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Technical IRBM MIRVs?

Discussion in 'History & Military Discussion' started by the atom, Jan 3, 2017.

  1. the atom

    the atom SV's Resident Bad Boy

    Comfortably numb
    Misnomer I know, but I was curious as to how feasible such a concept would be. Would a two stage, multi warhead concept work on shorter range missiles?
  2. Louis Babycos

    Louis Babycos louisb Suspended

    I don't see why not . It might be a bit more expensive. There would be weight vs range issues. A lot of rocket artillery used submunitions such as MLRS and ATACMs.
  3. galahad

    galahad Seeker of Truths

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  4. ussnimitz1968

    ussnimitz1968 Not an Actual Servicemember


    I understand it's strictly an aerodynamic fairing with no structural loadbearing responsibility, but still, especially in comparison of the Americans to prefer aluminum or at least slightly more exotic polycarbon composite materials. Hell along with the Blackbird the push to incorporate the material into not only structural but strictly aerodynamic components was a major driver in the U.S. titanium industry, including clandestinely importing that metal from the very country those weapons were aimed against.

    Anyway the big advantage an MIRV setup has on an ICBM as opposed to an IRBM is a ton of potential energy and lack of atmospheric drag during first critical maneuvers to play with in order to be independently-targeted, so I'd expect for example each of the warhead vehicles on SS-20 Saber to be independently boosted to compensate for that.
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  5. the atom

    the atom SV's Resident Bad Boy

    Comfortably numb
    Yeah that's kind of what I envisioned.
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