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Star Wars, Discussion, Fic Ideas and Recommendation Thread

Discussion in 'Fanfiction Discussion' started by doorcf the first and only, May 4, 2014.

  1. And the Ewoks. I mean, if not for those guys the Empire would have won. And if Luke had just killed Vader when he had the chance he would have been able to rule the Empire as a Sith lord.

    Wait, what lesson is this again?
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  2. Zap Rowsdower

    Zap Rowsdower Ex-cultist vagrant

    That R2 really should have (via Threepio) given Luke and Leia a heads-up about their familial relationship after he saw them kissing on Hoth?
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  3. Sir Rusty

    Sir Rusty

    Can any one point me to a fic where Luke is raised by Padme's family instead of Anakin's? Thanks.
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  4. Mithras

    Mithras Misanthrope

    An Idea i posted elsewhere:

    The Scion of Balance: A Star Wars AU*


    Padme makes Anakin change his mind and Anakin tells Obi-Wan to get as far away from him as possible. He arrives in Coruscant and kills an exhausted Palpatine before declaring himself Emperor Anakin of the Skywalker Dynasty. When Luke and Leia are born with (A reluctant) Empress Padme safe, the Emperor can turn to other matters. However, the turbulence unleashed by the Clone Wars has led to numerous rebellions. Anakin does not take well to these rebellions and this ends up with a Galaxy wide Syria.


    Endor ends with Vader and Luke mounting a coup d'etat against Palpatine, and a fragile peace is formed with the Treaty of Endor. However, there is growing bitterness over the highly controversial peace terms which serves to polarise galactic society. Over the next 30 years, Bail Skywalker Solo is slowly tempted by Snoke, who feeds a sense of "denied birthright", and Luke's growing absences from the throne leads to Snoke gaining more and more allies in the Imperial Court. Ultimately, a failed Coup (barely foiled by luck) leads to a Second Galactic Civil War.

    *Cookie to who gets the Easter Egg
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  5. I'm pretty sure the Empire more or less disbanded after that.
  6. Canis

    Canis Puppy!

    United States
    Actually the remnants of the Empire retreated into the Unknown Regions and formed the First Order. I'm not sure if it holds true in Disney canon, but Legends canon had the Unknown Regions as being not just mostly uncharted, but also fairly dangerous due to navigation hazards and locals who might not be all that friendly to the denizens of the greater galaxy so moving into them in force was guaranteed to cause problems.

    So it really wasn't worth it to pursue the remnants of the Empire into a place that I think was once described by someone as "Space Australia," especially when you factor in that the galaxy at large was probably quite tired of war.

    By the time the First Order poked their heads out I'm pretty sure the Republic had demobilized the bulk of its military assets and that they would have had to spend a lot of credits to build up a fleet of sufficient size to invade and break up the new iteration of the Empire and lacked the public support to do so. Hence the Resistance (and who let the writers get away with naming it that anyway?).

    Some of the information I've picked up (admittedly second and third hand) indicates that the Resistance was actually receiving under the table funding and material support from the Republic even if they had to publicly denounce their actions and couldn't be linked with the organization.
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  7. To add my cents to the 'why peace with the Empire', the Alliance was a loose collection of activists and, well, a lot of pirates claimed association which I'd bet would mean a lot of criminal scum were actual members or contacts. After 'winning', the Alliance is also involved with building a government during a presumably galaxy wide recession.

    And finally, to forcefully take a planet will require MILLIONS of soldiers if one wishes to act more civilized then the Empire. And that's just one planet that may or may not produce anything of use to the war effort.
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  8. Canis

    Canis Puppy!

    United States
    Actually not all that certain you've got the scale right since heavily industrialized and populated planets seem to actually be a rarity in the Star Wars universe and with the exception of humanity the various alien races, no matter how long they've been out and about in the galaxy, seem to be clustered primarily in their home systems/on their homeworlds. Outside of a homeworld or a major world like Coruscant or (presumably) Alderaan most worlds in Star Wars seem to be fairly lightly inhabited with only one or two major cities and a handful of settlements ranging from the size of a small village to a large town.

