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Nerfed Klingons in the Trekverse

Discussion in 'Versus Debates' started by Zor, Jan 1, 2017.

  1. Zor

    Zor More of a Zor than You

    In this scenario one day due to some cosmic hiccup an ork Landa ends up sucked into the Trekverse in the 2345 near an otherwise unremarkable and uninhabited and unclaimed world near the Klingon and Federation Space where it makes a landing which wrecks the ship, but leaves the pilot and payload of the pilot, a dozen boyz, a few dozen gretchens and a couple of meks alive enough to come out and spewing out spores. As this happens Q takes note and thinks that this is an interesting development, but makes a minor tweeks to the orks before the crash that they don't notice. Basically the planet begins Orkiforming and soon new squigs, grots and orks are bursting out of the ground. At the same time the Meks and Boyz begin setting up shop and making gunz and suchlike, as well as machines to build bigger, badder machines (some of which to build even bigger machines and so forth), bringing in newer grots and Orks to help them with this. Even so, some of the machines are a bit different than the ones they remembered. Which pertains to the tweeks that Q made.

    Ork infantry and vehicle level weapons are basically the same with a few tweeks relating to the lack of a Warp. Their spacecraft however are at a level of rough comparability to Federation and Klingon spacecraft of the same size and will max out at about a kilometer long. THey still have a lot of kinetic energy weapons and Fightas and Bombas.

    In any case around 2360 a Klingon Vor'cha class cruiser comes to examine the planet for suitable colonization sites when it gets mobbed by planet launched missiles, a swarm of Fightas and Bombas and has a bunch of Boyz beamed on board to loot it and the Orks begin their spread across the Alpha Quadrant.

    What happens?

  2. Shanejayell

    Shanejayell Yuri Fan without a Pause

    Kinetic weapons are pretty much useless against shields, so might wanna just get rid of that. Also, do the Orks have shields? Because otherwise any ship with phasers will cut them into scrap....
  3. Zor

    Zor More of a Zor than You

    Or impacts from asteroids, debris and similar.
    Yes they do.

  4. Flectarn

    Flectarn A Las Baricadas

    Shouldn't the title be "Nerfed Orks in Trekverse"?
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