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Megathread PC Builds Megathread

Discussion in 'Computers & Video Gaming' started by Skyllian Blitz, Sep 18, 2014.

  1. Skyllian Blitz

    Skyllian Blitz Shadow Cabal Member Moderator

    I've noticed that a lot of the "help me with buying a computer" threads have OPs ranging from being amazingly specific to being vague as air. So here's a bunch of bullet point questions people can ask themselves before posting a thread so that better and quicker advice can be given. :)

    • What's your budget?
    How much are you willing to spend. Also, please indicate if you can or cannot stretch the budget. If you need to save the dollars, we can definitely help with that but it will be a different computer from one where you spend a bit more to get better price-to-performance.​

    • What do you want this computer to do?
    Spend as much as you can talking about this! What games you want to play, what video quality settings you want to play them at, is this for work as well or is it just something to browse the web on? Will you be 3d modelling, making movies, making digital art, hacking China, etc.​

    • Are you willing to build your own computer? How much do you know about building computers?
    This is an important as most advice in this forum on buying a new desktop is based on the assumption you will be building your own PC. It's cheaper, you get better parts and you know exactly what's going into your new system. If you're looking to buy pre-built computers from a store, keep in mind that there will be a lot of people asking "are you sure you want to do this?".​

    • How long do you want this build to last? When do you plan to upgrade this computer?
    This affects what type of parts we recommend as the advice will be based on getting the most value and use out of parts and least money spent overall. Often when building a computer, the parts you put in it have the potential to last you into future builds/upgrades. Which leads to:
    • What monitor resolution will you be using?
    The resolution of your monitor will be the biggest factor in what graphics card you will need. 1920x1080 (full HD) is the typical gaming resolution but others include the smaller 1600x900 or the larger 2560x1440.​

    • Are you reusing parts from an old computer?
    Bringing over parts from a previous computer is a great way to save money but we'll need to know to make sure that it's worth the effort and that the other parts are compatible.​

    • Do you plan to overclock?
    Like it says, are you going for MAXIMUM performance and e-peen? :p

    • Where will you buying your parts?
    Different countries have different prices and availability and this affects on what we advise.​

    • Do you need to buy the OS (eg: buy windows), KB, mouse, monitor etc?
    Like it says, do you need to buy all the bits that go on the outside of the computer?

    Finally, here are some resources that are good to know and use.

    Logical Increments: A website dedicated to providing a baseline on what good value PC parts your money can get you.

    PC Part Picker: A website where you can assemble your build and output bbcode to show it off in your post. Most of us use this to help with advice.

    [Ger][FAQ] Der ideale Gaming-PC - Computer Base: German forum thread with PC builds

    Cabal of the Buildsmiths: Subreddit for PC builds
    Last edited: Apr 28, 2015
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  2. Twisted Mentat

    Twisted Mentat Coding Kiwi

    Wellington, NZ
    The first 2 are the most important with "What is it for?" the most forgotten. Good list.
  3. I agree, good list. Those are what I want to know when someone asks me for help building a PC.
  4. Lore Snuggleton

    Lore Snuggleton Wannabe Philosopher

    This needs to be stickied honestly, especially for those who have no clue how to proceed with buying computers without instruction like me.
  5. Skyllian Blitz

    Skyllian Blitz Shadow Cabal Member Moderator

    Bah, I completely forgot to add a bit about screen resolution! Edited. :p

    Also, I'm thinking of adding on a section on how to go about getting pre-builts. So if you guys could chip in on which places you would recommend buying a system or paying for assembly, that would be great.
  6. Pre-built retailers vary from country to country, and paying someone to assemble it in a different city may not be worth the trouble. It's like the "Where will you buying your parts" question, only more so.
  7. Rakdos92

    Rakdos92 "Spear of just us" will become Reality!

    What's your budget?
    1000 € = 1 283,1 US-Dollar

    What do you want this computer to do?

    For gaming and surfing.

    Are you willing to build your own computer? How much do you know about building computers?

    I don´t know anything about building a PC so i guess i will have to ask one of these sites which built PC for one.

    How long do you want this build to last? When do you plan to upgrade this computer?

    As long as possible. Maybe every two years.

    What monitor resolution will you be using?

    I´m gonna need a new monitor. A bigger one.

    Are you reusing parts from an old computer?

    No, since i have no idea how to do it and am worried about breaking something.

    Do you plan to overclock?

