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Jojo's Bizarre Adventure Fanfic Idea and Discussion thread! This thread was Made in Heaven.

Discussion in 'Fanfiction Discussion' started by ninjafish, Apr 28, 2014.

  1. It's too bad Joseph wasn't around for dealing with Bites The Dust. He'd remember that a Stand user can just shrink their Stand. If Kakyoin and Polnareff could shrink Heirophant Green and Silver Chariot to go inside Joseph's brain, Josuke and the others could shrink their own Stands to fight Bites The Dust on its' own scale.
  2. Minusmagnus

    Minusmagnus Open Lurker

    Wouldn't have helped much. When BtD triggers, the moment you see it is already too late to do anything.
  3. Insufficient Dakka

    Insufficient Dakka Funpost King

    Also when a normal Stand is shrunken down like that they can no longer pass through physical barriers without cutting through them, so they'd need to cut apart the target's eyes to do that. Even if they had Josuke to fix them afterward I can see them being hesitant to do that to a person.
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  4. SneakyWalrus

    SneakyWalrus Is the Water Free?

    Even if they didn't go for the Stand shrinking, I'd still bet that Silver Chariot could hit Killer Queen before Bites the Dust activated, considering that it managed to do the same to J.Giel.
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  5. Xellos

    Xellos The GM With Just One Eye

    I doubt it. It isn't turning into a light beam and rushing into your eye, it's just automatically in the eye of anyone who fulfills its trigger condition.

    Even if that means it needs to be in multiple eyes simultaneously.

    EDIT: As for using a shrunken Stand to fight Bites The Dust inside your eye, there's a bit of a damper put on that based on the fact that you ned to realize that Bites The Dust isn't in front of you, that it's inside one of your eyes, figure out which one it is, shrink the Stand, send the Stand to do that, and then actually win the punch out.

    And you must complete the entirety of this action chain in the time it takes Bites The Dust to press its thumb on its finger or you lose.
    Last edited: Jan 7, 2017
  6. So unrelated to any current discussion at hand, but after playing a good deal of Mortal Kombat X with my younger brother (he's very good with Liu Kang; on a related note, fuck that Throat fatality), and my mind is naturaully crossing to potential crossovers.

    Besides the obvious (Jojo's in the tournament), my mind is dwelling on potential character interactions. The most interesting/obvious I can immediately think of is Kotal Khan and Kars, due to their hand in Mesoamerican culture and Deity-like status.
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  8. Xellos

    Xellos The GM With Just One Eye

    Jotaro doesn't like to open with timestop, he can't hold it for very long, and he generally doesn't get nearly as much done inside it as you'd expect.

    By the time he tries it to deal with Bites The Dust, he'd have already lost.
  9. This is how the Pillar Men look like in Araki's current style.


    THIS is how the Pillar Men are SUPPOSED to look like.

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  10. Insufficient Dakka

    Insufficient Dakka Funpost King

    Nah, this is what Pillar Men are supposed to look like:
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  11. Daniel Estacado

    Daniel Estacado ZA WARUDO

    Even Araki has forgotten about Santana.
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  12. Insufficient Dakka

    Insufficient Dakka Funpost King

    Mariah didn't.
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  13. Daniel Estacado

    Daniel Estacado ZA WARUDO

    I'll ship it.
  14. How the hell's she supposed to spring him from the Speedwagon Foundation?
  15. Insufficient Dakka

    Insufficient Dakka Funpost King

    Sent by DIO with others like Rubber Soul and Middler?
  16. DIO doesn't even know Santana exists. And from Eyes of Heaven (which was written by Araki himself), DIO has a low opinion of the Pillar Men, especially since they were thoroughly thrashed by Joseph.
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  17. Insufficient Dakka

    Insufficient Dakka Funpost King

    Doesn't mean there isn't anything to gain from taking in Santana to at least study.
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  18. roxasthatsastick


    Hey, could I post the beginning of my rough draft of that Josuke goes back in time fic I was talking about a couple days ago? I can tell somethings messed up in it but I'm having trouble figuring out the exact place to fix.
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  19. Post it and we'll point out where you goofed.
  20. roxasthatsastick


    Cool, alright. I think my main problem is I thrive on character interaction which isn't really possible while being thrown through time.

    It was sudden. Josuke blinked and Kira had spontaneously been thrown violently (probably literally) across the street underneath an approaching vehicle. Josuke even knew that it was probably the effect of Jotaro's Star Platinum and it still caught him off guard.

    Especially the part where Kira was now literally about to die. And then, all of Kira's crazed claims came true just as his head began to twist backward in way that Josuke privately thought would always haunt him, at a little. The world simply exploded outward from that point of death into a whirlwind of reality and not-reality. The warping of time twisted at his wounds with the activation of Kira's much talked about third bomb. Pain encompassed his world for a brief instant and then everything was just cold, dark, and numb.

    Josuke lay there for a moment, still shellshocked. Had Kira just suicide bombed him out of reality? Was he dead now? The afterlife was really seemed pretty dark and awful, then, and Josuke had half expected to, y'know, see some specters of the dead when this happened. Like his grandfather, Shigechi, or even Reimi. Or maybe he just didn't exist anymore and this was limbo? He'd never really payed attention in class when they mentioned it but the surrounding did kind of match...

    ...This was really cold. Maybe he actually looking around instead of trying to freeze to death when he was already dead.

    Josuke sat up and opened his eyes to snow, snow, sn-- actually this was probably a blizzard. Honestly, if he hadn't tried to move soon he would've been buried pretty quick in this weather. Sure showed him for jumping to conclusions.

    The world hadn't gotten any warmer now that he'd sat up, but he'd rather not accidentally freeze to death just because he thought Kira had actually killed him. Josuke snorted, like he'd let that guy kill him anyway.

    On a sidenote I've titled it Timelines are (Un)Breakable.
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  21. Takoe

    Takoe Hopefully productive

    I can accept the new bishie faces, even if they have a tendency towards sameface.
    The lack of beefcake, however, is unacceptable.
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  22. Lithos Alto

    Lithos Alto Herald of Red Herrings

    Inside my head
    If you find a bit of trouble with no character interaction, you can always make Josuke talk to himself (or Crazy Diamond, but isn't that the same thing?).
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  23. roxasthatsastick


    That's what I started trying to do about halfway in but I dunno? (And yeah)
  24. [​IMG]
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  25. Insufficient Dakka

    Insufficient Dakka Funpost King

    Agent 3 being selected by Cap'n Cuttlefish because they show potential as a Stand user, with both him and the Octarian force having arrows left over from human ruins, leading to Stand battles over zapfish?
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