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Comics The DC Comics General Thread

Discussion in 'Fiction Discussion' started by Lavanya Six, Jan 8, 2013.

  1. Scraped from here.

    Since lately there seems to be a fresh travesty every month from DC, I figured I might as well make a general thread for DC comics. Not just to bitch and moan. Recs, cool art, and general discussion are encouraged!

    Sadly, I must start us off with some unfortunate news...

    More DC Writer Changes To Come – Was Gail Simone Just The Beginning?
    So they're changing the creative teams on the lower- and middle-tier books AGAIN, and anyone who tweets or complains about this sort of thing, even if they're not currently at DC, gets blacklisted.
  2. Prince Charon

    Prince Charon Just zis guy, you know?

    They could get a lot more sales by just firing Dan Didio... but then, we know that. Sad that they don't.
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  3. Q99


    Yep. No-one there seems interested in long-term planning, avoiding problems that turn off certain demographics (Wonder Woman- every part of her backstory is malecentric now. Also, you like a low-mid tier fun character? Expect them to die, not awesomely but pointlessly), or creators (they lost George Perez and Rob Liefeld due to constantly conflicting demands. Those two with decades-long records of producing work when required. Rob may suck as an artist, but easy-to-work with was always a selling point of his. They lost Greg Rucka similarly, by yanking the book they'd promised him in exchange for all his fill in work. And then they almost lost Gail).

    They've got some great actual comic makers, but they're hobbled by the higher ups and their constant behind-the-scenes meddling.

    I don't think it's just Didio at this point, but probably Didio and a couple others like him that focus on the moment and let their personal wants override the long vision.
    I hear Batwoman is still pretty good.
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  4. Q99


    The thing is, it's a relaunch, it should be new stuff and we should expect things to be very different... but they keep wanting to have their cake and eat it too, reference pre-reboot stuff, keep certain pre-reboot characters, and so on.

    I wouldn't blame Winnick- from what I gather, standard DC procedure is tell writers, "Give us a new idea on this!", not mentioning they're asking several at once, then picking the one editorial most wants. Or in some cases, start with an idea, and then find one of their regulars who'll do it (which considering Winnick, is likely in his case. He's not a high level type who determines the direction). It's not like WInnick had the final call, editorial picked hoodie-Shazam.
  5. Q99


    The thing about Winnick is he can do very good stuff. His Green Lantern/Kyle run. His EXiles run at Marvel. Way better than his work in the last few years.

    He just needs a good editor.
  6. Q99


    Gutters comic

    (Not all of their comics are good, but this one is)
  7. Q99


    It made a lot of money and sold a lot of comics.

    Quality varies. Some of the ones with the earlier human heroes were apparently very very good. I hear the Dr. Manhattan one undermines some of the themes of the original story heavily by changing how Manhattan's future sense works, which is bad.
  8. It's funny. For the longest time I would have said I was more of a DC fan compared to Marvel, yet yesterday when I went to Barnes and Nobles to look over some trades, I realized I could honestly care less about new DC titles. When did this change? Man, I wish I could know. The shift was happening even before Nu52.
  9. Q99


    Ironically DC didn't get this '90s' during the actual 90s, iIn the 'let's make everything 'grittier' and with more guns and less cheerfulness, cheerfulness is silly,' sense, yes, except it's also mixed with a lot of Silver Age worship and using almost none of the characters from the actual 90s. So you have stuff like Hal Jordan, but he's really nothing like silver age Hal, he's sorta a half-remembered Hal. Ditto Barry Allen as Flash- they brought Barry back, but gave him a tragic backstory where there was none before. Babs Batgirl draws far more on Stephanie Brown than her original run. That sort thing.
    The same happened to me. There was a point where I not only followed a good number of DC books, I could look at most of the line and want to snag an issue occasionally, or at least have nothing wrong with the titles. By the end, I was down to 4-5. Nu52, 1, and then 0.

