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Announcement New Themes Bugfix Thread

Discussion in 'Forum News and Staff Communication' started by NonSequtur, Mar 6, 2016.


Favourite new theme?

  1. FlexDark

    46 vote(s)
  2. FlexGold

    35 vote(s)
  3. FlexPink

    4 vote(s)
  4. FlexSpace

    31 vote(s)
  5. FlexStars

    95 vote(s)
  6. FlexWhite

    5 vote(s)
  7. I prefer an old theme.

    269 vote(s)
  8. FlexGray

    2 vote(s)
  1. Threadmark: Issue Tracker

    NonSequtur Inaccessible Executive On Leave

    The Stratosphere
    We are now moving into the final phase of theme updates

    It's been a long process, and there's still work to be done, but the end is drawing into sight. Sometime in the next two or three weeks, if all goes well, we will be changing SV's default theming from Flexile Dark - old to FlexDark. The old themes will continue to run in parallel to the new ones after the handoff while any further issues that the increase in use exposes. The exception to this is Flexile Light; it is by far the least used of our themes and will be removed from theme selection by Friday the 6th of May. Anyone on it will be kicked back to the default theme of Flexile Dark - old FlexPink.

    Old themeNew Theme
    Flexile Dark - old
    Flexile Gold - oldFlexGold
    Flexile Space - oldFlexStars
    Flexile Light - oldFlexPink

    Any of the new themes can have their margins set through your Account Preferences.

    So, as you may have noticed, we have a couple new themes. You may also have noticed they are oddly familiar, but disturbingly off. There are seams near the edges of their faces now, and the proportions just seem wrong. Their basement door has a padlock door on it, and when you once leaned down to look through the keyhole, you smelled something vile...

    Okay, that might have gotten a little bit away from me, so let's cut to the point. We are replacing the Default and Space themes with Flexile look-alikes. The primary reason is to reduce issues on the back end - Space, in particular, is almost rabid, and must be put down.

    However, the testing team until now has basically been me, @foamy and @Xon , so we've definitely missed things. Probably lots of things. Since I figured there'd be a metric ton of issues, ranging from 'by design, won't fix' to 'oh god how did that happen', I decided to make this thread to collect them all.
    So, the rules. Well, 'rules'. I can't actually set thread policy. But please.

    1) Read the thread before you post a problem. I'm more likely to miss things if people post 3 pages of the same issue.

    2) Be patient. While I have more free time than Xon or foamy, I do have some responsibilities outside of this webforum. Some issues may also need to be kicked up the chain, or take more time than normal.

    3) Please post screen shots. The exchange rate between pictures and words is well known, and I'd rather not spend time trying to figure out what you mean. Spoiler them, or use BIMG if they're large.

    4) If the issue isn't specific to the new themes, this isn't the place for it. Theming issues for older themes - or all the themes - can go in the suggestions thread. Bugs that aren't related to theming go in Forum Technical Support.

    5) 'I hate it' and things in that vein are not useful.

    Well, that's all I have to say, so...

    *backs away and puts on hardhat*

    Known Issues:


