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Megathread The First 100 Days: Trump Administration

Discussion in 'Current Affairs' started by Zephyrus, Nov 9, 2016.

  1. I'm still meeting people who find it important to mention to me in the middle of lamenting Trump as the oncoming apocalypse how "She would be just as bad" and how she stole the Primary. At this point I'm starting to think it's a sort of unconscious tic of some people, where any time they might say something that could even possibly infer her to be anything less than the devil in a human suit their body uncontrollably forces them to clarify (See, on here alone: The responses to Russia's hacking earlier this week in the thread, when talking about foreign policy and the possibility of war, bringing up possible compromise / corruption of the President-Elect, etcetera).

    I have a depressing prediction that the next four years are going to be full of such ticks, with an even more depressing sense of foreboding that my earlier comment about Trump / Pence winning people over to apathy by taking the odd potshot at her will prove true.
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  2. Rook

    Rook Mariposa Caprichosa Moderator

    Holy shit, Takei :lol
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  3. ...Savage. Mr. Takei feels no urge to pull punches does he?
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  4. Ok, I admit it was a very quick 'gotcha', that might not be even little bit funny to this particular audience.

    But is he? I still remember the panic of 2009 and "oh my god, we don't know nothing about Obama!" I laughed then, because, frankly , USA politics is rather stable from president to president. Four years later you could find people who complained that Obama policies were indistinguishable from hypothetical III term of Bush.

    Four years from now people disappointed by Trump abandoning all his extreme positions, keeping almost all Obamacare and continual mess in Middleast will complain that Trump is bringing almost the same thing that III term of Obama would bring.

    In the larger context - almost every country on earth wants to influence USA politics and every major power tried to for last 100 years or even longer*. Remember that the amount of effort and resources that USA pumped into fragmenting Soviet Union was closely matched by amount of USSR effort and resources to make USA internal politics dysfunctional and destroy its internal stability.

    The fact that USA still function, secessionist movements don't dominate a single state might point out that USA politics are quite resilient to outside influence.

    *certainly since WWI. I am not so sure about
    Last edited: Jan 11, 2017 at 10:18 AM
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  5. Mithras

    Mithras Misanthrope

    As I said elsewhere, to put it in AOE2 terms, Trump only won because while hillary had a better army and economy, he got a Wonder victory.
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  6. If that happens, I'd be celebrating on the fucking streets with joy. Seriously, I'd be sad and disappointed if the other Republicans had won but I wouldn't be scared like I am with Trump.

    Putting aside his obvious incompetence and worrying ideological proclivities, I have no goddamn clue what this thin-skinned dimwit will do. He doesn't even pretend to take his own words seriously and has the emotional maturity and political acumen of a five year old. He's going to alternate between getting played like a fiddle and flailing at whatever catches his eye. With other politicians, I could at least broadly predict their actions and trust that they wouldn't significantly upset global geopolitical stability. I don't have any such guarantee with Trump.

    I'm hoping Taiwan is not the start of a worrying trend. I'm preparing for when it is.
    Last edited: Jan 11, 2017 at 11:07 AM
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  7. pheonix89

    pheonix89 Wanna-be game dev

    That's because it's a counterfactual hypothetical, and you don't get demand one-word answers when trying to equate situations that are not and cannot be real with ones that are. The question contains an implicit "The same should happen to her as would happen to a regular employee", and that's not correct.
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  8. I can give you a simple answer. No.

    I know this because I used to be a gov contractor, and the company I worked for had their own email systems which we used for official business even if it was gov related. Then the rules changed and it took a couple of years to trickle down until we where told to stop using the company email and use gov email instead. Which was a major major problem as gov couldn't give us email accounts easily and not everyone working on gov projects had a gov email account. It was a fairly painful transition but no-one got fired over it. What would happen when the right people found out they would tell Clinton that she would need to migrate from her private server to a gov one and that would be the end of it. If she refused you could have disciplinary measures taken I guess, but given that she was the boss that would be wierd and confusing.
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  9. Rook

    Rook Mariposa Caprichosa Moderator

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  10. Oh boy, this Trump presser is fucking wild.

