - The Origins of Spaceflight -aightaight2
    Th05 p028 - There's SCIENCE to be done!! -wkz
    Th05 p021 - Weekly Status Report -Spectrum
    Th05 p030 - New Product Lines -Spectrum
    Th05 p157 - Status quo -wkz
    Th06 p018 - Teach us Kofu-sensei! -Academic Guardian
    Th06 p041 - Gifts and Ideas -wkz
    Th06 p134 - TRIST Accountants -zero_traveler
    Th07 p071 - Hegent's Computer -wkz
    Th09 p038 - Conjuration -Mashadorof402
    Th15 p003 - All for Fun -LGear
    Th18 p084 - Skyfall -Krytherian
    Th19 p026 - On The Value of Hot Air -an NPC
    Th20 p110 - Units of Measurement (excerpt from 'Those Earlier Days') -Blinded
    Th21 p107 - Aero-Island -LGear
    Th22 p200 - Night Shift -Alfa290
    Th23 p025 - First Aid -Alfa290
    Th23 p102 - The Flying Juniper -LGear
    Th23 p120 - A Certain Institute of Science and Technology -Blinded
    Th23 p146 - A Window to the Past -an NPC
    Th23 p155 - A Proposal -an NPC
    Th24 p001 - Flight of the Elsa -Triggerhappy
    Th24 p027 - <<How to Live Safely in a Science Fantasy Universe>> -Triggerhappy
    Th24 p147 - Remembering the Future of Insanity -an NPC

    TRIMS (The lesser known sister institute)
    Th05 p017 - Void Theory -Exsequens
    Th12 p074 - The origin of TRIMS -aightaight2

    POE-M Details (Mobile Suit Golem)
    Th05 p161 - Pixie Operated Exoskeleton - Macro -Triggerhappy
    Th06 p022 - Mk IV - KPX -Triggerhappy
    Th05 p191 - Project KOS-MOS -Jomasten
    Th07 p159 - 3G: Project Gao - Stats -zero_traveler
    Th17 p035 - Pixie Mavericks -LGear
    Th20 p118 - POE-M -an NPC
    Th20 p138 - Sycamores (excerpt from 'Fifty Days in Guldenhorf') -an NPC
    Th20 p146 - Twenty (excerpt from 'Body Count: The Growing Cost of War') -an NPC

    POE-Ms in Action (Sieg Pixeon!)
    Th05 p136 - Remember the Square Cube Law -wkz
    Th05 p148 - Mobile Suit Golem: Pixie Dust Memories -Triggerhappy
    Th05 p172 - Golems and Earth Stones -aightaight2
    Th05 p184 - POE-M: Type G -LGear
    Th06 p005 - POE-M: Shiva -Jomasten
    Th06 p014 - Pixie Rim -mdkcde
    Th06 p046 - 3G: GaoGaiGar 1, 2, 3 -zero_traveler
    Th07 p152 - 3G: The Dragon Twins 1, 2 -zero_traveler
    Th17 p055 - POE-Mfall -Triggerhappy
    Th22 p169 - Kusanagi -Alfa290

    TRIST - War Games (Panzer Vor!)
    Th05 p126 - Pixies und Panzer -LGear
    Th05 p131 - World of Tanks -wkz
    Th05 p129 - Pixie Tankers -an NPC
    Th13 p003 - «Type Zero» void wave cannon -Nerdfish
    Th15 p037 - Pixie Tankers: Ding~ -an NPC

    Arrun City Watch (The Flying Detectives)
    Th13 p018 - Fireworks from Afar -GeshronTyler
    Th13 p020 - Recruitment -Blinded
    Th22 p159 - Lieutenant Kirigaya: A Sylvain Adventure -Blinded
    Th24 p092 - The Case of Clyde and the Foxgirl 1, 2 -Blinded

    CATS I Bureau (Combined Allied-Tristain Special Intelligence Bureau)
    Th06 p043 - Poaching -Triggerhappy
    Th07 p187 - Central Arrun & Tristain Intelligence Bureau -Crate
    Th07 p195 - The Greatest Secret Agent -aightaight2
    Th21 p077 - Samson the Axe: New Old Spies -Blinded
    Th22 p193 - Wondrous Perceval’s Troupe -Blinded
    Th23 p016 - Flash -DB_Explorer
    Th24 p075 - Interrogator -Blinded
    Th24 p116 - Blackmore Goes Forth -Blinded

    Fort de Bellegarde (Heretics?! In my fortress?!)
    Th04 p133 - Heresy! -an NPC
    Th04 p147 - Integration Issues -an NPC
    Th04 p152 - Faerie Battle Singers -an NPC
    Th04 p186 - Treason! -an NPC
    Th05 p007 - Confidence -an NPC
    Th05 p009 - Rumors -an NPC
    Th05 p071 - Make Ready -an NPC
    Th06 p049 - Thievery! -aightaight2
    Th11 p022 - Weather 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, Epi -an NPC
    Th22 p154 - Boredom at the Border -an NPC
    Th23 p190 - Memorandum -an NPC

    Celebrations (It's tinsel time!)
    Th01 p028 - Christmas Tinsel -Triggerhappy
    Th05 p086 - Festival planning -Spectrum
    Th13 p027 - Party Time! -revanninja
    Th14 p044 - Twas the Night -Triggerhappy

    Cultural Consequences (the Halkegenian perspective)
    Th05 p003 - True Name Shenanigans -Cj1of4 et al
    Th10 p091 - True Names of Faeries (excerpt from 'Index to Races of Firstborn') -Blinded
    Th10 p091 - Tricking your allies -Blinded
    Th14 p019 - Embarrassing Armor -Vaermina
    Th14 p086 - Lost in Transition: An Amusing Anecdote -an NPC
    Th14 p089 - Matchmaking for Éléonore -Blinded
    Th19 p069 - Superstitions -Blinded
    Th22 p159 - Kii-Bou -Blinded
    Th24 p074 - An Exception to Every Rule -Krytherian
    Th24 p147 - Tooryanse, Tooryanse -Atreidestrooper

    Fae Child-Rearing (Rock-a-bye baby, on the Treetop)
    Th15 p043 - Raising Fae 1, 2, 3 -DB_Explorer
    Th14 p071 - Raising Fae Ch 1-pt 1 -DB_Explorer
    Th08 p043 - Summit -revanninja
    Th10 p017 - Francois' Tutor -Anzer'ke
    Th15 p005 - Like mother, like son -an NPC
    Th18 p044 - Lights in the shade -revanninja
    Th23 p206 - Exaptation, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 -DB_Explorer

    Familiar Summoning (Brimir's pet store)
    Th14 p018 - Borrowing Cardinal's toys -Draggon73
    Th15 p057 - Strangest Familiar Ever -Draggon73
    Th21 p082 - Successors -DB_Explorer
    Th24 p143 - How to Create a Summoning Spell -aightaight2

    Hallowe'en (It's spoooooky tonight . . .)
    Th11 p039 - For the Looots! -licalier
    Th11 p040 - For Chocooolaaate! -licalier and Blinded
    Th11 p045 - Saito's Ghost -Blinded

    IRL (Better duck - onions incoming!)
    Th02 p160 - On the Other Side -Triggerhappy
    Th02 p160 - Mom . . . I'm home -Triggerhappy
    Th04 p182 - Those left behind -Spectrum
    Th05 p004 - Routes Unchosen -Spectrum
    Th22 p108 - Let Sleeping Dogs Lie -Alfa290
    Th23 p148 - Desperate Measures -Baughn

    Gallia (Joseph's Magical Kingdom of Emptiness)
    Th03 p175 - Gallian Intelligence -Triggerhappy
    Th06 p101 - DX Joseph -Flere821
    Th07 p151 - Joseph's Dungeon -Triggerhappy :o
    Th17 p057 - Gallian Intelligence: Miss Luttèce -aightaight2
    Th20 p161 - The King's Torturer -an NPC :o
    Th23 p033 - The Imperial March -LGear
    Th23 p033 - Darth Joseph -Atreidestrooper

    Germania (The Holy Empire of Albrecht)
    Th23 p109 - Into the Wilderness 1, 2, 3 -Draggon73
    Th23 p122 - Wilde Jagd 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 -Wind Tempest
    Th24 p141 - Journey to the West: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 -Draggon73

    Romalia (Pope McDongcopter's Domain)
    Th12 p047 - Confusion -an NPC

    2. Named Characters (back to ToC)

    Three Black Cats (Ninja pirate faerie catgirls)
    Th06 p020 - Shiori's background (info) -gamlain
    Th05 p120 - Ninja catgirls -gamlain
    Th05 p130 - HalO: Three Black Cats -gamlain
    Th05 p156 - HalO: 3BC (Ninja pirates appear) -gamlain
    Th06 p169 - HalO: 3BC (Questioning the locals) -gamlain
    Th06 p004 - Life Goes On -Triggerhappy
    Th08 p082 - Cravings, 2 -Nicholai
    Th13 p028 - Triplets, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 -Infinite Freedom
    Th21 p140 - Standing Accused -Blinded
    Th21 p173 - The Trio Returns -Triggerhappy
    Th23 p205 - Three Smiling Cats -Blinded

    Matilda, Tiffania & Shiori
    Th16 p087 - Heist planning - aightaight2
    Th17 p022 - Shiori and the Thief -aightaight2
    Th21 p028 - Tiff's First Crush -Triggerhappy
    Th22 p111 - Sword Shiori and the Twelve Children -Krytherian
    Th22 p156 - Decisions, Decisions, Decisions -aightaight2
    Th23 p057 - But for the Grace of God -DB_Explorer
    Th23 p094 - A Tracing of Memories -aightaight2
    Th24 p199 - Arrival -aightaight2

    Aki the Zombie (Between Knight and Zae)
    Th04 p168 - Aki and Wells - Exsequens
    Th04 p162 - Interpreting orders -Spectrum
    Th04 p166 - Choose your words with care -Spectrum
    Th06 p034 - Thoughts by the departed -Triggerhappy
    Th06 p120 - Aki learns to fly -aightaight2
    Th06 p121 - Dunwell's Trial & The CrAki bunch! -zero_traveler
    Th06 p136 - Aki's Journey -Xexilf
    Th06 p137 - What do You Want? -Jonen C
    Th11 p051 - Hallowed Eve -aightaight2
    Th19 p069 - Reunion -aightaight2
    Th20 p047 - Aki's Happy Song -bissek
    Th24 p070 - Last Orders -Blinded

    Bishop, Defender of Balance (Cheaters will not be tolerated!)
    Th03 p131 - Bishop's first mention (info) -Triggerhappy
    Th04 p022 - Law and Order: Halkegenia -Triggerhappy
    Th04 p032 - Bishop's Reveal -Jonen C
    Th05 p053 - Do Librarians Dream of Modern Japan -an NPC
    Th05 p125 - Operation Sleeping Books -aightaight2
    Th09 p018 - Defender of ALfheim, 2 -an NPC
    Th12 p002 - Hiding Bishop's Glasses -AdamofHelel
    Th12 p023 - Charts -DB_Explorer
    Th12 p031 - Bishop's Black List -Blinded
    Th18 p074 - I'm watching -Draggon73
    Th22 p007 - Special Delivery -Draggon73
    Th24 p204 - Unrequited Work -Blinded

    Bishop, Defender of the Library (Trust me, don't damage the books)
    Th04 p022 - Paper master -Barricade
    Th15 p026 - Akhmet's Investigation, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 -Blinded
    Th14 p076 - Mission Improbable -aightaight2

