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Idea Quest Idea Thread

Discussion in 'Creative Discussion & Worldbuilding' started by undead frog, Jun 21, 2014.

  1. [X]Man
    [X] Hugh Mungus (Your parents were cruel, cruel bastards)
    [X] Stealth
    [X] You're just trying to make enough to survive. If I want to retire I don't want my boss saying 'no.'
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  2. Janus


    I'd like to be a Wizzrobe in your Zelda Quest.
  3. BetaM

    BetaM Beta God

    Yeah that was mine as well, I was thinking of having heavy character development at the start. Choose settings, relationships then have it all fall apart, I've got a few ideas floating around for the starting setting i'll probably have that be one of the starting choices.

    Something like
    Who are you?
    [] A fisherman, on a coastal fishing village
    [] A hunter, in a small village in the great forest
    [] A guard in the royal palace of [empire name, probably a play off hyrule]
    [] A merchants apprentice visiting [empire name] from lands a far.
    [] A beggar on the streets of [the capital of the empire] (kinda iffy on this option)

    How so?
  4. Dark as Silver

    Dark as Silver

    Speaking as someone who has never played a LoZ game *Shock horror, now you know my secret you must die.*
    Are these related to any particular game?
  5. Janus


    If I understand Zelda Lore, wizzrobes aren't all bad, despite being a minion in the games they appear in. They are just an order of wizards and I guess they become controlled by Ganon. i'd like to maybe be a free wizzrobe.
  6. BetaM

    BetaM Beta God

    The options? A little bit, not especially.

    [] A fisherman, on a coastal fishing village
    Wind waker, thats all about ocean exploration. Was what I was thinking of with this start. Actually might have it be from a chain of islands off the coast. instead of the coast itself for this start
    [] A hunter, in a small village in the great forest
    Thinking Orcarina of time or Twilight princess, they both start in a big forest.
    [] A guard in the royal palace of [empire name, probably a play off hyrule]
    Kinda inspired off Twilight princess, with all the stuff in-castle in the game. But not really.
    [] A merchants apprentice visiting [empire name] from lands a far.
    I was thinking of a Majora's Mask type thing, where your foreign to the world.
    [] A beggar on the streets of [the capital of the empire] (kinda iffy on this option)
    This wouldn't be inspired from any games, which is a big part as to why im iffy about it.

    The starts would set up character development, and set up our drive. Would send us on the same quest no matter the start, although the end goal might be different for each start.
  7. Raiu

    Raiu Go to Reaction: :D

    United States
    Dungeon Bowl XV
    "Helllllo Dungeon Fans, I'm Grazgul Gorgutz, and I'm joined by Merlinus "Magic Missile" Sorcerus, former leader of the Candlemere Enchanters and winner of the first Dungeon Bowl. It's great to have you here on the show today."
    "It's a pleasure to be here Grazgul."
    "I'm pretty sure everyone is excited for the opening of this new Dungeon Bowl season, and we've already gotten a great opening game when the Kobold Keep Krashers faced off against the Sunken Deeps Sultans. We were all worried that this would be a repeat of last year's Dungeon Bowl."
    "Indeed, in fact it seemed quite likely since the Sultans' were hosting this week's game. I still have nightmares of the Sultan's 'Water Temple' from the first year, and this year's was almost as horrifying. However, the Krashers' new sponsorship with DwarfCo Demolitions seems to have really paid off for them."
    "You can say that again. The Sultans thought they had an easy win, but DwarfCo's WetSpark(tm) explosive fuses really pulled their weight. The Krashers stayed true to their name, and by the time they were done, there wasn't a single stone on their half of the Dungeon which hadn't been touched by the blast."
    "Well, I'll give the Krashers some credit. For such small creatures there are two things that are big about them."
    "And what would that be Merlinus?"
    "Their explosions and their penalties bill."
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  8. shepsquared

    shepsquared Erratic Aussie

    Ugh, I'm trying to write the first real post of my One Piece/Pokemon quest and all I can think of is a Star Wars Padawan quest. Oh whatever.

    Basically it'd be set a decade or so before Phantom Menace - the intention is that you'd be 4-5 years older than Obi-Wan throughout canon.
    The quest would primarily focus on Disney canon.

