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Idea Quest Idea Thread

Discussion in 'Creative Discussion & Worldbuilding' started by undead frog, Jun 21, 2014.

  1. It would probably be better to go with the "fanfic"route since the slow posting rate will most likely result in a very small active playerbase and thus minimal feedback, especially if you lack an already existing fanbase.
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  2. @Erandil, especially as yours is the only reply after five days, I think you may have the right of it. :-/
  3. Nathaniel Wolff

    Nathaniel Wolff For The Safety Of The Universe

    [X] Breathe, motherfucker!
  4. Janus


    Quest Idea:
    You are a Monotheistic God. You have been kicked out of your Heaven, and must return.
  5. PoptartProdigy

    PoptartProdigy I'll let them TRY anything...

    Akron, USA
    Reader Response:

    Will provide votes in exchange for content.

    In other words, sounds fascinating. What kinda system are you thinking of?
  6. Janus


    I am not in the best health so I'm thinking of asking for a GM. IF I do it it could be one of the systems I have. I have Fantasy Craft, I ahve Dungeons and Dragons Fifth Edition, I have Big Eyes Small Mouth, or maybe Lord of the Rings. . . .I don't know.
  7. Nathaniel Wolff

    Nathaniel Wolff For The Safety Of The Universe

    100% Heresy
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  8. ThePastryKing

    ThePastryKing The Flaky One

    So, I've been looking at a lot of quests recently (a rather new concept to me (also awesome)), and I haven't seen a Worm/Touhou one. So I came up with this idea; You, the questers, vote for a list of ten characters from Touhou, and one of them is randomly selected. You then play as a character from Worm with their (the Touhou character's) power set. The twist would be the mental contamination system, where the higher the value (out of 100), the more your options line up with those the chosen character would pick from (outside of write-ins of course). This would of course be running off of a mix of Touhou canon and fanon characterization (so max Yuuka contamination would mean many polite yet sadistic options). I'm still not sure what sort of system I would use other than dice rolls.

    Any advice/criticism is appreciated, as this would be my first quest. Hope y'all like the idea though.
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  9. The occasional Goa'uld RPs and fanfics have gotten me thinking of a quest following a System Lord somehow arriving in the Pegasus Galaxy and trying to loot as much of it as possible while dealing with the Wraith and other dangers. Possibly with the end goal of making your way back to the Milky Way and deposing Ra.

    My understanding is that even Goa'uld hyperdrives could make the trip given around 100 years and their stuff is the sort of built to last that might be able to pull that kind of trip off. I'm somewhat iffy on the timeframe for the departure, definitely before Ra's death because I'm thinking that a failed coup attempt against him would be the impetus for the MC to be fleeing literally as far as possible. That still leaves all kinds of options for what the Milky Way might look like if a return ever does come up however.

    I've got most of an opening post worked out, including a bevvy of character/fleet customization based around what you did for Ra before the attempted overthrow and what you managed to haul aboard your ragtag fleet before setting out, and I'll probably throw that up here before too long. I'm still fuzzy on how I'm going to run the mechanics although I'm pretty sure it'll end up being fairly hefty on that front.
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  10. DreamerGhost


    Sounds pretty cool actually.
  11. Pandemonious Ivy

    Pandemonious Ivy Prophet of Pyramids, Zealot of Ziggurats


    My new years resolution was to actually start and complete a quest.

    It'll be a Dark Souls/Pokemon fusion. I'll post a write up once I fully complete tweaking details... and bribing people into helping me write it who know the settings.
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  12. Alright, given this some thought, expanding on it:

    [] Quentin Rodriguez AKA Gunslinger AKA "Thousand Yard Angel"
    Quentin is a member of the independent hero team Actioneers, lead by Whirligig, a mad scientist tinker specialized in steam-power contraptions. Quentin himself makes use of an almost ludicrously large rifle and a prosthetic eye, both made by Whirligig, in tandem with his own power, to operate as the team's sniper, providing support from afar, leading a certain newspaper article to give him the accolade of "a guardian angel operating from a thousand yards away."​
    • Thinker 5: Quentin has a superb capacity for psychoanalysis, able to subconsciously construct a personality profile for a person simply by laying eyes on them. This contributes to the second prong of his ability: making use of knowledge about a person to predict what their next move will be with startling accuracy. He uses in combat to determine the movements a target might make and lead his shots accordingly, however he can also use it to great effect while politicking, being able to gauge what a person's reaction might be to certain statements and phrases.
    In addition to this, I've thought up ideas for at least two cape groups and a few capes on each group.