    While taking a normal planet would likely still be a fairly difficult undertaking requiring quite a large number of men I doubt it would require millions of soldiers for the planetary landing. Possibly not even in the hundreds of thousands. This does make sense though since most planets lack a planetary shield, never mind having one as robust as the one in Rogue One, so control of the orbitals equals de-facto control of the planet, even if actual pacification might take more time if you're not willing to glass portions of the planet with sustained bombardment.
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  9. Depends on the population (and it's minorities) and what you want from the planet.
    And a lack of industrial planets seems more like a lack of scale by the writers. Mostly for "this books plot is for totes important". As well, a relative lack of high end, milspec capable manufacturers makes sense for a galaxy mostly at peace.
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  10. Canis

    Canis Puppy!

    United States
    In the current expanded Disney Canon various corporations have spun off subsidiaries that sell equipment to the First Order while the original/parent companies sell to the Republic.

    Also, IIRC, the various members of the Republic do maintain small navies and militias of their own, it's just that the Republic itself doesn't have a large national military.

    ...in a lot of ways the Republic comes of as the Real World UN IN SPACE!!!!

    I do agree with your point about the writers lacking a sense of scale given that apparently the Millenium Falcon is supposed to have a top speed of 2 light years per day o_O
    Last edited: Jan 8, 2017
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  11. My main point was that there are only so many places where one can get, say, repulsorlift systems that are built for performance and durability and as such are suited for military duty. Or high output blaster facilities that can fill government orders. Or can build armored vehicles. That sort of thing. And most of those are/were tied tightly to the Empire.

    Yeah, that's... A little slow.
  12. Canis

    Canis Puppy!

    United States
    The Death Star was supposed to have a top speed of about .25 Light Years per day if I remember the YouTube video correctly...and that's the only source I'm aware of since the wiki doesn't give actual speeds.

    Personally the writers probably think that hyperdrives run on plot-fuel and as such move only as fast as the plot demands.
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  13. I thought that was the specifications for them? :V

    Although, so far as I know it's generally accepted that there are paths where speed is significantly improved via either rigorous charting or what have you. So it is a bit variable.
  14. Canis

    Canis Puppy!

    United States
    True enough, but when transiting from one side of the galaxy to another is supposed to only take a few weeks to a couple of months at most the idea that one of the fastest known hyperdrives can only manage two light years a day would suggest that the Star Wars galaxy is tiny and yet just about every other source of info we've ever had suggests that it's at least as large as the Milky Way. I mean I suppose you could put that down to hyperspace superhighways, but I dunno, that sounds a bit fishy.
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  15. Prince Charon

    Prince Charon Just zis guy, you know?

    I mostly assume that it's bad writing, but that isn't a good answer Watsonianly.

    In the EU, I think it was implied in a few places that hyperspace speed varies wildly due to local conditions, much like a lot of fans think warp drive does in Star Trek.
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  16. Canis

    Canis Puppy!

    United States
    IIRC the Legends EU had hyperlanes which were well charted areas of space that allowed you to enter hyperspace and travel great distances without having to drop out of hyperspace and make course corrections. I don't think they were ever implied to make your ship go faster, just be a faster/more direct path of travel.

    As it is I don't think we ever get much in the way of concrete speed or distance measurements between systems in the Legends EU...which is probably for the best.
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  17. Hyperspace working at speed of plot is a well accepted part of the verse. :p

    But yeah, hyperspace lanes are about getting the least amount of distance from point a to point b- the Kessel Run in Legends (the thing Han brags about in ANH) lets you shave time off depending how close you care to get to a black hole cluster. Hint: Han's nuts, the Falcon is actually a great ship and Chewie is very good at hyperspace calculations.