    And I'm now fine with that, lots other stuff out there (Fred Perry's Gold Digger by Antarctic Press! Atomic Robo by Red 5! Scarlet Spider over at Marvel! Etc.!).
    Oh, you know the original Hellblazer series is ending, right? There's going to be a new one with New 52 Constantine. New 52 John copied his style from another mage who taught him magic. Also somehow temporarily rendering him unable to lie rendered him unable to con too.
  10. Droman

    Droman دروس درومان

    Firmly against that. The JSA to me was always better as an Earth-2 focus rather than the "past" of a unified DC Earth. Say what you will about the rest, but I'm personally glad they've got their own world back, even if it's a rebooted one...
  11. Q99


    Yea. It's barely a handicap to oldJohn.
    It's not really them, though. The new versions are utterly different, and they're even the same age or sometimes younger than the Earth-1 ones. They're all second-generation heroes too (I.e. Bats/Supes/WW came first, they came later).
  12. Q99


    They really do things inconsistently with legacies. Batman still has four Robins, but the number of Batgirls was dropped from 3 to 1, even with a period when the 1 was inactive.

    And in some cases like Wally West, the legacy was really the more popular, iconic character, yet there's no Wally at all, only Barry.
  13. Q99


    Not 'kill off everyone for real,' but rather, give a conclusion, an epilogue, close the book, and start a new one. Stories don't have to end in death.
    Do so, this is the thread for it :)
  14. Prince Charon

    Prince Charon Just zis guy, you know?

    The problem is that Didio apparently likes Jason and Damian, but hates Steph. Never mind that Steph is a fan favorite while Jason and Damian are in many cases not, never mind that Damian has a bad habit of murdering people and Batman covers it up (I'm still WTFing on that), Didio has his likes and is rid of his hates and to hell with what we want, apparently.
  15. Q99


    Steph didn't get super-high sales... but she actually got female readers!

    Didio somehow views a cult following in a hard-to-get demographic as a bad thing!

    And yes, he actually cited a 'small cult following' as a reason not to use her and Cass. Marvel'd just shove them on a team book in that situation (see X-23. Her solo book ends, she goes to Avengers Academy. See also the Runaways. Really, there's a lot of example).
  16. Citrakite

    Citrakite I'm Evil. What...did you think I was lying?

    Land of Aaa
    So this only for DC or can I vent on how fucking disappointing Marvel's been for the last decade or so with AvX becoming another idea they dragged out for way too long to milk it for money before Marvel Now?

    DC was never my brand so I felt less personally raped by DC and their editor mandates of kill B list people, it shows shit got serious and more tit shots for everyone. That's what young hip people do right? Dress like they going to go clubbing while fighting crime and have sex in public because I'm the GODDAMN BATMAN!!!?
  17. kilroy


    Earth 2
    I hate what they did to Mr Freeze

    In Batman Annual #1 Victor and Nora were never married. Nora is now a woman who was frozen in the '40s, and Victor is now a stalker-with-a-crush; Victor became obsessed with her and developed a fantasy life with her while researching how to unfreeze her. They took one of the most sympathetic villains ever and took him back to being a joke.
  18. I'm still trying to figure out which character had his or her backstory destroyed the most. It comes down to either Tim Drake or Victor Fries at the moment.
  19. Citrakite

    Citrakite I'm Evil. What...did you think I was lying?

    Land of Aaa
    Stephanie Brown and Cassie Cain as so far as we know they don't even exist anymore for being the most recent and modern Batgirls with Cassie being as popular as Barbara was in the role before they fucked that up.
  20. Prince Charon

    Prince Charon Just zis guy, you know?

    That only covers Victor. Tim's backstory in the comics came purely from the comics
    Yeah, probably his animated hate. The mad on he has for Steph and Cass only affects one part of continuity, the animated hate taints everything.
  21. ....

    I'll get the pitchforks, you get the torches.
  22. Q99


    It doesn't hurt that Steph and Cass already *Have* non-batgirl identities, Steph's being completely un-Bat.
  23. Well, the Nu52 Barbara Gordon Batgirl is basically a redheaded Stephanie. The only thing really "Babs" about her is that she's obsessed with her personal trauma.
  24. Q99


    Cheap, cheap drama.
  25. The Imperator

    The Imperator World's Greatest Escape Artist

    Just reread one of my favorite Superman/Batman collections, Absolute Power. And do you know how it ends - after Superman and Batman nearly sell their souls away, each ruining the others life to fix time, we get a cut scene with future Superman with Lois and children. AND DC TOOK THAT AWAY!!!! SCREW THEM!!!!!!!!!!
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