    You'd start as an initiate who's trying to get chosen by a knight or master - as you missed the initiate tournament (or lost horribly depending on your chosen speciality) you'd be one of a group of initiates on an excursion to the planet Cobal, which was once home to a splinter order of Jedi. Several Jedi Knights are accompanying the expedition and your (initial) goal is to impress one of them enough to become their padawan.

    And then adventures occur from there, with the potential to get involved with canon or do your own thing.

    Of course, the main widget I'm thinking of for the quest is a Moral Virtue and Vice systems to show how your character could fall to the darkside.
    It'd be based on Aristotelean morals - which states that a virtue is the golden mean between 2 vies. For example, Courage is a virtue. If you have too much courage you will be Foolhardy and Reckless, but if you lack Courage you will be a Coward.
    So the character will pick one virtue (possibly adding more later) and that will define what tempts them the most towards the dark side.
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  9. Iandude0

    Iandude0 He who makes Poor decisions

    Been thinking about reviving Galactic Warlords again, though this time with the mains as a major player rather than starting small. I'm just putting this up here to see if anyone's interested. I'd love your thoughts.

    It has been six months since the death of Chancellor Palpatine at the hands of the Jedi Master Yoda. The Republic, once the one true uniting factor of the galaxy, lies broken like its beloved leader whose blood stains the floor of the Senate. Faith in the Republic was at an all time low, even as the civil war seemed to be nearing it’s end. When the Jedi refused to put forward Master Yoda to face justice for his crime against the Galaxy, the final straw fell on the bantha’s hump. The straining Republic shattered under it’s own weight.

    The first group to split from the Republic were the Jedi themselves. Shifting to Corellia the home of their sister Order, the Green Jedi, they formed a coalition of planets meant to defend themselves from the wrath of an irrational and enraged Republic. Overnight, a third of the Core joined arms in open rebellion against those who would seek to destroy the defenders of peace. They aim to restore the Republic they remembered and to hopefully usher in an era of prosperity once more.

    Realizing the Existential threat represented by this new radical group, the newly-appointed Supreme Chancellor Mas Amedda passed the second bill of wartime powers and withdrew forces from the Mid and Outer rims to face this new threat. Abandoned by their supposed protectors, the Republic’s tenuous hold on these areas slipped as planetary revolutions and secessionist movements burned brighter than they ever had before. Many proclaimed the death of the Republic, and cried out for a new era of independence rather than clinging to the stagnant system they once owed allegiance to.

    As the Republic rots, vultures circle it’s dying corpse. The CIS lives again, brought back from the brink of death by a massive surge in membership following Chancellor Palpatine’s death. They find themselves in ironic bastion of sanity in a world driven insane. The Hutts have finally seen their opportunity to gain prominence once more, fully mobilizing as a single unit for the first time in over 25,000 years. Elsewhere, piracy and banditry reign supreme as new groups take charge to fill the power vacuum that was left with the Republic’s withdrawal. Chief among these scum are the Mandalorians, lead by an enigmatic new leader whose plans seem once more to be galactic domination.

    Of course, you knew all of this. You’d had a front seat to the galaxy spiralling out of control. Now, you’d been appointed as a General to help fix things, and today, you took office your office.

    Today, you’d pledge your allegiance to the faction you knew would be able to make things better. As you ship landed, you stepped out onto the surface of:

    [] Coruscant
    Faction: The Galactic Republic

    Current Leader: Supreme Chancellor Mas Amedda
    High Commander: Anakin Skywalker
    Capital: Coruscant

    Following the assassination of Chancellor Palpatine, the Republic has found itself in a precarious position. Contending with a split in the Core sectors, the Senate once again passed to give the Chancellor Wartime powers. Realizing the existential threat posed by the newly formed Corellian Coalition, Mas Amedda ordered a general withdrawal of all garrisons in the Mid and Outer Rims to deal with this new enemy. In response to both the death of a beloved leader and the apparent abandonment by those that they thought would protect them, many of the Colonies have either seceded or have been assimilated by other factions.

    Now, the Republic finds itself in control of roughly half the Core and a section of the Colonies directly nearby. They are not completely without allies in the outer rims, but those planets are few and far between now.