    But as far as concrete travel times, the FFG roleplaying books have a table (which probably comes from earlier RPG books) of times it takes to travel various distances with a Class 1 hyperdrive. Multiply that time by your hyperdrive rating (ei, x2 for a class 2) to spit out roughly how long it takes to get a place before you roll Astrogation to see if you shave time off or get horribly lost.

    But bench marking it, with a fast ship on major trade routes you can go from one end of the galaxy to the other in about a week and half (10 or 11 days). A really fast ship (the Falcon) will get there in about half that time, and most ships twice to three times as long- dependent how good your navigator is. Keep in mind that from Rim location to Rim location- a run from the Core to the Rim is about half that, and most actual transits are less still.

    (As an aside, the Death Star is rated at Class 4, with a backup of Class 20- pretty slow by the standards of its time.)
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  18. Kilroy11


    So i had this idea back when the force awakens came out way back when, partly for reasons that have already been depated at length here so i'll just say that i'm disappointed with how the new canon handled the collapse of the empire, and partly because i find the First order to be extremely goofy, entertaining, but goofy. Ultimately this led to the idea of an imperial successor state that was the opposite of first order.

    And if my facts aren't perfect i apologize i haven't gotten around to reading any of the new novels,

    So if the First order is supposed to represent Nazis who made it to argentina, i always assumed that they were the upper crust of imperial society, they achieved their station more out of ideological orthodoxy first and competency second. They're obsessed with order and control, went to hide in the unknown reasons, are still under the control of force users, are still building pointless super weapons, have generally younger officers, didn't have to fight i assume for their territory in the unknown regions, they have a very rigid and segregated top down comand structure, and are equipped with new equipment.
    Therefore, i souht to create the opposite of the first order. What i envisioned was a small cluster of planets in the outer rim where the lower ranks of the empire collected after the fall. These are the people who for various reasons, such as a lack of ideological orthodoxy, being part of the old guard, or being young, were assingned far from the core worlds. With the death of the empire, they keep fighting, not necessarily in my mind for the ideology of the empire but for the state. They know what they do is bad, but the empire is their nation and they follow the orders given to them, or they think its necessary to avoid another clone wars.
    Since i assume that only the highest ranking and most loyal officers would know the coordinates of the enclaves in the unknown regions, these fleets would have to retrate out into the wild borderlands of the unknown regions. Eventually building a small state around a planet that served as a boneyard for the equipment used in the clone wars. However, because they kept fighting after the galactic concordat, and they didn't disapear into the unknown regions, they become the focus of the new Republic's military. They even the odds by building extensive super deep bunker networks that force the republic to either melt the crust of the planet or come down and root them out, the imperials betting that the republic won't destroy planets to get at them. This tactic bogs the war down into a space vietnam which ultimately drives the republic to the negotiating table ending in an agreement where the imperials pay lip service to democracy, and the republic allows them to remain independent.

    I imagine that this different situation would create an imperial successor that is motivated by survival as opposed to galactic domination. Their armor and equipment are a hodgepodge of old and new pieces, they utilize camouflage and every other tactic they can to gain an edge, The effects of a fifteen year guerilla war means that a lot of regulations aren't enforced and officers have a large amount of autonomy. They blame force sensitives like the inquisition and the emperor for running the empire into the ground with pointless vanity projects so they despise the force, possibly even to the point of trying to purge any force sensitives from their population in an effort to kill the force.

    So in summary for those who don't want to ready my ramblings, space viet cong, confederate, north korea, south africa, imperial japan where the military esentialy runs the country without any supreme leader or dictator who fight more for surival that for ideology using outdated equipment and bloody minded grit.

    I thought this would make for a good political style thriller with the first order trying to sway them to their side.
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  19. So you read the whole story but skipped iver the parts where they "explain" that actually most spacers totally okay with alderaan getting blown up because "no one liked those prissy do-gooders anyway" and "big booms are cool."

    Or where a main character has his friends hack the records to deceive the girl he likes about what happened to her parent's murders so he can get in her pants?