    This is something that experts for pc should do, not me.

    Where will you buying your parts?

    I won´t buy parts.

    Do you need to buy the OS (eg: buy windows), KB, mouse, monitor etc?

    The OS yes, but i have a good keyboard and a good mouse.
  8. If you're german, go here:
    [FAQ] Der ideale Gaming-PC

    If you're not german, the 800€ config is still what I'd recommend you buy. Some resellers offer an assembly service (30€ upwards) for the parts: still much better than getting a so-called gaming PC from Media Markt or wherever.

    About the monitor: How are we supposed to give you a recommendation about a bigger monitor if you don't say what monitor you have right now?!?
    Last edited: Sep 21, 2014
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  9. Another link, hidden from the console pleb or sub-gold TF2 peasant, is Cabal of the Buildsmiths. Staffed by only the highest of high priests, they live to build you a computer that suits your every whim at whatever price point you throw at them.

    Yes, they will build you a potato that will kill a god.
    Last edited: Apr 28, 2015
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  10. Skyllian Blitz

    Skyllian Blitz Shadow Cabal Member Moderator

    Given the changes to the forum structure, I was thinking of turning this thread into a PC builds megathread. Let me know what you think of that, and anything you think would be good to add to the OP.
  11. Jake


    The Midlands.
    You might want to add something about the pros and cons of gaming laptops.
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  12. Pyrion

    Pyrion Asuran Rights Activist

    Spirit Lake, ID
    Why? The pros and cons of gaming laptops are the same as the pros and cons of laptops in general, just with the added caveat that you won't be gaming on battery for very long without rendering performance going to utter crap.
  13. Skyllian Blitz

    Skyllian Blitz Shadow Cabal Member Moderator

    Official Staff Communication Turned this into a PC builds megathread just because I can. :p
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  14. phongn


    640/1240 kHz
    ECC or bust! (replaces a C2Q Q9550)

    Supermicro X11SAE-O
    Xeon E3-1240 v5
    Noctua NH-U14S heatsink
    16GB ECC DDR4-2133 RAM (2x8)
    EVGA GTX 970 4GB
    Samsung 840 Pro 512GB (from old machine)
    Corsair TX650 650W PSU (from old machine)
    Fractal Design Define R5
  15. I'm thinking of building a new computer soon, my current one is starting to die, and I'm trying to pick out it's hard drive.

    Now, assuming I save up the money, could I run multiple Intel SSD 750's in a RAID 5 as a boot drive? I'm finding that 1tb is too small for a main drive, so I want to use RAID, but I'm not sure I trust a RAID 0 not to fail, so that leaves RAID 5. I'm currently looking at saving up for 4 1.2 tb drives is a RAID 5 to give me 3.6 TB on my main harddrive, and then having a secondary one with 4 Tb allotted to it. I am curious if this is doable, and if it is, would it slow it down that I'd be better off with the Samsung 850 pro SATA 2tb instead.
  16. phongn


    640/1240 kHz
    Just get a 2TB SSD if you need that much space.
  17. Or even a 4TB SSD. They exist.
  18. Have you considered installing large programs or games and saving media files or downloads to a secondary hard drive or SSD instead of your boot drive?

    You might also want to consider the 850 EVO 2TB ($634.66 @ Amazon ) instead of the 850 Pro ($799.99 @ Newegg), unless you can justify the large premium for slight gain.
  19. Honestly my current set up has a very small boot ssd, and two 1tb drives, one for programs, and another for documents. That said I was spending some time in thought last night, and realized that having to occasionally delete a game that I haven't played in over a year or two isn't that big of a deal.

    So I'm probably going to run with just a single 750, and then use a standard hd for documents like I do right now, probably a 2tb SSD instead of a 1tb (though over seven years I've not managed to fill the 1tb document drive so upgrading to 2 tb isn't a big deal).

    I'll probably used the saved money to put into making the rest of the computer more powerful. I'm planing to order from Puget, and I can go full water cooled and have an 8core Intel processor overclocked to 4.2GHz.