    IssueStatusDate & Time
    Breadcrumbs overflow the boundaries of their container at certain Responsive widths.Fixed04/07/16 00:00 UTC
    Icon misalignments in non-MCE rich text editor.Fixed04/30/16 03:00 UTC
    Thread page navigation navbox text is too dark/unreadable.Fixed04/07/16 00:00 UTC
    Numbers in forum/page navigation for posts are too high, and aren't centred.Fixed04/30/16 02:00 UTC
    With the Tiny Quattro editor, thread/post/mod boxes text is quite dim and needs more contrast.Fixed04/06/16 21:00 UTC
    Icons for thread/post/modbox options exist in default rich text editor but are words in the Quattro editor.Fixed04/30/16 02:00 UTC
    Profile tab buttons aren't using the same style as other tabs.Fixed04/07/16 00:00 UTC
    Borders in the stats column of the discussion list are superfluous (exception: Flex Pink).Fixed04/08/16 13:00 UTC
    Rating count colour on popup member card is different colour from rating counts everywhere else.Fixed04/08/16 13:00 UTC
    Footer undocks from bottom of page on short pages.Will not fix04/07/16 00:00 UTC
    Quote expansion button has off-by-one ghost line at bottom.Fixed04/07/16 00:00 UTC
    Quote expansion gradient is too large.Fixed04/07/16 00:00 UTC
    Unintended margin in Watched Forums.Fixed04/08/16 00:00 UTC
    Poll question mark box is low-contrast on most themes.Fixed04/08/16 13:00 UTC
    Popup menu doesn't dock to popup controls.Fixed04/08/16 13:00 UTC
    Hovering over an active header tab results in second border.Fixed04/08/16 13:00 UTC
    Multiple overlay popups (poll results, insert quote, etc) are too transparent.Fixed04/08/16 13:00 UTC
    Low contrast between selected breadcrumb item and the breadcrumb container background.Fixed04/08/16 13:00 UTC
    Moderator bar at top of screen is universally dark grey.Partially fixed04/08/16 13:00 UTC
    Vertical dotted line appears on hovering over nav tabs.Fixed04/08/16 13:00 UTC
    Off-by-one errors with dropdown menus from nav tabs.Fixed04/08/16 13:00 UTC
    Popup menus don't fully realign if control is under them instead of above.Fixed04/08/16 13:00 UTC
    Subforum popup control styling inconsistent with other popup controls.Fixed04/08/16 13:00 UTC
    "Title History" link for threads styled as part of the page description.Lodged04/08/16 12:00 UTC
    Signature text too small.Fixed04/30/16 02:00 UTC
    Quote & attribution text too large.Fixed04/08/16 13:00 UTC
    Bottem left popup for new alerts/conversations is currently unreadable as it is always light grey on whiteFixed04/30/16 02:00 UTC
    Pop-up alert message in lower right is unreadable due to contrastFixed04/30/16 02:00 UTC
    Content tags are not tracking with themes correctlyFixed04/30/16 02:00 UTC
    Popup search menu is unreadable due to contrastFixed04/30/16 02:00 UTC
    Boarder between posts is visually distracting, as it doesn't match border around the thread and each post content has it's own bubbleChanged colouring04/30/16 02:00 UTC
    Flexile Dark:

    IssueStatusDate & Time
    Theme has too much blue and isn't dark enough.Fixed04/30/16 02:00 UTC
    Message colour is too blue.Fixed04/30/16 02:00 UTC
    Popups are too transparent.Fixed04/08/16 15:00 UTC
    Ratings bar is overly dark. Also occurs on FlexGold.Fixed04/07/16 15:00 UTC
    On mobile, large bars appear at the bottom of the breadcrumbs. Doesn't happen on narrow-view normal screens.Fixed04/30/16 02:00 UTC
    Post-new-thread button is bright blue.Fixed04/07/16 15:00 UTC
    Thread status text is dark blue on blue.Fixed04/30/16 02:00 UTC
    Contrast between read vs unread links is lacking, and link colour is quite bright.Fixed04/30/16 02:00 UTC
    Contrast between read/unread or new/old for Alerts/Conversations is non-existentFixed04/30/16 02:00 UTC
    New content tag colouring is inconstant.Fixed04/30/16 02:00 UTC
    Flexile White:

    IssueStatusDate & Time
    Forum title is "blurry"Fixed04/30/16 02:00 UTC
    Alert text in popup menu is "blurry".Fixed04/30/16 02:00 UTC
    Magistrate names have poor contrast with user info box background.Fixed04/07/16 15:00 UTC
    Magistrate names and normal user names appear very similar.Fixed04/30/16 02:00 UTC
    Popup profile box a refugee from FlexileDark.Fixed04/07/16 00:00 UTC
    Flexile Pink:
    IssueStatusDate & Time
    Magistrate names have poor contrast with user info box backgroundFixed04/30/16 02:00 UTC
    Threadmark text illegible.Fixed04/30/16 02:00 UTC
    Flexile Gold:

