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Jojo's Bizarre Adventure Fanfic Idea and Discussion thread! This thread was Made in Heaven.

Discussion in 'Fanfiction Discussion' started by ninjafish, Apr 28, 2014.

  1. Nathaniel Wolff

    Nathaniel Wolff For The Safety Of The Universe

    and then Jotaro copies that ability and no-sells it

    Kira Cannot Have A Quiet Life
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  2. Arjac

    Arjac Retreating Backwards

    His idea of a quiet life seems to be based in anonymity, so maybe it would be a kind of perceptual stealth?
    He can walk around openly with his latest hand because people don't pay attention to him.
    He can kill who he wants because no one notices him.
    He could either work a normal job, because clearly someone is at that desk, even if they don't know anything about him, or just take what he wants because no one can stop him.
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  3. Insufficient Dakka

    Insufficient Dakka Funpost King

    Honestly, Jotaro does seem to like people letting him mind his own business and not bug him with their own things. His Heaven Stand being something that lets him pursue a goal and bypass anything directly opposed to that goal is a neat idea. To keep it balanced it'd only counter things that are specifically for him from reaching that goal, while someone who doesn't care about that goal but wants to defeat him would bypass it, like how my Stars Under Hell idea lets him copy and counter anyone with a grudge against a person of the Joestar bloodline, but does nothing against someone acting out of loyalty or doesn't care about the Joestars.
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  4. You know what should be a thing?
    Rohan Kishibe in Bakuman.
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  5. Continuing from my last idea and going with the trend:
    Name: Outside Heaven (Previously: Man Who Sold the World)
    User: BIG BOSS
    Strength: C
    Speed: C
    Endurance: C
    Precision: A
    Range: A
    Learning Potential: E
    Outside Heaven: Within an area of one mile, all effects of a Heaven Stand are canceled out.

    Currency-to-Material Conversion: As in its previous form, it an convert any nonlivinng object of monetary value into another that is equal to or less than its value in USD, regardless of mass.
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  6. How about a Crazy story prompt
    Krillin has Scary Monsters and coming to terms with it.
    This takes place during the Cell saga.
    He couldn't control it and kills Semi-Perfect Cell.
    -im sorry-
  7. Insufficient Dakka

    Insufficient Dakka Funpost King

    Well, Cell was kind of an irredeemable monster so it's not like Krillin'd feel guilty over it.
  8. Yeah
    But that feeling that Krillin can kill someone like that at anytime makes him feel guilty.
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  9. Insufficient Dakka

    Insufficient Dakka Funpost King

    He can already make the planet uninhabitable normally.
  10. That's true
    But can imagine Krillin as a dinosaur.
    That would be funny and cool

    I mean,
    When you think about it, if Krillin was something that wasn't human,
    He'd be OP
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  11. Now for time for my terrible meme Stand:

    Name: We Are Number One
    User: Robbie Rotten
    Strength: C
    Speed: D
    Endurance: C
    Precision: D
    Range: C
    Learning Potential: B
    Hive-Mind Clones: This Stand may produce up to three clones of its user at a time. While physically the same, they lack Stands or the ability to gain them, and are mentally linked to the user's mind. However, the more distant the user is from them the weaker they are. If the clones are outside the range of the Stand, they become unconscious and die in the next few hours.
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  12. Name: Scary Monsters
    User: Kuririn
    Strength: A
    Speed: B
    Endurance: B
    Precision: C
    Range: B
    Learning Potential: C
    Basically, He has the same abilities as Diego. He can transform some of body parts into dinosaur parts. He can transform into a Dinosaur as well
    He can also eat and Drink almost anything.
    He can also transform animals or other living beings into dinosaurs and control them.
    However, The more Kuririn stays dinosaur or he has dinosaur parts on a long period of time, The more feral he become, to the point of acting like a Rabid animal.

