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Star Wars, Discussion, Fic Ideas and Recommendation Thread

Discussion in 'Fanfiction Discussion' started by doorcf the first and only, May 4, 2014.

  1. doorcf the first and only

    doorcf the first and only I'm gonna cut you down

    Lost in a BROB
    So here it is guys a thread for Star Wars

    Feel free to recommend Fics you like and ideas you have

    Starting with me I had this little idea.

    The Je'daii Order survives.

    They had an interesting way to see the force. The idea is that somehow during the invasion of the Infinite Empire of Tython some group of masters and apprendices seeing everything is going to hell manage to escape to the unknown territories.

    Forward some millenia during either the Galactic War (The one that ended in the Cold War) or during the Clone Wars a republic/sith ship discovers one of the planet with some Je'daii in it.

    The thing is that the Je'daii ended having a role similarcof the Role of the Jedi in the Republic to whatever government theyended in (haven't thought of what type of government obviously it isn't an empire).

    Now the Je'daii still have their view of the force, traditions and their 9 temples are in nine of the core worlds. The government the work for have 120 Planets.

    So are they going to enter in conflict with the Jedi and the Sith? I think that yes.
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  2. NemiTheNen

    NemiTheNen Matrilinial Jew

    Second Lazy crosspost from another thread

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  3. I've been playing The Old Republic and It's inspired an idea for me.

    When someone talks about the Sith, they usually are talking about an organization dark side users. However, the Sith are also a species who founded the organization. Red skin, orange and yellow eyes, bony spikes on their face, they look just plain evil, even if you don't consider their mastery of the Dark Side. By 3643 BBY, most Pure Blooded Sith are powerful members of the Sith order.

    However, some of the Sith species left Korriban and the Resurgent Sith Empire. Some integrated into the Republic, some even tried to learn the light side, joining the Jedi Order.

    The story would take place during SWTOR with the Jedi Knight character from the game being a Pure Blooded Sith. Trying to reconcile their dark impulses with the Jedi teachings, facing discrimination from the people they are fighting to protect, and having to fight their old family or friends who are still loyal to the Empire.

    So, what do you think?
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  4. doorcf the first and only

    doorcf the first and only I'm gonna cut you down

    Lost in a BROB
    Now this is an interesting one. It would be good how they can balance the dark side (knowing it since birth and coming natural) and the light side (as Jedi) because at the end they can not be able to get rid of the dark side.
  5. horngeek

    horngeek Australian Dragon Moderator

    I've always found the Revanists to be interesting, myself.
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  6. That was the idea.
  7. horngeek

    horngeek Australian Dragon Moderator

    Incidentally, a while back on one of SB's ME ideas threads, I mentioned that I thought the asari would work pretty well as a Star Wars species. I've done some thinking about how I'd adapt them and what role they'd play in the galaxy if anyone's interested.
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  8. Oh yes, the Revanists. People who follow the teachings of Revan, that there is no inherent good or evil in the universe, and are willing to let anyone join, even people without one iota of Force power, so long as they pass the trials and prove they are capable of following Revan's teachings. That sidequest was definitely one of the better parts of Dromund Kaas.
  9. horngeek

    horngeek Australian Dragon Moderator

    Playing a light-side Sith Inquisitor was fun overall, especially since she was a Twi'lek. While TOR went the way of all MMOs for me (goddammit too much grinding), I kept playing a snarky internal monologue while playing her. :p
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  10. I prefer playing as a Ratataki myself since his/her head can actually fit inside Kalig's Helmet.

    Though a story about the SI committing the crime that got them sentenced as a slave would be interesting. An alien SI says that they killed a Moff who was hunting their kind. Does anyone know what a human SI says got them sentenced as a slave?
  11. Mmmm. Speaking of TOR, I'd love a snippet of the LS Sith Warrior and Sith Inquisitor trying to reform the Empire from within... especially if we get in LS from the Republic side seeing that.