    What's your budget?
    $12,000USD Absolute max. Including overhead from someone to put it together. Current plan is Puget, so drop down the amount of money accordingly.
    Are you willing to build your own computer? How much do you know about building computers?
    Current plan is Puget, so drop down the amount of money accordingly. If you know another good company I'll look into them. I am not willing to build my own by hand.
    How long do you want this build to last? When do you plan to upgrade this computer?
    Ideally the same length my current computer lasted, about seven or so years of being top of the line.
    What monitor resolution will you be using?
    I'm currently at 1920x1080, but I'm considering making the jump to 2560x1440. Not sure yet, but likely. I also have a bunch of the old NVidia 3d vision glasses around since my old monitor died, so whatever I get needs to be able to work with that (hopefully at least. I kinda like those glasses!).
    Are you reusing parts from an old computer?
    I'm going to pull a single HD from my old computer and slot it into my new one on arrival. No reason not to do this to bring my documents across.
    Do you plan to overclock?
    Not sure, but likely. The build I have currently under consideration includes an Intel Core i7 5960X 3.0GHz Eight Core 20MB 140W Overclocked to Between 4.2 and 4.6GHz.
    At least, that's what I'm getting off of the Puget site. Comments and suggestions about this are welcome. Also I'm going to get everything water cooled, so hopefully that helps a bit.
    Where will you buying your parts?
    I'm shopping out of Canada, so any place you suggest has to be willing to accept orders placed from up there.
    Do you need to buy the OS (eg: buy windows), KB, mouse, monitor etc?
    OS definitely , and probably a monitor as well. I'm happy with my current keyboard and mouse from Razor.
    Last edited: Mar 19, 2016
  20. Jake


    The Midlands.
    Holy shit.
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  21. ...



    12k and you won't build it yourself.


    Like It's easy to hit 7.5k with the OC'd i7 5960x and 980ti SLI.
    Last edited: Mar 19, 2016
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  22. Look, I like messing around with computers, but my goodness I hate dealing with drivers, and I watched some video's on setting up water cooling, and how delicate it is, and I just don't trust myself not to mess up. My current computer cost me$7kUSD, so I'm nearly doubling that for this one so it can be a straight upgrade instead of a replacement. (For example, right now I have 8 CPU's running at 3.2 GHz, so going less than that seems kinda sad for an upgrade, you know?)

    Final question is should I just wait a bit? Is there a massive leap just around the corner that I'd be better off waiting for?
    Last edited: Mar 19, 2016
  23. What is your current system? It's not Skulltrail is it?

    It's easy to hit 7.7k with the OC'd i7 5960x WC,'d 980ti SLI WC'd, and main 2TB SSD and 3 4 TB drives leaving you lots of wiggle room. You list 12k max, but what do you want to spend?

    You talked about 3D, but that's been dead in the water forever a while. You have 144 Hz G-Sync(~800 USD), VR headsets(6-800 USD), and 21:9 ultrawides(~8-900 USD, on my wishlist) as the monitor high end toys now.

    Most of the time it doesn't matter, but if you're will to drop 6k-12k I'd wait and see when Nvidia's next generation ships, should be announced at the start of April. ~4-6 month wait for a system that you want to last 6-8 years is worth it.
    Last edited: Mar 19, 2016
  24. 3D might be dead, but I've got all the equipment but the monitor, so, you know, I'd still like to have it as an option. Beyond that, I'm going to pick up a vive eventually, but not right now.

    I just hope my computer can hold out for 4 more months. It's been randomly dying over the last while from over heating and I've slowly been forced to shutdown cores on it, so it's starting to be on its last legs, unless I take a risk and try to replace its cooling system by hand.
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  25. NCIX (Canadian company that serves both the US and Canada) offers a PC assembly service, if you buy all the hardware and the OS from NCIX's online store.

    $50 for standard aervice: http://www.ncix.com/detail/pc-assembly-and-testing-with-6c-7842.htm
    $75 for extra attention to aesthetics: http://www.ncix.com/detail/premium-pc-assembly-and-testing-73-22823.htm

    Much better value than a boutique shop, and a much wider selection of parts.

    Drivers don't seem a big deal to me: it's mostly just a matter of downloading them from the motherboard manufacturer's website and AMD or Nvidia, then installing them.

    As for liquid cooling, it only gets tricky if you're setting up a custom cooling loop; AIO (all-in-one) liquid coolers are as easy to install as air coolers.

    Yeah. All signs indicate the next generation of GPUs from AMD and Nvidia will be a significant upgrade (first node shrink in years, new GDDR5X or HBM2 memory, VR optimization, etc.). Expect their release sometime this year.

    IIRC, all Nvidia G-SYNC monitors are compatible with Nvidia 3D.

    It sounds like you just need to replace the thermal paste.
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