    The Actioneers
    Based out of a town in Southern Colorado previously called Ailmont, but now known as Gadgetville, the Actioneers are a team of heroes without any significant affiliations to any other groups, including the Protectorate and the Guild. Gadgetville is also the seat of a company called Gear Inc., which is heavily entrenched in a variety of manufacturing industries, and is rumored to be owned by the team's leader, Whirligig. The members of the Actioneers include:
    • Whirligig: The leader of the team, Whirligig is an incredibly potent tinker. Despite specializing in rather demarcated forms of technology such as clockwork and gearboxes, Whirligig is able to perform feats many tinkers would find impossible, such as being able to create an autonomous assembly line for building automatons. He has equipped his teammates with a great deal of powerful gadgetry, and has enhanced himself with various prostheses.
    • Blast-o-mancer: A Striker cape with the ability to turn any object he touches into a powerful explosive, apparently by transmuting minute amounts of it into anti-matter. The longer he "charges" an object, the larger the explosion that it yields. An object's mass also relates to how long its "fuse" lasts, with pebbles detonating after only a few seconds, but an item as large as a bowling ball taking minutes; an item as large as a car taking hours; and building-sized objects taking days to weeks.
    • Squall: Often the team's tactician, Squall is capable of exhaling storm clouds and imbuing them with sentience and enhanced viscosity to become minions. She is also constantly, if acutely, aware of weather patterns in the region.
    • Gunslinger: A Thinker cape with incredible predictive abilities and carefully-honed marksmanship. Gunslinger often acts as a "Thousand Yard Angel", providing his team with sniper support from incredibly long distances using a rifle produced by Whirligig; however, he is equally dangerous in closer quarters, able to quickdraw like a Wild West cowboy and hip-fire crack shots like only a Hollywood protagonist could do. He is also deceptively skilled in his speechcraft.
    • Panoply: Whirligig's second-in-command, Panoply is capable of causing items she touches to disappear, and then allows them to reappear at will. While she cannot affect objects approximately larger than a piece of furniture, there does not seem to be any limit to the amount of things she can store. Combining this with Whirligig's capricious tinkering tendencies, Panoply has an incredible array of contraptions available at her finger tips.

    Cutthroat Junta
    The Cutthroat Junta is a group of villains which are known to rove around Routt County in Northwestern Colorado, extorting protection money from a number of small towns as well as room and board. They vy for control of the county seat, Steamboat Springs, although have been thwarted upon making any major plays to co-opt the city by the Protectorate Mid Mid West team. Their members include:
    • Christophe l'Zombi: Clad in a sleeveless trench coat, built like an ox, with bodypaint from head to toe designed to give the impression of Baron Samedi, the leader of the Cutthroat Junta is an intimidating man. He possesses the ability to create puppets which are attuned to a specific target by a piece of their body. While a poppet is on his person, he is able to siphon off a fraction of the target's physical strength to add to his own; more significantly, however, if he is injured, he can transfer the injury onto the target to restore his own health.
    • Sluagh: An unnerving cape, Sluagh has a form of biokinesis which grants him complete control of his entire body from head to toe. In addition to greatly enhancing his capacity to survive otherwise life-threatening wounds, it also enables him to eject internal organs such as his intestines and use them as tendrils to fight foes. He is also capable of protracting his nerves from his body and overlapping them with those of another person, giving him to opportunity to seize control of their body so long as he maintains physical contact.
    • Burlap: Standing at ten feet tall and weighing in at just over forty-seven pounds, Burlap is a sentient, humanoid mass of its eponymous material, animated by some form of specialized telekinesis. It is capable of unraveling itself into its constituent threads to bind an opponent or increase its reach, as well as incorporating other forms of fabric and cloth into itself to increase its size. Despite its relatively diminutive mass, it hits like a charging bull, and can take just as thorough of a beating.
    • Diabla: In addition to being able to generate a seemingly endless supply of obsidian or brimstone from her body, Diabla is also a powerful Blaster capable of producing a napalm-like substance which burns with putrid, cadmium-colored fire. Its fumes have a side effect of inducing hallucinations upon those who inhale it, causing them to see demonic figures around themselves.