    LS Jaesa and Ashara meet
    LS Jaesa meets Kira
    Elara's reaction to seeing people trying to reform the Empire from being what she walked away from
    Scourge wondering WTF is up
    The Smuggler getting hired to sneak stuff into the Empire to help them out...

    Oh that's a lot of potential. Shame the "Be an LS Sith Warrior" got sidetracked by the whole "Become the Emperor's Wrath" thing and starting the war for Baras...

    Mind, I somehow suspect that the LS Inquisitor/Wrath get taken out at some point before the Empire falls, or they survive it and end up leading the survivors into the Republic, sort of like how Pellaeon leads the Galactic Empire into being part of the Galactic Alliance to try and preserve the good ideals while trying to get rid of the bad shit.
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  12. Well, for the inquisitor, there's a Republic scientist that offers to help the Inquisitor defect if you let him go back to the Republic. That could be their contact.
  13. *nods*

    Could be a cool story to see the LS Sith PCs trying to reform the Empire from within and the Republic giving some tacit support; if only because it means the Empire is going to be tied up with infighting. Mind, the LS Sith do look at the Republic as a threat, though mostly the zealots as I remember seeing vids where the LS Sith Warrior can have a pretty respectful discussion with some Republic troops who're just doing their duties and aren't interested in the war for war, just trying to defend the Republic.
  14. Now would the Imperial Agent get involved? Depending of their alignment, they may have a problem with Sith making the Empire weak, especially since the Republic is developing planet busting superweapons.
  15. horngeek

    horngeek Australian Dragon Moderator

    Hrmmm. Well, my Dynasty had my Sith Inquisitor and Jedi Knight set up as sisters, so. :p. I didn't actually know about the 'killed a Moth' thing. I think I got up to the toxic waste diving or thereabouts of the Sith Inquisitor storyline.

    Yeah, MMO grinding kills my interest fast. I did delve more into the multiplayer parts than with most other MMOs, but even then… eh.

    Essentially, I'd be much more involved in MMOs if they weren't such massive fucking time-sinks.

    My annoyance at MMO design aside, I might take the time to type out those 'asari in the Star Wars galaxy' ideas.
  16. doorcf the first and only

    doorcf the first and only I'm gonna cut you down

    Lost in a BROB
    I had this crazy and possibly stupid idea for a crack fic ... I was thinking about a Family of Jedi and Sith.

    The Idea is that a Jedi and a Sith (both human) fell in love with each other, married and had 6 kids (3 boys, 3 girls). Now 3 of them chose to train the Light side and 3 of them to train the dark side. The fic would be them doing odd jobs to survive while trying not to get killed by both the Jedi Order and the Sith Empire (it is set during the cold war for more crack potential).
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  17. Another idea, also from The Old Republic. In the game, you can send your companions on their own missions off screen in order to get crafting resources. A lot of missions could make good one-shots. For examples, here's one from the treasure hunting series of missions.
    You received a holotransmission from a Rodian thief who broke into a high-security casino vault on Talravin, then accidentally locked himself inside. He'll share the wealth if rescued.

    Or this, from Investigation series of missions.
    The enormous and influential Czerka Corportion is rumored to be selling technology to the Empire. Send your companion to infiltrate the organization.
    If anyone wants more of the missions, go to this link. Just click on the links under Gathering and Mission skills.
  18. Shadow Archon

    Shadow Archon Protoss Preserver

    Always had the idea of making up my own Sith Lord from the KOTOR period to insert in a fic. I know people don't like OC, but to have a Sith Lord fit, without degrading the death of others, I would like to have my own to use for my own purposes.

    He would have the cybernetics like the sith here and there, continuing the motif of man vs machine, but the idea would be, not that he gained them from war wounds from fighting, but that they would ve self-inflicted to survive.

    Jedi, when they go in death, generally peacefully go into the force I would presume. They don't fear it, they accept it, and don't see it as death as all, and as we see, it isn't. The Jedi still live on in the Force.

