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Non-violent heroic moments

Discussion in 'Fiction Discussion' started by Aleph, Dec 29, 2016.

  1. Richardson

    Richardson Not here Now.

    "Dormammu, I've come to bargain!"
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  2. horngeek

    horngeek Australian Dragon Moderator

    While it is a badass moment, spoilers, @Richardson!
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  3. vicky_molokh

    vicky_molokh The *other* transhuman[ist]

    Kyïv, Ukraine
    I don't think it spoils anything meaningful without the surrounding context.
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  4. Thorfinn's admonishing of Cnut during later chapters.

    Reigen's final episode actions.
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  5. It also might be useful to identify exactly what show/book/movie you're talking about, rather than just writing a few proper nouns or sentences with no context.
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  6. Aranfan

    Aranfan Team Plasma Grunt

    True Pacifist Run is this for every fight, especially the bosses.
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  7. *But it Refused.
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  8. Reveen

    Reveen Dunked On

    Well, Pacifist Frisk does kinda have to beat the living shit out of Asgore.
  9. That was done via mobile, but: The admonishing of Cnut was done in Vinland Saga. Reigen's actions were in Mob Psycho 100. I avoided saying more than a few nouns / simple sentences since they're ongoing series' (or in the MP100 anime's case, less than six months old) and thus I'd rather avoid too many details and spoiling the surprise for some people.
  10. Non-climax example, but Mr. Satan convincing Majin Buu to stop his rampage by talking- in Dragon Ball Z, a series known for basically nothing but fighting. It doesn't stick, but it fits the general idea of the thread.

    An actual climatic example, Norman McCay talking down Superman in Kingdom Come.
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  11. It's probably worth pointing out how, in The Lord of the Rings, what wound up saving Middle Earth wasn't some sort of climactic battle or duel of fates or the like.

    It was the repercussions of personal relationships, loyalty, trust, deception, and so-on culminating just right on a literal precipice of defeat.
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  12. Dirk93


    Yes but it still was a fight that ended with an accident killing the villain.
  13. Night

    Night Knight One-One

    From one of the Berserker series; it was Base I think, which was an anthology work so I'm not sure who wrote this particular story.

    The Berserkers are Manhattan-sized spaceship Von Neumann machines created with a directive to wipe out all life, Doomsday weapons from a forgotten war somewhere else in the galaxy that are now Humanity's problem. One arrives off a poorly defended colony world, and simply lurks. The assumption is it is damaged and attempting to recon them and repair before it engages. Someone has to go out and look at it, somehow. Buy time, if possible. The main character of the story is a pacifist, and volunteers to try to talk to the omnicidal AI robot to convince it that it shouldn't do what it's doing and then come back. If he fails, he regards this as no great loss; he has terminal cancer.

    The story consists of a series of arguments over the course of about a week, about the value of biological life, between the Beserker and the protagonist. He notes that it is badly damaged and probably cannot withstand even the weak defense fleet of the colony, but does not signal this fact. Instead he genuinely attempts to convince the Berserker of the value of biological life and diversity in the universe. It eventually asks for a tissue sample as part of one these arguments, which the protagonist gives. Then the Berserker claims it is convinced, and will conduct repairs and take up the defense of the planet, and lets the protagonist go.

    As he pilots his ship back towards the planet, he as a brief conversation with the local defense force. It goes something like this:

    And the segment ends right there. It's a beautiful moment. The protagonist did not deal falsely with the Berserker. He told no lies. The Berserker dealt falsely with him, but by anticipating that outcome he caused the omnicidal robot AI to do something positive for him and humanity at large. And he didn't act like a tool about pacifist principles; he made a genuine, principled attempt but when it was clear that the Berserker had lied and tried to kill him and the other humans anyways, he recognized that coexistence was not possible and it would have to be dealt with by force.
    Last edited: Dec 31, 2016
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  14. Nikkolas


    Texas, US
    All I can think of is the ending of Gran Torino.

    That was a good movie but man it's been a long time since I saw it.
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  15. RazorSmile

    RazorSmile ROB Used To Be A Knife Missile

    ... he gave it a sample of cancerous tissue, didn't he. And then it made a bioweapon that would ... oh. Oh, that's clever.


    My contribution? Xander talking Willow down from destroying the world after she goes full Dark Side. Power of Friendship and all that.
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  16. Drascin


    Yeah, the ending of Pacifist in Undertale definitely qualifies.