    Caramella (That's Ca-ra-mel-la! Not Caramel!)
    Th17 p038 - Home Run -Triggerhappy

    Derflinger (That's Derflinger-sama to you, partner!)
    Th05 p038 - Klein & Derflinger –Triggerhappy and epitaph90
    Th05 p094 - The Weapons Shop -aightaight2
    Th13 p076 - Derflinger and Faeries -Blinded

    Guiche de Gramont (Hero of Tristain!)
    Th09 p003 - Guiche de Gramont and the Book of Mastery 1 -Jyn Ryvia
    Th09 p009 - Guiche Gramont: Hero -an NPC
    Th11 p003 - The (un)luckiest Hero in Tristain -mdkcde
    Th11 p016 - The Day Guiche Saved Christmas -aightaight2
    Th12 p089 - Dual Duelers -End Bringer
    Th16 p081 - Health Checks -Blinded

    Guiche's Memoirs (Biography of an icon)
    Th11 p059 - The Gala of Machinations -Wind Tempest
    Th19 p040 - A Tale of Two Kingdoms: Act I -Wind Tempest
    Th18 p029 - A Tale of Two Kingdoms: Act II, III, IV -Wind Tempest
    Th21 p162 - A Tale of Two Kingdoms: Act V, VI, VII -Wind Tempest
    Th18 p031 - Lyrica's Profile -Wind Tempest
    Th19 p040 - Cirrus' Profile -Wind Tempest
    Th20 p002 - Anne's Profile -Wind Tempest
    Th20 p088 - Pico's Profile -Wind Tempest
    Th21 p164 - Charlotte's Profile -Wind Tempest
    Th20 p001 - Nom de Plume -aightaight2
    Th18 p043 - The Gramont Archive Prologue, 1, 2, 3, 4 -Dragontrapper
    Th24 p135 - Traitor's Clutch 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 -Dragontrapper

    Kirigaya Sachi (May she have a better fate then her namesake)
    Th07 p161 - Mordechai's Challenge -Mashadarof402 et al
    Th15 p070 - Sneaky Sachi -slugboy
    Th20 p115 - Sandwich Day -Dragontrapper
    Th23 p232 - The Little Mermaid -Triggerhappy

    Kirito & Asuna (Good thing Asuna's understanding)
    Th04 p008 - The Reunion -Blackraptor
    Th05 p002 - The Harem Curse - Prologue - Exsequens
    Th05 p012 - The Harem Curse 1, 2 -wkz
    Th13 p023 - Reaffirming vows 1, 2 -revanninja and Blinded
    Th14 p054 - Mystery Chef -Blinded
    Th14 p071 - Disposing of the Hypotenuse -Infinite Freedom
    Th22 p141 - Dressing Up Is Hard To Do -zero_traveler
    Th23 p027 - Glow -Triggerhappy
    Th23 p044 - Rebellion -Blinded

    Kirito's Family (Keeping up with the Kirigayas)
    Th24 p182 - Kirigaya Clan - Extended Family 1, 2, 3 (info) -Sakuya's Butler
    Th05 p002 - Hugs for Bishop collection -LGear
    Th05 p007 - Three gifts -Exsequens
    Th05 p013 - Program hierarchy -Exsequens
    Th07 p052 - Kirigaya Mob's first day at school -Jyn Ryvia
    Th07 p058 - Fae School -aightaight2
    Th08 p046 - The Clarent Cycle -revanninja
    Th05 p036 - Doppelganger -Exsequens
    Th05 p048 - Kirito's Offspring -Spectrum
    Th23 p199 - Kitchen Raid -revanninja
    Th23 p242 - The Fishes and the Mollusks -Triggerhappy

    Klein (The Red Samurai)
    Th03 p008 - Klein's Harem: Quest Flags 1, 2 -Triggerhappy
    Th03 p009 - Klein's Harem: Quest Drops -Blackraptor
    Th12 p028 - Klein's Harem -Blinded
    Th12 p077 - Investigating the Klein Field -aightaight2
    Th14 p027 - Wedding Preparations -Blinded
    Th14 p029 - Perils of the Harem Protagonist -Blinded
    Th14 p078 - Threads to be tied -revanninja
    Th21 p080 - Klein's Houseguest -Triggerhappy
    Th21 p183 - Harem Resolved -Blinded
    Th21 p184 - The Klein Field and Shinjuku Circle -Sakuya's Butler
    Th23 p035 - Leaving an Impression -Nicholai
    Th24 p176 - Klein's (Not a) Harem -Sakuya's Butler
    Th24 p215 - Klein's Harem 1, 2, 3 (info) -Triggerhappy

    Lady Alicia (Lackadaisical Cait)
    Th07 p019 - Cats and jars - Jyn Ryvia
    Th10 p012 - Mastermind -an NPC
    Th10 p013 - Alicia the Cait -an NPC

    Lady Morgiana & General Eugene (The battle couple)
    Th13 p064 - Between Scylla and Morgiana -End Bringer
    Th13 p087 - Morgiana in Uniform -revanninja
    Th13 p096 - Breaking the News -Vaermina
    Th20 p053 - Second Chances -Triggerhappy
    Th24 p171 - Crow Watch -Triggerhappy

    Lady Sheffield (Deus Ex Myozunitonirun)
    Th03 p139 - System Alert: Hack Attempt! -HawaiianOnline
    Th04 p041 - Sheffield vs Cardinal -Exsequens
    Th11 p057 - Sheffield's Support -KaPe
    Th13 p081 - Infiltrating TRIST -Exsequens
    Th14 p017 - Sheffield's daughters -Triggerhappy :o
    Th19 p055 - Well Met by Moonlight -revanninja
    Th20 p005 - Compassion is its Own Reward -revanninja
    Th20 p121 - «Driduns» (excerpt from 'War of the Faeries') -Draggon73
    Th24 p153 - Programming Magic -bissek

    Lisbeth (The Suffering Apprentice)
    Th23 p029 - Beach Episode: The (Missing) Epilogue 2 - Lisbeth & Kofu -Krytherian
    Th23 p210 - Lisbeth, guest of the Metalhoarders 1, 2 -Draggon73

    Lord Mortimer & Lady Sakuya (Trials of leadership)
    Th06 p158 - Sakuya's Shadow, 2 -741AuthorNCS and zero_traveler
    Th05 p046 - Dinner at Mortimer's -Exsequens
    Th11 p037 - Mort's Protective Shrubbery -End Bringer
    Th12 p006 - Moritmer Spies Sakuya -Blinded
    Th13 p024 - Lydia's Intervention -revanninja
    Th18 p041 - Gender Bias -revanninja
    Th20 p053 - Sleeping Beauty -revanninja
    Th20 p056 - Salamander Worrier -revanninja
    Th21 p117 - Wages of Defeat -Triggerhappy
    Th23 p172 - Dojo Busting -revanninja
    Th24 p152 - Mortimer writes a Letter -Nobody Smurf

    Lord Rute (I'm not useless!)
    Th06 p090 - Costs of Battle -kojiro kakita
    Th06 p107 - Consequences of Victory -kojiro kakita
    Th06 p131 - Depreciation -kojiro kakita

    Louise and the Void (Quest Reward: «Eye of Truth»)
    Th10 p039 - Consequences and Custodiam -an NPC
    Th11 p051 - Return of the HUD -wkz
    Th11 p052 - Mystic Eyes -torisuke
    Th11 p065 - Fixing Void -End Bringer
    Th11 p088 - Acting from Despair -Mashadarof402
    Th12 p003 - Vittorio's Justification -KaPe
    Th12 p003 - End of Line -an NPC :o

    Louise's Future (Power to the Pinkette!)
    Th05 p189 - Rebirth -Jomasten
    Th11 p069 - Queen's Counsel -DB_Explorer
    Th11 p090 - Fae Hair -Triggerhappy and AdamofHelel
    Th11 p091 - Misidentification -DB_Explorer
    Th12 p087 - Welcome to the club -Triggerhappy
    Th12 p096 - Heathcliff's Doujin -Blinded
    Th13 p065 - Lost Child Report -Wind Tempest
    Th14 p028 - The Dread Pirate Louise -Vaermina
    Th15 p021 - The Trickster's Errand -Draggon73
    Th15 p049 - Debts to be Paid -Vaermina
    Th18 p057 - Louise greets Blair -mdkcde
    Th18 p057 - Kirche's Fashion Tips -Vaermina
    Th19 p050 - Pizza Capers -Triggerhappy
    Th22 p131 - Don't Touch the Cloak! -DB_Explorer
    Th22 p188 - When you can't run -DB_Explorer
    Th23 p080 - Cleaning House -DB_Explorer
    Th24 p091 - Louise in Lucca - draft -DB_Explorer

    Nishida (Gone fishing, BBL)
    Th21 p066 - Fishing for the Big One -mdkcde

    Saitou Shouichi & Eterne (Is there a doctor in the house?)
    Th02 p135 - A Demographic Problem -Triggerhappy
    Th03 p191 - Old Heart, Young Eyes -LGear
    Th05 p053 - Young Heart, Fiery Eyes -LGear
    Th14 p087 - Takai's Concerns -Blinded
    Th14 p088 - A Dinnertime Talk -LGear
    Th15 p022 - Give me Wings -LGear

    Silica (The Dragon Tamer strikes back!)
    Th02 p146 - Tongue Twisters 1, 2 -Triggerhappy and Flere821
    Th05 p164 - My Neighbor Tonkii 1&2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 -aightaight2
    Th05 p171 - A Choice of Melons -aightaight2
    Th14 p088 - My Neighbor Tonkii 9, 10&11, Recap, 12&13, 14, Epi -aightaight2
    Th15 p023 - Three Little Fae on a Sunny Day 1 -End Bringer
    Th20 p068 - The Race 1, 2 -aightaight2
    Th24 p078 - Secrets of a Queen and her Cait -Zam

    Sinon Summoning (Crack! *she's a sniper*)
    Th05 p014 - Sinon in Halk Online -Flere821
    Th05 p103 - Lost sniper -Faraway-R
    Th14 p069 - Summoning GGO -Chaoswind
    Th21 p040 - Import Familiar -Krytherian

    Yui (MHCP-001 at large)
    Th13 p048 - Yui's Family Tree (info) -an NPC
    Th02 p009 - Yui! No boys! -Triggerhappy
    Th02 p009 - Some simple rules for dating my daughter -Triggerhappy
    Th03 p041 - Admin Privileges -741AuthorNCS
    Th04 p194 - A Special Day -Triggerhappy
    Th05 p085 - Mother's Day -artanis00
    Th06 p006 - Yui’s Day Out -aightaight2
    Th06 p025 - Bedtime Stories -Triggerhappy
    Th06 p130 - Father's Day -artanis00
    Th07 p041 - «Love»? -Triggerhappy
    Th11 p043 - STOP: Yui-MHCP001-DB_Explorer
    Th11 p055 - The Chase -Infinite Freedom
    Th11 p057 - Misunderstanding -Exsequens
    Th18 p063 - Lessons in Beauty -aightaight2
    Th20 p054 - Wedding Wish -InfiniteFreedom
    Th23 p094 - Warm Heart - Ginger Tea -Triggerhappy
    Th23 p141 - Worth it -Triggerhappy