    The Sith live on in the Force, somewhat, but that issue is a lot rarer. I can think of Naga Sadow and the Sith Lord in Jedi Academy (the game and the books for that matter) as three examples. One who is tortured by his dark side choice, and gets redeemed even in death, while the other two stayed in the Dark Side.

    Generally however, I've always got the idea that teh Sith try to cling on to life as much as they can. They fear death more then the average Jedi, and depending upon how powerful you are in the Force, you can stay immortal. Dark Lord Nihlus and Dark Lord Sion for example.

    However, it generally comes with a price.

    Now, did you know that there are races in Star Wars who have biological immortality from birth, and that they were force-sensitive as well?


    "My people are not Jedi or Sith. But our existence has always been tied to the Force. We are aware of its presence."

    The Talortai have only been in one source, EAW: FOC. They had rapid regeneration and were immune to aging.

    For some reason, as a whole, they generally avoided the Jedi Order or the Sith Order.

    Perhaps they liked the Je'daii ideal more.

    Well, there's always got to be one guy who isn't the norm.

    So, what if you had one of these guys as a Jedi, and over the countless centuries in a peaceful galaxy with a Jedi Order, he churns out several respectable Padawans, becomes a Master in the Order, part of the council, all that jazz.

    And he's decided on taking another Padawan.

    ...So, what if you had his next Jedi Padawan, have an absolute fear of death? Who never fully embraced the message of accepting death from his master who would never die naturally? A fear that was instilled from his premonitions, not of his loved one's death, but of his own.

    He's young, so this fear is generally quelled. It's nothing at the time. He rises the ranks. Becomes a Master. Gets older....and older...and older...

    Eventually, he's near death's door himself....and his master has just taken up a new Padawan... a younger Padawan, and his master looks not a day older then when he was a child himself....

    And that's what would begin his descent into the Dark side.

    Another Gilgamesh...

    And so, since he can't find his holy grail in how to survive via the force, due to Sith Holocrons being destroyed by the Jedi, and the ancient tales of how certain Sith who immortalized themselves with the Force still managing to spread by legend, well, he has to find a substitute.

    And that would be through the wonders of technology.

    But the more he cuts away from his body, the more he loses his flesh, the more his connection with the Force is strained. The more he has to work at keeping his affinity for the Force as strong as it used to be.

    And seeing as that would cut down his chances on actually being capable of doing what any Sith Holocron would help him with....

    You get the idea.

    A Sith Cyberman kind of deal.

    So, it took a while to get a name, and the best I came up with was Dark Lord Crucio. Because in his view, life is pain since the majority of those who live are always destined to die.

    It might not be a final name though.

    Because there's plenty of good Latin names for a Sith of course. Malitia. Odium. Timore. Iratus. Dolor. Patientia. Impetus....Tristita...Tantum.

    The name needs to serve a purpose though. Sith either choose their names, or have their names given to them by their masters. Anakin was given Vader as a name for instance.

    So anyways, he's been around for a long time, has found some interesting things, but beyond just being useful force powers, none of them suit his needs. So in a way, he becomes pretty powerful, but still is going to die from old age...

    Then there's one Force Power that gives him a true advantage. A form of Battle Meditation that he can apply to Hyperspace travel, guiding his ship like a Spice Navigator in Dune, and since he learned of the ancient Rakatan Empire, he has decided to abandon his search of Sith methods, and go for those of older origins.

    And he finds the Star Forge's remains.

    I would have to work on the idea more, but I think that's a good bit to expand on.
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  19. WhiteDragon25

    WhiteDragon25 White Lightning FTW!

    Birmingham, AL
    Here's an old idea of mine from the original thread back at SB:

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  20. So. Among the undeveloped parts of what could of come up in the Clone Wars had Ahsoka teaming up with Bo-Katan, likely in a continuation of the Mandalore arc and well, they DID meet in "A Friend in Need" on Carlac.

    What about a story adapting that idea, and the whole Mandalorian Civil War? I mean, Mandalore lead the Council of Neutral Systems - which involved a pretty hefty chunk of the galaxy given that neither the Republic or Separatists were too eager to get involved with them besides the shenanigans on Mandalore itself. That's going to be a hotspot of some sorts.

