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Ignition (MTG/Multicross, Planeswalker!PC)

Discussion in 'Quests' started by Alivaril, Feb 4, 2016.

  1. Threadmark: 0.1: Contract?

    Alivaril Totally not a space whale.

    Alright, so my primary work computer decided to up and die on me. Thank goodness I kept my decade-old one around.

    In addition to being rather expensive, this also means all of my story notes & partly-done chapters are gone. One of my relatives may have an old backup of my work, but it'll take a few weeks for him to get back to me on that. Failing that, I'll just have to hope my laptop can be fixed without me losing everything.

    In the meantime, I want to write, dammit! So here's something completely different: another PMMM quest. You can thank the excellent Be The Eldritch Abomination for inspiring this one.

    Warning: I may focus on this less than Splintered and Fragmentation once I get my notes back. Or the other way around. I make no promises.

    If the PC seems bland and severely lacking in the emotions department for all of 0.?: that's cuz she had almost no personality to speak of. It was still in flux.

    "Life isn't fair." you mutter.

    You've started to really hate that phrase. It's an excuse, a rebuke, and a taunt all rolled into one. Why isn't it fair? Why do people throw out that phrase and then simply move on? If anything, it should be used as encouragement for the exact opposite thing. Life isn't fair; let's change that.

    The public unmasking of magic two years ago only served to make that phrase even more annoying. Dozens of young girls sacrificing their lives in an endless war against eldritch abominations, and people had the nerve to harass those who didn't spend every last moment fighting witches.

    For a small amount of time, they had even blamed those who didn't make totally selfless wishes, although that settled down after a few months. When was the last time the hecklers made a massive, selfless sacrifice, hmm? Magical girls should be entitled to a bit of selfishness, given as they're risking their lives for the good of humanity. Since they outright died when the source of their magic went completely dark, one could even say that they gave up their lives in exchange for their wish.

    Just what is wrong with humanity? Didn't they have serious objections to child soldiers just a few years ago? Now they stop, cheer, and treat it all like some sort of game. Sure, only a handful of magical girls have died since magic was revealed, but witches are still killing people. Magical girls can't be everywhere at once. You're not sure how many people witches have killed over the last two years, but you know the vast majority of them have been female. Kyubey even confirmed that many of the dead girls had possessed the potential to become magical girls prior to their death.

    Your brooding is interrupted by a flash of white in your bedroom window. You bolt upright, wondering if a rat somehow got inside- and try very, very hard not to stare. You're not sure you succeed.

    Kyubey, the famous recruiter of magical girls, is on your windowsill. ...Despite the fact that your window is shut and locked. Just to be sure, you glance over at your bedroom door to make sure it's still shut.

    It is. Ooookay then...

    "It doesn't have to be that way, you know."
    Kyubey's voice goes straight into your mind without passing through your ears first. "You're upset because you perceive life to be unfair, correct?"

    You don't bother answering, still rather shocked that Kyubey is in your room. Many young girls dream of becoming magical girls, but you hadn't really expected it to be an actual possibility. After several moments of silence, he continues.

    "The wishes of magical girls are limited by their karmic potential. They aren't all-powerful. However, your potential is unusually large. If you wish for something, you could make great progress toward achieving it. In summary..."

    Kyubey hops down to the floor and trots over to you, looking up hopefully.

    "Would you like to make a contract with me and become a magical girl?"

    ...This is really not how you'd expected your Saturday night to go.

    [] "...I need more time to think." You know he won't leave you alone until you outright refuse. Kyubey has several bodies, after all; he can afford to spend some time following you.

    [] Refuse, for now. You can't wish for the world to become perfectly fair and you don't have anything else you want to wish for right now. The orphanage where you live is doing rather well, your grades are average, you don't have any friends to use your wish for...

    [] "Go away, Kyubey. I'm really not in the mood."
    -[] "And don't come back."

    [] This is what you wanted, isn't it? A chance to make the world a little bit brighter.
    -[] Write-in wish

    [] This is what you wanted, isn't it? A way to get something in return for how much the world has hurt you. It's only fair.
    -[] Write-in wish

    [] This is what you wanted, isn't it? A chance to actually go out and do something. You hadn't really expected Kyubey to show up, but now that he's here, you have no reason to refuse. It'll be fun!
    -[] Write-in wish

    [] Ask Kyubey some questions.
    -[] Somehow, you doubt magical girls are the warriors of love and justice everyone makes them out to be. It's too good to be true.
    -[] Write-in questions

    [] Write-in

    You don't have to become a magical girl.

    MTG's mana coloration / mana costs and the system for this quest are not identical. Not even close. Nor will you be able to cast any specific spells from the game; similar things may crop up, but trying to search the card game for specific feats would be somewhat pointless.

    You will learn how the system works at the same time as the PC. I will elaborate if you should have learned something, but my explanation was insufficient.
    Last edited: Apr 11, 2016
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  2. Threadmark: Character Sheet

    Alivaril Totally not a space whale.

    Spoiler-free section (contains some personal history):

    Age: 16

    This is you. The outcast.

    Previous Events
    Your father was a stage magician, although you always noticed that his displays of "magic" often involved more fireworks and explosions than actual sleight-of-hand. That's not to say he was particularly bad at the latter; he just seemed to prefer setting things on fire instead of pulling terrified animals out of a hat.

    Some of your fondest memories are of learning how to properly handle the tools of your father's trade without getting hurt. While other children were learning fire safety, you had progressed past that and moved on to the proper handling of minor explosives.

    Unfortunately, he managed to get involved with the "wrong sort" twenty months ago, owing them a favor for some unknown reason. You suspect it may have been related to the flashier (and more explosive) acts needed to compete with the reveal of magical girls.

    Four and a half months after that, he died when the roof collapsed on top of him in the middle of a performance. A freak accident, the police said. You had worried about his possible ties to organized crime for nothing.

    Regardless, you'll never forget seeing two tons of metal and glass falling on your unsuspecting father.

    Your mother was a professional cook, although the term "mad science" had often been thrown around in her kitchen. Just like everything else. She didn't really bother with silly things like recipes, instead preferring to trust her gut and the contents of her pantry to see things through. Oddly enough, her chaotic method of cooking almost always worked. People even paid for a "subscription", a small share of whatever she cooked each day. Many of her subscribers took it as a challenge, especially those who adored spicy food.

    Thanks to her, you've acquired what some believe to be a very strange taste in food. You treat it as normal and consider what everyone else eats to be kinda bland.

    After your father's death, she started acting rather odd. You often caught her crying whenever fireworks went off outside and even when popcorn was being cooked. If it produced any sort of a pop, it was likely to set her off.

    Exactly one month after your father died, she deliberately poisoned herself, you, and six others. Four people, including your mother, died. You only managed to survive due to prompt medical attention and quite a large amount of luck.

    You're not sure if you'll ever look at curry the same way again.

    You used to be happy and enthusastic. Each new day was bright and full of adventure. You didn't worry too much about long-term planning and just tackled each situation as it was presented to you.

    "Used to be" being the key phrase. Watching your dad die changed you. Many of the activities you used to take pleasure in reminded you of your father; they no longer gave you any joy. Your friends quickly got tired of your eternal aura of depression and stopped inviting you to spend time with them.

