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The Index's Index. Check Here Before Starting A New Thread

Discussion in 'Fanfiction Discussion' started by iospace, Apr 23, 2014.

  1. iospace

    iospace The reason we can't have nice things

    Alright, to make things easy for you all, I'm going to compile an index of of the index threads. Why? So things can be found more easily. I'll try to maintain it myself, but telling me about new threads and such is appreciated! Fair warning, I will /not/ archive story specific threads, only "general" series threads.

    Both lists will be organized alphabetically.

    General threads:
    • The Big List: Thread 1
    • Character Naming: Thread 1
    • Contre la Montre: Thread 1
    • Crazy Crossovers: Thread 1
    • Crazy Searches: Thread 1
    • Creepypasta: Thread 1
    • Crossover Recs: Thread 1
    • Door Stoppers: The BIG Thread: Thread 1
    • Fan theories/Fanon you are sick of seeing: Thread 1
    • Fanfic Spelunking Thread: Thread 1
    • Fanfics That you Secretly Cannot Get Enough of: Thread 1
    • Fanfics where Characters Come to Our World: Thread 1
    • Fic recommendations with great space combat: Thread 1
    • Finding Lost Fanfiction: Thread 1
    • General Idea Thread: Thread 1
    • General Magical Girl Discussion: Thread 1
    • General Rec and Updates: Thread 1
    • Getting the Ball Rolling (Killing Writer's Block): Thread 1
    • Good Fics You Just Got Bored Of: Thread 1
    • Harem Recs and Fics Discussion: Thread 1
    • How Did You Get Into Fanfiction? Thread 1
    • How to Focus My Attention/Interest Span for Writing: Thread 1
    • Humanity Fuck Yeah (HFY): Thread 1
    • ISOT cross-over ideas thread: Thread 1
    • Mass Crossover: Thread 1
    • Mature/Complex/'Realistic' Fanfiction Ideas and Recommendations: Thread 1*
    • Miscellaneous Games Fanfic Ideas, Recs, and Discussion: Thread 1
    • Modern Magic, Myths, and Gods: Thread 1
    • Natural Corssovers: Thread 1
    • Off The Face of the Earth: Post fanfics that have passed on: Thread 1
    • On-Site Story Index: Thread 1
    • Past, Present, and Tenses - What's your writing style?: Thread 1
    • Pet Peeves: Thread 1
    • Richardson's Tribbles: Thread 1
    • Sci-Fi/Fantasy X-over recs and ideas: Thread 1
    • Self Insert Archive: Thread 1
    • Self Insert Ideas: Thread 1
    • The Statistics of Crossovers: Thread 1*
    • Story Advertising Thread: Thread 1
    • Strange Ships: Thread 1
    • Superpower Lottery (random powers): Thread 1
    • The TERRIBLE Crossover Fanfiction Idea Generator: Thread 1
    • Therapy done right: Thread 1
    • Things you wish happened more often in Fanfiction: Thread 1
    • Visualizing and Analyzing FFN with Graphs: Thread 1
    • Well Done Fan-Comics (Dojinshi): Thread 1
    • What are some good recs for light-hearted, comedy fanfics? 9327
    • Your Greatest Fanfiction: Thread 1
    *Imported thread
    Last edited: Oct 30, 2014
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  2. iospace

    iospace The reason we can't have nice things

    Series Specific Threads
    *Imported thread
    Last edited: Nov 10, 2014
  3. iospace

    iospace The reason we can't have nice things

    <RESERVED, just in case>
  4. iospace

    iospace The reason we can't have nice things


    If you do not see a thread here that should be listed here, tell me. With the forum reorganization, my watch on the subforum vanished. Thank you.
  5. Evillevi

    Evillevi A Pikachu for everything - Shadow Pikachu,2015

  6. Zaru

    Zaru Beyond Prophecy

  7. Emizaquel

    Emizaquel What is a self?

    I noticed that there wasn't a thread for requesting fanfics, so I decided to make one.

    This thread is mainly divided into two parts, based on who is reading it.

    A part of the audience is the people who post ideas for stories that anyone can pick up and run with.

    This brings us to the other part of the audience, if any writers are looking for some inspiration, go ahead and have a look through the thread, if your find a request that you want to fulfil, start doing so and quote the original request in a post with either your story or a link to your story.

  8. Frakir's brother

    Frakir's brother Goodbye.

    The Sea of Trees
    I made a yandere recommendation thread, it's in my Sig.
  9. Zaru

    Zaru Beyond Prophecy

    Mind if I made a Bleach thread at all?
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  10. Could I make a Disgaea (Nippon Ichi) thread?
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  11. I'm planning on a "Reverse SI" idea thread. (Reverse SI meaning that fictional characters come here and not us going there). After reading @XCVG's Emergance, and it's ongoing sequel, Convergance, I realized that we have a lot of untapped potential here for some interesting stories, and those two tales I mentioned more or less did the concept of fictional characters coming here very well.
  12. Oh I am slain!

    Oh I am slain! Wynaut?

    Is there a Pokemon fiction and quests discussion thread yet? I'm having trouble searching for one.
  13. all fictions

    all fictions Painted Black

    Montreal, Quebec
    Two things:

    It seems we have two Fullmetal Alchemist threads, the one listed here and this one. Should one or the other be deleted, or can they be merged (most favorable outcome in my opinion)?

    I also made two threads, one on the Call of Duty franchise and the other about the Jormungand series. Do you mind listing them please?
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  14. girador

    girador Former Lord of Headaches

    behind a screen
    Question, do we have a thread for rec'ing completed fics?
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  15. TheFanficAddict

    TheFanficAddict Bang Bang Shoot Through The Heart!

    Would it be alright if i made a thread for sad fanfics?
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  16. InterstellarHobo

    InterstellarHobo Cosmic Vagrant

    It's certainly not in this index, and my trawling efforts have turned none up.
    Such a thread would be much appreciated, I'm having trouble finding fics that actually have an ending.
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