    Konno Yuuki
    Th23 p127 - Winter Wonder -LGear
    Th23 p240 - Top of the World: Midsummer Station -Dragontrapper
    Th24 p152 - Top of the World 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 -Dragontrapper
    Th24 p203 - Top of the World (Refactored) 1 -Dragontrapper

    Galinda and Elfi (The Salamander not-Twins)
    Th22 p099 - Beach Episode: The (Missing) Epilogue 1 - Silica & the Twins -Krytherian
    Th24 p136 - Matters of Preference: A Galinda and Elfi snippet 1, 2 -Blinded

    3. Guilds & Players (back to ToC)

    «A Capella» (Where's a Harp when you need one?)
    Th07 p033 - Bladesong -TIFFD
    Th14 p038 - Siren Harpy -TIFFD
    Th15 p043 - Birthday Switch -TIFFD

    «Centennial Eagle» (Let the Eagle's hammer fall!)
    Th14 p079 - First Impressions 1, 2, 3 -Wind Tempest
    Th16 p022 - Terms of Service Agreement -Wind Tempest
    Th16 p022 - Quest Board Application -Wind Tempest
    Th13 p002 - Name Calling -Wind Tempest
    Th23 p210 - Five Star Quest 1, 2, 3, 4 -Wind Tempest

    «Jaegers» (Rules are for those without Spines)
    Th14 p055 - Raz & Kaya's Bios (info) -revanninja
    Th14 p001 - Captain of the Jaeger -revanninja
    Th14 p025 - A Gift for Mort -revanninja
    Th14 p040 - The Dancing Cat -revanninja
    Th14 p053 - Hat Box -revanninja
    Th14 p054 - Searching for Ingredients -revanninja
    Th15 p003 - Jaegers vs. Musketeers -revanninja

    Th04 p190 - Kiss of Life -Academic Guardian
    Th08 p059 - «l33ts» in Halkegenia! 1, 2 -Academic Guardian

    «Log Horizon» (The Data's all gone!)
    Th14 p011 - Character Sheet 1, 2, 3-jwolfe
    Th15 p057 - The Transition -jwolfe
    Th17 p053 - Beginnings in a Different World -jwolfe

    «Numbers» (Somebody's got to keep track of them)
    Th05 p107 - Derived Stats -an NPC
    Th07 p044 - Social Dynamics -an NPC
    Th15 p057 - Quincey's Big Break -an NPC
    Th16 p011 - Controlling (In)Dependent Variables -an NPC
    Th19 p015 - The Housewife -an NPC
    Th23 p133 - Intercept -an NPC

    «Palm Over Fist» (Snatch The Pebble From My Hand, Grasshopper)
    Th13 p068 - Character Sheet -Greatzoopa
    Th14 p003 - Diplomatic Mission 1 -Greatzoopa

    Th06 p022 - Character Sheet, 2 -Vaermina
    Th06 p075 - «Slayers» prologue, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 -Vaermina

    «West Wind Brigade» (Trials of the notHarem protagonist)
    Th16 p027 - Accidental Boss Fight 1, 2, 3 -Blinded
    Th16 p036 - A Blacksmith's Story -Blinded
    Th16 p070 - Megumi and escape attempt #6 -Blinded
    Th16 p073 - Spice and Fox -Blinded
    Th16 p081 - A Prologue to an Adventure -Blinded
    Th17 p048 - Hunt for the Spirit Fox, 2, 3, 4 -Blinded
    Th17 p029 - Of Bored Old Men -Blinded
    Th17 p053 - The Mask Unmasked -Blinded
    Th18 p029 - Mutual Winners -Blinded
    Th18 p042 - Operation: One-Hit Boss Fight -Blinded
    Th18 p062 - Normal Days -Blinded
    Th19 p037 - A Diplomatic Party -Blinded
    Th19 p059 - Over Tea and Scones - Blinded
    Th20 p004 - Equivalent Exchange -Blinded
    Th22 p111 - A Surprising Night -Blinded
    Th24 p130 - Marketable Skills -Blinded

    ALfheim Exploration Society (You call this archaeology?)
    Th14 p078 - Exploration 1, 2, 3a, 3b, 4 -Blinded
    Th14 p051 - «Dark Steel Knight» -jwolfe
    Th14 p092 - Discovery -Draggon73

    Tau Tona Arc (Tales of the Gnomes)
    Th10 p085 - «The Gnome Guardians» Character Sheet -Jonnoda
    Th14 p072 - Rhythms in the Deep 1 -Jonnoda
    Th14 p075 - Recruiting Kirito -Blinded
    Th18 p034 - Boat Murdered -Exsequens
    Th18 p039 - Urist's Project Requests -Exsequens
    Th18 p067 - Secrets of the Mead -Blinded
    Th19 p038 - «Crystal Blossom Mead» -aightaight2

    Other Guilds (Please Register you Guild with the Arrun Census)
    Th06 p022 - «Dondoruma» Fortune Hunters -aightaight2
    Th06 p065 - «Nanoha» Takamachi Online -zero_traveler
    Th09 p007 - «Long Hand» To Walk The Shoe 1 -revanninja
    Th10 p092 - «The Swiss Army» Character Sheet -Sunder the Gold
    Th13 p019 - «Tristain's Movers» Character Sheet -Blinded
    Th16 p004 - Escaping your Problems -an NPC
    Th21 p180 - «Children of Fate» Character Sheet -King_Rule
    Th24 p086 - «Hyakki Yagyou» Character Sheet -Tempest51

    Players (This isn't the land of canon anymore)
    Th05 p149 - Feeling your age -Spectrum
    Th05 p150 - Real skills collective -wkz
    Th06 p024 - Adventurer's Journal -shaderic
    Th09 p081 - Mikal the Musician -Blinded :o
    Th14 p031 - Kuro (Girl Ops) 1, 2, 3 -thesage2600
    Th15 p016 - Ganker -Blinded :o
    Th16 p019 - The Botanist and the lonely Shoot -Blinded
    Th17 p041 - Dullahan: Mystery of a Lost Head -Blinded
    Th17 p095 - Yunchang: Coward -Blinded
    Th19 p055 - The River Flows -revanninja
    Th21 p024 - Job Hazard -Blinded
    Th22 p008 - Fae with No Name 1 -DB_Explorer
    Th23 p014 - The Fallen Library -DB_Explorer
    Th23 p035 - Hey Diasuke! 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 -Thanatanos
    Th23 p038 - Fresh Prince of Hell -CowboyCapo
    Th23 p061 - The Botanist and the Pernicious Plants -Blinded
    Th23 p065 - Ivy -Sakuya's Butler
    Th23 p082 - A Life Well Lived -Blinded
    Th23 p092 - Ceba -Sakuya's Butler
    Th23 p120 - An Undine's Arrival -SVNB Backup
    Th23 p124 - The Voyage of Sea Horse: Explorers -Draggon73
    Th24 p160 - The Voyage of Sea Horse: Raiders -Draggon73
    Th23 p125 - Embraced by Spirits -Draggon73
    Th24 p043 - Is it Cheating or Testing 1, 2 -OutcastXC007
    Th23 p186 - A Random Encounter -Blinded
    Th23 p207 - Birth of the House -Draggon73
    Th24 p007 - <<Enter Player 2>> -Triggerhappy
    Th24 p009 - <<The Composition of Beauty>> -Triggerhappy
    Th24 p017 - Sparkles -NothingNow
    Th24 p079 - Work and play -Blinded
    Th24 p103 - Magical Axe-Gun -Blinded
    Th24 p136 - Cave Diving -aightaight2
    Th24 p141 - Obaasama - Transform and Rise Up! 1 , 2 -jesus
    Th24 p183 - Nakahara Akira 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 -Jinx999
    Th24 p188 - Prospector of the North -7734

    NPCs (A Bug in the System)
    Th14 p064 - Marsamar the NPC -Blinded
    Th14 p051 - Return of the City Guards -bissek
    Th15 p039 - Angel, the Leftover Quest Giver -Blinded
    Th15 p063 - Because of a «Bug» 1, 2 -Blinded

    Shadows of ALfheim: Lore
    Th24 p140 - Series Reading Order -Draggon73
    Th21 p002 - «Timeline» -Draggon73
    Th16 p051 - Character Sheet: Evangeline -Draggon73
    Th20 p096 - Character Sheet: Others -Draggon73
    Th20 p180 - The Lords of Blood (excerpt from 'Mysteries and Legends of ALfheim') -Draggon73
    Th21 p102 - The Excaliber Rumors -Draggon73
    Th21 p136 - Nilfheim Expansion: 1, 2 (excerpt from 'Lore of ALfheim')-Draggon73
    Th21 p104 - «Mesmer» and «Enthralment» -Draggon73

    Shadows of ALfheim: House McDowell
    Th16 p081 - Awakening to the New Age I: 1, 2, 3a, 3b, 3c -Draggon73
    Th20 p114 - Awakening to the New Age II: 1, 2, 3 , 4 & SS -Draggon73
    Th23 p098 - Lords of Shadow: 1, 2, 3 -Draggon73
    Th20 p148 - Daughters of House McDowell -Draggon73
    Th24 p138 - Children of the Shadows 1, 2a, 2b, 3 -Draggon73
    Th23 p005 - The Stormburg -Draggon73
    Th23 p021 - The River of Memories -Draggon73
    Th24 p026 - True Darkness -Draggon73

    Shadows of ALfheim: The Necromancer
    Th23 p061 - The Necromancer -Draggon73
    Th23 p074 - The Four Grimoire -Draggon73
    Th23 p086 - The Darkest Day, The Bloodiest Night: 1, 2, 3, 4 -Draggon73
    Th24 p135 - Through the Mirror: 1, 2, 3, 4 -Draggon73
    Th24 p135 - Ghost Stories: 1 , 2, 3, 4 -Draggon73
    Th23 p199 - Lucy, the Voice of Lucia: Her Origin 1, 2, 3, 4&5 -Draggon73
    Th24 p125 - Samhain: The Blood Hill expedition 1, 2, 3 -Draggon73
    Th24 p126 - Ghost Stories: Small Rewarding Quest -Draggon73

    Shadows of ALfheim: Nilfheim
    Th24 p132 - Spring of Nilfheim 1 -Draggon73

    Zero Hour (It's raining bullets)
    Th23 p037 - Obsession -CowboyCapo
    Th23 p050 - Laughter's Over 1, 2, 3 -CowboyCapo
    Th23 p052 - Coffin smashing 1, 2 -CowboyCapo
    Th23 p062 - Three Funerals and a Funeral - CowboyCapo
    Th23 p071 - Momentum For A Bullet -CowboyCapo
    Th23 p083 - The Means, Justify the End -CowboyCapo
    Th23 p097 - Death Gun: The Armory I -CowboyCapo
    Th23 p111 - Connections, Conspiracies -CowboyCapo
    Th23 p157 - Get RECT 1, 2, 3, 3b, 4, 5 -CowboyCapo
    Th23 p194 - The Albanian 1, 2, 3, 4, 4b, 5, 6 -CowboyCapo
    Th23 p207 - Death Gun: The Armory II -CowboyCapo
    Th24 p058 - Define #Rath 1, 2, 3, 3b, 4, 5, 6 -CowboyCapo
    Th24 p062 - Death Gun: The Armory III -CowboyCapo
    Th24 p071 - export Character 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11 -CowboyCapo
    Th24 p127 - seek Arcana 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, Special, 7 -CowboyCapo
    Th24 p096 - Mercenary Soldiers Online Message Boards -CowboyCapo
    Th24 p096 - Prayers -CowboyCapo
    Th24 p103 - Princes of the Thorn -CowboyCapo
    Th24 p122 - Operation Cashout -bissek
    Th24 p130 - until Megido: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7a, 7b, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14 -CowboyCapo
    Th24 p130 - Death Gun: The Armory IV -CowboyCapo
    Th24 p155 - terminate Oberon 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7 -CowboyCapo
    Th24 p138 - Abhorrent Admirer -CowboyCapo
    Th24 p180 - save.World 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 -CowboyCapo
    Th24 p183 - A Radiance of Cardinals -CowboyCapo
    Th24 p184 - Zero Hour Writing Tips: The Bad, and The Good -CowboyCapo
    Th24 p215 - Rebuild of Zero Hour 1.1, 1.2, 1.3 -CowboyCapo

