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Idea Quest Idea Thread

Discussion in 'Creative Discussion & Worldbuilding' started by undead frog, Jun 21, 2014.

  1. Much like the RP idea thread this thread is for the proposition, explanation, and discussion of quest ideas.

    As usual use you're common sense, and don't do anything that would get you banned in any other thread on this forum.

    Anyway for a starter would anyone be interested in a mirror universe character quest, where you play as a hero or villain, except with a mirrored morality? They could ether stay in the mirror universe or travel to the regular one to confuse the locals depending on votes.
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  2. dragonkid11

    dragonkid11 A random struggling writer

    Ya know,roleplay section has a roleplay idea discussion thread.

    So I wonder why quest section has no pinned quest idea discussion thread...
  3. wdango

    wdango Storyteller

    Jakarta, Indonesia
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  4. Mortifer

    Mortifer Embrace your inner lunatic. Fun time guaranteed.

    Under a rock.
    Well, since we have a proper Quest Thread, I'll just repost my Quest Idea's here.

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  5. It doesn't help that the two threads used to be one, so a lot of people probably still just post threads

    I favor the kill la kill one myself, but that also the one know the most of.
  6. I long for...Bouken Ou Beet quest.

    My beloved series, that has a pretty good setup for a quest and is actually begging for one as it stands: the original manga being discontinued before a proper conclusion.

    But...most people don't even know about it...

    Still, if just one person were to have read the original and start a quest about it, it wouldn't be too difficult to give the pertinent information in the opening post. And they would have my deep gratitude.
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  7. Mortifer

    Mortifer Embrace your inner lunatic. Fun time guaranteed.

    Under a rock.
    I'm not really confident in my ability to run something in Kill La Kill, so I'd probably need someone to factcheck/bounce idea's off of/point fingers at whenever I stuff up before I write it.

    Or any of the others, for that matter, but this is the only one people have shown interest in so far.
  8. LordPanther14

    LordPanther14 The Definition of Insanity

    Land of the Free
    Frampt Quest/Kaathe Quest

    I'd be interested in participating in this quest. My knowledge of Dark Souls is mighty low but the fact you have opposing sides running concurrently would still be enough to hold my interest.
  9. I'd gladly help you with that part, as long as I don't have to try and point out spelling/math errors.

    Still trying to decide what kind of RP I should do myself now that Beast of the Earth is finished,
  10. Quest ideas huh?

    Well I've never written a quest before but I've been working on an outline for an ambitious TLoZ Wind Waker quest for a few weeks now. It would mainly follow the stations of canon in the beginning (outset island, forsaken fortress, windfall island, dragon roost island), with some little twists (say, Great Fish island would make a good place to spend a night on the way to forsaken fortress?). Also a lot of customizing for Link. The Wind Waker is basically a wand so maybe have a possibility of learning different kinds of magic? I liked the rings in Oracles games, so I'm thinking of having those too. Companions would come somewhere down the line, with appropiate choices/rolls. Tetra definitely, and Medli and Makar. There would be some ideas from One Piece and other Zelda games too.

    Some experienced help would be appreciated with the different systems involved in quests, like combat and skills.
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  11. NPC


    Quest idea you say, I've come to the right place. If anyone wants to use my ideas, please pm me, I'll gladly help out. I have no experience actually running a game but I have worked out some partial timeline and flash points for some of the below. I have even started working on a military unit creation system for a few of the universes.

    40k Rogue Trader: Let's set up our own empire in the unexplored regions of space, exploit primitives, conquer aliens, pirate merchants . . . er fight pirates, and bring the emperors light to the far corners of the galaxy. Well something like that at any rate.

    If you're familiar with the Dark Hersey books then this might sound good to you. You know that evil family of Rogue Traders the Haarlocks? The family who's leader killed every single member of the family and all their friends and allies after his wife and daughter were murdered when assassins were trying to kill him. The family infamous for dealing in xenotech, deamons, and any corruption no matter how dark. While let's say Haarlock's deals with deamons, trying to resurrect you and your mother worked, sort of. You wake up in a clone body surrounded by blood sacrifices. Now tearing someone's soul from the warp has consequences, the planet your on is being sucked into the warp. Your father paid for your life with his own. Now you need to escape the coming warp storm, learn to wield your physic powers, reclaim your families fleet, rebuild your fortunes, and conquer the Kronos Expanse. By the way everyone fears your family so it's a good idea to keep out of Imperial space, despite being theoretically above investigation, Rogue Traders who stand up to the Inquisition tend to end up dead. So you better take over a few planets, raise a few regiments, and acquire a sizable fleet. After all, might makes right.