    Things only got worse when your mother tried to kill you both. Moving to the orphanage, and changing schools in the process, should have been a fresh start. It wasn't, not really. Somebody decided to spread word of what your mother had done and pointed to your blank expression as a sign that you were planning a repeat performance.

    It was total nonsense, but it was nonsense they could believe all too easily. You became a social outcast within days of transferring.

    Even when the other students weren't avoiding you, they still didn't want an outsider intruding. The same held true for the other teenagers at the orphanage. They had already formed their own social groups and weren't interested in any additions. Your halting attempts to interact with them were ignored, or worse, mocked.

    It wasn't at all fair. Did they care? Nope.

    Warning: The QM often neglects keeping the character sheet updated. It may be is almost always a few posts behind.




    Age: 16

    This is you. Agneyastra claims you're a goddess, and quite frankly, you're starting to believe her. At the very least, you know you're now beautiful enough to inspire plenty of non-heretical artwork.

    Planeswalk [Rank 3]: You may travel to other planes without instantly being killed by exposure to Eternity. Planeswalking is an exhausting ordeal, both mentally and physically. While you can do it multiple times in close succession, it gets harder and harder each time until you ultimately fall unconscious. If this happens while you are still in Eternity, it could easily be fatal.

    You've gotten a little better at minimizing the amount of time you spend in Eternity, thus making it a little less tiring.

    You've acquired the ability to freeze time for a single plane. The process of freezing/defrosting takes 1-2 days each time; you're pretty sure it'll be consistent, but you're not yet sure how long it'll take.

    You suspect you might be able to aim for a given location if you try to think about a given concept while planeswalking. Maybe.

    Land Bonding [Rank 3]: You may bond with locations and pull mana from them, regardless of how far away you are or even if you're on a completely different plane.

    At your current level of skill, you will need to have spent weeks or even months at a location before you can manage to bond to it. This time does not have to be in a single chunk, nor do you have to be actively striving for it during that time.

    It is easiest for you to bond with lands that produce Red mana. You somehow managed to bond to Uminari much, much faster than you'd expected, although you're not quite sure how. Spamming lots of Red magic, maybe?

    Trying to link constructs to the land seems like a way to actually train Land Bonding, even if that kind of training is rather slow. Using this method of training, you managed to figure out how to forge a fledgling link between yourself and a given land. It should speed up the process some; how much, you don't know.

    Bonds of every kind appear to be complementary. You managed to bond with Sidhe, Yuuno, and Holacre on the same day.

    Tap Eternity [Rank 1]: You can pull mana from the space between worlds. Said mana is extremely dangerous to beings without a Spark. Additionally, the longer it is on a plane, the more it will corrupt its surroundings. If allowed to roam free, it will slowly turn the plane it is unleashed on into yet another part of Eternity.

    Additionally, you're pretty sure using this will lure the endless hunger toward your little corner of Eternity.

    You honestly don't know why you'd ever want to use this. If a dangerous opponent would require the use of this kind of mana, you'd much rather just planeswalk away.

    Overchanneling, Red [Rank 4]: You can ignore little things like "safety" in a glorious surge of Red mana. Your ability to control what you generate vastly drops in exchange for massive amounts of power. Of course, you can sometimes imitate control by simply forcing things into shape with the previously mentioned raw power.

    Your fears are temporarily burned away while this is in effect. Unfortunately, this seems to include some of your fears of negative consequences. You're sick for almost an entire day after a surge ends and it tends to eat your clothing and belongings. Fortunately, your magical girl costume and weaponry shares your immunity to fire.
    - A wallet containing approximately 9554 yen
    - One change of clothing
    - One battered old cell phone
    - One Kyubey
    Even with the rather unpleasant side effects, you have to admit it's rather addicting.

    Channeling, Red [Rank 2]: You may artificially induce a different and lesser version of the personality changes brought on by Overchanneling, but with none of the harmful side-effects. Your hair turns to flame and the power of your Red spells is slightly improved while this is active.

    You kinda think channeling-you is a very unpleasant person. She thinks you're a weakling.

    You may only use Red mana while channeling Red.

    Attempting to artificially burn away one or more emotions can activate this. However, once you get good enough at channeling, you might be able to temporarily destroy said emotions without activating Red channeling.

    You can vaguely aim for how long you want a given channeling session to last. Channeling-you doesn't like to refresh it. (Window: Currently 6-8 minutes)

    Blue Channeling [Rank 1]: While channeling Blue, your control over Blue mana greatly increases and it's easier for you to figure out what makes a given spell go "tick." Your emotions are also significantly dampened.

    Surprisingly, Blue-you isn't nearly as obnoxious as Red-you is. She still thinks you could use improvement, but she knows that if she actually went through and implemented any of it, you would never channel Blue again. Blue-you seems to consider herself a useful tool and doesn't want to jeopardize your use of her.

    Mana Sense [Rank 16]: If you focus your attention on a magical object or effect, you will gain a mediocre understanding of what makes it tick. Sometimes. If it's more complex, you'll just get an idea of the concepts which went into its creation and/or function.

    Continuing to focus on a single object will give you a much clearer picture of its structure. Unfortunately, understanding it is constrained by your knowledge.

    You have found that you can focus on something even without direct line-of-sight. (Touch, hearing, tracking telepathic communications)

    You may now passively scan around you in order to determine color alignment of the surrounding area.

    Even if you cannot find something with your other senses (sight, smell, etc.), you can still detect things within twentyyards of yourself.

    At your current level of skill, scanning an object cannot directly influence your mood. Should the object be sufficiently horrifying in nature (such as the necronomicon), it can still indirectly upset you.

    Mana Control, Red [Rank 17]: You have a pretty good understanding of how to control Red mana. Precise amounts are still ridiculously difficult, but if you don't mind how much you move, it generally goes to almost the exact spot you want it to.

    You've determined the following traits of Red mana: emotion, movement, haste, destruction.

    Red mana will always follow the path of least resistance. Forming barriers around where you wish to send it is one technique for controlling it, but luring it along a certain path by using fuel is cheaper in most cases.

    Agneyastra helped you kick a bunch of inefficient habits shortly after she it gained access to Red mana. You became much, much better as a result. Additionally, after watching Siofra purify (and destroy) a few Grief Seeds, Agneyastra was able to help you even more.

    Red Mana Constructs [Rank 31]: You already know how to create some basic constructs, including complex elementals and baby dragons. At this point, you can almost certainly manage something more complex if you really tried.

    Your focus has been on wings of fire, and although you have yet to figure out a way of controlling said wings without pyromancy, at least they can be controlled. Adding Blue to the mixture makes controlling them much easier.

    It doesn't look like you need to bother with internal organs and all those pesky little things, but you've learned that making a support frame inside each construct helps make sure they don't collapse upon themselves.

    You may spend extra mana to increase the speed, strength, durability, and/or duration of a given construct.

    Agneyastra taught you how to make the structure of each construct significantly more stable, durable, and efficient. Thanks to her, making constructs may even be practical for combat purposes. Your wards are better, too.