    Or failquisitor Pasik who despite being a highly trained operative let herself be turned into a pawn by a criminal because she found him hot?

    The whitewashing is absolutely there and the misogyny is very much the author's influence and not the "there just aren't any women here" of canon. Canon has no female stormtroopers -the author adds them and spends way too much disturbing word count discussing them as sex objects.
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  20. HarakoniWarhawk

    HarakoniWarhawk Robust HOS/Me and my Shotty.

    Stop exaggerating, it's a common view on Black Prince and in the Imperial Star fleet but it's not everyone and it may suprise you but the Starfleet isn't full of rebel sympathisers. Imperial propoganda is a effective thing for the rank and file.

    On orders of the Captain to recruit the Rebel Agent at all costs, plus if you read further you would know that the her parents murderer's were captured and executed on information given by Lennart.

    Please, saying the Inquisitorious produces trained operatives is like saying the ISB trains competent agents. Hint, they don't.
    The Inquisitor enthralled a C-sec officer to get the info she needed, she tried to use the Force to solve all her problems and got punished for it.

    Wow, the hatred is strong in this one, if you weren't blinded by your own hatred of this story, perhaps you could read it properly next time and stop spouting out of context information because that's all your reply is.

    They are GAR liason Clones in this AU, who were engineering to be alluring as part of their purpose. The one mostly shown is a Jedi hunter with multiple personalities and no clear sense of self other than duty.

    I don't know why your reply was rated informative because in context? It's a steaming pile of bullshit with the sole purpose of tarring the reputation of this story.
    Post a non biased reply with in context information then I won't call your reviews of Hull Number 721 Bullshit.
  21. That attitude was clealry presented as "working man's/soldier's in the trenches" attitude - in contrast to academics/hippies. It was never presented as the result of proprganda - it was in fact presented as organic and natural.

    Stop lying to justify the whitewash.

    None of this justifies lying to someone with the explicit goal of getting into her pants. They told her that they were the crew responsible for bringing her parent's muderera to justice when in fact this was a complete fabrication. That their captain later managed to get (some of) the murders investigated and brought to justice does not make the deception retroactively honest.

    You're claim here is the deceptive one, not mine.

    As the characters in-story commented themselves - all she needed was fucking nose plugs. A highly teained, high level, trusted operative gets chumped by Falleen hormones in a incredibly stupid way. If she's not comptent enough to *not* be so casually exploited by a pretty boy who smells good, she shouldn't have ever risen to any rank in the backstab happy inquisitorus. It's blatantly SOD destroying even without all the misogynistic undertones.

    My posts have been vastly more accurate and honest than your claims, bub. Stop being a shill.

    First of all, "no clear sense of self" is nonsense. That is contradicted within the first few chapters when she makes a point of fucking with - I think his name was Dodd - when he tries to basically ask her on a date. She notes that he theoretically has the authority to order her to his bed (which is fucked up in all sorts of ways and is clearly an author appeal add-in since there is no such practice in any canon source) but sets up the encounter to ensure he backs down. This is not something someone with "no clear sense of self" does.

    Second of all, "hawt Jedi hunter female stormtrooper". Is totally the author writing with one hand down his pants, especially given the aforementioned encounter where she shows up in functionally a latex catsuit.

    The story doesn't have enough of a reputation to tar. I'm just warning people what they are in for.
  22. HarakoniWarhawk

    HarakoniWarhawk Robust HOS/Me and my Shotty.

    Stop lying to justify your hateboner, your backtracking is pretty blatant here, you said that it was the common spacers attitude and where the hell did you get that academic/hippy crap from, it's non sensical.
    It was never presented as Propoganda in story, yes but it's not like the Empire would admit to blowing up a planet full of innocents, so instead crew draw their own conclusions on why it happened.

    Your just straight up lying here, the Captain wanted the Rebel Agent recruited at all costs, fabricating the data was that cost.
    According to you it was done for the sole reason of 'getting in her pants' that's a lie and you know it.

