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Megathread The First 100 Days: Trump Administration

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by Zephyrus, Nov 9, 2016.

  1. Zephyrus

    Zephyrus Endlessly Tilting Windmills

    Like many of my fellow SVers, I woke up to a United States that feels like it was thrown back in time. My fiance held me tight as I literally cried in her arms. She is still optimistic that these next four years are but the last stand of white supremacy. I'm not so sure. She's a stronger person than I am. I admire her strength.

    This thread is for the analysis and speculation of the Trump Administration's upcoming first 100 days in office. What promises did he make that he will actually go through on? What policies can we expect to see implemented? Will we see a coalition between Democrats and moderate Republicans? How much change are we going to realistically see with a completely controlled Republican government?

    Sound off below.

    But some rules:
    1. As much as we dislike Trump, we will not stoop to his level and devolve into childish temper tantrums. Let's keep the discussion civil.
    2. Trump supporters, this is not the thread to gloat in an unseemly manner. I may not be happy with how our country voted but I respect the democratic process. This is a political discussion only.
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  2. FBH

    FBH Write drunk. Edit Hungover

    Trump looks set to lose the popular vote.

    His government is illegitimate.
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  3. Quantum

    Quantum Upsetting the established order

    0. TPP dies day 0
    1. Obamacare dies day one, I bet.
    2. Trump reverses a lot of the executive orders.
    3. Supreme court justices
    4. Iran deal probably dies real fast
    5. Posturing against NATO
    6. Beginning of negotiations of the end of NAFTA

    That's off the top of my head.
  4. Richardson

    Richardson Not here Now.

    Repeal NAFTA, and everything else with trade and get into trade war. Economy crashes. Iran desperately goes for nukes, as do Japan and SK.
  5. There's already word Trump might try to repeal anti-Russian sanctions.
  6. Zephyrus

    Zephyrus Endlessly Tilting Windmills

    I can't think of any races off the top of my head but there have been several elections where a candidate has won the popular vote but lost the electoral college. The legitimacy of those administrations were never vigorously challenged to my recollection.
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  7. While I agree in principle, the fact is that I can't see that doing anything to actually get him out of office.

    So really, what I expect to see here in the next four years is the Democrats taking half the Republican playbook and giving them the exact same treatment they've given Obama. Filibuster everything for the next two years straight, focus hard on gearing up for profitable midterms (which is something the DNC should have been doing for a while, but better late than never) and do as much to hinder Donald's policies as Boener and Ryan and the rest did for the entirety of Obama's presidency.
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  8. FBH

    FBH Write drunk. Edit Hungover

    No, but it should have been.
  9. Pyrion

    Pyrion Asuran Rights Activist

    Spirit Lake, ID
    Gore in 2000. I don't think we really want that clusterfuck all over again.
  10. Why not?
  11. Pyrion

    Pyrion Asuran Rights Activist

    Spirit Lake, ID
    Do you really want to keep hope on life support for another month before the plug is pulled unceremoniously?
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  12. Oh that you mean. Nah, there won't be a repeat of that. There isn't really a Florida situation anywhere, as far as I can see. Trump got overall less votes, but that is unfortunately not something to sue over. But it is entirely valid to see the Trump government as insufficiently democratically legitimated.
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  13. FBH

    FBH Write drunk. Edit Hungover

    And to argue for system reform from now on.
  14. pianoman

    pianoman Lover of music

    You think you can get 75% of the nation to agree on how to change the election process without screwing it up
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  15. Guessmyname

    Guessmyname Tea-Powered Biscuit-Eater Commission Artist

    Ah, are we doing Trump reaction guides?