    The greatest boon they have is the remnants of the Grand Army of the Republic. They are led by the famous war hero and personal friend of the late chancellor, Grand Admiral Anakin Skywalker. Though formerly a Jedi, he renounced his status before the Senate following the chancellor’s death, and declared the Jedi anathema to the people.

    With these assets, they wish to crush the murderous group of traitors known as the Jedi along with those who defend them and restore order to the Galaxy once more.

    Advantage- Grand Army of the Republic: The Republic’s military is still strong, and the clone soldiers are ready to fight against anyone who would threaten the people. The Navy is seasoned and experienced in the matters of War. New commanders are coming into prominence and recruits are flooding the stations in the Core for the opportunity to save the Republic.

    Disadvantage- Cracks in the Foundation: The very principles of the Republic have been challenged and even now planets are declaring their own independence from the government. Seeing this weakness, you will be beset on all sides by not only the Corellians and Separatists, but petty criminals, warlords and the newly formed Hutt Cartel. You’re going to be coming out of the gate fighting the largest war to date.

    Opportunity- Cleaning the Rot: No one can deny that the Republic has had it’s problems over the Millennia it has existed, but it never came to a head so violently as it had now. Finally, the Republic finds itself forced to change in ways it had never considered before. Perhaps something better could be made from this strife if it does not destroy you...

    [] Corellia
    Faction: The Corellian Coalition

    Current Leaders: Garm Bel Iblis, The Coruscanti and Green Jedi Councils
    High Commanders: Obi-Wan Kenobi, Gilead Pellaeon
    Capitol: Corellia

    After the execution of Order 66 and the attempted purge of the Jedi throughout the Galaxy ultimately failed, many of the surviving members fled what was once their home. Most were taken in by the Corellian Jedi Order, who were exempt from the purge due to the Senator Garm Bel Iblis using an old proviso to stay out of the war. The Republic denounced his actions, and demanded that they hand the traitors over to them to be tried and later executed for treason by the laws of the Republic. The senator refused, and called for his planet to secede from the Republic, calling the death of chancellor Palpatine a just one. Many other worlds within the core left with him, ranging from those who were against the late chancellor's bids for power to those who believed in the Jedi and would not have wanted them to be destroyed for the actions of what many sympathetic to their plight saw as one radical.

    Taking up the old banner of the Republic during the Cold War, they control a large section of the core worlds including Alderaan and Chandrila. Moreover, their prosperity was left largely untouched by the war, as Corellia itself had stayed out and opted to keep itself in isolation of the entire conflict. This threat so close to the heart of the Republic has been what prompted the new Chancellor to withdraw his soldiers from the rims. In response, the Corellian Engineering Corporation has pledged it's allegiance to the coalition, and started supplying ships to the secessionist worlds while the Corellian Security Corps have provided the men and women to staff them.

    However, the greatest asset they possess is the Jedi. Many members of the council had survived the purge. Known throughout the galaxy as the generals and heroes of the previous war, they have become appointed as commanders of the newly-legitimized army. Lead by Obi-Wan Kenobi alongside Gilead Pellaeon, a Republic officer that defected when ordered to hunt the Jedi down, they are the only thing keeping the Republic from declaring total war right now.

    They hope against all hope that the Republic sees reason, and gives up it's fanatical pursuit of the Jedi.

    Advantage- The Jedi Order: Much of the Jedi Order survived the attempted Purge of Order 66, and almost all of the master and councillors fled to Corellia when everything went to hell. The Republic’s greatest Generals are here, and all are willing to bring their skills to bear to fight against the Corrupt and Vengeful beast the Republic has become.

    Disadvantage- Your Freedom fighters are our Terrorists: Outside of the Coalition, very few people view them with anything bordering goodwill. Most are outright antagonistic towards the Rebellion, given the fact that one of their leaders murdered the Chancellor and caused this mess in the first place. There’s even been rumors of friction between the two councils on this matter, though they’d do anything to appear otherwise.

    Opportunity- Reform and Reconciliation: Though the Green Jedi and the former Coruscanti Jedi don’t get along all of the time, they are bound together in this new venture. The Orders have been shaken by the ripples of the Republic’s collapse, and even now there are people talking of different ideas and proposals to make the Order better than it was before. Though there may not be agreement on how to improve things, change is coming.