    The Wendigo
    A ghost tale about a terrible monstrosity which lived in a small canyon called Backman's Gorge and was purportedly responsible for the almost complete disappearance of the inhabitants of three nearby towns. Up until several months ago, the Wendigo was believed to be little more than a wives' tale that added extra mythos to what was in reality the desertion of the aforementioned towns due to several consecutive droughts in the region. However, a recent string of disappearances in the region have caused some to believe the old tale bears a kernel of truth.
    Last edited: Jan 1, 2017
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  13. Simulium Novitius

    Simulium Novitius Relaxing After PT

    San Antonio Texas
    Magical Companion Quest -

    Magical Girl Murphy has the worst luck of all magical girls, and it is her turn to call a magical compainion.

    Oh no, she isn't lucky like Louise from Familiar of Zero. She at least was the Chosen One.

    And no one wants to be her Companion because...well...yeah.


    You have been chosen to be Magical Girl Murphy's Companion.

    And you do not want to go to her....caring arms.

    What are you?

    [ ] Cabbit.
    [ ] Dragon
    [ ] Dog
    [ ] Snake
    [ ] I don't know what the fuck I am.
    [ ] Write in.
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  14. Janus


    Hmm how does "Martial Arts Master" In a horror movie verse Quest? We are Shao Lin/maybe something else, in the world of Jason, Freddy, Michael Meyers, etcetera.
  15. Pandemonious Ivy

    Pandemonious Ivy Prophet of Pyramids, Zealot of Ziggurats

    My issue with this is that it'd only feasibly turn out one of two ways:

    1. The only thing that the horror villains needed in order to be defeated before was someone who was skilled at combat to just stand up and fight them. Which... kinda has happened, but just not with martial arts.

    2. The same thing happens that has happened before, either the villains are defeated for the moment which makes things anticlimactic, or the villains no-sell the martial arts and gank them, which also makes things anticlimactic.
  16. Nathaniel Wolff

    Nathaniel Wolff For The Safety Of The Universe

    Make it a martial artist on the more mystical side of things.

    Go full Wuxia.
  17. Pandemonious Ivy

    Pandemonious Ivy Prophet of Pyramids, Zealot of Ziggurats

    See, then you'd end up touching on No. 1.

    "All you needed was to fight them the right way" and you'd either get a brutal smackdown or you'd get Freddy Vs Jason.
  18. Janus


    Kwai Chang Kane?
  19. [X] Dragon
    Always be the dragon.
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  20. This might be a bit on the side, but I wanted to get some opinions.

    Say that you're running a quest and that the players are discussing a plan. Thing is, the options they vote for are counterproductive towards the objective the plan is supposed to accomplish because of facts that are available to them but that they have overlooked.

    My question is: Should I point this out to them or should I keep quiet and let them fail?
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  21. Could you give an example of what you mean? Not necessarily the exact scenario that's going on, but something to get a better idea. Like are they planning to get in good with someone even if the vote was to rob their friend or something?

    I think perhaps maybe asking a pointed question like how they expect their plan to work when they voted for something that's counterproductive.
  22. Because of OOC knowledge they voted such that the player character is in the right place, but weeks early and with several reasons to keep going but none to stay.
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  23. ThePastryKing

    ThePastryKing The Flaky One

    Hey guys, I posted an idea earlier, and well, here's the outcome: Fantasy Worm Quest.
    I'm not sure if it's going to be great, but I hope people find it fun :)
  24. If it were me, then I'd make one or two pointed questions about why the PC would stick around, but beyond that, let the dice fall where they may and have it be a lesson that sometimes they can outsmart themselves.
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  25. You know how these things go. A patron, a job, an invasion of Earth by extraterrestrials. An elite organization dedicated to stopping said extraterrestrials from doing dastardly things to humanity while greedily absorbing their technology. All true in this case. The International Military Task Force has formed and is readying to start the good fight.

    There's just one little difference here.... You are not part of them. You do not have first pick of the finest minds on Earth, or access to international funding.
    You are in control of a single nation's response to the alien threat. You have the manpower and they are well motivated, but advanced equipment is limited and will probably come from IMTF bases instead of yours.

    Of course, quantity has a quality all it's own. You might be held directly responsible for what happens on your territory but you aren't limited to a few hundred soldiers further bottlenecked by transport capacity. How you deploy your forces could make or break your career, commander.

    Good luck.


    Has this idea ever been run? An XCOM-lite scenario, but playing as one of the nations rather than XCOM itself. Seems like it could be interesting, at least.

    Fair warning for those of you have heard of it: I will probably take some cues from Red Flag's old XCOM game on SB.
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