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Jojo's Bizarre Adventure Fanfic Idea and Discussion thread! This thread was Made in Heaven.

Discussion in 'Fanfiction Discussion' started by ninjafish, Apr 28, 2014.

  1. roxasthatsastick


    ...I've read three different comments on how exactly the scene came to happen and somehow I'm far more confused.
  2. Leingod

    Leingod Immaculate Blooming Lotus

    Vins, the adoptive mother of Wes Bluemarine aka Weather Report, messed up Made In Heaven's attempt to recreate the universe because of her Stand, Hanoi Rocks (which basically removes her from the timestream and allows her to see the flow of time or something). Something about how being able to observe it and not be affected threw it off or something; I guess it's some kind of Schroedinger's Cat scenario? Point is, it means that time just keeps repeating because Vins wants to reunite herself and Wes (she doesn't consider Weather Report "her" Wes).

    A man named Steel also became aware of this looping timeline because of his Stand, "Dan Penn," which allows him to read and record memories. He realizes that time is repeating and leaves messages throughout time to try to fix things (he doesn't act himself because he gets killed by Kira Yoshikage, because Dan Penn allows Steel to learn about Kira), and allies with two other Stand users: Berlin, whose Stand "Living Things" can turn corpses into perfect (but inanimate) copies of other people, and Alicia, whose Stand "Element of Freedom" absorbs and collects life force from people.

    Steel, Alicia and Berlin can combine the powers of their Stands to create copies of people who think they're the real thing: Berlin makes the body, Alicia provides the life force to animate that body, and Steel provides the memories that fool the copy into thinking it's the real thing. They do this to provide you with extra allies to fight DIO and Vins: there are optional events in the game that allow you to discover copies of Stroheim, Speedwagon and Dire, and if you unlock Joseph's ending Caesar shows up as well (all non-Stand Users because none of the three can recreate a Stand; that's why you only unlock Josuke by buying a Crazy Diamond Stand Disk for a New Game+. Don't ask how they actually get it, the game can get a little meta like that).
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  3. roxasthatsastick


    That was super complicated and actually the thing that most makes me want to play that game. Who doesn't love some good ol' meta and time travel?
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  4. The player buys it for them, duh!

    Though that does imply some bad things about the real Josuke if that really his Stand Disk.
  5. Most likely that in one of the MIH loops, Pucci swipes Crazy Diamond from Josuke. Anyway, the reason Steel wants to stop DIO and Vins is because the repeated looping is damaging the universe, which is the in-game explanation for why so many characters from different parts can be found on the Stardust Crusade:
    • Shigechi is at the schoolyard with a pet cat.
    • Tamami Kobayashi is at Japan with a bag containing a cat aside of him.
    • Josuke and Okuyasu are in the restaurant in Japan.
    • Rohan appears in every town, either at the hotel the crusaders are resting at or at a restaurant.
    • Tonio can be found running around in every town on certain days.
    • The Passione gang can be found sitting at a table in a restaurant at Hong Kong.
    • Trish Una is found at Singapore near the cable car station.
    • Anasui and Weather Report are sitting at a table in a restaurant in India.
    • Foo Fighters is found at Karachi near the Harbor.
    • Johnny Joestar is found wheeling himself around Edfu.
    • Diego Brando is prowling in Aswan.
    • Fugo appears in Cairo.
    • And others...
    If the loops are allowed to continue, the entire universe will unravel. Vins either doesn't realize this, or simply doesn't care. She just wants Wes back, at any cost.
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  6. [​IMG]
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  7. Insufficient Dakka

    Insufficient Dakka Funpost King

    I don't think Joseph would be that torn up if he found out Wammu survived.
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  8. No.
    But finding out that Kars was back on Earth, and apparently developed a sense of humor at some point, might freak him out.
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  9. Kars always had a sense of humor.

    He'd probably be overjoyed.
    Last edited: Jan 5, 2017
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  10. Insufficient Dakka

    Insufficient Dakka Funpost King

    Would there be a possible way for Wammu to have lost his duel with Joseph and still survived? I feel like he'd consider it an insult to be left in a state he couldn't recover from, and if he could still fight the duel obviously wouldn't be over.
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  11. I wonder if he freaked out when he first saw Star Platinum. Jotaro's Stand is nearly a dead ringer for Kars.
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  12. Hmm, similar but not that similar.
    SP does have the same basic aesthetic as the Pillar Men though.
    Last edited: Jan 6, 2017
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  13. Nathaniel Wolff

    Nathaniel Wolff For The Safety Of The Universe

    Only one response to make:
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  14. The same way DIO survived; cut off the head and arms of one of the vampires, graft Wammu's head and arms on. By the time he could fight again, Kars would have been defeated.
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  15. Insufficient Dakka

    Insufficient Dakka Funpost King

    Hmm. I feel like Wammu would still want to challenge Joseph out of loyalty to Kars. Sure Kars did some dishonourable things in his fights, but he and Wammu had fought hamon users thousands of years ago so he should know how dishonourable he can be, plus Esidisi and Kars are the closest things he's ever had to parents.

