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Suggestion SV Rewind?

Discussion in 'Forum News and Staff Communication' started by Private Lee O'Malley, Dec 8, 2016.

  1. Private Lee O'Malley

    Private Lee O'Malley Head Puns = -10 to Next Roll Councillor

    I mean, Youtube has this Rewind thing summing up it's year in a nutshell so I was just wondering if we could do something similar? I mean it doesn't have to be a video, not sure how we would do it but I think it's a cool idea.

  2. Ellf

    Ellf Hivelord

    A time-lapse of the tag cloud?

    I can predict how it goes. Worm and Self-insert dominate for much of the year.
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  3. Ford Prefect

    Ford Prefect What is Project Zohar? Director

    It is a neat idea in some ways, though honestly every time I get one of those year in review things on Facebook it reminds me that I use it for basically nothing. :V

    The thing about a forum is that as it is essentially text based and not prone to things going viral as such. I don't think it's really suitable for our format.
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  4. pianoman

    pianoman Lover of music

    Showing off the various contests and their winners we had this year anlong with noteworthy pieces of art and music that our members made this year we be a great way to recap this year
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  5. Fernandel

    Fernandel Lovely Writing, Tendency to Waffle Councillor

    We could just do it in text form. We'd just have to research what happened on this forum for an entire year, and then we could "rewind" it in text form. Like, I dunno, song lyrics or a poem or something.

    3, 2, 1, not it! Got too much to do!
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  6. Choo Choo


    I guess it could be things like "so hey who won the various contests" and "who left/joined the staff" and "what threads were most popular in respective forums" and "hey let's nominate great events of the forum and have a poll of the top five or ten or whatever with the most nominations"?
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  7. Private Lee O'Malley

    Private Lee O'Malley Head Puns = -10 to Next Roll Councillor

    Clearly we need to put all the forum events into a "We Didn't Start the Fire" song parody. :V
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  8. Hykal94

    Hykal94 The Kitteh Knight of Islam

    "And these are all the cat puns I've made over the course of 2016."
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  9. Oh I am slain!

    Oh I am slain! Wynaut?

    I, too, would like a concatenated list like this. ^_^
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  10. Shintouyu

    Shintouyu A Wandering Soul

    A rewind of every Tribunal with the Staff getting drunk. :V
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  11. vicky_molokh

    vicky_molokh The *other* transhuman[ist]

    Kyïv, Ukraine
    Oh, there sure are quite viral things in the community. E.g. 'hard men doing hard decisions' (and variations thereof) for probably the most famous example. I've encountered others, but I'm not sure which ones are specific to SV, which ones were born on SV and went to the rest of the Internet, and which ones are representative of the whole big Internet and were born out there elsewhere.
  12. I don't think a video format is really applicable either, but it would be nice to have a SV-focused version of Spacebattles History.
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  14. Shanejayell

    Shanejayell Yuri Fan without a Pause

    Are you REALLY sure you want EVIDENCE of what we get up to during the year sitting around?


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  15. Strypgia

    Strypgia Shadow Cabal Token Adult Moderator

    Redeployed CONUS
    This is all Strypgia's fault.
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