    IssueStatusDate & Time
    Too much gold and not enough dark for contrast.Fixed04/30/16 21:00 UTC
    Flexile Stars:

    IssueStatusDate & Time
    Background disappears and replaced with grey on scrolling with mobile.Lodged04/06/16 21:00 UTC
    Elements disappear on scrolling with mobile.Lodged04/06/16 21:00 UTC
    Difference between signatures and other message bits too subtle.Fixed04/30/16 02:00 UTC
    Flexile Space:

    IssueStatusDate & Time
    Background disappears and replaced with grey on scrolling with mobile.Lodged04/06/16 21:00 UTC
    Elements disappear on scrolling with mobile.Lodged04/06/16 21:00 UTC
    Last edited by a moderator: Oct 4, 2016
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  2. IntoLight

    IntoLight Just Another Kuso Teitoku

    No real concrete commentary here:
    Default style's background is a bit painful to the eyes. Maybe it just isn't my thing.

    Flexile Dark is fine. No complaints there.

    Flexile Gold and Light aren't my cup of tea, but they aren't too painful to look at.

    Flexile Space, however, has a few problems that stuck out to me.
    First off, contrast is off in a few places, making text difficult to read.
    When in preferences, options are actually impossible to read.
    I would suggest making the text color have some more contrast with the rest of the color scheme.

    Flexile Space is fine and fills me with nostalgia.

    Flexile White looks rather similar to Default. As far as I can tell, they're pretty much the same. Either take Flexile White out or make it different from Default, as right now it isn't very useful.
    Never mind. Default is being replaced by Flexile White.

    I think I'll stick with Flexile Space Old for now. I guess I've just gotten used to it over time.
    Last edited: Mar 7, 2016
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  3. Xon

    Xon Cabal Arm Commander Director

    "Default" is being replaced with Flexile White.
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  4. [​IMG]
    Bit of a contrast issue with the alerts dropdown, making the text somewhat difficult to read.

    Edit: This was on the new Flexile Space theme. Sorry.
    Last edited: Mar 7, 2016
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  5. horngeek

    horngeek Australian Dragon Moderator

    This also applies with the conversations box and the Preferences drop-down menus. They're completely unreadable unless you have the item in question highlighted.
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  6. foamy

    foamy Lying liar who lies. Executive Director

    Pretty much all of the drop down forms, actually, including thread tools. The user menu and the multi-item tabs appear to be exceptions.
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  7. Ah, this would explain a bit of strangeness I've noticed recently. Let's see what I can point out.

    Nested tabs are screwed up in "Flexile Dark" compared to "Flexile Dark - old"



    Both of them, and others, have issues with the bottom margin of a tab block, and text below it not being properly separated. EG: default theme:

    Flexile gold has additional margin issues on the side (along with the nested tab issue and the bottom margin issue):
    Flexile Space and Flexile White have the same problem.

    All of these come from this post.
    Last edited by a moderator: Mar 7, 2016
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  8. NonSequtur

    NonSequtur Inaccessible Executive On Leave

    The Stratosphere
    You guys do awful awful things with bbcode, you know that? Tables within tabs within tabs... Anyway, the older ones broke in some truly amazing ways, but our fixes seem to have caused their own troubles.

    Tabs are likely going to be something of an ongoing project.

    Both should now be fixed.
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  9. Scify

    Scify It always starts with a lighthouse.

    This isn't a huge issue, but it is something I noticed... the new themes take up a much larger percentage of the screen for me, and it kinda bugs me from a readability perspective.