    «Beast Form» Users (Shadow play)
    Th05 p079 - Eugene-Sidhe -Exsequens
    Th07 p054 - Metal Slug Progression -wkz
    Th07 p077 - Feathered Dragon Progression -Triggerhappy
    Th11 p012 - Inciting the Beast -Nicholai
    Th11 p011 - Defensive Action -Exsequens
    Th11 p012 - Lessons Learned -mdkcde

    Agents of CATSI
    Th21 p104 - Agent Balcony -Alfa290
    Th21 p117 - Operation Blackboard -Alfa290
    Th21 p134 - You Meet in a Pub -Alfa290
    Th21 p159 - A Clock's Work -Alfa290
    Th22 p024 - A Room With A View -Alfa290
    Th22 p073 - Job Security -Alfa290

    «OAK» and «Freelancers» (Foreigners in a foreign land)
    Th22 p184 - Expatriates 1, 2-Blinded
    Th22 p181 - Night Exercise 1, 2 -Blinded

    4. Inhabitants of ALfheim (back to ToC)

    General Information (Animalia Paradoxa)
    Th12 p019 - Inhabitants of ALfheim -Triggerhappy
    Th20 p168 - Intelligent Mobs -Triggerhappy
    Th20 p153 - Diplomatic status of Demi-Fae Races -Triggerhappy
    Th21 p078 - Reactions to 'Titania' 1, 2 -Triggerhappy

    Mobs (Beware of tall grass!)
    Th02 p099 - ALfheim Bestiary - Don't Worry, Tis Argo's Zoological Document! -Triggerhappy
    Th04 p181 - Cait Syth Dragons (info) -Triggerhappy
    Th05 p164 - Quincey's Report #1: «Dagger Dogs» -an NPC
    Th06 p045 - Quincey's Report #2: «Chime Civets» -an NPC
    Th15 p059 - Quincey's Report #3: «Drogon Fireflies» -an NPC
    Th11 p037 - Appeasing the Mobs -Onel
    Th11 p052 - «Swamp Lanterns» -GeshronTyler
    Th14 p048 - The Undead of Alfheim -Draggon73
    Th14 p053 - Undead of Alfheim - Unofficial Guide - Don't worry. Tis Argo's guide! -Anzer'ke
    Th14 p062 - «Pygmie Tribes» -Draggon73
    Th16 p002 - «Brier Weasel» -jwolfe
    Th20 p167 - «Gryphons» -revanninja
    Th21 p164 - «ALfheim Wyverns» -Wind Tempest
    Th22 p033 - «Miasma of Maddening» -GeshronTyler
    Th23 p026 - Cromwell's Horde -Triggerhappy
    Th23 p041 - Roles Reversed -Blinded
    Th23 p091 - The Fae of Death -Draggon73
    Th23 p127 - Ashanti -Draggon73
    Th23 p206 - Goblins of ALfheim 1a, 1b, 2a, 2b, 2c, 2d -Draggon73
    Th23 p244 - Bugs -GeshronTyler
    Th24 p151 - Harpies of ALfheim -Zam

    Demi-Fae - Profiles (Select your Sidhe: Bunny, Doggy, or Fox)
    Th17 p001 - «Coinin Sidhe» -Exsequens
    Th11 p080 - «Sionnach Sidhe» -Exsequens
    Th16 p022 - «Cu Sidhe» -Exsequens
    Th14 p062 - «Coinin Sidhe» & «Sionnach Sidhe» Leaders -Exsequens
    Th07 p095 - «Seraphi» -Triggerhappy
    Th14 p023 - «Dark Dwarf» Hunting Party -Draggon73
    Th12 p093 - «Dark Dwarf» Drops: Mead -Blinded

    Demi-Fae - Details (Will diplomacy really work?)
    Th07 p144 - Coinin Sidhe, Nyriads & Dark Dwarves -Triggerhappy
    Th15 p016 - Coinin Sidhe & Sionnach Sidhe 1, 2, 3, 4 -Exsequens and Triggerhappy
    Th20 p169 - Cu Sidhe -Triggerhappy
    Th20 p156 - Rune Iron Knights -Triggerhappy
    Th20 p157 - Djinn -Triggerhappy
    Th21 p184 - Pixies & Djinn -Triggerhappy
    Th22 p160 - Djinn intelligence -Triggerhappy
    Th24 p016 - Sionnach Sidhe mk.2 - Triggerhappy

    Legendary Beasts - Profiles (You can't miss 'em)
    Th07 p082 - «Vedolfnir the Withering Winds» -Triggerhappy
    Th07 p083 - «Tanngrisnir» and «Tanngjostr» -Triggerhappy
    Th07 p085 - «Caenia the Grand Matriarch» -Anzer'ke
    Th07 p091 - «Ariel the Abyssal Princess» -Anzer'ke
    Th07 p095 - «Belladonna the Eldritch Witch» -Exsequens
    Th09 p001 - «A'Tun the Worldbearer» -Jonnoda
    Th11 p042 - «The Pumpkin King» -Jonnoda
    Th21 p110 - «Solanis the Sundancer» and «Lunaris the Moonsinger» -Draggon73
    Th23 p205 - «Volvagia the Dragon Lord» -ShadowEMT

    Legendary Beasts in Action (You just need to run faster then the other guy)
    Th05 p057 - «Iridormus the Sleeping Guardian» -Exsequens
    Th07 p028 - «Caerbannog the Terrible» 1, 2 -zero_traveler
    Th07 p084 - «Tanngjost»'s pad -Anzer'ke
    Th07 p084 - «Tanngjost»'s honor -Triggerhappy
    Th22 p137 - Daughters of the Forest -Draggon73

    Border Bosses - Profiles (Thou Shalt Not Pass!)
    Th07 p078 - «Octavia the Abyssal Queen» -Triggerhappy
    Th21 p067 - «World Border» Bosses - Don't Worry, Tis Argo's Guide to Mega Fauna! -Krytherian
    Th21 p101 - Border Boss Entries -End Bringer

    Border Bosses - Details (Know what's about to curbstomp you)
    Th21 p160 - Border Bosses -Triggerhappy
    Th21 p064 - Octavia description 1, 2 -Triggerhappy
    Th21 p099 - The Evolution of «Solomon» 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10 -Triggerhappy et al
    Th21 p095 - Solomon's Flavor Text -Exsequens
    Th21 p178 - Solomon's Ring -Triggerhappy
    Th21 p197 - Octavia's backstory -Triggerhappy
    Th22 p029 - Tavi-chan description -Triggerhappy
    Th22 p088 - Border Boss Non-Intervention -End Bringer
    Th23 p241 - Boss Sentience & Sapience 1, 2 -Triggerhappy

    Border Bosses in Action (Head for the Hills!)
    Th07 p082 - «Octavia»'s pad -Anzer'ke
    Th14 p078 - Worst Neighbor Ever -Exsequens
    Th21 p100 - Solomon vs Gallia -Blinded
    Th21 p108 - Setting Octavia Straight -Faraway-R
    Th21 p110 - Border Boss Posturing -Nicholai
    Th21 p109 - Amorous Leviathan -Vaermina
    Th22 p157 - The Promised Song 1, 2, 3 -Draggon73
    Th22 p003 - Setting Octavia Straight 2 -Nicholai
    Th22 p046 - Beefing up Security -Anzer'ke
    Th22 p030 - Octavia's Crush -Triggerhappy

    Coinin Sidhe (That rabbit's dynamite!)
    Th13 p056 - «Coinin Sidhe» Surprise -Blinded
    Th14 p064 - «Sidhe» vs Fae -Anzer'ke
    Th14 p070 - Protect the warren! -Exsequens
    Th21 p175 - Escort Mission -Blinded
    Th21 p177 - Woes of Leim -Blinded
    Th24 p131 - Safer Topics 1, 2 -Blinded

    Coinin Sidhe Diplomacy (Don't ask about the bunny girls)
    Th14 p063 - «Sidhe» Negotiations -Nicholai
    Th18 p009 - Coinin Sidhe: Peace Mission -Blinded
    Th19 p045 - Trials of Mob Patrols -Blinded

    Cu Sidhe (Warning: Beware of feral dogs)
    Th18 p009 - Tragedies from the Transition -Atreidestrooper
    Th18 p009 - Tale Maker -Atreidestrooper
    Th18 p011 - Curses and Dreams -Wind Tempest
    Th22 p078 - Necessary Sin -Wind Tempest
    Th22 p078 - Winter Musing -Blinded
    Th22 p117 - In the village Lonnel 1, 2 -Blinded
    Th22 p122 - Orphan -Wind Tempest
    Th22 p123 - On the Snowy Road -Blinded
    Th22 p179 - A Traveler's Letter -Triggerhappy
    Th22 p196 - Journey East -Triggerhappy

    Tik the Cu Sidhe (Finding a new Pack)
    Th18 p010 - Cu Sidhe Diplomacy, 2 -Blinded
    Th18 p006 - Tik and Shinobu -Blinded
    Th18 p017 - A Cunning Plan -Blinded
    Th18 p017 - Awakening -Blinded
    Th18 p024 - An End and a Beginning -Blinded
    Th21 p080 - New Spots 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 -Blinded
    Th21 p130 - No easy way off the hook - Blinded
    Th23 p005 - New Spots: Tik's Tail 1, 2, 3 -Blinded
    Th23 p006 - New Spots: Awakening Anew -Blinded
    Th23 p187 - New Spots: Watch Dogs 1, 2, 3 -Blinded
    Th23 p123 - New Spots: With Best of Intentions -Blinded
    Th24 p087 - First Date 1, 2 -Blinded
    Th24 p139 - New Spots: Black Velvet, Sullen Stars -Blinded

    Sionnach Sidhe (The fluffy tailed ones)
    Th22 p131 - Sionnach Supplies -Exsequens
    Th24 p091 - Chasing Sionnachs -Blinded
    Th24 p216 - Something Borrowed -Main Character

    Dark Dwarves (The dwarf menaces with spikes of menace)
    Th14 p062 - Dark Dwarves join the Treaty of ALfheim -KaPe
    Th20 p152 - Grim Gorge Hold -Blinded
    Th21 p010 - The New Dwarven Tribe -Draggon73
    Th24 p143 - We will Rule! -Draggon73

    Djinn (Friend? Play!)
    Th21 p171 - Djinn Negotiations -revanninja

    Dragons (Favored companions)
    Th04 p075 - Dealing with Dragons -Triggerhappy
    Th05 p103 - It's Kinda Complicated -an NPC
    Th05 p114 - Never enough peanuts -Triggerhappy
    Th22 p064 - Power Trip -Nicholai

