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Is the Two Minutes Hate Rule being expanded?

Discussion in 'Forum News and Staff Communication' started by Conjured Blade, Nov 2, 2016.

  1. Conjured Blade

    Conjured Blade Baron of Move-Like-This

    This thread was locked under 2MH(A lovely new way to be racist), in spite of 2 minutes hate threads being about articles without commentary to rile people up(Announcement - Current Affairs - Rules). It's potentially justifiable under the MDP, but given an understanding of 2 minutes hate scenarios based on the link, it seems like the wrong rule was being used. Has there been some precedent that expanded this rule I'm unaware of? Is it being expanded?
  2. notthepenguins

    notthepenguins Neither Spherical Nor Frictionless Executive

    Oregon, USA
    I locked it because it was a thread that existed solely to rile things up, and had no worthwhile analysis or contribution beyond anger. All it would turn into is a shitshow.

    We lock all sorts of threads, for a wide variety of reasons; the rules in the CC exist to govern actions in response to specific posts or behaviors, not that kind of thread management action. As no infraction was laid, I'm not too fussed about the explanation being dead on to a specific rule, but rather interested in it explaining why it was locked in an understandable fashion. It violated the MDP, sure, but I locked it because it was going to turn into a vitriolic mess due to existing solely to angrily yell at the concept of cultural appropriation - in short, because it carried all the negative characteristics of a Two Minutes Hate thread.

    Edit: Posted before I was done editing some stuff, whups. Goofs fixed.
    Last edited: Nov 2, 2016
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  3. Conjured Blade

    Conjured Blade Baron of Move-Like-This

    Now that I've thought about it in a more abstract sense, it's like

    1. That definition of cultural appropriation is a strawman few on this board would admit to.
    2. There is no topic of discussion beyond people who believe in that definition. No event to debate the rightness or wrongness thereof.
    3. Given the lack of people who would contest the conclusion, it turns into a circlejerk about how terrible people who believe in that are.

    Therefore it's a two minutes hate. Something like that then?

    Edit: And now I've realized saying one way or the other on this might set precedent or something. Never mind if this puts you on the spot or something.
    Last edited: Nov 2, 2016
  4. notthepenguins

    notthepenguins Neither Spherical Nor Frictionless Executive

    Oregon, USA
    You're overcomplicating it a bit. An OP that consists of angrily jousting at a contentious topic without any indication of trying to accept or engage with the concept on any level but aggressive attack is highly likely to lead to one of two threads:
    a) One composed of highly aggressive, combative discussion
    b) One composed of a circlejerk of anger.

    Neither of these are threads we're interested in leaving open - they're toxic, unpleasant, and we have better things to do than deal with the tidal wave of reports we'd receive by the time it hit page three. Those are the very reasons the Two Minutes Hate rule exists, so I used it to explain the infraction in a more understandable way than wasting everyone's time with a multiple paragraph explanation. You're right that it's not dead on to the literal rule, but given that it was just locking a thread I'm not too concerned about that.
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  5. Conjured Blade

    Conjured Blade Baron of Move-Like-This

    Aye. Thanks for the clarification. I don't think I have anything else to add here.
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  6. FWIW: We have had several threads about cultural appropriation before. Some even about why it's dumb. They've had more opening substance than "ERMAGERD GUYS I JUST HEARD OF THIS NEW THING, and googled it! Doesn't it suck?!"
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