    Star Wars Imperial Moff: Navigate the treachery of Imperial politics. Order legions of storm troopers to clash with armies of battle droids. Watch star destroyers trade fire with rebel cruisers. Slowly fall into corruption as assassination and war become more convenient then working out the problems through diplomacy.

    Your in the brig for killing your superior officer. Well you were until he and all his Jedi buddies were declared traitors and killed by their own troops. Now your a hero. Funny all you were doing was playing with the Sith Holocron you took off a dead CIS Acolyte when it activated. Apparently due to your bloodline or some such. Then the Jedi General demanded you hand it over, you disagreed, he declared you corrupted, and attacked. Now the new Emperor calls you up and grants you sector to run in the outer rim. All you have to do is crush the remaining CIS forces in the region and survive in the New Order. What's this, an Inquisitor is here to teach you what exactly? Well good luck with that.

    Star Wars CIS Holdout: Your the commander of a factory fortress world. The Empire has just formed and chaos reigns as Palpy forces his reforms through. The remaining CIS forces are divided and leaderless. You can rally and strike before he can from up the fleets to pin you in your bases, or wait out the siege building up a force to breakout, if all is lost there's always wild space or the uncharted regions if your feeling really adventurous.

    I want a game were we don't have to answer to anyone and still have major military force. We could form the early rebel alliance, set up our own petty empire, smother Palpy's empire while it's still in the cradle, or just go on a psychotic rampage. Whatever we decide, we don't have to play Mr. Nice Guy. I want to see a game where we are rewarded for being bold and daring. Where fighting is actually a better plan then digging in and teching up.

    Black Company Lady: Basic fantasy setting, little light on the magic and mythical monsters though.

    Your an evil sorceress named The Lady. Some minions accidentally dug up your grave instead of your cheating lord husbands. You proceed to kill them all and dig up the Taken, the generals and ministers of your husband's fallen empire. Now it's time to set up a new empire with your Taken henchmen of dubious loyalty. Oh and by the way there's a prophesy that you will fall the next time a certain comet appears in the sky. Have fun building up a new empire and watching over your bickering vassals. Make sure they keep bickering between each other else they decide to replace you.

    Lord of the Rings/Game of Throne Crossover: With the destruction of the one ring, the armies of Saron and his allies are on the run. You are a warrior/general/sorceress once in the service of the witch king. Now you take your rag tag group of survivors on a fleet made up of every ship you could beg, barter, or steal. After a mysterious storm, you land during The Age of Heroes/Andel Invasion/Aegon's Conquest/Dance of Dragons/Blackfire Rebellions/Robert's Rebellion/War of Five Kings have fun.

    I just chose GoT/ASoIaF because it's popular right now but you could do anything. Maybe DA:O or Eargon might sound better to you.

    Again if anyone needs help I'm happy to help.
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  12. Do you need more help with exact mechanics or more help with how thing should generally turn out. Exact mechanics with things like stats can be helpful, but seems more prone to munchkining then otherwise.

    Writing a quest for the first time can be a pretty intimidating thing, I remember back when I started up Zero quest I was very skittish.
  13. The latter for now. The exact things will probably pop up during the quest itself and I'm currently of the mind that those can be hammered out then. With input from multiple people.
    The general mechanics system I'm currently working on is based on dnd or pathfinder with attributes that have modifiers that give bonus to skills that can be trained independantly. Although I've been reading Judge Mental's Xander quest lately and the system there is also interesting, although I wouldn't dream of having that many skills.
  14. Alright then.

    You mind elaborating on the whole ideas from one peace thing?
  15. edukated

    edukated Is dissapointed that he is not member 1337.

    Do we just PM a mod to get this Stickied?



