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Idea Quest Idea Thread

Discussion in 'Creative Discussion & Worldbuilding' started by undead frog, Jun 21, 2014.

  1. DreamerGhost


    *Terror misson*

    Allright guys, there's fifty of us for each of them. Secure the civilians and watch out for the plasma, those will kill you stone dead with a single hit.

    *Suddenly chrysalids*

    World:Welp, gg.
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  2. *terror mission*

    Old Guy in a safe room: *picks up the phone* "Help me XCOM, you're my only hope."

    Meanwhile: *laser guided bombs wreck things vaguely indiscriminately when they can*

    That said, even high end infantry can't truly shrug off anti tank munitions without a care. But there IS a reason that the supranational organization exists...
    And naturally, I'd change 'some' things up... :drevil:
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  3. https://forums.sufficientvelocity.com/threads/commanding-the-front-lines.35124/

    Disregard the consequences, full speed ahead!
  4. Rooster


    How much interest would I get for a Naruto Dynasty Quest (in vein of this one and that other good one)?

    These two were great, CKII style quests that had also great writing. The thing is I don't want to follow the CKII model exactly. Would putting a rpg spin on it hurt the popularity?
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  5. Janus


    A Witch! Again?
  6. Excuse me. Would anyone be interested in a worm gang quest, or grand RP?

    In either you would be controlling a gang in a wormverse city. (Not Brockton Bay) The quest all the players would be the same gang, and the GRP would have the players as separate gangs in the city. If anyone would be interested in playing I would like to know. If you have an interest in helping me beat a system for the game into submission that would be amazing, as would any betas or people who could help with building the city.

    Any interest?
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  7. Rooster


    I would be somewhat interested. However I'm not American, and I would bet money that the setting would end up being a city in USA anyway, so I don't know how much help I would be.

    Could I suggest Chicago for the setting? I've been reading Dresden Files lately.
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  8. I might be interested.
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  9. I don't know Chicago but I could work with someone who does, or use Google maps.
  10. Would you prefer a quest or grand RP?
  11. Rooster


    I don't have any experience with a Grand RP, and it sounds time intensive, and that's not something I have in abundance. Quest is a lot easier to get into.
  12. ThePastryKing

    ThePastryKing The Flaky One

    Grand RP sounds like the more interesting option, just for the fact that it would be more dynamic and varied.
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  13. KnightofTempest

    KnightofTempest The Man who would be King

    So. . .I've been thinking. It seems there's been a couple Dragonball quests, but they always have the players be a saiyan for some reason.

    I was wondering if anyone would be into a Quest where you play a Human? I always liked the underdog story as a dramatic thing, and Tien and Krillin were both useful in different ways even against enemies like cell. . .

    My Idea would start the players off in Dragonball and then Timeskip to Z afterwards.

    Anyone interested?
  14. KnightofTempest

    KnightofTempest The Man who would be King

    What do you need to know, I live in Chicago. . .
  15. Would anyone be interested in a Code Geass quest where you guys play as an AU Kallen who lost lost her mother and brother during the Britannian invasion of Japan when the Britannian Embassy they took shelter in was attacked by the Japan military and she was saved by Britannian forces?

    Without her brother and all his Japanese friends filling her life with Japanese nationalism and anti-Britannian sentiments, Kallen grows up in the Britannian Homeland with basically no emotional connection to Japan beyond all the bad memories she has. She still blames Britannia for creating the mess that got her family killed, but she doesn't really have anyway to vent all that frustration in a productive way like she does in the canon timeline, so she joins either a military academy or some knightly order so she has something to fight for.

    The quest itself will focus completely on Kallen herself for the most part and character progression will be split into Skills that she can improve as well as Talents that she can acquire to further boost her capabilities.
  16. greendoor

    greendoor Losing in avatar related threads since 2012

    I would note that Chicago has several Canon Capes*, which you may be able to use (Or not want to use). That of course, depends on timeframe (Setting it several years before canon would for example, make the Chicago Wards out of the picture).

    *The Chicago Wards, Revel, Myrradin, the Folk, and maybe even Weaver herself, depending on timeframe.
  17. As I said earlier, I'd prefer the RP.
  18. KnightDisciple

    KnightDisciple Justicia in nox noctis.

