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Megathread Sufficient Velocity Let's Play Index~~~~

Discussion in 'Computers & Video Gaming' started by Soulful100, Jul 5, 2015.

  1. Soulful100

    Soulful100 ARchivist of Fate

    Hey guys, I've noticed that there hasn't been an index created to collate all the Let's Plays on the forum, so I made one ^^

    The index is split into two documents, 'Live Threads' and 'Completed/Dead Threads'. 'Completed/Dead Threads' lists LPs that have either been completed or haven't had any updates/discussion for about 2 months, while 'Live Threads' contains LPs that haven't met the requirements to be in the other document.

    Knowing myself, I'll probably won't be able to consistently update the index after a while, so I've made the documents editable by whoever wants to do it. Just give the preview in this post a few minutes to sync with any updates made :D.


    Note: To access the links, you must open them in a new tab/window

    Edit Live Thread Index Here

    Edit Completed/Dead Thread Index Here.
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  2. Cetashwayo

    Cetashwayo Lord of Ten Thousand Years Magistrate On Leave Commission Artist

    Across the Horizon
    Oh man, I didn't think I'd see my LP again.
  3. HMS Sophia

    HMS Sophia Trans Skate Witch

    Stickied for awesome.
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  4. The Curious Fan

    The Curious Fan Perpetually sleep deprived

    I suppose the yellow ones are the complete ones?
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  5. Soulful100

    Soulful100 ARchivist of Fate

    Eeyup ^^
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  6. Shintouyu

    Shintouyu A Wandering Soul

    The Gray Garden shouldn't be yellow since that's not completed.
    Though, with my laundry being aired, I feel like I should get back to it. Maybe.
  7. Grue

    Grue Deputy Skeleton

    Right. Could someone help me figure out how to remove my LP from the Dead section properly?
    All I can get is a prominent blank space in the gdoc.
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  8. Soulful100

    Soulful100 ARchivist of Fate

    Moving it to the Live Thread doc?

    Highlight the row in question, copy it, THEN right-click and delete row.

    Then paste the copied row into the Live Thread document ^^
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  9. Grue

    Grue Deputy Skeleton

    That would've been helpful to know a few minuites ago. I ended up manually copy/pasting into an empty Live Thread row to get it into the Live Thread.
    Nevertheless, now deleted from Dead Thread Grave.
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  10. De3ta

    De3ta You Pronounce the Three.

    I'd Edit the date for mine But I'm worried I'll break something.
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