    Start out as a sole mercenary investigating whether or not there is anything of value left to recover from Ingen's holdings on Isla Nublar and Isla Sorna. Establish a base, shoot raptors, loot buildings, hire reinforcements, and kill your competitors. All while looking to make big money off the potential treasure trove that is... JURASSIC PARK!
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  16. Well they are nothing major really. Not yet anyway. I was planning on making Windfall Navy or something like that but it would be modeled after the Marines from One piece. Not sure how big I would make it though. Should I have it patrol the whole Great Sea, or just important trade hubs like Windfall, Great Fish and Dragon Roost islands? Smaller islands like outset could get a patrol ship maybe once a month or something (note to self: make more islands with civilization other than moblins). Since there is a need for marines, there shall be more pirates too. Canonically Tetra had what, one rival pirate crew? Well, there'll be more now. Probably those Gerudo counterparts from Termina and the skeleton pirates from the Oracles series. Linebeck could make a cameo. Then sea kings, Calm belt style. Knock-up streams. Dials? Maybe. Sky Island (full of Oocca?). But these are all late game things (things that become more relevant after meeting the King of Red Lions at Windfall)

    Also thought of having the Wind Fish from Link's Awakening stop by. It could have a piece of triforce of courage. Again, late game stuff.
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  17. Possibly I'm not sure how that works myself, would be nice though.

    This right after the first movie or is it from one of the latter ones?

    Sorry if theirs another continuity your talking about only ever been exposed to the movie and some of the games myself.

    Alright intersting.

    Hope they actually manage to do their jobs when gannon shows up, even if they have no chance against the big bad himself.

    Seems interesting, might want to label it as a crossover though depending on how much one peace you put in it.
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  18. edukated

    edukated Is dissapointed that he is not member 1337.

    Post first movie. A lot of the inspiration comes from Jurassic Park 2: The Chaos Continues. A fun little game for the SNES.
  19. Oh they´ll do well, against Bokoblins and Miniblins at least. Moblins... would take numbers or someone skilled. Probably an officer. Normal Chu-Chu's are just pests. A single Darknut could probably raze the village in Outset Island, provided it could ambush Orca and Sturgeon. Wizzrobes are a pain as there are really not many wizards on the Great Sea.
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  20. Naturally so are they going to follow the same being higher ranked makes you stronger thing the one peace one, or would you rather they not.

    Actually speaking of Marines I'm surprised no ones ever proposed a one peace marine quest myself.
  21. Well, personally I like the idea that authority = power, but there'll be combat types and there'll be paperwork types.

    And yeah, it is kind of surprising. I had an idea some time ago but couldn't make a story for it, so I focused on this.
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  22. I got something like a dozen civ-style quests stuck in my head, and only a few of them make sense, along with a Naruto/Fate quest that I was also concidering turning into an actual story, but I'm not sure. I've never lead a Quest before so I'm a bit edgy about starting one. What do you guys think?
  23. Malbutorius

    Malbutorius C'est le bien qui fait mal

    I was thinking of doing a BROB Victim Quest.

    First off you create an ordinary individual (Human, From Earth, no magic and such, you can either choose 'average' for some things or roll for it). And then you choose what the BROB did.

    Some personality traits may turn some curses into benefits or possibly alter what BROB options are available.
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  24. NPC


    Alright I got a few more ideas. We could play a noble house in the Dune series. Perhaps a newly formed house still trying to enforce their rule over their home planet. Then we can proceed to expand into other planets.

    How about a Dragon Age quest? We play as the King/Queen of Ferelden after the Blight. We have to deal with the Orleans trying to invade, the Mage-Templar War, and not to mention the darkspawn leftovers.
  25. Go for it...? Going to need a little bit more information to say more.

    Sounds fine to me, although my thoughts jump from that to a crossover quest. As in a BROB picks a canon character from series A, and dumps him to series B. And plainly tells them that they are in different verse. Cue freaking out, trying to get home or being happy to get out of a bad situation. Optional geas on the character to do something.

    Only thing I know about Dune is that he who controls the spice, controls the universe. I think. So I'm going to ignore that.

    Dragon age... Might be fun. King of Orzammar would make a great option too.
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