    [] Raxus Secundus
    Faction: The Confederacy of Independent Systems

    Current Leaders: The Confederate Senate
    High Commander: Asajj Ventress
    Capitol: Raxus Secundus

    After suffering multiple crippling defeats at the hands of the Republic, a season ago the CIS considered their cause doomed and were preparing to fight a massive defensive war to the bitter end, in a vain attempt to hold on to what little of their dignity remained. This culminated in the Mustafar Council, which ended with many of the major MegaCorporations that had once funded their rebellion deciding to go their own way in the face of certain defeat. On the brink of hopelessness, those same people who thought their cause a forlorn hope watched as the Republic collapsed upon itself in shock. Taking advantage of their weakened enemy, the CIS surged back into prominence as the Republic withdrew from the outer Rim to deal with problems elsewhere.

    Once considered monsters, the Confederacy is now a symbol of stability within its territory, based in Raxus Secundus. What remained of their droid armies have reclaimed system after system lost during the wars, transforming the CIS into a resurgent entity in the midst of tremendous galactic upheaval. Their senate, run by the Republic defectors in the original war, has been gaining traction with the evacuation of the Megacorporations and the faction has been stabilizing after the last few days of the war.

    In the growing uncertainty of the future, they stand to come out better than they ever dreamed.

    Advantage- Not Our Problem: Unlike many of the other factions, the Confederacy is relatively isolated from most of the fighting going on in the Core and the Mid-Rim. Their main Competition right now are the Hutts, who are more focused on claiming easy targets and hitting the Republic than fighting the CIS right now. The people have time, and will use whatever of it they can to lick their wounds and prepare for more conflict.

    Disadvantage- Back from the Brink: Unlike any of the other factions, the Fate of the Confederacy was entirely up in the air until very recently. The droid armies they once relied on have been decimated, both by the war and the Megacorporations taking their personal armies with them as they left. It will take time to rebuild and prepare for the coming battles, time you may not have…

    Opportunity- Refuge of the Force: Following the activation of Order 66 and the collapse of the corporate state the Senate decided to ratify Act 37, known as the Refuge of the Force bill, into law. This new legislature saw the CIS opening it’s arms to the scattered Jedi and those who had lost faith in the Order they once belonged to. Those who took the deal consisted mainly of Padawans, the lion’s share of all four Jedi Service Corps, and the Occasional disillusioned Knight but are still more than expected. There has been talk of forming a New Jedi Council on Raxus Secundus to supplement this act and its unprecedented popularity.

    [] Nal Hutta
    Faction: The Hutt Cartel

    Current leaders: The Hutt Council
    High Commander: Lots
    Capitol: Nal Hutta

    Always willing to take an opportunity when it appears, the great expanse that is Hutt space in times of great strife or greed can come together to form a singular, semi-united faction. Formed from the scum of the galaxy mixed with the dredges of society, this great criminal faction has enough sway to give challenge to any army through sheer quantity of soldiers. With the current shitstorm that has gone through the Republic, the council has been formed once more to take advantage of this great chaos and increase the profits of the great criminal enterprise.

    Their government is incredibly decentralized, representing a collective push of innumerable different if not outright conflicting interests. Each Hutt clan is said to be beholden to the whims of the greater council, made up of the most prominent crimelords of the race, but the reality is that they cajole each other into combined efforts to advance themselves in their own ways. Profit is their motive, their objective and their desire.

    In a galaxy filled with opportunities, they want to take it all.

    Advantage- The Deepest Pockets: The Hutts have been preparing for this moment for the entirety of their existence as an organized polity. The ships have been prepped and when they heard about the Chancellor’s death there was a party thrown throughout Nal Hutta and Nar Shadaa that lasted a week while the Republic imploded. The Greatest Coffers of the Clans have been opened, and a massive army of mercenaries and private forces lies at your disposal if you would use it.

    Disadvantage- Army of Thieves and Whores: One of the last things anyone would call the Cartel is united. Everyone is gunning for a slice of the pie and they don’t care if someone else has it. If you get in a high position, the best strategy recommended by your clan’s head it to grow a second pair of eyes to make sure you would always watch your back. Hiring anyone else to do so would only invite a knife.