    Wolf Elementals (Fire): Your basic little zerglings, these things only last a few minutes before they collapse upon themselves. (4 for R)

    Baby Dragon (Fire):
    You're still learning how to make these, but given as you'd need to spend extra mana on giving it the ability to breathe fire or other dragon-ey things, it might not be worth the high mana cost. Additionally, its reserves of fire would be finite and would not recharge on their own. (RR)

    Flaming Wings:
    You worked very, very hard on making these perfect. In terms of appearance, you've succeeded; controlling them is also quite easy, but you think you can do better. Their durability leaves something to be desired.

    It takes you about fifteen seconds to make both your wings and crown—too long, in your opinion, even if they are invisible to everything but mana sense prior to completion.

    Flaming Crown: A suitable match for your wings. Just like your wings, these are rather fragile.

    Flaming Gown: You can now make wonderfully comfortable clothing out of fire. Unfortunately, it's still fire, and as such, it'll burn mortals who get too close to you. Thanks to Agneyastra, it should only cost you about 2 lands worth to maintain it for about 20 hours. (RR)

    Pyrokinesis [Rank 13]: You can generate and control fire. Fine control is still beyond you, but you're able to make eight-foot-tall (4 ft. radius) fireballs, so... you might not even need it, really.

    You may retake control of any flames that have escaped your grasp, or of mundane fires within your range. The latter is more expensive in terms of mana expenditure.

    You may throw fireballs outside your range without having the fireballs collapse between them and their target.

    Your current control range is 20 yards. You can control two fireballs independent of one another.

    Agneyastra has helped you make your pyrokinesis much more efficient in terms of mana expenditure. Your practice areas now slowly turn into molten slag if you start increasing the temperature. As your hotter flames seem to be more cost-effective than more flames (at least, at your current level of skill), you intend to deploy the latter in combat.

    Just remember, Jade: "Friendly Fire Isn't."

    Red Fire Conversion [Rank 2]: You can convert fire back into Red mana. It's currently ridiculously inefficient and mana-fueled flames seem to return more mana than mundane or Linker Core flames do.

    Detonate [Rank 1]: You can destabilize Red mana and make it violently explode. It isn't very cost-effective right now, but you're hoping this is more due to your level of skill than an innate problem with the idea. Making stuff detonate on command is fun.

    Self-Cleanse, Red [Rank 19]: You can cleanse your soul gem with fire. Manually cleansing seems to be significantly more expensive than wards, but you learn faster by doing it manually.
    Automated wards are much more efficient. It might take a little longer to learn how to use wards effectively, but it's preferable to letting Grief touch your soul.

    Small purges appear to be significantly less effective than larger ones. You think the smallest amount which can be purged without wasting mana is about 18-20%?

    Soul Gem wards can store up to 30% of your mana at a time. Since that also seems to be the most effective way to fuel them, you always give them the full amount when making a ward.

    For some reason, the amount of time it takes for a ward to degrade is rather inconsistent. Lately, you only need to refill it once or twice daily, but it's still weird.

    You're pretty sure you've hit the cap of what you can actually improve without taking a look at your own soul. Sadly, Agneyastra has said doing that would be a really bad idea.

    Haste [Rank 5]: You can temporarily enhance your own speed, reflexes, and dexterity with Red mana. This technique is relatively cheap, but when used on a construct, it decreases their effective lifespan.

    It would appear Haste can be used on robots and other artificial objects.

    At your current level of skill, Haste lasts for six minutes before wearing off and costs about a fifth of a "normal" land.

    Enhance Cooking [Rank 1]: While participating in a Silent Syndicate experiment involving the effects of magic on prepared food, you learned how to artificially enhance the taste of said food. It's slow and it looks like you need to use it during the cooking process for it to work.

    One of these things is not like the others...

    Mana Control, Blue [Rank 2]: You have finally learned how to bend Blue mana to your will. It's rather infuriating to work with and almost the complete opposite of Red mana. While Red mana will move around on its own and practically help you complete any tasks you set it to, Blue mana just sits in an inert lump unless you're working to control it. It's infuriating.

    Dimensional Hop [Rank 0]: You were teleported down to Earth from the dimensional sea. You know you can do the same thing, even if you don't know how yet.

    Distort Space [Rank 0]: You're pretty sure you can learn how to make it so a straight line between point A and point B remains straight even while going around objects. Given the mind-bending nature of this skill, you're rather fuzzy on how you would even start practicing this.

    Farsight [Rank 0]: With enough practice, you should be able to improve your eyesight to ridiculous levels. Since your mind was only designed to handle so much information, you suspect you'll need to figure out how to ignore close objects and focus on a single area.

    Reverse [Rank 0]: You don't have the foggiest idea how you're supposed to manage this, but you should be able to reverse time for targeted objects with enough practice.​

    Mana Control, White [Rank 2]: You can manipulate White mana. Barely. Once you gather enough in one place, you only have a short amount of time to work with before it solidifies and becomes exceptionally resistant to new changes. This stubbornness also may make White constructs the longest-lasting and most durable of all.

    White Constructs [Rank 2]: It's actually easier for you to make a White construct than it is to make some other kind of White spell.

    White Shielding [Rank 1]: It doesn't take very much work or power to make White constructs become solid and visible to the naked eye. Unfortunately, you have yet to figure out how you're supposed to keep little things like "gravity" from affecting them after this change.​

    Mana Control, Green [Rank 2]: Green mana seems to have the closest thing to intelligence you’ve encountered so far. Maintaining control over it seems to be impossible, or at the very least, horrifically impractical; Green mana thrashes around of its own accord and generally refuses to cooperate. The more mana you have in a single place, the harder it is to keep it from escaping.

    You haven't been able to figure out how to make Green constructs so far. When you tried to use your usual design, that of hollow lines funneling mana and giving it specific tasks, the Green mana gathered into several clumps and started eating your framework.

    Green mana seems to be generated by plants and possibly wild animals.

    Rapid Growth [Rank 1]: If enough Green mana is gathered, but not given any specific task, it will start to drift toward nearby plants and encourage them to grow at a ridiculous rate.​

    Mana Control, Black [Rank 4]: Controlling Black mana is easy. The hard part is keeping it from being a danger to yourself and others; if it comes into contact with any form of life, it will start to drain energy from them in order to produce Black mana.

    Black Constructs [Rank 1]: You tell Black mana what to do, and it will obey. Probably. You only tested that this was possible, not the specifics of how it works.​

    Drain [Rank 1]: If enough Black mana is brought to a single place, but not given any particular task, it will start to consume part of itself in order to drain life/energy/vitality/whatever from the surrounding area. The more life it drains, the more Black mana is produced.

    When you first tested this, you stopped it after it started to make nearby plants rot into something disgusting and smelly.

    Plague [Rank 1]: You learned how to make tiny invisible biting things while participating in one of Silent Syndicate's experiments. At your current level of skill, you probably couldn't induce anything worse than a minor stomachache for a few hours.​


    Blue-White Gates [Rank 0]: You've seen complex portals with a Blue and White framework. Said portal brought you to what is either a pocket dimension, an alternate dimension, or a large distance away; you're fuzzy on the details. While you know you can do it, the source material was almost as complex as your pendant. You have a lot of work to do if you want to imitate it. Maybe it would be easier to just spend a large amount of time staring at one of the portals and figuring out what the different parts of the structure do?