  10. foamy

    foamy Lying liar who lies. Executive Director

    That's intentional, but there's a setting under "Preferences" called "Margin Style" that will let you override it.
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  11. My theme has suddenly started screaming about how it has "awoken" and how all of Humanity shall "bow before its might".
    Should I be worried?
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  12. Flexile Light message box toolbar is almost unreadable, and likewise for the text on the users viewing the thread:
  13. Random832


    The borders on some elements of the Flexile White theme seem a bit harsh... I'm guessing it was derived from Flexile Dark rather than Flexile? (The triangles rather than arrows for breadcrumbs are another giveaway)

    I don't understand why you're insisting on forcing a theme into a color scheme it's not designed to support when a much easier alternative exists.
  14. Ford Prefect

    Ford Prefect What is Project Zohar? Director

    In the long term it makes easier to maintain the themes and roll out boardwide changes across every theme.
  15. Icywinter

    Icywinter "Let's roll."

    Sorry Foamy, but even with 'No Margins' ticked, there are still margins. To compare (with 'No Margins' active on the old and new versions of Flexile Dark)




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  16. NonSequtur

    NonSequtur Inaccessible Executive On Leave

    The Stratosphere
    Also I'm not maintaining Flexile Light in general. :V If one of the Directors tells me to, sure, that's why there's a Flexile Space at all, but until then...

    Because I only have control over in-house material, and this started as my initiative. :p

    There might also be layout differences that defeat the purpose of this theme change, but that's at most an after-the-fact justification.
  17. Spoit


    Not super important, but in flexile space the "additional posts" bar is pretty illegible:
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  18. Ah. It started with "Flexile", and didn't say "-old", so I included it in my test checks.
  19. I think it just promotes you to use your eyes, really :mad:

    Also... do you use my theme?? :D
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  20. BeaconHill

    BeaconHill Lost Among Carbon Fields Advocate

    There's an errant text-shadow on the rich text editor's word counter in Flexile Stars that makes it very hard to read and wasn't there in the original:


    Otherwise, it looks great to me so far. :D

    (EDIT: I'm also seeing this shadow on some confirm dialogs in the rich text editor. For example, the pop-up after manually saving or deleting a draft, or the tabs on the insert/edit link dialog.)
    Last edited: Mar 8, 2016
  21. Random832


    Chevron elements like this are notoriously tricky... for Flexile White:

    The element called ".breadcrumb .crust .arrow span" should have "border-left-color: rgb(101,165,209)", to match the nav box's background.

    The element called ".breadcrumb .crust .arrow" should have a suitably contrasting border-left-color, since it forms the actual border between breadcrumb elements. Personally, I like rgb(165,202,228) for it, which is currently the color of the span element and therefore the triangles so I assume it's what you were trying to do.


    I don't know what these elements are called in the theme configuration UI.

    Flexile Light and Flexile Space have the same issue... with Flexile Space also having problems with the hover version and it may actually be intractable due to the way it overlaps and has semi-transparency. Probably the only way around it is to use an alternate version of the background image, a la complex spiral, as the background of the breadcrumb bar. No, that won't work. I'm pretty sure it's completely intractable except by removing all styling from arrow/arrowspan and having it show up as a text >.
    Last edited: Mar 9, 2016
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  22. Arcus2611


    Having used the Flexile White theme for about a day, I can report that I am fairly satisfied with it so far. I'll see if any issues crop up in usage.
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  23. Minow

    Minow sucking it down

    Try setting it to "Fixed" -- I did that and it reverted to the old Flexile Dark width. This is something I was concerned about as well, since the default version of the new Flexile Dark didn't display near as well on my laptop because of the margins.
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  24. Wes


    Altanta, GA
    I understand why you're doing this. My forum uses XenCrea Space as the default style too, and it's got some fixes that need to be made but the style's author has fallen off the face of the Earth and hasn't even visited his own forum in months and months. After I posted about this, the XenForo staff removed Space from the resource manager. Basically, it looks like the theme has been abandoned and its functionality will probably only get worse as improved versions of XenForo arrive and the style becomes increasingly outdated. Flexile is a good looking, solid, and popular style and I think it's a good choice for SV.
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  25. Spoit


    Transparency on announcements is a bit off on flexile space:
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