    Then again, Esidisi mentioned it would take time for his new arm to fully bond with his body. Maybe by the time Wammu would adapt to his new body Joseph would be so much older and out of practice Wammu wouldn't consider it a fair fight anymore.
    Last edited: Jan 6, 2017
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  16. Nope. He knows he'd just lose again. Wammu knows when he's beaten.
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  17. Insufficient Dakka

    Insufficient Dakka Funpost King

    I admit I'm mainly trying to think of a justification for a Wammu who's been meditating for decades and has kinda mellowed out to join the Stardust Crusaders and have him react to certain Stand users.
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  18. thundernator


    I wonder if the Pillermen have ever met and fought any Stand Users before. Wammu and Santana are like what? Over Ten-thousand years. Meanwhile, both Cars and AC/DC are around 100,000 years old. You'd think one of them would have at least encountered a Stand-User before.
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  19. Insufficient Dakka

    Insufficient Dakka Funpost King

    There's also the question of how much of that time was spent hibernating.
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  20. Insufficient Dakka

    Insufficient Dakka Funpost King

    Grey Fly: Poor counter. While Tower of Grey can't really hurt him, he can't defend the others from it, and wouldn't be able to attack the user.

    Polnareff: Very good counter to Silver Chariot's main way of attacking. Not sure if SC could cut apart divine sandstorm like MR's flames, if not Wammu can likely still get in melee range with Polnareff.

    Captain Tennille: Potential decent counter? While Wammu wouldn't have to worry about running out of air I'm not sure how well he could fight underwater, and if something like divine sandstorm would be stronger or weaker. Might be able to just rip off the barnacles Deep Blue Moon makes.

    Forever: Stalemate. Strength has no way of permanently putting Wammu out of commission, but Forever can always run away through a wall. Trapping Wammu like the others isn't as likely to work when Wammu can contort and reshape his body like Santana to escape.

    Devo: Hard counter. Ebony Devil can't hurt Wammu, he can easily crush the doll since it's a bound Stand.

    Rubber Soul: Wammu is on the other end of the fork for once, very bad matchup for him.

    J.Geil and Hol: While Wammu can deal with Hol easily enough, he has no reliable way of finding J. geil, and would just get minor inconveniences from all the stabbings.

    Empress' user: Wammu could just rip off the skin she's attached to and leave it behind. Would probably do that before he was even sure it was a Stand.

    ZZ: Possible counter? Divine sandstorm should be able to knock Wheel of Fortune away, and the gasoline bullets shouldn't hurt him either when they hit or get ignited. If Wammu lets himself get hit by the car he might be able to grab on and get inside the car somehow.

    Enya: Very interesting idea. Justice can't kill Wammu, but what if Enya used it to make him fight the others? It'd definitely be unpleasant for them all.

    Steely Dan. If Wammu gets Lovers in his head, RIP Dan. If he has to go with Dan while Joseph is still Lovers'd up, it'd definitely be a test of his patience. Having to go through all the indignities wouldn't hurt him, but it'd be a massive blow to his warrior's pride.

    Arabia Fats: Ha!

    Mannish Boy: Honestly? I can't remember a sun ever being visible in Death 13's dream world, and there was also a thing where it could only actually kill with its scythe, not parts of the dream world. Might be able to do something similar to what Hierophant Green did, since we saw Santanna do it to a nazi.

    Judgement: While he can handle the clay dolls no problem, Judgement itself can just pummel him as long as it wants.

    Middler: Again, stalemate. Nothing they can do to hurt each other.

    N'Doul: If Wammu can learn where N'Doul is, there's nothing Geb can do to stop him from marching over.

    Oingo & Boingo: ...

    Anubis: If Anubis can get control over Wammu, he'd be a massive threat. Wammu's skill as a warrior, already amazing physical ability, Anubis's enhancements, and now being able to see and hurt other Stands?

    Mariah: If Wammu touches Bast, it'd likely be a unique challenge, having to actually hunt down Mariah instead of having an at least somewhat direct confrontation. Not sure how he'd react to techniques like her chestnuts.

    Alessi: "Aha! You're directly in my Stand!" "...I am?"

    D'Arby: Wammu doesn't have nearly as much skill with misdirection as Joseph or Esidisi, he'd likely not risk gaming against D'Arby unless absolutely necessary.

    Atum: "Videogames...?"

    Vanilla Ice: Probably as big a threat as Sun. Only thing Wammu contributes is possibly kicking up dust like Polnareff did.

    DIO: Oh boy. Wammu doesn't really have many options here, but DIO doesn't either. Maybe DIO could safely drink Wammu's blood during timestop and flee before time resumed, and slowly wear him down?
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  21. Quick note, her name is Nena.

    Also, what do you think would happen if someone attacked Bites the Dust before it went in your eye.

    I need to know. For Reasons.
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  22. Insufficient Dakka

    Insufficient Dakka Funpost King

    If you're actually fast enough? I think Kira said it was too late to hurt it because it was in the eye, nothing about it being impossible to stop, so maybe it'd be like punching a much smaller Killer Queen? I feel like unless it was something like Silver Chariot's Rapier or The Hand's erasure it wouldn't do nearly as much as hitting regular Killer Queen with the same amount of force though.
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  23. Well, Sheer Heart Attack was lined to Kira's right hand.

    Maybe Bites the Dust is linked to one of Kira's fingers? If you somehow manage to hit it with enough damage to cancel it's effects, Kira's finger gets hurt, but no lasting damage?
  24. Or one of his eyes, for ironic purposes?
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  25. Well, if they did they probably wouldn't have known it was a Stand, since they don't have their own and can't see Stands. They'd probably chalk it up to being a really weird and unique human. If they did I imagine that Kars might have even tried to investigate the source of their power, but he probably wouldn't be able to figure anything out since Stands are psychic bullshit. Unless there's something different within the brains of Stand-Users, there wouldn't be anything to go off of.
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