    There is in fact a fight, and the fight is huge beyond comprehension, but the way the Human wins is by adamantly refusing to fight back at all.

    Instead, how does the entire world-ending event end? With an appeal to conscience, and memories, and friendship. And a hug.
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  17. Whiskey Golf

    Whiskey Golf Being of Editing & Technical Assistance Councillor

    Chained to my desk
    Rescue Wings is full of a lot of these moments, which makes sense given it's about a JASDF rescue squadron.

    What sticks out in my mind is one episode, where a cable car is stuck. The local fire department's Jet Ranger can't rescue the passengers; it's too small and the winds are too strong. The cable car's hanging by a thread and about to fall.

    And then the most wonderful sound. A Blackhawk's rotors. And the Rescue Hawk flies in, hooks thr cable car to the sling hook, and lifts it up, and rescues everyone.
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  18. keios

    keios very normal

    This might be fudging it since it's hard to imagine how else they could have defeated the Wood-queen, but in Uprooted the villain sees the truth of her actions reflected in the protagonist's face (there's a truth spell). She then lets go of her anger and decides to become a tree like the rest of her lost tree-people civilization.

    This may also be a stretch since it's not actually conciliatory, but in Ancillary Mercy, Breq resolves the plot by declaring that because she and other AIs are Significant (similar to sentient), she is establishing a new republic separate from Radchaai space. Her declaration of Significance kicks in the protection clause that the all-powerful third-party aliens have promised to all Significant beings.
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  19. Captain Orsai

    Captain Orsai Venerable Chaplain

    On similar lines, Pte. Charles Godfrey MM, RAMC (Rtd.), of Dad's Army just in general. A conscientious objector who served as a stretcher bearer during the First World War (earning the Military Medal (though he never wears it, feeling that it's too ostentatious) at the battle of the Somme, for repeatedly going into no man's land to rescue wounded men under heavy fire (which, as is his nature, Godfrey downplays, saying that the fire "wasn't really all that heavy, you know")), a kindly old man and a complete pacifist who's incapable of doing harm to a mouse, never mind a human being, and yet is always there to help out as much as he can whenever the platoon need him.

    On at least one occasion - the episode Branded (wherein his status as a conscientious objector has inadvertently come out, and Godfrey's faced stern censure from the rest of the platoon for it) - that's meant dragging an unconscious Captain Mainwaring out of a smoke-filled building to safety (which is particularly impressive as Mainwaring is quite heavyset, and Godfrey not the strongest of souls). On another, in the episode SGT, Save My Boy!, he navigates his way, unprompted, through a minefield and barbed wire, alone, to bring aid & comfort to the trapped Pte. Pike.
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  20. Q99


    They didn't beat up the baddie. They let themselves get 'shot,' re-enacted a highschool play, and, well,

    "It's called a hustle, sweetheart" :)

    And in doing so, they made the city a little less broken.
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  21. BunBun299

    BunBun299 Killer Rabbit

    For non violent heroism, look to the Doctor.
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  22. Dream Logic

    Dream Logic Best Worst Person

    Weird example but in persona 4

    the main villain/instigator isn't defeated because the protagonist are powerful she's defeated when she sees the power of the bonds formed during the game and realizes that your will is greater then the others she had chosen(because she wanted to figure out what humans actually wanted, you were the hope/truth guy).

    She praises you for your dedication and actually surrenders after ending her effects over the town.

    Exaggerated in persona 4 dancing all night where people literally cannot commit violence and are forced to express their emotions via dance to defeat the shadows.

    Literally the foes are vanquished by the power of mutual understanding.
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  23. "He just held her hand, until the end."
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  24. That would be The Peacemaker, and was written by Saberhagen himself. It's in the original Berserker collection.
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  25. Surprised I'm the first to mention one of the most iconic examples.

    Defeating Vader in a rage isn't portrayed as a good thing, despite how evil Vader has been until now. You can see the look on Luke's face as he realizes how he's becoming like his father. It's only when choosing to spare Vader and cast away his lightsaber that Luke wins. In doing so, he inspires Vader to come back fully to the light and kill the Emperor. Vader may have killed the villain, but it was Luke's victory.

    "Never. I'll never turn to the dark side" *casts away lightsaber* "You've failed, your highness. I am a Jedi, like my father before me."
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