    Elves (The other pointy eared OCPs)
    Th15 p050 - An Elf or a fairy, 2, 3, 4, 5 -NecroMac
    Th07 p056 - Kal of the House of Eldrond Part 1, 2 -Lethality
    Th07 p059 - Quest for the Soy Sauce 1, 2 -Lone Wolf 666
    Th07 p058 - Don't Poke the Elf -KaPe

    Pixies - Details (Yggdrasil's children)
    Th05 p126 - Pixie info 1, 2 -Triggerhappy
    Th05 p194 - Pixies and love -Triggerhappy
    Th08 p050 - Pixie Blossomings -Triggerhappy
    Th17 p033 - Pixie Names -Triggerhappy
    Th20 p198 - «Socialite» Pixies -LGear

    Vespid Knights (Hornet Girls)
    Th03 p182 - Sayuri's cunning plan -Triggerhappy
    Th05 p056 - A Knight Attack -Anzer'ke
    Th05 p162 - Kendo with Botan -Triggerhappy
    Th06 p013 - Decontamination -LGear
    Th11 p034 - Botan vs the General -Nicholai
    Th16 p002 - Tasters -Blinded
    Th17 p032 - Thinking outside the box -aightaight2
    Th21 p185 - Fighting the Vorpal Bunny -DB_Explorer
    Th23 p130 - The Strongest Pixie -Draggon73
    Th23 p130 - Boars -LastStandZiggy

    Pixies at Large
    Th07 p060 - Bidashal & Melin: Honey! -Archons
    Th07 p097 - Bidashal & Melin: Pets -Archons
    Th11 p016 - Bidashal & Melin: Xmas Edition -aightaight2
    Th11 p071 - Bidashal & Melin: The Search Continues -aightaight2
    Th17 p008 - Pixie in a Pot -Blinded
    Th23 p071 - Tea Fairies (excerpt from 'Faerie Tales: An Exploration of Alfheim') -LGear
    Th24 p225 - Coffee House -Blinded

    Basil of Tarbes (Nihilistic Philosopher)
    Th19 p095 - Nietzsche Pixie -an NPC :o
    Th20 p093 - Basil of Tarbes: The Black Binders -an NPC
    Th24 p149 - Returning Home -an NPC

    Spirit of Ragdorian (Lady of the Lake)
    Th19 p005 - Spirit's Treasure -Blinded
    Th20 p152 - Lakeside Diplomacy -Krytherian

    5. War Stories (back to ToC)

    Preparing for Dunkirk (Faeries' first raid)
    Th04 p179 - Strategizing -Triggerhappy and Spectrum
    Th05 p089 - Someone Worth Fighting For -Exsequens
    Th05 p119 - Calm Before The Storm -Exsequens
    Th05 p151 - Let's Get Dangerous -Academic Guardian

    Preparing for Dunkirk: Reconquista's PoV
    Th04 p118 - The Man on the Street -GeshronTyler
    Th05 p121 - Forlorn Hope -an NPC

    Operation Dunkirk (Targets - Newcastle, York & The Royal Sovereign)
    Th03 p162 - Problem Solving, Fae Style -Xicree
    Th05 p095 - 'Borrowing' and Lupin III -Jomasten
    Th06 p079 - You forgot the Hat?! -Epitaph90
    Th23 p045 - The Mural of Endless Thunder -Wind Tempest
    Th23 p055 - Pebcak The Second, The Armor Butcher -CowboyCapo

    Operation Dunkirk: Reconquista's PoV
    Th06 p082 - Fair's Fair -an NPC
    Th05 p184 - Deflection Shooting -aightaight2

    The Royal Gala (Alas, poor Mort-clone)
    Th09 p039 - Clone Lords -aightaight2
    Th09 p042 - Bluff check Crit fail -Jonnoda
    Th10 p007 - The Imposter's End -Krytherian
    Th10 p031 - Body Double (Arc 2, Ch 10, Pt 8: Alternate version) -Triggerhappy
    Th11 p008 - Show of Strength -jwolfe
    Th11 p008 - Hostage Rescue -revanninja
    Th13 p011 - Last Words -an NPC

    Th05 p115 - Mortimer Makes a Speech -Vaermina
    Th09 p063 - Fae Weaknesses: Reconquista's Propaganda -an NPC
    Th11 p031 - Men of Tristain -an NPC and mdkcde
    Th14 p031 - Sakuya Addresses the Troops, 2 -DB_Explorer and revanninja
    Th19 p073 - Propaganda in War of the Faeries (Excerpt from 'War of the Faeries') -Blinded
    Th19 p074 - The Truth of the New Demons of Tristain! -End Bringer
    Th19 p097 - The Dullahan Riders -Blinded
    Th22 p013 - Today Freelia, Tomorrow Tristania! -Blinded
    Th23 p213 - Spring Campaign -DB_Explorer

    Events in Albion
    Th13 p014 - Search for the Wood-Fairy -Blinded
    Th21 p171 - Clarity -an NPC :o
    Th21 p171 - Cold -an NPC :o

    Defending Tristain
    Th05 p156 - Mortimer's Castle -Nicholai
    Th10 p010 - Rescue Mission -mdkcde
    Th11 p070 - Cuteness Overdose -Blinded
    Th13 p092 - Fairy Dance -revanninja
    Th13 p096 - The Great Spear Bastions -Crate
    Th17 p054 - MPK-ing the Tarbes Invasion 1, 2 -Blinded and jwolfe
    Th17 p054 - Exporting Mobs 1, 2 -Wind Tempest and KaPe
    Th23 p017 - Tokens -Alfa290
    Th23 p053 - One Sixth -DB_Explorer
    Th23 p055 - Battlefield Communications -aightaight2
    Th23 p138 - A Speech Before Battle 1, 2, 3 -DB_Explorer et al
    Th24 p038 - The Corg Riders -bissek
    Th24 p097 - Musketeer -Triggerhappy
    Th24 p110 - The Forest and the Oath - draft -DB_Explorer
    Th24 p127 - «A Clash Between Sword and Song» -Blinded
    Th24 p154 - Prototype -Blinded
    Th24 p167 - Assignment Day -Blinded
    Th24 p204 - Protagonists -Blinded
    Th24 p226 - Missing Soldiers -Blinded

    Reconquista's Invasion: Cadenza & Freelia
    Th22 p026 - Latrines -Terrace
    Th22 p054 - Pixie Heroes -aightaight2
    Th22 p098 - The Madman's Song -Zeful
    Th22 p100 - Winter in Cadenza -Alfa290
    Th23 p026 - General Horus -Blinded
    Th23 p045 - Conductor Endoh -CowboyCapo
    Th23 p046 - The Truth of Cadenza -Blinded
    Th23 p085 - Feeding the Flames -Bissek
    Th23 p087 - The Scent of Defeat -Bissek
    Th23 p092 - A Prank of Pucas -Blinded
    Th23 p097 - Freelia's Musicians -Blinded
    Th23 p115 - Long Way Home -Draggon73
    Th23 p197 - Black Light -CowboyCapo
    Th23 p206 - Field Of Genocide 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 -CowboyCapo
    Th23 p203 - Retreat -Blinded
    Th23 p208 - Waste Disposal -bissek
    Th24 p110 - Nature Calls -GeshronTyler
    Th24 p189 - The First Fruits -Bissek

    Spriggan Hit Squad
    Th23 p055 - Entrapment -Infinite Freedom
    Th23 p086 - The Overkill Queen -InfiniteFreedom
    Th23 p114 - Blitzkrieg -Infinite Freedom
    Th23 p155 - Skies of Caen -Infinite Freedom
    Th23 p183 - Ardennes -Infinite Freedom

    Reclaiming the White Isle
    Th05 p003 - Poitiers vs Morgiana -Exsequens
    Th05 p003 - Chain of command conflicts -mdkcde
    Th23 p114 - Landing -Alfa290

    Cromwell's Fall (His karma caught up with his dogma)
    Th04 p002 - Multi-stage Boss -Blackraptor
    Th05 p026 - What goes Around -Anzer'ke
    Th05 p183 - Hostage negotiations -wkz
    Th07 p065 - The Romalian Inquisition -zero_traveler

    Th11 p009 - Test Bed -Vaermina & mdkcde
    Th21 p015 - Gallia Strikes Back -Krytherian

    Future Battles (In Defence of Yggdrasil!)
    Th05 p036 - Yuuki wields Hofua -Exsequens
    Th06 p014 - Cardinal's Awakening -Jomasten
    Th07 p142 - The Biggest vs The Angriest -Exsequens
    Th17 p025 - The Battle of Yggdrasil -Triggerhappy
    Th18 p038 - Super Girl Ops War -Academic Guardian
    Th21 p167 - Last Line of Defence -Alfa290
    Th23 p100 - Shortcuts -revanninja
    Th24 p023 - Forward Observer -Alfa290

    6. Miscellaneous (back to ToC)

    Crack! (As if the rest of this isn't)
    Th02 p001 - And now for something completely different -Triggerhappy
    Th03 p081 - Chocxcalibur & Sandwich-San -deadheadzed
    Th05 p127 - Gold Crown -Vaermina
    Th06 p181 - Love and Peace (Scarron) -noahgab1133
    Th07 p083 - HalO 2131 - 1-1, 2, 3, 4; 2 -1, 2, 3, 4, Interlude 1, 3-1, 2, 3, Interlude 2 -Vaermina
    Th08 p096 - HalO 2131 - 4-1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, Interlude 3, 5-1 -Vaermina
    Th08 p097 - HalO 2131 - Bestiary 1 -Vaermina
    Th07 p088 - Captain ALfheim -mdkcde & Academic Guardian
    Th15 p007 - Fae Rangers -LGear
    Th10 p058 - The Care and Feeding of Your New Pet Spriggan -Blinded
    Th10 p060 - Importance of being an Otaku -Blinded
    Th11 p014 - Asunya's Makeover -aightaight2
    Th13 p038 - Ruby Eyes -revanninja
    Th13 p093 - Survival of the Species (Harems!) -Wind Tempest
    Th14 p019 - Commander Guiche Song (parody) -Fleet Admiral Red
    Th16 p062 - Suprised Inspector -Blinded
    Th17 p079 - Flamenco Shiori -Exsequens
    Th18 p090 - Fake Sandwich-san -Exsequens
    Th18 p095 - The Big Rope -bissek
    Th20 p013 - Chime Civet Cards -Windlich and DB_Explorer
    Th21 p074 - Summoning Keiji Kiriya 1, 2 -Alfa290
    Th21 p089 - It's Good to be King Oberon -Alfa290
    Th21 p095 - HalO Wars -Alfa290
    Th21 p158 - Kidnapping, Assault & Littering -Krytherian
    Th22 p087 - HaLO Abridged Prologue (i) -Shockz (parody of SAO abridged)
    Th22 p091 - HaLO MtG cards -artanis00
    Th23 p197 - Ephilogue 1, 2, 3 -CowboyCapo
    Th23 p095 - Winter Knight 1, 2 -Wakshazi
    Th23 p125 - An Ephi Christmas Carol -CowboyCapo
    Th23 p171 - Fair Folk Future -Baughn
    Th24 p090 - Helpling Jerky -Triggerhappy
    Th24 p131 - Mission Aftermath -revanninja
    Th24 p136 - HaLO Abridged Prologue (ii) -aightaight2
    Th24 p137 - Summoning Kyubey -CowboyCapo
    Th24 p182 - Fallout: Tristania - Overview, Players, Polities -Tempest51
    Th24 p222 - The Challenge Chamber -Krytherian

