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Discussion in 'Computers & Video Gaming' started by Cetashwayo, Jul 17, 2015.

  1. Ironanvil1

    Ironanvil1 Riding a metaphorical pony Magistrate

    Luton Airport
    I don't believe so - it's a ye olde ancient Q6600.
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  2. Ironanvil1

    Ironanvil1 Riding a metaphorical pony Magistrate

    Luton Airport
    Looking into it, it would appear to be a hardware issue, possibly voltage control, that seems to be a pretty common failure state of AMD cards. Picked up a cheap R9 270 and slapped that in instead as a stopgap.
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  3. Vanathor

    Vanathor Games Questers Play

    SB Exodite
    Got a bit of a problem with my computer.

    Its giving me a boot error code of 96, when it tries to start, after it shut down unexpectedly mid use.

    According to MSI (my motherboard brand) the error code is for "pci bus assign resources" but I am not entirely sure what that means.

    The last thing to light up on my machine is my graphics card, if that makes any difference, and the card is only six months old so should be under the manufacturer's warranty.

  4. Private Lee O'Malley

    Private Lee O'Malley Head Puns = -10 to Next Roll Councillor

    Windows 10 is consuming so much memory as time goes on, like upon reset it goes from 26% to 96% and then forcibly shutting down my computer due to overload. Here's the catch: Nothing in my computer is using that much memory.

    Like I got 6 Gigs of memory alright, yet 1 Gig of memory (At least displayed on Process Hacker and Task Manager) is somehow seen as 5.2 gigs. Like what the fuck, there's nothing particularly draining going on, what's the deal here? I did virus scans and that didn't fix it.
  5. I don't know if this is the correct place to post this but I have to start somewhere. My laptop has everything it needs to be a gaming machine except for a decent graphics card. Is there any way I can hook one up to it externally in a functional way that will allow me to finally play graphically taxing games?
  6. Do you have Thunderbolt 3 and at least $700 to spare? If you do, the Razer Core is a possible option.
  7. I have neither, but they look like they might do the trick. Here are the specs of my computer:

    OS-Windows 10
    Processor-AMD A10-4600M APU with Radeon(tm) HD graphics 2.30 GHz
    64-bit operating system, x64-based processor

    Laptop model is an HP ENVY DV-7
  8. Thunderbolt 3 is the only means to connect an external video card to a laptop. It looks like there's nothing you can do to improve the graphic performance of your laptop.
  9. Are there any docks that i can hook into my laptop to provide it with thunderbolt 3?
  10. Didn't you just say that you didn't have $700 to spend on a Razer Core + a GPU to fit inside it?

    Anyway, It wouldn't work and it wouldn't make sense for something like a USB to Thunderbolt converter to exist. Thunderbolt is faster than USB and thus the USB port would be a bottleneck that would negate all the advantages of Thunderbolt. And a GPU needs the speed (bandwidth and latency) of Thunderbolt to work properly.
  11. Ironanvil1

    Ironanvil1 Riding a metaphorical pony Magistrate

    Luton Airport
    For the kind of money you'd spend to convert a laptop, wouldn't it pretty much be cheaper building a new desktop rig?
  12. 1.) didn't say anything about not having the cash to spend on it
    2.) that does make sense yes. Thank you for your help.

    I suppose so.
  13. That was the misunderstanding.

    But yeah, Ironanvil1 is right, the Razer Core a terrible value unless one is planning to dump $500 into a new GPU every year. $700 would build you a desktop, and $1000 would get you a new gaming laptop.
  14. That's not correct, mPCIE to PCIE x16 adapters exist. But they are not very user friendly and may not work at all.
  15. I know that, and to be comprehensive, there are a handful of laptop that have a few PCI-E lanes diverted to an external port. But for all intents and purposes, those are special cases that would have done nothing but blur the subject.
  16. I could use some help with my laptop.

    The problem is the graphics card (I think that is the word. I'm not that good with computers and my system is in Finnish so I might be translating it wrong), which my laptop has two of: a shitty one and what is apparently a really good one. The shitty one is in use by default and I'd like to have the better one in use, as the shitty one has problems with even some Youtube videos for some reason. The cards in question are AMD Radeon (TM) Dual Graphics and AMD Radeon (TM) R7 M265DX.

    Already tried to switch the power use settings to the best performance and if I understand correctly, the shitty card is now in use only when I play games.
  17. The battery of my laptop has died on me after a long period of agony.

    Can someone recommend me a reputable website where I can buy an Alienware battery within the EU?
  18. Private Lee O'Malley

    Private Lee O'Malley Head Puns = -10 to Next Roll Councillor

    Newegg? Amazon? Ebay? Where have you looked at so far?
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