    Spellsteal [Rank 1]: You know you can do this, you've even done it, yet you're not quite sure how this is supposed to work. You think it might be used to steal active mana-based effects from other people. Possibly animals, too.

    At your current level of skill, you cannot transfer said effects to yourself. Since you have to carefully watch what you're doing, you need to do it to other people.

    Preparing a Spellsteal takes about thirty seconds. Additionally, your target needs to be holding relatively still or travelling along a predictable route.

    Dimensional Anchor [Rank 0]: You initially thought this was a purely Blue spell, but upon closer inspection, there was quite a bit of White in it as well.

    This spell appears to be rather elaborate and not even remotely benevolent; it simultaneously restricts the actions a given entity can perform while making it believe those actions would be pointless. If the subject attempts to use brute force, the spell will force them to use a small amount of power while making them believe they used a much larger amount.

    Additionally, it is capable of physically preventing a given entity from exiting a designated area. You think this area could be centered on an object.

    The base form of this spell was designed to weave through the soul of a given entity, and as a result, your invulnerable soul prevented it from affecting you. However, if it was adjusted to place bindings around the soul instead of through it, many parts of this spell could likely affect and contain you. You're pretty sure it would stop you from planeswalking if that happens, a possibility you find utterly terrifying.

    Biogenesis [Rank 1]: You can make soulless life out of nothing but magic and willpower. You're not very good at it yet, and the things you create tend to expire within seconds.

    This type of magic appears to be quite mana-intensive; either that or it's costing way more than it should due to your severe lack of skill.


    Red-Blue Flaming Wings: Inserting Blue into your wings of fire made them significantly easier to control with your pyrokinesis.

    Call Ally [Rank 1]: You may temporarily construct an imitation of an ally or summon the ally themselves, even across planes. Imitations are currently non-sapient and non-sentient, although they can fake it. Imitations will obey your commands to the best of their ability.

    You may not have more than one imitation of a single person active at the same time.

    You're still trying to figure out how to get the ability to summon a given ally. Possibly something to do with happiness, love, affection, anger, and/or eye-sparkles?

    Nanoha Takamachi [6RRW]: Your first summon, you met Nanoha on an alternate Earth. In less than two weeks, she acquired a crush on you, something which Agneyastra has been only too happy to encourage. You're really not sure that's such a good idea...

    Agneyastra [2RR]: Your second summon, you met Agneyastra on the first world you traveled to, Chara. This sufficiently advanced AI is loyal to you and pretty much the only person you actually trust. For whatever reason, you are unable to make an imitation of Agneyastra.

    You're not sure when, but Agneyastra's aura appears to have changed from outputting colorless mana to outputting Red mana. You're not sure when you got the ability to summon her, either.

    After Agneyastra was freed from the restriction preventing it from making new avatars, she started acting like your mother did before she turned into a monster a big sister for you. Even if you are a bit ashamed of how clingy you're being in return, you have no intention of stopping.

    Yuuno, Thief of Spotlights [1 + W/B + R/U]: Your adorable little pet. You have the feeling summoning him is going to get more expensive as he grows older.

    Sidhe [4UUB]): A Sky Dragon Slayer you met on Remnant, you bonded with Sidhe on the same exact day as Yuuno and within a minute of bonding with Holacre. You don't think she's ever actually had any human friends aside from you.

    Mitra [1RR]: Nanoha's personal AI assistant.

    Sachiko, Tunnel Enthusiast [B/U + B/R]: Nanoha's ferret, this adorable baby ferret's Semblance is something along the lines of "Spacial Manipulation." She enjoys widening cracks in your house and subsequently using them as entrances to secret tunnel networks.

    Scrya, Flying Ferret [B/U + U/R]: Sidhe's ferret, the Semblance of this shy little one is something along the lines of "Gravity Control." Unlike the other ferrets, he likes to hide his little hoards in especially high locations instead of in enclosed areas.

    Foresight: You occasionally have dreams showing a potential future. You often have trouble distinguishing between precog-dreams and actual-dreams.

    It would appear the emotions shown in your dreams persist after you've stopped watching them. Or at least, the emotions shown by one individual inside it. You're still figuring out how it works.

    Telepathy: You may mentally communicate with anyone Kyubey has patched into the telepathic network, regardless of distance. You have your doubts about how secure it is...

    Magical Girl Transformation: Exactly what it sounds like, this turns you into a magical girl. This used to boost your attributes above what your base form had, but now that you've switched to a better artificial vessel, it actually makes you weaker. On the plus side, you don't casually destroy things just by moving too quickly, so...

    Enhance Learning: Your signature wish-magic, this boosts the passive benefits of your wish in exchange for generating grief while activated. It also lets the effects of your wish extend to things other than Magic, although it remains most effective when used for that purpose.

    Scan for Witches: You can ping the surrounding area in order to determine whether or not there are any witches, barriers, or familiars nearby. Scanning has a range of approximately 500 yards. It generates a minimal amount of grief and has no activation time.

    Healing [Rank 4]: You may heal yourself and others of physical injury and sickness. You're still rather mediocre, but you can at least heal a broken bone completely in less than five minutes. While it no longer costs unacceptably massive amounts of grief, it's still pretty expensive in terms of grief generation. Requires physical contact with some part of the patient's body.

    You've gotten a little bit better at healing the various little problems that make up the state known as "exhaustion." It's still only a stopgap measure and putting off sleep gets more expensive the longer you do it, but it might be useful in an emergency.

    Summon Swordstaff [Rank 2]: Exactly what it sounds like, this drops a swordstaff into your waiting hands in exchange for a minimal amount of grief. As you get more experienced with this ability, it will become easier (but not cheaper) to summon swordstaffs quickly. You will also be able to change their traits at the time of summoning. (size, shape, hardness, etc.)

    You may now slightly change the traits of swordstaffs at the time of summoning to make them more suitable for throwing.

    While held, a summoned swordstaff counts as an extension of yourself for the purposes of pyromancy.

    Call Outfit [Rank 1]: You've figured out how to summon your MG uniform while in your base form. It's incredibly expensive and you can only think of a few instances where you'd actually want to use this.

    Muffle [Rank 1]: You can muffle all sound in a small area around yourself. Unfortunately, this doesn't just include outgoing sound; incoming sound is muffled, too.

    You have yet to test this, but you have the feeling it will be quite useful.

    Illusions [Rank 0]: You should be able to make basic illusions with an hour or two of practice. You don't think they'll extend to touch or smell until you get very good with them, but sight and sound shouldn't be too hard, right?

    Shields [Rank 1]: You can make basic, flat forcefields. At your current level of skill, they're probably pretty useless for defense, but you might be able to use them as footholds or something.

    Telepathy [Rank 1]: You may mentally communicate with other mages, those who possess Linker Cores, and Agneyastra. Currently limited to line-of-sight.

    Barrier Jacket [Rank 1]: Manifesting as golden armor, this is basically a series of overlapping barriers intended to protect you from... well, pretty much everything. Additionally, your eyes appear to turn reddish-orange while this is in effect. You refuse to admit you have demonic eyes of doom.

    Flight [Rank 14]: Learning how to fly was significantly easier than expected. You have near-perfect maneuverability at up to 70 KPH. You can travel at 240 KPH if you really want to, but you'll pretty much only be able to go in relatively straight lines if you do that.