    Wow, the glorified Dark Side adept didn't notice the mind altering pheromones, isn't that a suprise!
    The Inquisitorious are glorified Dark side Adepts, certainly nowhere in the league of the Emperor's Hands.
    She was powerful in the Force, which pretty neatly explains how so rose so far in the ranks.

    More accurate, that's a odd way of saying out of context and bullshit, please tell me more.

    She said herself that she has a mask for every cover she used and that is shown throughout the story. It's not until the second book that she starts showing a dominant personality.

    By spouting out of context information and lies?
  23. WTF are you even talking about? There's nothing about crew drawing conclusions - the original line was an imperial fake-defector telling the alliance guys that "most fleet spacers don't give a shit about Alderaan, try using 'we have better food' as your recruitment pitch." He basically downplayed the sheer horror of blowing up a highly developed highly populated core world with basically no survivors to make a crack about how military men love the big booms and don't care about a bunch of self-righteous prigs on alderaan biting it.

    It's a massive soft-justification of the Empire's callousness.

    The captain gave that order after the gun crew had already dragged a civilian into their mess and presented her as "probably a rebel spy, maybe we can use that" as a fait accompli.

    The captain was trying to get useful intelligence, sure, but after Aldrem had already brought the girl into things mostly because he had the hots for her.

    And "we were gaining military intelligence" does not make "i got into her pants by lying about her dead parents" not skeevy. Even if getting into her pants was a side benefit and not the main goal, it's still skeevy.

    You're willingness to excuse shitty behavior because it was used to gain something useful is really disturbing.

    No it doesn't. I refuse to believe that the inquistorus is less politically fraught than fucking high school. SW EU is full of less raw force powerful darksiders murdering more powerul ones through traps and treachery. Your explanation is pitiful.

    Having many masks is very differently from "no clear sense of self"

    PR specialist, as she is supposed to be, needs a sense of self effectively to run press conferences, handle difficult personalities, and represent her organization. None of this can be done by a blank slate or doormat.

    Leaving aside the honesty thing, the "logic" if your post is terrible.
    Last edited: Jan 11, 2017 at 3:15 PM
  24. Teen Spirit

    Teen Spirit I don't actually know what to put here.

    Had an idea. There's a Quest about Revan and the Ebon Hawke crew being sent forward in time to roughly Star wars: Rebels era.

    What if instead of Revan, it was Darth Imperius (Light Side Sith Inquisitor) , circa just after the Shadow of Revan arc. Them, the crew of their ship, Theron Shan and Lana Beniko end up in being transported forward in time to about five years before the events of Rogue One.

    After some extreme confusion, Imperius runs into an Inquisitor or two, or maybe even has an encounter with Vader. The encounter is enough for them to get the general jist of the situation. The Empire, the Emperor, the Rule of Two, all that. This naturally puts Darth Imperius and her groups at odds with the Empire. Rule of two makes having Three extra Sith (Imperius, Lana, Imperius's apprentice Xalek) problematic to say the least, to say nothing for the fact that Palpatine would rightly see Lana and Imperius as a massive threat. More however, Lana and Imperius are...it's hard to call them good people, but they would take issue with the Empire and it's methods. Imperius generally tends to have a massive hatred of slavery and is pretty pro-alien.

    Which leads to the question, what do they do? Together you have three Sith and a sort of Fallen Jedi (Ashara is complicated), that would probably be enough to take on the Emperor but they're not anywhere near the Imperial Capital and well there's only so far a small group with a space ship that's almost four thousand years out of date (Though considering it's Star Wars I wonder if that really matters much) can get on their own before the Empire would crush them with sheer numbers if nothing else.

    I could see them starting a rebellion, find a unhappy world, promise something that's maybe not democratic (Sith wouldn't go for that and Theron doesn't exactly have a Republic left to be loyal to) but certainly a less Oppressive and far more alien friendly alternative to the Empire.
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  25. Puzzle


    Do you have a link to this?
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