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The SV Steam Group

Discussion in 'Computers & Video Gaming' started by 100thlurker, Sep 24, 2014.

  1. 100thlurker

    100thlurker atheshtarih and Enemy of the Lie Magistrate

    SMS Odette II
    Hello there SV! A fair number of you probably play games on the Steam Platform and like SV. This is your heads up that we have an official group on Steam.

    What's It For?
    Other than proudly identifying yourself as a member of the community and helping you get in touch with other SVers on Steam?! Er...well, not particularly much at the moment.

    We have Big Things planned, however. For example we are thinking of potentially helping SVers make informed choices about their purchases by using the new Curation system as a platform to more directly rout Recommendations by SVers for SVers on Steam. There has been some hush hush talk with @open_sketchbook regarding a title his indie dev team has busily been working on. And more! Keep tabs, yo.

    Special thanks to @NonSequtur for providing the Group Avatar.

    Meet The Team:
    @The D (Wuffles)

    - Try and comport yourselves on the Steam Group with the Community Compact, even if this is not an official extension of the forum.
    - Like the IRC channels, the Steam Group is not an avenue for complaints about forum administration. Seriously.
    - Have fun.
    Last edited: Feb 7, 2015
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  2. This seems worth a sticky, so...

    Also, I'm going to take a moment to recommend the SB Wargame group for anyone who plays one of the Wargame series. Yes, it's the "SB" Wargame group, but whatevs. :tongue:
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  3. Amphethis


    sound great, already joined. just wondering, can anyone tell me what SB is? sorry for the necro.
  4. SB in this case is Spacebattles.com, the mother site that Sufficientvelocity.com split from in 2014.
  5. Amphethis


    Right. Saw references all over the forum and was confused until now. Thanks.
  6. Tankette

    Tankette Shadow Cabal Unamused 5-Year Old

    Somewhere on Earth

    The group seems to be a bit inactive for the last month and a half. Maybe it's high time to begin organizing matches on Insurgency/WarGame?
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  7. I would be up for insurgency.
  8. Whatmesage

    Whatmesage Goddess of the Hugs

    There is apparently a big 'oh crap' moment happening with Steam, that I think needs to be brought to your attentions.

    The message is that crap got borked, and while you shouldn't panic, be aware of this.

    Edit: Apparently, it's fixed. (Gives steam a wary look)
    Steam Issue Allowing Access to Other Users' Accounts [Update 3] - GameSpot

    Update 3 says that Valve's statement is that it was an internal error, it's over, and Steam users don't have to do anything.
    Last edited: Dec 25, 2015
  9. Tankette

    Tankette Shadow Cabal Unamused 5-Year Old

    Somewhere on Earth
    No problems on my side. :p
  10. Whatmesage

    Whatmesage Goddess of the Hugs

    I mean, of course it gets 'resolved' 30 minutes after I find out about it. (Valve's seemingly lackluster response notwithstanding.)
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  11. Guilliman

    Guilliman Lord Protector

    Anyone interested in a game of Insurgency ?
  12. This is a bit late, but I just saw this. I'd be up for it: I should be Cosar in the group. Message me if you want to play.
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  13. Guilliman

    Guilliman Lord Protector

    Cool, it'll be a couple of days though, HOI 4 just came out.
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