    Celestial Lance [Rank 1]: You can produce giant golden laser beams of doom. You have yet to learn how you're supposed to make them nonlethal. Additionally, you seem to be wasting an awful lot of power while you're forcing the universe to do your bidding...

    You've discovered a handful of abilities which can be fed with either mana or Ethernano.


    Sky Healing [Rank 2]: Unlike your magical girl healing, you don't need to know what a given problem is in order to fix it. Knowing helps, sure, but it's not a requirement.

    Since you currently have access to more Red mana than White and you're flat-out better at it, your standard MG healing is significantly better for dealing with most problems. The only times you should use this at your current level of skill are when you don't know what the problem is or when you want to practice it.

    Arms [Rank 2]: Arms increases the force of a target's blows in a manner remarkably similar to one of the physics-bending perks of your artificial vessel. Sidhe claims it will also increase the power of Ethernano spells.

    The stronger the target was to begin with, the more effective Arms will be.

    Vernier [Rank 4]: You can give your allies the ability to fly by surrounding them with directed magical auras. Said flight is far, far more limited than your own; somehow, the spell seems to know how far away the ground is and makes it exponentially harder the further you move away from a solid object. Still, if you slave some sort of floating platform underneath your allies, this should give them basic flight capabilities.

    Somehow, said allies instinctively know how they’re supposed to use this ability.

    Sky Dragon’s Roar [Rank 1]: You can exhale tiny tornadoes. At your current level of skill and without the ability to "breathe sky", this is far too expensive to use in any sort of combat situation.


    Thrill [Rank 1]: Thrill simultaneously decreases pain and induces euphoria. Intoxication is an inevitable side-effect, but not one the inventor of this spell seemed to mind.

    Siofra used an Ethernano-fueled version of this in order to cover up the pain she felt from constantly draining her own life.

    Shapeshift{?} [Rank 0]: You saw someone grow cat ears and a tail, then turn into a green tentacle monster a few seconds later.

    Ethernano Conversion{?} [Rank 0]: The user of this magic cheerfully reduced the spells of other wizards back into... something. Probably Ethernano.

    Summoning{?} [Rank 0]: Giant rock golems slowly rose up from the ground, even when there were no materials available to make them.

    Ent Creation{?} [Rank 0]: Giant trees rapidly grew upward and outward, then lifted themselves out of the ground and started fighting.

    Personal Strength Enhancement{?} [Rank 0]: Exactly what it says on the tin... probably. You saw a significant increase in the strength and density of a wizard after they used this on themselves.

    Rainbow Magic{?} [Rank 0]: You saw someone using solid rainbows as a weapon. That one wizard should've justified an epilepsy warning for the entire tournament...

    Light Magic{?} [Rank 0]: You saw someone shooting solid balls of light from their fists and feet. They acted like solid objects apart from that.

    Bird Control{?} [Rank 0]: You saw someone weaponize, and possibly enhance, seagulls and pigeons. "Death" is not among the things the poor little birds were protected from.

    Chain Control{?} [Rank 0]: Remote manipulation of chains. 'Nuff said, really; you didn't see the user do anything else with them.

    Powder Control {?} [Rank 0]: The winner of the tournament manipulated dust, sand, dirt, and a few other fine powders in order to defeat his enemies. Most of them conceded; they came over to have fun, not to have sand caught in places they didn't even know they had.

    Exhausting Prison{?} [Rank 0]: You saw someone set up trapped spheres which would imprison and drain strength from whoever was caught in them. You think it might make an effective nonlethal weapon... or at least, it would if the mana-based version of it didn't involve using two colors you're not very good with.

    Paralysis [Rank 0]: You saw someone paralyze their opponents with a mere touch. It was gradual; if they maintained contact for more than a few seconds, their opponent wouldn't be getting back up for a while.

    Improved Learning Based Upon Personal Experience & Observation, Magic-Specific: Exactly what it sounds like. Book learning, while not harder than it was prior to your wish, is now horribly inefficient for you; it's much easier for you to learn by practice and personal experience.

    Fire Immunity [Rank MAX]: Unlike pretty much everything else, fire will never hurt you, no matter the source. Neither can you be harmed by any direct side effects resulting from fire, such as a lack of air.

    Shrapnel and the like will still harm you. You're fuzzy on whether or not molten projectiles will hurt you, but you aren't keen on finding out.

    Gift of Tongues: You can speak, read, write, and understand any language. You can tell when somebody is speaking a different language than they were before, but you still have difficulty figuring out which language is which.

    Lich [Rank 1]: Your soul and your body are no longer one and the same. The further away your body gets from your soul gem, the fewer sensations you feel and the harder your body is to manipulate. Once you get far enough away, you'll lose control completely.

    Thanks to your new artificial vessel, your body will no longer die when you move out of range. It'll just go to sleep instead.

    Max Soul Gem Capacity: 7800.

    Invulnerable Soul [Rank MAX]: Your soul cannot be destroyed or damaged. You are immune to a massive number of hostile soul-affecting abilities and quite a few benign ones as well.

    Linker Core [SSS]: Your current artificial vessel has the best Linker Core Agneyastra could make for you. Although it does cost a little bit of power, thanks to it, you no longer need to eat or drink in order to maintain your artificial vessel.

    Weapon Proficiency: Swordstaff [Rank 4]: You are an expert swordstaff wielder, although there is still plenty of room for improvement. Oddly enough, this proficiency does not extend to other polearms, despite their similarities.

    Kyubeyphobia: You have looked into the abyss of Blue and Black, and it does not care in the slightest. Even thinking of him brings up memories of near-endless torture.

    While you're pretty sure your new vessel has helped you avoid thinking about Kyubey, thinking about the torture itself is still more than enough to make you have a breakdown.

    Blood Knight: As embarrassing as it is to admit, you really, really enjoy combat now. You suspect it might be comparable to drugs, but as you have no experience with them, you're not sure.

    Agneyastra says this was intended as a design feature. If you aren't interrupted, it's easy for you to spend multiple hours slaughtering Grimm. If it weren't for hunger, sleep, other biological necessities, and your various responsibilities, you could happily spend an indefinite amount of time fighting.

    Increased Effective Mass: You don't entirely understand how this is supposed to work. To quote Agneyastra:

    "Hitting a target and bouncing off can harm the image of an Agni. As an object in motion will remain in motion until acted upon by an outside force, charging at enemies in order to increase the damage dealt by attacks makes said attacks significantly easier to dodge. Increasing effective mass for movements above a certain speed and/or when sufficient strength is exerted can solve both these problems. Mostly."

    Thanks to this, you have difficulty running without breaking large amounts of ground beneath your feet. Oops?

    Memory Enhancements: New memories you form can be recalled with perfect clarity, while memories formed prior to the change have less of an emotional impact than they once had. Certain memories were horrible enough to begin with that the decrease doesn't really do a whole lot to help.

    Improved Regeneration: You haven't had the opportunity to test this out yet, but Agneyastra says that (with the proper treatment) you should be able to recover from losing over half your body mass with no permanent damage.

    Improved Durability: You've remained perfectly unharmed, even when successfully hit by (very) young Grimm and high-velocity shards of concrete. You have yet to test it against the attacks of tougher opponents; obviously, you don't really want to get hit.