    If Halkegenia Online was a Game… (Halkception!)
    Th03 p179 - Like a Boss Battle: Dunwell -Triggerhappy
    Th05 p073 - Like a Buff: Yakety Sax, 2 -mdkcde and Anzer’ke
    Th05 p111 - Like a Status Effect: A Woman Scorned -an NPC
    Th05 p175 - Like a Boss: Sinon -an NPC
    Th06 p049 - Like a Weapon: Nanoha -zero_traveler
    Th06 p082 - Like a Drop: Wardes -BlackoutSampler
    Th10 p027 - Like an Upgrade: Louise -an NPC
    Th10 p046 - Like a Game: Rebalancing HaLO Arc 2 -an NPC
    Th11 p004 - Ba-balanced Counter -mdkcde
    Th12 p030 - Like a Status Effect: A Mother's Wrath -Larekko12
    Th12 p075 - HaLO Pokemon-style -AdamofHelel
    Th13 p002 - Karin the Heavy wind, 2 -Nerdfish and revanninja
    Th13 p021 - Julio's «Quest Log» -KaPe
    Th14 p053 - ALO Status Effect: Berserk - Don't Worry, Tis Argo's Guide to Insanity! -Sunder the Gold
    Th14 p072 - Like a Game: Patching Lightning & Caits, 2 -DB_Explorer and an NPC
    Th17 p068 - The Wise Man's Shield -an NPC
    Th17 p073 - Tiffania's Summons: Rat Dojo 1, 2 -KaPe
    Th18 p053 - Jean the Flame-Snake -Nerdfish
    Th21 p091 - Solomon's Ring -Vaermina
    Th22 p059 - The Black Demon Swordsman and The Daughter of Moonlight -Alfa290
    Th22 p138 - Like an RTS: Unit Quotes -Shockz
    Th22 p138 - Like a Weapon: Nanoha 2 -zero_traveler

    Sword Spirits (Souls within Steel)
    Th05 p041 - Proposed Sword Spirits (info) -Anzer’ke
    Th05 p116 - Sword Biographies (info) -an NPC
    Th05 p041 - Sword Spirit Roll-Call 1, 2 -Anzer’ke and wkz
    Th05 p041 - Asuna’s Punny Rapier -Anzer’ke
    Th05 p043 - Steel of Legends -an NPC
    Th05 p046 - Equipment upgrade -wkz
    Th05 p047 - Forged Fangirls -Nicholai
    Th05 p111 - Creed of the Twinned Blades -an NPC
    Th05 p116 - Sword of Demons, Sword of Gods -wkz
    Th05 p122 - A Bigger Fish in the Pond -wkz
    Th05 p156 - Ice and Stone -NotAlwaysFanfic
    Th06 p076 - The Uncounted -an NPC
    Th11 p027 - Takemikazuchi: Blooded at Last -an NPC
    Th13 p019 - Lambent Light -an NPC

    7. Fae Literature (back to ToC)

    Guides (Don't Worry, Tis Argo's Resource List!)
    Th01 p186 - Tentative Force Chart - Don't Worry, Tis NOT approved by Argo! -Triggerhappy
    Th02 p067 - Character List - Encyclopedia Albionia Volume One -Triggerhappy
    Th04 p157 - Airships of Halkegenia - Don't Worry, Tis Argo's Airitime Companion! -Triggerhappy
    Th05 p153 - Sketches of the Fae Capitals - Don’t Worry, Tis Argo’s Fae Tourism Guide! -aightaight2
    Th07 p116 - Fairy Bimonthly #1, 2 - Don’t Worry, Tis Argo's Gossip Magazine! -wkz
    Th07 p117 - Argo's Basic Magic Primer 1, 2 - Don’t Worry, Tis Argo’s Primer! -wkz
    Th24 p069 - Things I am no longer allowed to do as a Faerie in service to the Crown -Wind Tempest et al
    Th24 p175 - Who's Who of Halkegenia Online - Part 1 -Krytherian

    Non-Fiction (Not the Necronomicon)
    Th02 p113 - The Tristanian Barman's Recipe Guide: Fae Edition -VoidCoreProject
    Th02 p180 - Chocolate (excerpt from 'Asuna's Cooking Compendium') -GeshronTyler
    Th03 p074 - Clothing Issues (extract from 'A History of Faerie Fashion') -GeshronTyler
    Th04 p166 - One Step from the Shadows (excerpt from 'A History of Tristain’s Special Forces') -an NPC
    Th04 p166 - Shadowy Rivalry (excerpt from 'The Argo Files') -jwolfe
    Th04 p190 - Fae Ears (excerpt from 'A Study of Fae Physiology') -LGear
    Th05 p032 - A History of Public Bathhouses in Halkeginia -Exsequens
    Th05 p057 - John the Deserter (excerpt from 'Dunkirk: The Truth Behind the Myths') - KaPe
    Th10 p051 - Frocks and Shocks (excerpt from 'The Resurgence Era: A History') -an NPC
    Th12 p025 - Joint International Trading Area (excerpt from 'A Merchant's Guide to Tristain') -TurnerAineree
    Th12 p057 - Fae Classics ('The Manual of Combined Arms' & 'Lorelei Alone') -an NPC
    Th12 p088 - Children's Garden (excerpt from 'Faeries: A Study in Society') -Blinded
    Th14 p055 - Asuna Culinary Arts Academy (excerpt from 'The World's Greatest Food') -LGear
    Th19 p046 - Iron Chef Competition (excerpt from 'The World's Greatest Food') -LGear
    Th20 p036 - Bento Brawls (excerpt from 'The World's Greatest Food') -LGear
    Th17 p065 - Origins of the SEEd (excerpt from 'A History of Pixie Special Forces') -Exsequens
    Th19 p077 - Feline's Mercy (excerpt from 'Encyclopedia Albionia') -Barricade
    Th21 p071 - Three Great Families of the Fae (excerpt from 'A Study of Faerie Culture') -Alfa290
    Th21 p175 - A Cu, a Sionnach, and a Coinin Sidhe... (excerpt from 'ALO Lore') -aightaight2
    Th22 p021 - Operation Frostfall -an NPC
    Th22 p035 - A Plural of Fae (excerpt from 'Rothschild-Argo Collegiate Dictionary') -Sakuya's Butler
    Th22 p064 - Operation Line Guardian -Alfa290
    Th22 p086 - On the Subject of Passions -revanninja
    Th22 p129 - Albion's Ferrets (excerpt from 'Pets of Halkegenia') -an NPC
    Th22 p141 - Fae Government (excerpt from 'A Study of Faerie Culture') -Alfa290
    Th22 p182 - Operation Early Harvest -Draggon73
    Th23 p017 - A Reason to Fight (excerpt 'From Yggdrasil to Newcastle') -DB_Explorer
    Th23 p066 - On Civilization -Dragontrapper
    Th23 p080 - Reconquista's Offensive (excerpt from 'War of the Faeries') -Draggon73
    Th23 p179 - Operation Dunkirk (excerpt from 'The War of Reconquista') -Commandodude
    Th24 p154 - The Greatest Obstacle (Excerpt from 'War of the Faeries') -Blinded
    Th24 p187 - A Treatise on Modern Warfare -Sakuya's Butler

    Fiction (Re-casting reality)
    Th05 p160 - The Fall of Aincrad -SJC
    Th05 p162 - The Fall of Aincrad: Act 1 Scene 1 -ExpiBean
    Th06 p026 - 100 Stories of the Castle in the Sky -Triggerhappy and Epitaph90
    Th21 p146 - Titania's Lore: Retcon -Terrace
    Th21 p169 - The Illusion Master's Masquerade -Alfa290
    Th05 p161 - The Princess and the Youth -zero_traveler

    Poetry (Not just from the Puca)
    Th08 p083 - Eulogy for Novair -DB_Explorer
    Th09 p003 - Questing -DB_Explorer
    Th10 p083 - Ode to Zolf -Triggerhappy
    Th10 p088 - Hogei-sen -an NPC
    Th15 p005 - The Prince of Gaddan -mdkcde
    Th23 p004 - Three Dark Kitties -revanninja

    8. Media Productions (back to ToC)

    Fae Media (Light spells, recording crystals, action!)
    Th03 p179 - Movie Production -deadheadzed
    Th03 p180 - Casting Call -Triggerhappy
    Th04 p183 - Tomb Raider: Halkeginia Online -Dimensionist
    Th05 p002 - Santa Klein -Exsequens
    Th05 p002 - Fae Christmas Carol Tracklist -Epitaph90
    Th05 p141 - It's Argo's «Question and Answer Time!» 1, 2 -an NPC
    Th07 p140 - It's Cattleya's «Question and Answer Time!» -aightaight2
    Th05 p162 - School Play -Exsequens
    Th06 p041 - Kamen Rider Cast List -deadheadzed
    Th06 p054 - Sepp Cobra and the World Tree -Jonen C
    Th07 p054 - Ace Pixies Zero: The Garden War -AzureGrimoire
    Th08 p006 - Knight School -an NPC
    Th21 p185 - They Fight Crime -Alfa290
    Th23 p032 - Sky Wars -Alfa290
    Th23 p238 - HaLO Future Edition: Cait Syth Idol Twins -Sakuya's Butler

    Halkegenian Media (Before the Romalians had radio)
    Th03 p183 - Fae Hunter -Vaermina
    Th05 p002 - Mating Rituals of the Swordfighter -an NPC
    Th05 p056 - The Busker -wkz
    Th05 p058 - The Bard -Atreidestrooper
    Th05 p186 - We Men of Albion -an NPC
    Th06 p012 - The Fairy Bombadiers -GeshronTyler
    Th06 p072 - Upon the Lofty Isle -Anzer'ke
    Th21 p071 - Over the Hills -DB_Explorer
    Th21 p122 - Army Songs -Alfa290
    Th22 p065 - Hell Hath No Fury -mdkcde

    Fourth Wall Media (Triggerhappy Productions presents)
    Th03 p123 - HalO 1.0: Season 1 Trailer -jwolfe
    Th03 p081 - HalO 1.0: Tarbes Quest Trailer -jwolfe
    Th04 p084 - HalO 1.0: Season 2 Trailer -jwolfe
    Th05 p116 - HalO 1.0: Arc Finale Trailer -jwolfe
    Th07 p178 - HalO 2.0: Season 3 Trailer -jwolfe
    Th12 p068 - HalO 2.0: Arc Finale Trailer - jwolfe
    Th23 p125 - HalO 3.0: Opening Trailer -jwolfe
    Th04 p001 - Arc 1 OP and ED -Bradley McCloud
    Th05 p102 - Arc 2 OP and ED -Bradley McCloud
    Th03 p190 - Visuals - Arc 1 OP -Triggerhappy
    Th04 p044 - Visuals - Arc 1 OP, ED -Bradley McCloud
    Th19 p041 - HaLO v3: Opening Crawl -an NPC
    Th24 p064 - Sound Tracks -Writer59

    Behind the Scenes (A view from the gallery)
    Th12 p014 - Works in progress -Exsequens
    Th12 p014 - HaLO: The Waiting Room -Blinded
    Th14 p080 - HaLO: The Waiting Room - An aquatic Nightmare - Blinded
    Th19 p030 - HaLO: The Waiting Room - Mini-Game - Blinded
    Th20 p009 - HaLO: The Waiting Room - Abandon Ship! -Blinded
    Th13 p060 - The Drawing Block -Exsequens
    Th16 p050 - The Drawing Block: Zone of Peril -Exsequens
    Th17 p054 - The Drawing Block: Lydia Special -Exsequens
    Th24 p161 - HaLO: The Waiting Room - A Refactored Story -Blinded