    Midwest, USA
    It'd be interesting! The big hurdle to tackle once you get to Z is "how do you stay relevant without blatantly nerfing Saiyans or ass-pulling power-ups for Humans?". It's pretty clear that even up through the Cell Saga, Tien and Krilling have the skill to stay relevant, but just can't match the power necessary.
    The best approach would maybe be something that has shown up in a couple of the recent DBZ games, which is that Humans never have a "ceiling" on their growth like Saiayans, they just don't get to cheat with emotion-based powerups.
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  19. KnightofTempest

    KnightofTempest The Man who would be King

    The way I'm running it is that though Humans can compete with Saiyans through training with ki (They just have to train harder, since they don't get to cheat.) Their primary advantage comes in the form of two things that were prevalent in Dragonball, but not in Z due to the transition from martial arts fantasy, to sci fi.

    Namely Psychic Powers and Magic.

    The way I have it set up is that Psychic abilities let you use clever mucking about with telekinesis and the laws of physics to battle foes above your power level successfully.

    Magic, to Quote Baba Uranai, "Cheats" and technically has no upper limit to what it can be used for.

    Toriyama, by his own admission, forgot that he had established these abilities in Dragonball as Z went on
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  20. Gangs, and gang warfare and myself failing like a drowning fish. To see all this and more come over to....

    This thread whoes name I am unsure of.
  21. KnightDisciple

    KnightDisciple Justicia in nox noctis.

    Midwest, USA
    Aha. Yes, those are also good angles to take.
  22. 10ebbor10


    Maintenance Routine Online
    Date : 2034-03-17

    Internal System Check ...
    Internal System Check Complete
    Results :
    3 problems detected ​
    3 problems resolved
    Results logged​

    External system Check ...
    External System Check Complete
    Results :
    241 problems detected
    27 problems resolved
    214 problems awaiting resolution
    Results logged​

    Connecting to Communication Network
    Connection failed
    Last successful connection : 2031-03-17

    Deploying External Receiver
    Scanning for new signals :

    "Suffering and despair, as Ion Storm Kirk continues to batter Western Europe. Local officials have confirmed that GDI's recovery operation in the German Yellow zone, may be threatened."

    "Kane was a coward and a traitor who long ago lost faith to the purity that is Tiberium... His violent demise was the result of his own lies and blasphemies and he will be brought down to the pit of Hell and all there will STARE at him and ask: "Can this be the one who shook the Earth and the Kingdoms of the World?"

    "In the light Nod's continuing fragmentation and increasing Tiberium concentrations, there needs to be a redistribution of efforts. We can not justify billions to liberate barren wastelands, when the last unspoiled places on Earth are coming under increasing threat."

    "Rare footage from the R-1 zone covering Turkey and most of the Eastern Mediterranean serves a drastic reminder of just how close the world came to complete destruction when Nod launched their World Altering Missile. The missile disintegrated over Turkey after having sustained significant damage during a desperate launch attempt under heavy bombardment. Even so, it's Tiberium based warhead unleashed a terrible ion storm that covered half the globe. The heroic actions by Michael McNeil and the GDI rapid Reaction force therefore prevented not only the destruction of the GDSS Philadeplhia, but perhaps also that of the World."

    Signal acquisition failed.
    Engage fallback routines.
    Starting Primary Intelligence cores.

    [] Computer Assisted Biologically Augmented Lifeform : CABAL

    + Access to Tiberium Sun units (Most of Nod lost their technology in the post-war fragmentation. You have all of it)
    + Highly capable (Based on the Tacitus, your technology is the most advanced in the world)
    - Tried to take over the world (Yeah, people kind of dislike that)

    [] Logic Enhanced General Integrated Organic Nexus : LEGION
    + Tiberium War Units (Kane has shared his plans with you)
    + Trusted by Kane (Most loyalist Nod units should follow you, though there may be less than you like)
    - Prototype units (Most of the units you have are still prototypes)
  23. Janus


    An evil Cult God is YOU!

    Just as it says on the tin, you are an evil god of a Cult who must leech off of the beliefs of mortals to make it into the Human world.
  24. Echo 101

    Echo 101

    Got a new idea in my mind. A quest about a prince trying to marshall an army together to win back control of his country from a power hungry regent who's turned his older brother against him.
  25. Dark as Silver

    Dark as Silver

    Didn't someone already propose this?
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