    Okay then. There's one obvious parallel here, and that's Brexit. They're equal tier for the 'well that was fucking stupid' awards. Going off Brexit, what's there to expect?
    • Market bungee-jumping. Already started, will level out later but expect the dollar to be weaker. Some idiots who like to imagine we're an export economy will try to bluff this off as a good thing. Ignore them, they're idiots. Price rises and fluctuations abound, folks; keep an eye on the inventive ways the UK economy decides to flatline if you want a prediction of the future. Doubly so if/when Article 50 ever happens.
    • Nothing will happen immediately. In the case of Brexit, this is thanks to everyone (including the Brexiteers) knowing it was a fucking stupid idea, so they've been diligently running around pretending it isn't whilst not actually doing anything about it. In yours... well, for one, there's the Lame Duck period, for another, Trump now actually needs to get the rest of Republican Party - Senators and Congress - to agree with him to actually do anything. In particular, expect the Border Wall to fall hilarious victim to this.
    • Hugo winning author Chuck Tingle will probably squirt a novel out of this. Make an avatar out of it and be the envy of all your friends.
    • Racist Twat Horde and Racist Twat Activity will rise. We saw this in the immediate post-Brexit aftermath, you can bet it's going to happen here. Hell, from what I've heard it was happening as the votes were being cast. Stay safe out there. Obligatory blah blah #NotAllTrumpSupporters is all very nice and good, but it's the ones that are part of the Racist Twat Horde that are the problem. Now to be a loud, obnoxiously smug problem feeling secure in its legitimacy and likely feeling invincible.
    • Political Schadenfreude. Like him or hate him (hate him), a Trump victory represents the establishment getting a kick in the nads, and heads will roll. Maybe Dem, maybe Rep, either way, sit back and watch it burn. If there was ever a part of the system you didn't like or congressperson you were vaguely unhappy about who gets caught in this clusterfuck, sit back and toast the marshmallows. It's one of the few silver linings you're going to get. On a related note...
    • Learn to savour the little disasters in life. The big ones will be shit.
    Is it as bad as Brexit?
    • In some ways, yes:
      • It's America.
      • Again, it's America. You actually matter.
      • Brexit only fucked up foreign policy.
      • The country you treat like a novelty hat isn't actually a part of you, and thus has no say and cannot threaten you with independence to try and mitigate the damage.
      • Trump is going to stay in the news for four years now. You and all the rest of us are going have to listen to his smug, dulcet tones every other time we sit down to eat. You bastards.
      • No-one is ever going to take American 'leader of the free world' pro-Democracy stances seriously ever again. All cultural posturing is now null and void. Take the crying bald eagle out back and staple an orange wig to it: this is America now.
    • In some ways, no:
      • Sadly, we will probably not experience the sheer implosion of three major political parties as with Brexit. Alas, that one was the one good thing that really earned the popcorn.
      • People actually prepared for a Trump victory. How well is anyone's guess, but there will be people who expected it to happen and there is a system by which it happens. Which also means it is happening, but at least your entire government isn't about to keel over out of sheer embarassed incompetence.
      • You don't have the entire rest of the world and all your major trading partners staring at you with middle fingers raising and knives sharpening in the distance (yet).
      • You have an actually competent opposition. You have Hillary, Sanders and Obama. You do not have Corbyn. Fucking rejoice. Yes, a bad and fucking stupid thing just happened, but actually do have a solid chance of fighting it, and it isn't happening unopposed. So fight.
      • A Trump Presidency is temporary. You lucky bastards.
    Have fun, folks. It's going to a be one hell of a ride.
    Last edited: Nov 9, 2016
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  16. FunkyEntropy

    FunkyEntropy Occasionally insightful, possibly grumpy

    Los Angeles
    Because we're better than that.
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  17. FBH

    FBH Write drunk. Edit Hungover

    Do you think that the people who built the US (or British, or French, or Canadian) system were magical? That they had some mysterious power that allowed them to build a good system? No. They were people just like you are. Yet, somehow they were able to create a system different from what had happened before, and then go back and fix it when it broke.

    You absolutely can get 75% of the people to agree on a better system. It just requires a great deal of mobilization and organization towards that goal. The absolute first thing though is you need to realize that that's a system that you should have.

    allowing a racist disaster into power because your system is badly designed doesn't make you better.
    Last edited: Nov 9, 2016
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  18. ctulhuslp



    That's because there was no previous system, therefore no inertia and no people with vested interest in status quo.
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  19. FBH

    FBH Write drunk. Edit Hungover

    There sure was a previous system.

    And what's your alternative here? Wait and hope the Republican party just goes away? Accept the legitimacy of the Trump government?
  20. vicky_molokh

    vicky_molokh The *other* transhuman[ist]

    Kyïv, Ukraine
    Would you complain about the system as much if Hillary won by EC while losing by popular percentage? (This is 2016; anything could happen!)

    I find the EC a byzantine bureaucratic nightmare, and the lack of second-stage election somewhat unusual, and wouldn't want to live in a state which employs EC, but I don't quite buy the way your argument against EC is formulated.
    Last edited: Nov 9, 2016
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  21. FBH

    FBH Write drunk. Edit Hungover


    The EC just elected a racist who will destroy the climate and the economy. I'd say it's flaws are plain to see.[/I]
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  22. pianoman

    pianoman Lover of music

    The other problem is that the Republicans control Congress and you need 2/3 vote to get an ammendment through Congress so the states can vote on it. so it wil be at least till midtrems for this ammendment to be even possible maybe even longer depending on how they go
  23. FBH

    FBH Write drunk. Edit Hungover

    Politics takes time, but it begins with organization and consciousness.
  24. Richardson

    Richardson Not here Now.

    Somewhat, yes. But not too much, as a man who by effect of his stated policies has said he intends to do ethnic cleansing, concentration camps, targeting an entire religion, trade wars, actual wars of plunder, and other deeds we were supposed to have buried with Nazi Germany won't be in office.

    The very democratic process wouldn't be imperiled by a man who made it a standard talking point of "I will appoint a special prosecutor and have you put in jail" TO START WITH wouldn't be in office.
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  25. Username Redacted

    Username Redacted I am a beetle for Christmas.

    Not true. You do need 2/3 of the states for an amendment, but we don't need an amendment to abolish the electoral college. What we do need is for states whose electoral votes total 270 or more to pass laws committing all of their electoral votes to the winner of the popular vote. We're at 105 now.
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