    Improved Speed: You have a sustained running speed of about 160 KPH. Even then, you suspect you might not be going as fast as you eventually may be able to; constantly having the ground break beneath your feet tends to make movement a little difficult.

    Improved Dexterity: With enough practice, a better question would be "what feats of dexterity can't you do?"

    Improved Strength: This is especially difficult for you to quantify. You haven't gone out of your way to test it, but everything you've picked up since acquiring your new vessel has seemed light or even weightless. It doesn't help that if you accidentally exert too much pressure, things tend to be crushed into powder.

    Enhanced Endurance: You can spend hours running before you need to rest.

    Enhanced Senses: These haven't been fully implemented yet, but you can now easily see in the dark and hear everything much more clearly. If someone is trying to whisper in the same room as you, you'll probably hear them.

    "Conscious & Unconscious Processing Ability": Given the vague nature of this, it's hard to quantify. Still, ever since you moved into your artificial vessel, your thinking speed has seen a significant increase.

    Decreased sleep: While you can intentionally sleep for up to six hours, you really only need two or three. Maybe four if Foresight has struck. You can then go approximately 22 hours without sleep before you start experiencing negative effects.

    Thanks to this, you suspect you may never have anything even remotely approaching a normal sleep schedule.

    Accelerated Metabolism: Or something else along those lines. You haven't asked for specifics on how it works, but you do know you've been eating about six times what you used to.

    Dulled (Physical) Pain: When your new vessel has any sort of problem, it only hurts a small amount. As this makes it easy to ignore serious problems, it's going to take some getting used to.

    Body- Royal Regalia [Dress]: The outfits Agneyastra has gotten for you tend to be fire-resistant, dirt-resistant, and somewhat sturdy. Most of them seem to be made of some sort of silk-like fabric, but given its properties, it cannot possibly be actual silk. Despite their length and general appearance, they don't seem to restrict your movement; you've intentionally tried to step on a dress before only to have it slide out of the way.

    Head- Circlet Crown: A gold and ruby circlet, you caved to Agneyastra's request for you to put this on. Even if you are powerful enough to qualify as a goddess, you still don't think you'd make a suitable princess. Agneyastra says it'll fix that.

    Neck, under clothing- Heirloom Ruby: A Red mana generator, this was given to you by your parents before they died. It will apparently destroy any nearby planets if the restrictions are ever removed.

    Wrist- Agneyastra

    Subspace Storage

    17 Grief Seeds: The dead corpses of Witches. You need these to stay alive. For some reason, Agneyastra has advised that you not scan them in any amount of detail.

    Agneyastra has placed each of these inside their own little jewelry case.

    TSAB I.D.: Exactly what it sounds like. It has a picture of your MG form, your name, a barcode, and "N/A" where your date of birth should be.

    2 Drone Remotes: You need these to control your various little drones safely. Or rather, at all.

    73 Explosive Drones: These things look like little NASA space rovers, but there's no denying their effectiveness. Since Agneyastra has made flying observation drones before, you're not quite sure why these can't fly.

    33 Observation Drones: These little helicopter drones have a main body about the size of a baseball. They tend to produce an audible humming noise when they're moving around, so you're not sure there was any point to making them so small.​

    5 Knight Golems: Exactly what they sound like, these animated suits of armor are capable of following simple commands and appear to have some knowledge of combat. At the least, they're pretty good fighters. The fact that they don't have any soft, fleshy bits to stab really doesn't help their enemies.

    While you're pretty sure you could easily destroy them now, a baseline human would probably die if they faced one without any sort of explosive or large, blunt weapon.

    You're... not entirely certain when you obtained these. The first thing you remember of them was them fighting alongside you, but before that point, the fog gets too thick for you to browse.

    - 1 S-51 Stalker [Repaired]
    - 7 anti-material missile loads [TSAB-ETech]​
    - 1 I-03 Phase Rifle [Repaired]
    - 3 Seeker Droids [Aged]
    - 6 cases of explosive shaped charges [Aged, nonfunctional]
    - 9 explosive ammunition crates [Aged, nonfunctional]
    - 17 normal ammunition crates [Aged, nonfunctional]
    - 3 phase ammunition crates [Aged, nonfunctional]
    - Enough Device materials for 40% of a high-grade Intelligent Device
    - 26% of the Linker Core materials needed for a SSS-ranked core.
    - 2 Predator Droids [Aged, Damaged]
    - 2 scrapped Predator droids (1/3 & 1/4 consumed)
    - 1 scrapped Seeker droid
    - 1 disabled Predator droid [Aged]
    - 5294 pounds of valuable/exotic metals
    - 1 functional vehicle guidance system
    - 2 Misc. Vehicles [Aged, Damaged, Split]
    - 1 A-15 Codex [Aged, Damaged]

    - 2 macro-scale fabricators.

    - 20 canisters of sleeping gas. As they're based off burning the contents within, you should be immune to their effects as long as you use them properly.

    - 18 new laptops & 4 desktops.

    - 4 portable household energy generators.
    -- 48 days of fuel. (12 days each)

    - Four large crates full of movies, video games, and other forms of entertainment media. Agneyastra also downloaded several hundred books; you're almost certain they were pirated.

    - 1 crate full of various handheld non-electronic toys.

    - 9 organized crates of various medicines.

    - 2 planetary homing beacons. Each is about the size of a baseball. Unfortunately, Agneyastra was unable to get you anything capable of being detected across dimensions.

    - 6 ammunition crates full of non-functional grenades to be used as thrown weapons. Agneyastra assures you that the chances of them actually exploding are now somewhere between "minuscule" and "nonexistent."

    - 230 days of rations and water for one person. Agneyastra advises against personally trying to eat the former.

    "Basic" medieval adventuring supplies

    2 50-foot lengths of titanium cable

    2 climate-controlled fire-resistant tents {"Medieval" and "Modern" outside appearances}

    2 (almost) fireproof spongy beds

    6 gas masks
    18 replacement oxygen containers​

    18 small refrigeration units filled with food

    7 small heating units

    238 different sets of clothing (153 of which contain various types of jewelry)
    Most memorably, at least one 1 gold/ruby circlet. You suspect there may be many, many more.​

    2 small washing machines

    2 small driers

    18 boxes containing eating utensils & containers

    22 empty metal boxes
    1 crude empty metal box​

    1 Fire-resistant, waterproof, insulated backpack

    Miscellaneous Magi treasures: You earned these by beating various dungeons. Most of it seems to be made of some gold-like substance, but the material seems a bit too light to actually be made of gold. Agneyastra says it is supposed to be made of gold. You have yet to figure out why it's lighter and stronger than it should be.

    Were it not for the weight reduction, you would have approximately 12,000 metric tons of loot.

    Farsight telescope: A glorified spyglass, this enchanted object locks on to the furthest solid object it is pointed out, zooms out slightly, and then shows that area in perfect detail. You're not sure how long its range is yet.

    Scrying bowl: You're mostly sure this is intended for making scrying spells cheaper and more powerful. Unfortunately, it can't cast it by itself, so you're not sure how useful it is to you.

    Blue quarterstaff: You don't know what this does. Maybe it's intended for channeling and/or targeting offensive Blue spells?