    9. Artwork (back to ToC)

    Image Galleries (Halkegenia's new Art Gallery)
    External - TH's Inspiration Folder -Triggerhappy
    External - Exsequens' DA Gallery -Exsequens
    External - Exsequens' PB Gallery -Exsequens

    Fan Art - Title Screens (From the BLU-Ray collector's edition)
    Th12 p015 - HaLO Title -LGear
    Th12 p018 - HaLO Title v2 -mdkcde
    Th20 p001 - HaLO v3: Kill Sheffield -mdkcde
    Th 23 p172 - Summoning, Big Tree, KoKo & Carmond -EndlessAges
    Th24 p127 - T.R.I.S.T. Logo -DB_Explorer

    Fan Art - Portraits (Please select your Avatar's appearance)
    Th02 p184 - Morgiana -Exsequens
    Th04 p120 - Koko - draft - colored - final -Exsequens
    Th06 p034 - Aki - draft - colored - final -Exsequens
    Th07 p022 - Sayuri & Kofu - draft -Exsequens
    Th07 p160 - Kofu - colored - alternatives - final -Exsequens
    Th07 p153 - Kofu - alt!colored -LGear
    Th11 p011 - Octavia - draft - silhouette -Exsequens
    Th11 p038 - Mortimer & Eugene - draft - line-art - draft 2 -NecroMac
    Th13 p003 - Sayuri, Botan & Hinagiku - colored - final -Exsequens
    Th13 p088 - Marina -Exsequens
    Th17 p001 - Caramella & Kino - draft -dan-heron
    Th19 p056 - Baphomet -Exsequens
    Th21 p055 - Shiori -Exsequens
    Th21 p159 - Lumis Eterne -LGear
    Th21 p165 - Faerie Sniper - sketch - draft - colored - final -Exsequens
    Th22 p142 - Caramella -Exsequens
    Th24 p052 - Morgiana v2 - draft, colored -Exsequens
    Th23 p092 - Kofu v2 - draft -Exsequens
    Th23 p154 - Balandene & King-kun -Exsequens
    Th23 p176 - Novair -NecroMac
    Th24 p075 - Argo and Suisen - Exsequens
    Th24 p075 - Argo - draft 1 - draft 2 - draft 3 - Exsequens
    Th24 p127 - Casper -Exsequens
    Th24 p127 - Cecile, Daiko -Exsequens
    Th24 p224 - Bardiche, Yui & Balandene - draft -Exsequens

    Fan Art - Chibis (Maki & Yolko’s Soft Cuddle-Toys)
    Th13 p055 - Kofu, Morgiana, Shirishi & Shion -Exsequens
    Th13 p074 - Caramella, Kino, Aki & Arguile -Exsequens
    Th14 p038 - Midori, Enya & Dunkirk, Before Dawn -Exsequens
    Th20 p117 - Lydia -Exsequens
    Th20 p152 - Koko the Golden Wildcat, Before Dawn -Exsequens
    Th21 p047 - The Shiori, Before Dawn -Exsequens
    Th21 p047 - Marina, Koko, Hazelea -Exsequens

    Fan Art - Arms & Armor (Suit up!)
    Th06 p064 - Fae Swords - draft 1, 2 -Exsequens
    Th06 p075 - Split Moon -Exsequens
    Th20 p165 - Dual Deciders -Exsequens
    Th18 p041 - Harrier Armor - Prototype -Exsequens
    Th21 p005 - Nidhoggr's Fangs -Exsequens
    Th22 p086 - Asuna's Armor -Exsequens
    Th22 p165 - Kirito in Armor - Colored -Exsequens
    Th22 p175 - Kirito's Armour - Draft - Draft 2 -Exsequens

    Images of Expy's (Casting time!)
    Th07 p160 - Akiha {adult!Yui} - original - hair - wings -LGear
    Th11 p082 - Kyoko {Mordechai} - 1 -mdkcde
    Th12 p055 - Semiramis {Shirishi} - formal wear -Blinded
    Th12 p090 - Constance de Richelieu {future!Louise} - 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8
    Th12 p090 - Minerva Elegy {mimic disguise!Louise} - 1, 2, 3
    Th12 p090 - Leona Ardaelescu {Salamander} - 1, 2, 3, 4, 5
    Th12 p090 - Dominic Masoch {Sir William Wells} - 1
    Th12 p090 - Priestess Tarkovskova 1, 2, 3
    Th13 p010 - Dunwell
    Th13 p039 - Shirishi
    Th14 p005 - Kagemune
    Th20 p081 - Midori -mdkcde
    Th20 p118 - Selvaria {Morgiana} - 1
    Th20 p117 - Lidia {Lydia} - 1, 2
    Th20 p128 - Ranger Tiff {Tiffania}
    Th20 p187 - Morgiana in Casual Wear
    Th21 p001 - Captain Dunwell
    Th21 p053 - Drake
    Th21 p053 - Mariarose {Eugene & Morgiana's son/daughter}
    Th21 p054 - Yui & Balandene
    Th21 p172 - Asch the Bloody {Mortimer} - 1
    Th21 p177 - Argo
    Th21 p184 - Tik, Shizuo & Ermina -Blinded
    Th22 p131 - Louise & Salamander Abs -mdkcde
    Th23 p087 - Arrun Home staff (Namiko, Irene & Takai) -Triggerhappy
    Th23 p091 - Ceba (Abec, official illustrator of SAO)
    Th23 p099 - Louise
    Th23 p142 - KoKo {Pre-Transition} -Triggerhappy
    Th23 p216 - Leafa in formal dress -Triggerhappy

    10. Trivia (back to ToC)
    * Triggerhappy's posts = «Word of Cardinal»

    ALO Magic (Avada Kedavra!)
    Th02 p010 - Carol of the Bells -GeshronTyler
    Th04 p161 - ALO Magic -Vaermina
    Th05 p075 - Puca Hymns -Academic Guardian
    Th05 p087 - «Song Magic» -an NPC
    Th13 p018 - Fae Shapeshifting Spells -Triggerhappy
    Th16 p046 - «Mimic» & «Beast Form» mechanics 1
    Th21 p125 - «Mimic» & «Beast Form» mechanics 2
    Th16 p036 - ALO Magic Chants 101 -Vaermina (not Canon for HaLO)
    Th16 p039 - ALO Spell Language -Triggerhappy
    Th17 p006 - Leveling up magic in ALO -Krytherian
    Th23 p069 - Spell List Suggestions -SVNB Backup et al
    Th24 p027 - Brimiric Magic -Triggerhappy

    ALO Items (Loot and shinies)
    Th03 p170 - Mithril & Amalgam Alloy -Triggerhappy
    Th06 p020 - Fae Metal properties -Academic Guardian
    Th06 p034 - Legendary/Mythical Objects list -Bradley McCloud
    Th22 p066 - Kirito's Sword Case -Triggerhappy
    Th22 p170 - Storing the Assassin's Blade -Exsequens

    Characters (dramatis personae)
    Th05 p026 - Possible RL names -Bradley McCloud
    Th08 p051 - Official Couples -Triggerhappy
    Th11 p069 - Post-Dunkirk accommodation 1, 2 -Triggerhappy
    Th21 p006 - Chronological Age of characters 1, 2 -Triggerhappy
    Th01 p186 - Caramella's Stats -Triggerhappy
    Th04 p021 - Bishop's Personality 1, 2 -Triggerhappy
    Th04 p042 - Bishop's Role 1, 2 -Triggerhappy
    Th03 p133 - Cardinal's Powers 1, 2 -Triggerhappy
    Th07 p114 - Cardinal's Abilities -Triggerhappy
    Th04 p159 - Kino's appearance -Triggerhappy
    Th06 p007 - Character descriptions 1 -Exsequens
    Th14 p017 - Character descriptions 2 -Exsequens
    Th16 p004 - Character descriptions 3 -Exsequens
    Th07 p141 - KoKo's Backstory -Triggerhappy
    Th13 p075 - Hati & Dark Hawk Armor -Exsequens
    Th18 p028 - Balandene and Bardiche -Triggerhappy
    Th18 p051 - Fae Knights: descriptions -Exsequens
    Th20 p135 - Kofu's character -Triggerhappy
    Th20 p193 - Salamander Twins 1, 2 & Working in Gaddan 1, 2 -Triggerhappy
    Th20 p167 - Shiori's Brain -Krytherian
    Th21 p045 - Shiori's Recovery -Triggerhappy (Arc 3 spoiler)
    Th21 p174 - Shiori's Personality -Triggerhappy
    Th21 p180 - Older Argo 1, 2 -Triggerhappy
    Th24 p132 - Shipdex -Formerly
    Th24 p132 - Cargo Shipdex -aightaight2

    Characters - Faerie Lords
    Th02 p051 - Fae Lord Personality Styles -Triggerhappy
    Th04 p032 - Viewpoints for Lady Sakuya -Triggerhappy
    Th06 p013 - Rute's Biography -Triggerhappy
    Th06 p030 - Mortimer's Character Build -Triggerhappy
    Th11 p023 - Morgiana's Backstory -Triggerhappy
    Th20 p053 - Morgiana & Eugene's relationship -Triggerhappy
    Th24 p171 - Morgiana's Avatar -Triggerhappy

    Characters - Tristanians
    Th06 p001 - Guiche's character progression -Triggerhappy
    Th12 p019 - Louise's Downloaded Memories -Triggerhappy (Arc 2 finale)
    Th20 p077 - Cattleya's Illness -Krytherian
    Th21 p048 - Monmon's attitude to the Fae 1, 2 -Triggerhappy

    Characters - Albionians
    Th04 p063 - Dunwell's Biography -Triggerhappy
    Th16 p067 - Tudors & Reconquistadores -Triggerhappy
    Th19 p049 - Perspectives on King James -Triggerhappy
    Th16 p082 - Blair Trayvor description -Triggerhappy
    Th20 p121 - Tiffania Westwood -Triggerhappy
    Th23 p134 - Cromwell's character -Triggerhappy
    Th23 p211 - Prince Wale & Emperor Albrecht's Characters -Triggerhappy

    Characters - Kirigayas (The HAXX household)
    Th07 p042 - Kirigaya Family Dynamics -Triggerhappy
    Th12 p086 - Consequences of Yui's rebirth -Triggerhappy (Arc 2 finale)
    Th16 p016 - Kirito's Adaptability -Triggerhappy
    Th17 p037 - Kirito & Suguha's relationship -Triggerhappy
    Th21 p183 - Klein & Suguha's relationship -Triggerhappy
    Th18 p004 - Sachi -Triggerhappy
    Th21 p123 - Kirito & Asuna's Parenting Styles -Triggerhappy
    Th21 p159 - Yui's Fashion Sense -Triggerhappy
    Th22 p178 - Yggdrasil Knight Kirito -Exsequens
    Th23 p216 - Watch Lieutenant Leafa's Garb -Triggerhappy

    Fae Cities
    Th04 p165 - Cities of the Fae -Triggerhappy
    Th20 p064 - Faerie construction -Anzer'ke
    Th20 p066 - Cadenza, Muisca, and Orlein -Triggerhappy
    Th20 p068 - Construction Skills -Blinded
    Th20 p158 - Central Towers & Musica's Ziggurat -Triggerhappy
    Th20 p198 - Attractions in Gaddan -Krytherian
    Th23 p199 - Islands of ALfheim -Draggon73
    Th24 p092 - Orlein 1, 2 -Triggerhappy
    Th24 p099 - Arrun Central Library -Triggerhappy