    Opportunity- Galactic Collapse

    [] Mandalore
    Faction: Mandalorian Hegemony

    Current Leader: Mandalore the Resurgent
    High Commander: Mandalore the Resurgent
    Capitol: Mandalore

    Bitter due to what they perceived as an unjust cultural cleansing at the hands of Duchess Satine ever since the rise of the New Mandalorians and sick of being the victims of a war they had no part in, when the Chancellor died a new faction rose to prominence. Calling themselves the Mandalorian revanchist movement, they played upon the people's animosity towards the Republic and historic cultural values to rise to prominence in the aftermath of the Republic's splintering.

    They took power in a quick movement, killing or ousting all the competition they would normally have had in the government before leading an attack on the nearby systems under the command of the man that would become their new leader, Mandalore the Resurgent. With the Republic pulling out to deal with threats elsewhere, they managed to secure a number of planets as their own, and have been raiding without restraint through the territories near them. There have been a few incidents where they've struck at larger targets within the Republic or CIS, but nothing major has come of it so far. Most simply regard them as a group of pirates and criminals wearing the clothes of a real government.

    Only time will tell if that sentiment is proven, one way or another.

    Advantage- Warrior Culture: The Warrior’s spirit in Mandalore cannot be crushed, and it’s people will never bow to the rule of pompous Bureaucrats or Sniveling Politicians again! Every man, woman and child will contribute to the war machine that Mandalore Commands, and each person will fight to show the world why they were a force to be reckoned with! You are chosen of Mandalore the Resurgent, and you will bring your people greatness!

    Disadvantage- Starts small: Mandalore is a single, ecologically devastated planet, and though many mercenary groups and orders move around the world, nothing will change that fact. If you cause too many ripples in the pond where you are, any larger faction won’t have to go too far out of their way to crush you. The only way to win is to play smart, and your people are already bursting at the seams to burn the Galaxy down, unwise though that may be...

    Opportunity- Galactic Collapse

    As you stepped out of the Landing Zone, you found a man outside speeder waiting for you. At least, you assumed so if the holoboard with your name and picture weren’t a dead giveaway.

    [] Insert Name (gender is assumed male)
    [] Insert Race (must be near-human if Republic, must be Hutt if Huttese, must be Mandalorian if Mandalorian)
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  10. Sinsystems

    Sinsystems Expose the Esoteric!

    Hmm interesting but I have to ask why your not using Maul with the Mandalorian option, especially since we now know that he still controlled Mandalore around this time and Order 66 happened pretty much while the republic was in the process of overthrowing him during the Siege of Mandalore.
  11. Iandude0

    Iandude0 He who makes Poor decisions

    He was overthrown by a homegrown movement and killed as Mandalore the Resurgent took power. His popularity had become super low at that point and when someone was willing to fight back against him that person would have popular support. He got taken down in an attack on the Palace after being cornered in the civil war, and his death signed the ascension of the new mandalore as the war ended.
    Last edited: Jan 10, 2017 at 5:39 PM
  12. Iandude0

    Iandude0 He who makes Poor decisions

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  13. archshadow


    Retired Evil Overlord Quest

    If I do this it will be incredibly cracky.

    What was your special power

    [] Power Source Creation: You were an overlord whose strength came from his overwhelming might and the ability to amass followers whose loyalty was ensured by giving them special abilities.

    [] Nullification: You were a tyrant with the power to deny others the use of their powers. Magic, technology, martial arts, all could be sealed away by your power as a nemesis.

    [] Probability Manipulation: You were a mastermind who manipulated the world itself. Disasters, luck, and the emergence of heroes were all carefully controlled by you to prolong your reign.

    [] Restoration: You were a dictator who had the power to return things to what they once were. Death and destruction were beneath you.

    [] Hyper Connection: You were a demagogue who had the power to know peoples' thoughts, emotions, desires, and more. All lifeforms could be controlled by you.

    What was your homeworld?