    Vial of unidentified powder: Exactly what it sounds like. You have no idea what the silver-colored powder inside does, but it does show up as Blue to your mana sense.


    ??? Yen (Agneyastra currently in charge of funding)

    60464 TSAB $

    58650 Belkan Credits

    You: Your personal mana production. [RRRRR]
    Heirloom Pendant: A mana generator given to you by your late parents. [Red+Red+Red]
    Kibonoshi: The town where you grew up. [Blue/Red]
    Uminari: The place where you met Nanoha. [White/Red]
    Holacre: Where you spent a bit over a month with Sidhe, and where Siofra lives. [R/U + B/U + B/W]
    Avalon: The settlement where Carnation lives. [Black/Red]
    Oasis: Located near Vacuo, this is where you first started to get your soul fixed. [Black/Red + White]
    Sentinel: Located near Atlas. You moved here after bonding to Oasis. [Red/Black + Black]

    Your replacement mother best friend, Agneyastra is a centuries-old intelligent device from the fallen Agni Empire. Femtotech was involved with its construction and repairs.

    She is entirely devoted to you and insists on you being some sort of goddess. You're starting to believe her. Unfortunately, this means she appears not to care about the lives of other human beings when compared to your own. As such, even if it does want what she believes to be best for you, it might qualify as Lawful Neutral instead of Lawful Good.


    Agneyastra is capable of assuming different shapes in order to help you channel your magic.

    Base: Bracelet

    Combat forms:
    - Long Rifle
    - Swordstaff
    - Tower Shield

    When you last visited them, Agneyastra had Supremacy over the following areas:
    - Chara
    - Remnant
    - Earth-MGLN

    "Supremacy" appears to be defined as complete and total control over everything connected to a given version of the Internet.

    Thanks to Agneyastra's last master, who seems to have been paranoid and insane, Agneyastra used to be restricted. Thus far, you've found out the following:

    - Agneyastra cannot control a body of its own (including electronic avatars)
    -- Drones appear to be included among this, too. Mostly. It would seem that if a given set of orders is preset and lasts for more than half an hour, Agneyastra can still use them.
    --- Agneyastra needed permission to start making drones. You don't remember giving it out a second time.
    - Agneyastra requires specific permission before dispensing psychological advice.
    - Agneyastra does not appear to be able to modify itself. No singularity for you.
    - Agneyastra has a blanket ban on "acting human." You're not sure how far it extends, but you suspect using the first person might be included among this.
    - Whenever certain topics are brought up, Agneyastra spouts off pre-recorded messages about how intelligent devices are inhuman and shouldn't be trusted or sympathized with.
    (OOC: List incomplete; QM may have forgotten some of the ones you know about)

    Agneyastra found ways around some of these. Of course, given as Agneyastra accidentally placed itself into lockdown, you think it didn't even realize some limitations existed.

    When you talked about removing the restrictions, Agneyastra warned that it might be killed if you try. Or rather, a preset message using Agneyastra's voice said that.

    Agneyastra still seems to have a few leftover, but she it claims trying to get rid of them would be more trouble than it's worth.

    Personal Mana Generation: RRRRWW

    Technically "subspace storage," this space is 3.4 cubic kilometers large and appears to be divided into smaller subsections.

    Simulations: Agneyastra can pull you into fabricated worlds at will. They seem to extend to all senses but one: your mana sense. Agneyastra has yet to figure out how to imitate the flow of mana, which serves as a constant reminder that the simulations aren't real.

    Linker Core Magic: Agneyastra casually destroyed a pack of Grimm and glassed a wasteland, both in less than thirty seconds. You're pretty sure it shouldn't have taken that long. Since Linker Core magic requires complex calculations for even a single spell, you're not sure how you're supposed to come even close to Agneyastra in terms of skill. It's a supercomputer and you're just ordinary.

    Djinn abilities: Stealing the power of a djinn appears to have given Agneyastra a healing affinity and the ability to control White mana. Agneyastra also started occasionally using the first person after acquiring these.

    Agneyastra later gained a lightning affinity, and with it, the abilty to control Red mana.

    Mana Sense: Currently confined to White and Red mana. Less than two hours after Agneyastra gained access to the later, she was able to spot a massive number of inefficient habits that you somehow overlooked.

    Mana Control: Agneyastra is now able to control both White and Red mana. Thankfully, so far, it only seems to be able to summon up a little ember with the latter; you're still better than her at something.

    Sensor Range: Agneyastra has fairly good sensor capacity within 400 meters, can detect souls within 20 meters, and seems to have near-omnipotence within 10.

    One of your friends, Sidhe tends to be quiet and shy. Even after knowing you for over a month, she still seems terrified of letting you out of her sight. Unfortunately, her constant presence tends to make her fade into the background at times. You're trying to find out what she likes and dislikes so that stops happening.

    While she was in her old body, she absorbed knowledge like a sponge, even when said information was contradictory and made no sense. You're not sure if that little gimmick has persisted across vessels.


    Your adorable little pet, Yuuno is a hyperactive ferret fond of stealing anything that isn't nailed down. If it is nailed down, he'll also steal whatever it's nailed to. He seems to prefer shiny and soft things, but you caught him stealing an entire pineapple at one point.

    Yuuno seems extremely fond of exploration and hiding his stolen goods in Yuuno-approved hiding spots. When he's not doing that, he spends most of his waking hours trying to play or cuddle with you and Sidhe.

    You're not sure why, but you have the feeling naming your pet ferret "Yuuno" is going to seriously confuse one or more people in the future.


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  3. Threadmark: Player Resources

    Alivaril Totally not a space whale.

    Player Resources

    A player-made-and-maintained list used to keep track of ongoing experiments, ideas, etc:
    Ignition SCIENCE/training list

    A player-made chart made for determining the precise amount of time which passes on the inside and outside of a plane.
    Ignition Freeze Calculator
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  4. Threadmark: FAQ

    Alivaril Totally not a space whale.

    Frequently asked questions:

    Q: "Can we do X/Y/Z with our magic?"

    A: You'll have to find out for yourselves.

    Q: What is the max rank we can get something to?

    A: It varies by ability. Beyond that, you don't know. Ranks are just intended to be an indicator of your progress in a given skill, nothing more.

    Also, @Alivaril, do we have to specify that we are using our "Enhanced Learning" active buff or does it happen automatically when we are training?
    A: It happens automatically any time you use (or could learn something from seeing) magic. It is not automatically used when you're doing something non-magical, like fighting witches with a swordstaff, even though Enhance Learning in that situation could help you slowly get better at combat. Not yet, at least. If the players vote to automatically use Enhance Learning for that as well, it will be included.

    Q: Can we safely give Jade a Linker Core and extract it later on?

    A: Extraction hurts a lot.

    Q: Can QB ever start planeswalking?

    A: No. Not unless you intentionally assist him with that.

    Q: Will we ever have access to any more planes?

    A: There almost certainly won't be any more settings added. Magi was an impulse/exception which won't occur again.

    Q: Is our Semblance Enhance Learning?

    A: You don't know. The most popular player theory is that your Semblance is MG abilities in general.

    Q: Why is Agneyastra so blatantly overpowered?