    I don't think it'd be too hard to get Ahsoka on Mandalore - have her on Onderon or something with Lux (as in she needed a place to stay while she put her mind back together and Lux offered, she accepted), and then Korkie, who outright vanished during "The Lawless" and knows Ahsoka, could come find her. Ahsoka would know about all the shit going down on Mandalore and hell, she's a non-agent now so she very well could join up and help them fight Maul there, or at least Maul's followers.


    (The concept art that Dave Filoni shared in regards to this one:)
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  21. Tachikoma's Aunt

    Tachikoma's Aunt Priestess of Yog-Sothoth

    The prequel films and the EU for the clone wars was basically a series of shark jumps moments for me--it was just to incredibly half-assed for me to suspend disbelief. But the biggest one? Canonically, the general populace of the Seperatist worlds genuinely believe that they are rebelling against a corrupt, tyranical regime, despite the fact that their leadership is composed entirely of people who have everything to gain from such a system.

    How do we fix this? Easy: instead of having the clones be the product of a single planet in the ass end of nowhere (real fucking plausible:rolleyes:), have them be mass produced by the Trade Federation. Have the republic attack first, without provokation, and spend the next few weeks utterly roflstomping the seps under the weight of the clone army until the Confederacy starts padding out their ranks with droids, made possible by a few "generous donations."

    The seperatist leadership, including Dooku, should genuinely believe that they are fighting for freedom, never knowing that the Seperatist movement was bolstered by Palpatine's agitators, or that Palpatine's minions are the controlling shareholders of their entire logistics base.

    This does three things: it makes the seps more believable, it turns the Emperor into someone who is actually a competent manipulator as opposed to someone who got by on all his opponents being idiots, and it opens up the possibility of several metric fucktons of side plots dealing with civil unrest in Republic (a la Vietnam war protests).

    It also goes a long way towards explaining why the Rebellion had so much trouble with recruitment, despite the Empire being. . . well, the Empire. With this version of the prequels, there wouldn't be too many people in the galaxy at large who'd want the Republic back.
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  22. Dooku is a Sith. And Palpatine's apprentice. Why would he not know about the plan? Why would the Republic attack first?
  23. Tachikoma's Aunt

    Tachikoma's Aunt Priestess of Yog-Sothoth

    In this AU, Dooku isn't Sith--he's exactly what he appears to be at first glance: a retired Jedi who has taken up politics. And technically? The Republic attacking first is canon: they were provoked by the whole "capturing a senator and two jedi and sentencing them to death for espianoge" thing, but the ultimately the first battle of the Clone Wars was still the Republic invading a Seperatist planet, not the other way around.

    Here, it would be basically the same, except that the one putting a high ranking member of Republic society to death would, as best as anyone in universe can tell, be just some random asshole who happens to live on a Seperatist planet instead part of their leadership. In reality, it was one of Palpatine's people.
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  24. The cause of the Clone Wars is more complex than "the geonosians were going to execute two Jedi and a senator"; it was building for some time. The issue was preserving the integrity of the Republic with the full size of the CIS being a major threat. It wasn't some random ass planet deciding to leave; that's probably a semi-regular event made up for by another joining or them getting cold feet at the economic danger that ensues.

    Geonosis was the catalyst. Mind, you could make it different, yeah, but the underlying cause of the Clone Wars are still there. Otherwise it doesn't work. If people didn't believe the CIS were going to cause great havoc to the Republic, then there would of been no need for Palpatine to get his emergency powers. But, because of the forces arrayed in the CIS and the new Droid Army, the CIS were a considerable threat to the Republic.

    The Republic also desperately needed the Clone Army; the Jedi alone and the Republic Judicial Forces wouldn't of cut it at all. They were meant for dealing with pirates and other small scale threats, not fighting galactic war. The Clone Army bought the Republic desperately needed time to revamp its military and formed the bulk of its frontal units while the various Judicial forces and PDFs tended to keep the backlines secure.
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