    I thought about something for Scary monsters Krillin,
    Imagine all the names he will be called.
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  13. Insufficient Dakka

    Insufficient Dakka Funpost King

    Not so much a fic idea as a list of ideas for Stand names to give to non-JoJo characters:
    Bioshock's Andrew Ryan: Farewell to Kings (Rush)
    Some Kingdom Hearts (female) character: Playing with the Queen of Hearts (Juice Newton)
    Calvin: Eye of the Tiger (Survivor)
    Shinji Ikari: Carry on my Wayward Son (Kansas)
    Freddy Krueger: Sweet Dreams are Made of This (Eurythmics)
    Ryuko Matoi: Cherry Bomb (The Runaways)
    GEoM: Hurt (Johnny Cash/Nine Inch Nails)
    Sundowner: Peace Sells, but Who's Buying? (Megadeth)
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  14. Just used the Stand Generator...

    Stand Name: Stairway to Heaven (Led Zeppelin, Mothership album)

    Stand Ability: [Reality Artistry]

    Destructive Power - C

    Speed - B

    Range - D

    Durability - C

    Precision - A

    Developmental Potential - E

    Description: Stairway to Heaven allows the user to transform, control and create reality through artistic means, or as thought as if using an art style. User can transform, control and create reality through artistic means, sculpting, painting, writing, sketching, etc. reality to conform their view/inspiration.
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  15. roxasthatsastick


    So, still filled with frustration at some loose threads in part 4, I've been plotting out a time travel fanfiction for it where Josuke ends up doing the thing and becomes his own hairdo inspiration. (From there things probably get thrown off track because he's still there and has knowledge of the future haha) Naturally I have stumbled at the first major sticking point of how to get him back there in the first place.
    I have one idea where Bites the Dust mis-activates at the time of Kira's death and sends Josuke back because of Kira's gigantic grudge against him. Does that actually make sorta sense though? It is a bit of an exaggeration of how his stand works.
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  16. Insufficient Dakka

    Insufficient Dakka Funpost King

    Bites The Dust is a weird ability in the first place so it doesn't really strain suspension of disbelief l
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  17. EvaUnit01

    EvaUnit01 Marks out for protags

    Honestly, I spent almost the entire manga expecting that that was going to be the case, and was utterly shocked when it never came up again.

    Sure, why not?
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  18. roxasthatsastick


    Same? And as far as I can tell, no one has tried to do a fanfic of it either which really shocked me. In other fandoms people take any excuse for a time travel fic sometimes but there's pretty much nothing I've found...
    Last edited: Jan 4, 2017
  19. Insufficient Dakka

    Insufficient Dakka Funpost King

    I've seen a oneshot or two but never anything that explore the idea in depth.
  20. There was that bit in the fangame 7th Stand User, where you do exactly that if you play as Josuke. Though it isn't because he traveled BACK in time...
  21. Insufficient Dakka

    Insufficient Dakka Funpost King

    ...Is Made In Heaven involved?
  22. Leingod

    Leingod Immaculate Blooming Lotus

    Not directly.
  23. Yup. Let's see if I can remember...

    In the original timeline, Mrs. Bluemarine, the adoptive mother of Wes Bluemarine AKA Domenico Pucci AKA Weather Report had her house burn down around her... but instead of dying as in canon, she found a Stone Mask in the basement. At some point prior to Enrico Pucci activating Made In Heaven, Mrs. Bluemarine, now calling herself Vins, awakened a Stand, Hanoi Rocks. While Made In Heaven acts like the fast-forward button combined with the auto-loop button on a TV remote, Hanoi Rocks essentially takes the user out of the video being watched into the chair facing the TV. As such, Vins was outside time when Made In Heaven activated, so its' effect of showing everyone their fate couldn't resolve completely. Emporio killed Pucci as in canon, but since Vins was outside time, time continued to loop, over and over. The observer affects the observed, so time itself began to unravel.

    That's most of the backstory. It's complicated.
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  24. It's a dead body made to look like Josuke with a Crazy Diamond Stand Disk. The body is that of the Protagonist, who Vins killed before the start of the game
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