    [] A realm of high fantasy

    [] A world in an eternal dark age, where magic was rare and feared

    [] A dimension where technology progressed at an exponential pace

    [] A world where magic and science fought in the dark

    [] A place where magic was slowly giving way to the technology of man

    [] A dark spire where humans, mages, and mystical beings made their home

    [] A world where you had once thought you were the only one with powers

    [] A bizarre world where a cycle of war and destruction caused it to die and be reborn many times.

    Your species is

    [] Dragon

    [] Vampire

    [] Human

    [] Werewolf

    [] You have no idea

    Why did you retire?

    [] You killed your nemesis and got bored

    [] You realized none could defeat you

    [] Your wife/wives died and you had to deal with being a single parent

    [] You had conquered the world and your empire was efficient enough that you didn't have to do anything.

    Where are you now?

    [] One of the homeworld options

    [] A quiet little city

    [] A large city where heroes and villains keep fighting

    [] A city where some odd things have been happening

    [] A crime ridden island nation

    Of course there is always some problem going on (Choose as many as you want)

    [] A cult wants to kill you and use your soul to summon some eldritch god

    [] A bunch of wannabe heroes keep trying to break into your house

    [] Some kid detective keeps snooping around

    [] Some princess keeps coming over and adventurers keep running around saying you kidnapped her

    [] An eldritch abomination calling herself Petohtalrayn

    [] Some witch cult keeps causing trouble
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  14. Dark as Silver

    Dark as Silver

    Found the crack answers.
    Obviously the answer is yes.
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  15. [X] Nullification: You were a tyrant with the power to deny others the use of their powers. Magic, technology, martial arts, all could be sealed away by your power as a nemesis.

    [X] A bizarre world where a cycle of war and destruction caused it to die and be reborn many times.

    [X] You have no idea
    Normally I'd choose the Dragon option, but I like being a complete unknown.

    [X] Your wife/wives died and you had to deal with being a single parent

    [X] A city where some odd things have been happening

    [X] A bunch of wannabe heroes keep trying to break into your house
    [X] Some kid detective keeps snooping around
    [X] Some princess keeps coming over and adventurers keep running around saying you kidnapped her
    [X] An eldritch abomination calling herself Petohtalrayn
    [X] Some witch cult keeps causing trouble
    [X] Another cult keeps trying to set you up as its leader
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  16. Janus


    Shin Megami Tensei Quest:

    YHWH Quest?
  17. Dark as Silver

    Dark as Silver

    I think I have won your quest.
    [X] Your powers cannot be defined by mortal men.
    [X] Your wife/wives died and you had to deal with being a single parent.
    [X] Shub Niggurath

    [X] An eldritch abomination calling herself Petohtalrayn
    [X] Some witch cult keeps causing trouble

    In case you need further convincing.
  18. archshadow


    Where did you get that? o_O Is that supposed to be species?

    And the power thing.
  19. Simulium Novitius

    Simulium Novitius Relaxing After PT

    San Antonio Texas
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  20. archshadow


    I have posted it. In SB to.
  21. Zoosmell

    Zoosmell Metal is the Soul of a Man

    Concept: Kill la Kill AU Quest where you, Ryuko Kiryuuin, are Student Council Ganglord President of Honnouji Academy when this stuck-up bitch Satsuki What'shername shows up.
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  22. Simulium Novitius

    Simulium Novitius Relaxing After PT

    San Antonio Texas
    Link? :D
  23. archshadow


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  24. Janus


    Inspired by Archshadow's villain thread, I have an idea:
    Mortal Kombat villain thread.

    We are a new Big Bad to the Mortal Kombat universe.


    We Are Feared For: [X]
    Our Sorcery
    Our Skill
    Our Godhood (Of?)
    A Combination Of The Above
    All Of The Above

    Our History In The Realms Is: [X]
    Somewhat Recent
    Modestly Long

    Our Army Possesses: [X]

    Genetic Sorcery
    Sahaugin (Fish People)
    Write In [X]
    A Combination Of The Above: (Number?)
    ALL of the Above?
    Last edited: Jan 12, 2017 at 11:27 AM
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  25. archshadow


    [x] A combination of the above
    -[x] Sorcery
    -[x] Skill
    [x] Somewhat Recent
    [x] Genetic Sorcery
Sufficient Velocity Internal Ad System Staff