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Thong Nguyen illustration

Discussion in 'Art and Music' started by thongnguyen, May 26, 2015.

  1. Threadmark: 2015 Sufficiently Summer winner: Visual Arts
    Hi everyone ,

    My name is Nhat Thong H Nguyen - Yi Tong Ruan - 阮一統 , an Illustrator . I love making art , especially fantasy illustration.

    Update: I'm open commission again from now. Delivery in 1 or two week.
    If you like my art and looking for someone who help you illustrate your character, then i can help you.
    I will give you a price range depend on how difficult the commission is. You can pay me depend on your satisfaction.. I just have one rule, that you should know what you want. I dont really good at helping you design and making concept, so i just illustrate your imagination, make it happen and work.

    Thanks everyone who count on me and support me after all.

    Here is all the work i did for SF

    Last edited: Sep 18, 2016
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  2. Droman

    Droman دروس درومان

    Sup Thong, how you doing buddy? Hope you're following and enjoying my quests! :)
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  3. Hey, I like Pho... to much of a sterotype? Anyway really excited on the dragon piece your working on keep up the good work.
  4. LordSquishy

    LordSquishy Probably Not A Producer

    I can understand why. Your work is quite amazing!
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  5. Charcolt

    Charcolt Mother of Wyverns

    Your work is really incredible! Everybody who follows the quest loves the piece you did.
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  6. LordSquishy

    LordSquishy Probably Not A Producer

    That being said, there is something very wrong with this picture. Starting about a quarter of the way from the bottom- where that orange line is on the left side- there's some kind of effect on it that actually hurts my eyes. I'm not sure what it is; I can't exactly figure it out. It's like a subtle distortion effect.
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  7. Hey there, your work was much appreciated in ADOTN. Looking forward to seeing the other one once it's done. :)
  8. I'm very impressed with your work. Makes me wish I had some artistic ability.
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  9. Kokurokoki

    Kokurokoki Meow


    Anyways, welcome to SV. You will probably enjoy your stay here! Everyone seems to really like you so far!
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  10. Mazrick

    Mazrick Shai'tan

    The Pit of Doom
    Welcome to the Mad House that is SV!:D

    Your work is amazing.

    Also, when some disposable income comes my way, I might try to commission some art for my Stark Quest. If you're interested, give it a read! The link is in my sig.
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  11. Vanathor

    Vanathor Games Questers Play

    SB Exodite
    Glad you are finally here dude!

    Only took me a couple weeks of prodding :)
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  12. That would be the chromatic aberration messing with you. Some folks like to use it since it can create a sort of vibrancy in a piece that you wouldn't see otherwise. Personally, not a fan of it even if you can get some really cool effects with it.
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  13. Kokurokoki

    Kokurokoki Meow

    You ninja'd me. I wanted to have him do commissions for my quest too!!! :(

    On another note, I think he just broke the record for most likes in the first day.
    Last edited: May 27, 2015
  14. Err ... To honestly i'm try to follow it but ... maybe it's hard to understand to me . I'll try harder :D

    Thank you , i'll try my best . I'm trying fix the pose :D

    Thank you

    I'm really happy to heard that. This is what i seek for along time. Even my mother don't like my works man :D ( but now she does ) . So when i know that i can bring the joy to people and maybe some thing new for the quest , i'm really happy . This is my motivation .

    I had not artistic ability before , it's the truth . I can't draw the cube :D . So if you like just stat to draw what you like . My dream is not painting something great or make my painting is the best . My dream is some day i can paint everything i can imagine :D . I can help you if you like :D

    Sorry Kokurokoki but sadly i think there is not thing relate between my art and if i have friend or not :( . You are a great person , but maybe sometime you just don't have friend because of some reason. :( i had used to have many friend when i was young , until university. So i think i'm not a bad person that can't find a friend , it is not other people's fault , maybe i have little chance to meet new people .

    Yes, i will Mazrick ,Thank you ^^ ( i'm not sure i can understand the story :D )

    I will join, i said that , so it just took you 15min.

    Maybe i will not use it anymore :D .

    Thank you Kokurokoki , i always interesting to paint characters in these quest here . You just need to wait for the previous commission done :D ( i think it's about 1 month or more if the "Stark Quest" above come first :D

    Thank you guys so much for welcome me . i will try my best for the quests here ;)
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  15. drasky

    drasky !

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  16. Threadmark: 2015 Sufficiently Summer award post

    foamy Lying liar who lies. Executive Director

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  17. Arimai

    Arimai USMC O-4

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  18. Hi everyone ,
    i'm offline for along time , so... sorry for dont update anything in this thread .
    I'm really surprise because of the prize and the title . I wanna say thanks to everyone who love my artwork .
    It make my day , i'm really happy with it.
    Now i will spend time for practice , i wanna focus on training my skill . So it will be a long time i dont work for commission from you guys .

    I'm a member here , i'm always here .

    ^^ I love SV
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  19. Kokurokoki

    Kokurokoki Meow


    EDIT: We will miss you! But work hard! Being an artist is tough, but with your skills you will make it!!!
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  20. Slayers148

    Slayers148 Kuso-chan desu~ Hawawawa~ Commission Artist

    Me like it very much.
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  21. Long time no see every one , please visit the first post for my new update ;)

    Have a nice day
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  22. Slayers148

    Slayers148 Kuso-chan desu~ Hawawawa~ Commission Artist

    Which size are you looking at? Cintiq13 or Cintiq22?
  23. I hope i can save enough money for cintiq 27 . maybe i need 6 month or more for saving. ^^ .
    Now i'm still using intuous 4 small :D
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  24. Slayers148

    Slayers148 Kuso-chan desu~ Hawawawa~ Commission Artist

    I save up my money for three years to get my first Cintiq13, after using Bamboo for 5 years. For an amateur artist, it's very satisfying. You'll also produce work faster with much higher quality, too.
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  25. Wow , how better it feel when you use cintiq , compare to bamboo ? :D Do you feel easier to draw ?
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