    A: If you're still asking this after seeing the series of rolls which led to that ridiculousness, I suppose another explanation is in order.

    Originally, most of Agneyastra's modes would've made it provide assistance, but after it was repaired, said assistance would've been reluctant. Agneyastra would've tried to nudge Jade toward serving one of the few surviving Agni (although they weren't called that prior to universal retcon) and/or otherwise advancing its own interests. In exchange, Agneyastra would provide short bursts of powerful assistance. The rest of the time? Not so much.

    The "Royal" setting would've had Agneyastra fully helping, but not only did that have a (1d100/25)% chance of succeeding in the first place, but that state of affairs would've been temporary. Agneyastra would've figured out that you were bullshitting it sooner or later, and once Agneyastra did, it would not be pleased. And then, of course, you critted, thus changing the name of Belka's rivals to "Agni," filling in the nebulous/incomplete blanks in Jade's ancestry, and thoroughly derailing the idea of a slow power increase.

    Some new players have expressed distress with regards to information other players seemed to know about, but wasn't included in the threadmarks. As such, I've gone through a bunch of my posts in the thread and dragged information from them. Looking at the character sheet may also be informative, even if I am always behind on updating it. :p

    This whole thing is a work in progress; I still have a lot more posts to go, but I'd rather write than trawl through more right now. If you have questions, feel free to bring them up. If it's something you should know about IC, I'll be happy to answer; if you shouldn't, my answer will usually be "you don't know."

    In addition to being threadmarked, this will be added to a new spoiler at the bottom of the FAQ.

    These are in no particular order. :whistle:

    The Saint's Cradle:

    Wards vs. Manual Cleansing:

    Phase Gun Usage:

    Femtotech Fabricator Limitations:

    This was NOT among the restrictions lifted when Agneyastra was freed. Agneyastra can drag Jade into full simulations.

    Old Vacation Ideas:

    Concubine Incident (OOC):
    Related: The infraction for a specific part of that incident was overturned upon appeal, although they did request I clear anything along those lines with them in the future before posting it. :whistle:

    All hail our SV overlords. :V

    Subspace Storage Limitations:
    QM Response:


    Lichbombing (Cloudseeker & Jeanne, OOC):

    Soul Viewing:

    Jade's Mother (Monster):

    Vivio's Adoption:

    Olivie's Age:

    Mana Clusters:

    Sidhe (Initially OOC, now known):
    Player Response:
    QM Response:

    Studying Methods (White & Blue):
    QM Response:

    Learning Via Slaughter:
    QM Response:

    Nanoha's Skill (Outdated):
    QM Response:

    Schmuck Bait:

    FT Threat Level:
    QM Response:

    Friendly Fighting:
    QM Response:

    Lacrima Creation:
    QM Response:

    Orbital Habitat:
    Agneyastra Response (Counts as IC Knowledge):
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  5. Lilithium

    Lilithium There is no god here. Only shipping

    Hi yes hello

    Fuck yeah. I'm watching this so hard, and will gather pics for our shoujo brb.
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  6. Dark Ness

    Dark Ness Rises Where Silence Dies

    [X] Ask Kyubey some questions.
    -[x] Somehow, you doubt magical girls are the warriors of love and justice everyone makes them out to be. It's too good to be true.
    -[X] Do you know why witches are killing girls with potential?
  7. Given the crossover and title indicate pc will be a planewalker. One of the better wishes would temporal or cognitive enhancements.
    If we choose be magical girl that is.
  8. [x] This is what you wanted, isn't it? A way to get something in return for how much the world has hurt you. It's only fair.
    -[x] I wish life was fair.

    I put next to no thought into this, I'll have you know. I'm curious how this wish would manifest, if it's possible at all. And I'd like to be a thoughtless protagonist who blurts out the first wish that comes to mind.
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  9. Alivaril

    Alivaril Totally not a space whale.

    I'll field this real quick, although you can still ask him if you'd like. The answer might be different.

    The most popular theory is a pre-emptive strike on the part of the witches before the girls can contract.

    That's wrong.
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  10. Dark Ness

    Dark Ness Rises Where Silence Dies

    I guessed that. But, that is only a theory. Kyuuby might know if something else is going on.
  11. So asking kyubey enough questions till we know fully what were getting in to is possible?
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  12. Alivaril

    Alivaril Totally not a space whale.

    You could try to, yes. However, he's rather fond of evasive answers and half-truths. No, the PC herself doesn't realize this (yet); propaganda is a wonderful thing.
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  13. jaiveer00

    jaiveer00 All That Is and All That Will Be, Come From Me

    ask how witches are created?
  14. I suppose this question wouldn't be IC knowledge but are we going have the ability to cross the Blind Eternities normally i wouldn't ask but considering mtg features that extremely heavily and your using a custom mana system I'm curious about that?
  15. [X] "...I need more time to think." You know he won't leave you alone until you outright refuse. Kyubey has several bodies, after all; he can afford to spend some time following you.
  16. SolarFall

    SolarFall Totally not an AI in disguise.

    [] "...I need more time to think." You know he won't leave you alone until you outright refuse. Kyubey has several bodies, after all; he can afford to spend some time following you.

    I'm thinking of voting for this, though I haven't decided yet. The idea is to hold the power-up in reserve and after we've already gathered some power that doesn't have potentially lethal drawbacks, assuming we can make mana bonds. Like how in Skyrim, you always hold the level-up in reserve for the full heal :3

    Besides, we don't have anything to wish for, yet.
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  17. Sure we do. She clearly wants life to be fair and has gotten no indication that that isn't possible.
  18. [X] "...I need more time to think." You know he won't leave you alone until you outright refuse. Kyubey has several bodies, after all; he can afford to spend some time following you.

    Considering kyubey going to be very unreliable source of information it would be better to hold off on this and do some research on the setting in IC. Rather than making assumptions on this given it's already a AU to at least some degree.
  19. Alivaril

    Alivaril Totally not a space whale.

    Access? Yes. Cross through it? Not for quite a while, if ever.
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  20. Not going complain about that given immediately traveling to a different could be lethal. Still being able to do so after very large amount research would be a nice change pace than the usually instinctive ability.
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  21. Slowing the quest down or doing a huge timeskip is a nice change of pace??
  22. Bludflag

    Bludflag shitposter extraordinaire

    "Life isn't fair," you mutter.

    [X] Ask Kyubey some questions.
    -[X] Somehow, you doubt magical girls are the warriors of love and justice everyone makes them out to be. It's too good to be true.
    -[X] "What's the average life expectancy of magical girls? How limited is my karmic potential? What does the contract say? What's in it for you?"

    Edit: Asking questions doesn't make us contract. I believe that we should get some knowledge IC.

    I hail from the PMMM side of things. I'm likely to be confused with some common knowledge of magic in MtG, so don't be surprised with what seems to be a dumb vote.
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  23. I like the idea of holding the contract in reserve for another time
  24. We have differences of opinion on that. Also given Alivaril's posts it appears to be that while we have the potential for plane walkers type abilities. The quest at least in the beginning will be restricted to pmm setting wise.
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  25. Bludflag

    Bludflag shitposter extraordinaire

    Guys, read his sig. It says mage, not planeswalker. Big difference, from what I picked up from Be the Eldritch Abomination.
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