    Fae Races
    Th04 p195 - Faery Culture -an NPC
    Th05 p013 - Fae Acclimatization -an NPC
    Th05 p027 - Fae Racial Traits 1 -koolerkid
    Th05 p029 - Fae Racial Traits 2 -Triggerhappy
    Th05 p029 - Fae Taunts -koolerkid
    Th23 p203 - Fae Collective Nouns 1, 2 -Barricade & 17thImmortal
    Th07 p001 - Fae Combat Tendencies -TheSandman
    Th07 p019 - Fae Racial Instincts 1 -Jonen C
    Th09 p065 - Fae Racial Instincts 2 -Blinded
    Th08 p025 - Fae Wings -Triggerhappy
    Th10 p091 - Fae Race Selection & Placement - Sunder the Gold
    Th13 p042 - Faction Favored Weapons -End Bringer
    Th15 p066 - Fae Children -Triggerhappy
    Th21 p046 - Fae Battle Healing 1, 2 -Triggerhappy
    Th22 p138 - Fae Body Types -End Bringer
    Th24 p039 - Fae Aging 1, 2, 3 -Triggerhappy
    Th23 p163 - Inherited Traits 1, 2 -Sakuya's Butler
    Th23 p218 - Fae Flight Speed vs Wind Dragons -Triggerhappy
    Th24 p010 - Gnome and Salamander Archetypes -Triggerhappy
    Th24 p117 - The Gift of Tongues -aightaight2
    Th24 p146 - Reading Halk Languages (ZnT canon) -Tempest51

    Tristain's Military (All hail the redshirts)
    Th03 p167 - Air Cavalry -Triggerhappy
    Th06 p028 - Dunkirk Objectives & Fleet Dispositions -Triggerhappy
    Th12 p017 - Comparison: Fae, Humans, Elves -Shadowfrost
    Th13 p097 - Halkegenian Warfare 1, 2 -an NPC and Jonen C
    Th15 p021 - Tristain's Military Rank Structure -Triggerhappy
    Th23 p160 - Reconquista & Tristain Force Numbers -aightaight2
    Th23 p161 - Dunkirk: After Action Report -CommandoDude
    Th23 p238 - Fae Combat Volunteers -Triggerhappy

    Tristain's Munitions
    Th05 p136 - Fae-Tristanian Munitions -TunerAineree
    Th06 p191 - Weird Weapons of Tristain-Albion War -Sinclair
    Th23 p210 - TRIST Proposal: MADS and SADS Cannon Rounds -CowboyCapo
    Th24 p188 - Weapons Descriptions 1, 2, 3, 4 -7734

    Tristain's Technology
    Th04 p098 - The Ostwind class -Triggerhappy
    Th05 p119 - Technological transfer -Triggerhappy
    Th13 p077 - Potential TRIST Innovations -Krytherian
    Th22 p008 - Trist Products (Arc 3) -Triggerhappy
    Th22 p181 - Tristain's Magi-tech Revolution -Triggerhappy
    Th23 p220 - Potential TRIST Military Innovations -Sakuya's Butler
    Th24 p098 - New Accessories -GeshronTyler
    Th24 p142 - Nitrogen Fixation -Eastern Calculus
    Th24 p148 - Scope of Faerie Knowledge Transfers -Tempest51
    Th24 p149 - Knowledge Integration & Assimilation -Krytherian
    Th23 p017 - Units of measurement in Tristain 1, 2 -Onel & Nyeshet

    Tristain's Politics
    Th06 p117 - Autopsy Participants -Triggerhappy (Arc 1 Epilogue)
    Th07 p102 - Justice under the Treaty -Triggerhappy
    Th09 p058 - Reconquista Sympathizers' Forces -Triggerhappy (Arc 2 finale)
    Th10 p096 - Germanian Politics -an NPC
    Th15 p070 - The Fae Council -Triggerhappy
    Th21 p121 - Information Brokers -Triggerhappy

    Tristain's Future (Is your Crystal Ball smudged?!)
    Th06 p091 - Fae Ship Names -Triggerhappy and TurnerAineree
    Th12 p041 - The Final Battle -Triggerhappy
    Th12 p048 - Windstone catastrophe SS (Failure Side) -Triggerhappy
    Th11 p022 - Halkegenia 50 years on -Triggerhappy
    Th18 p035 - Halkegenia's Future -Triggerhappy
    Th23 p238 - Tristanian Airship Progression -Triggerhappy

    Technical Matters
    Th01 p164 - BGM -Epitaph90
    Th12 p006 - Spelling of French Names -tortiecat
    Th20 p196 - HaLO Zone Climate Control -Triggerhappy
    Th24 p139 - Designation of Japanese Names -Xandros
    Th24 p144 - Why we like HaLO -an NPC
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    Now quickly! Race to get us off of the first page. :p
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  4. Race?
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  5. Alfa290

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    One of these days, I will figure out a practical way to shrink the omake index while still having it be searchable. But today is not that day.
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  6. Exsequens

    Exsequens Back to School.

    Well, this move's been a long time coming.

    Yep. If you could rate all of the Nasuverse on a light-natured scale, Carnival would sit one floor above Fate/Hollow Ataraxia and Prisma Illya. But one floor below the complete total light-hearted section because then it'd be too awkward to take a bit seriously.

    Aren't we already on the first page?


    Ahem, and onto story-related topics, something that I've been curious about for a while.

    Halkegenia's wars are all directed at each other or inward, into the Holy Land, which means they generally have little to no naval battles at least across large bodies of water (Elves are a different story, but let's leave that for later.) as far as I know, and with Windstones, they tend to use flying ships instead of... well, naval ships.

    So how well do these folks do at games of battleships? Or proper naval battles? Basically aquatic combat, or combat involving an environment of water? On or below its surface or otherwise. Discuss.
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  7. Or this Race?
  8. Alfa290

    Alfa290 *Beep*

    So is this the actual name of the thread or was that a placeholder, because I will find a way to make all the puns about it if it is.

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  9. NothingNow

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    Not much?
    Doesn't Halk have some nasty-ass sea monsters that make movement by ship spectacularly hazardous?
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  10. besbin


    Houston, TX
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  11. Triggerhappy

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    I'm mocking myself. (My inability to properly name threads) and also acknowledging both the large amount of clean up work currently ongoing to v3 and the freaking fast pace we fill up threads when I'm around. Basically I'm not sure if we'll get off of omake and side stories in two hundred pages. 0_0

    I will however be working on the main story the entire time. It's just well, I just went through three months of crushing depression in regards to writing before coming to a conclusion on what needs doing.
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  12. Triggerhappy

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    Wales even lampshades it.

    The coast is safeish enough. But between the nasty creatures of the deep and the apparent lack of anything to go see beyond the continent there hasn't been much of an incentive for sea travel. There be real dragons out there!

    That might change in future decades, what with Octavia and her subjects, Leviathan, Scylla, Jormungand, Old Man Kraken . . . But not anytime soon.
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  13. Thellton

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    put it in a onenote document, make a link to it but make it so that people cant edit it. bam searchable!
  14. So basically (look on the nose of the black and white one):
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  15. Triggerhappy

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    Let's just put it this way. Pound for pound Octavia is the nastiest thing in her element . . . She's still glad Asuna taught her how to pick on critter her own size.
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  16. Triggerhappy

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    Incidentally . . .

    We badly need a pallet swap of this for Asuna. (Don't know if the heels can be helped sadly :()


    That's not her armor, just light cuirass and grieves while on non pressing duty.
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  17. jwolfe_beta

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    Makes sense. Just because she's OP doesn't mean sea going critter X can't be a threat. After all there's only one of her and potentially lots of them.

    I'll get the popcorn ready.
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  19. For when the United Kingdom scrambles their first ironclad into duty before it's entirely ready, I'm imagining it would be somewhat similar to this scene from Battleship. Just replace the old guys with Fae and change out the ocean for the air, and presto!

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  20. Protodermis

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    Dirac Sea
    Maybe can put the various omake categories in spoilers? Like "Faction Disguise Issues" for one spoiler, "Forth Wall Media" for another, and so on?
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  21. Triggerhappy

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    "Links broken cap'n!"

    And anyways it's a bit inaccurate given that the first airship is shaping up to be Hugo and Colbert's baby. A wooden steam powered turret ship. Also . . .


    "This is a bad idea!" Yuyu stumbled through the hatch following the TRIST Chief.

    "Stick around," Hyuuga's attention wandered to the ranks of brass gauges lining the wall, "I'm full of bad ideas. Mister Colbert?" She shouted into the intercom, the electric intercom, just one of many anachronisms that made up Tristain's new ship.

    "Yes. Yes!" The mage's voice crackled fuzzily. "Steam Pressure is rising. The Motive Engine will be ready as soon as we take on our ballast!"

    "The engine hasn't been stress tested yet!" Yuyu fretted. "And the props could still de-laminate!"

    But Hyuuga already knew all of that. "Captain?" Not the ship's Captain, the Elsa didn't have one yet, Captain Lydel stood peering through the row of narrow portholes which were the only view out of the bridge.

    "Guns are ready." He reported. "We have enough men to handle both turrets. We'll put the volunteers on the deck guns."

    "But they haven't been sighted yet! Hyuuga, listen to me!" Yuyu found enough courage to grab the taller Leprechaun by the shoulder and turn her around. "The lower turret hasn't been waterproofed. And we don't have a ship's pump. If we have to land on water the Elsa will sink!"

    For just one moment that thought wormed its way through Hyuuga's focus and caused her heart to ache. It was like she was sending her firstborn off to fight and maybe die. But how many mothers road into battle with their children? She could at least do that much. Putting both hands on Yuyu's shoulders she set the smaller Leprechaun straight.

    "We're TRIST engineers Yuyu. And TRIST mean's trust! Our allies are trusting us to deliver a miracle. We owe it to them for keeping us safe while we worked. Besides, the Elsa won't sink."

    "H-Hyuuga-senpai!" Yuyu's eyes got big and then widened still further as Hyuuga patted her on the cheek.

    "If anything, the water will flood the engine room and she'll explode!"

    Yuyu became a whimpering mess.

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  22. mdkcde

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    Nani Sore?
    Man, my old-ass photoshop doesn't work anymore. I wish I could help you with this one. The heels actually seem quite easy to fix tho.
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  23. InfiniteFreedom

    InfiniteFreedom Benign hackers unite.

    Why do I keep picturing the Elsa as the bastard child of the Monitor and the Merrimack?
  24. NothingNow

    NothingNow Florida Man

    I could totally see that, but I was thinking something more like the bastard child of a monitor and a Mark IV male tank or something myself.
  25. Triggerhappy

    Triggerhappy Hard Knocks University

    You're both kind of seriously off.

    It's not like Hyuuga had tons of extra funding to build her baby. She needed a hull quickly and anything that looked like it could be made into a warship/transport was already taken. So she pilfered the old hulk the Montmorency family had been holding onto.

    The Elsa is closer to being a militarized yacht/steam clipper, getting her cool ship credentials from the fact that she can cruise along at 100 kph without a single mage lifting a finger and has (a few!) guns actually worth a damn.

    Thematically she's probably going to be the 'base' for the heroes later on.
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