    To start off, there's a damn cheering section and he just said the US was like Nazi Germany on Twitter this morning because of the leaks.
  11. I can't help but think turning a country into a fascist state becomes much easier if the population think it already is one.
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  12. Professor Vesca

    Professor Vesca Good News Everyone!

    This is a press conference?


    Are you sure? I am taking money for how long it will be before Trump ragequits like he was supposed to.
  13. The thing is, this is all true. But Trump has less personal power than you think because of it. The big risk is that the rest of the world doesn't figure out that "Donald Trump's latest rant on twitter" doesn't actually reflect anything but Trump's interest over the course of the next five minutes. He'll set off shitstorms if people keep paying attention to his tweets, but, if they learn to tune him out like everyone else does and only watch actual policy actions and positions, it... basically doesn't matter.

    Because the system moves too slowly for Trump-Brand Idiocy to do much.

    Anyway, the crushing irony of Trump bitching about Fake News after the Birth Certificate remains crushing. Can we all agree to keep this thing in the news for as long as he kept the Birth Certificate? Until I start seeing long-form reviews from his prostitutes that he does not enjoy this sort of thing, I think there are real questions that need to be asked.

    Edit: Also the whole "Is this Nazi Germany?!" thing is just so quintessentially real estate developer that I'm just laughing. It's the Real Estate equivalent of the Defense Attorney asking a Police Expert Witness "So you only testify for the prosecution when there was [allegation here]? You never say that [area of expertise central to the prosecution] was not present when you are called by the prosecution to testify on this matter? Why should we believe you!?"
    Last edited: Jan 11, 2017 at 12:14 PM
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  14. foamy

    foamy Lying liar who lies. Executive Director

    I tried but I straight up can't make myself sit through more than a couple of seconds of Trump talking. Gonna stick to the Guardian updates.
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  15. Zap Rowsdower

    Zap Rowsdower Ex-cultist vagrant

    I'm waiting for after-the-fact summary articles myself. Live updates play to his meme strengths.
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  16. prometheus110

    prometheus110 Join Cayman-Global & be part of the 1E-9 percent!

    Apparently a dude from breitbart asked about media reforms because of course they did.
  17. He refused to answer a question from CNN because they're a "fake news" outlet and was then asked a question by Breitbart on journalistic ethics.

    Is this what hitting rock-bottom looks like? How much farther do we have to go?
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  18. foamy

    foamy Lying liar who lies. Executive Director

    Let's not forget Trump cutting off CNN because they're "fake news". What a world!
  19. DracoDracul


    We hit rock bottom in November, now we're busting out the drills.
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  20. The thing is, mostly that just undermines his credibility and respectability. I know we kid about how he has none, but he still has plenty on a systemic level. This... Is the path towards that not being true.
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  21. tankdrop24

    tankdrop24 Tread first into hell

    You know, from what's being said about Rex Tillerson's hearing, I wonder how he would answer if someone asked him 'are you now or have you ever been a Captain Planet villain?'
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  22. I just write

    I just write Blatant Socialist

    Oh how I wish funny ratings were permitted! Here, have a like.
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  23. Summary from NY Mag.

    Article: 12:19: It’s over. In sum: The president-elect condemned America’s intelligence agencies and its leading cable news network. He suggested that news outlets that report on material he deems irresponsible will lose access to his administration. He said that he would force our southern neighbor to finance our border wall, establish enormous tariffs on the goods of companies that relocate outside the United States, negotiate drug prices with big pharma, demand congressional Republicans pass a replacement for Obamacare at the same time that they repeal it (thus, contradicting Mitch McConnell’s plan), and try to establish friendlier relations with Russia, even though he believes that nation did hack Democratic institutions during the 2016 election.

    His lawyer also laid out a reasonably detailed plan for minimizing his conflicts of interest. But that plan will not include the release of Trump’s tax returns – an omission Trump explained by repeating the long-discredited lie that the IRS won’t let him to release that information because he is under audit. When the press reminded him that they already know that isn’t true, Trump suggested that reporters are the only people who care about his tax returns (a recent poll found that 62 percent of Republicans would like to see those returns).
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