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Videogame Titanfall 2 pilot gauntlet

Discussion in 'Versus Debates' started by tyrese kirk, Jan 5, 2017.


Who win

This poll will close on Jan 19, 2017 at 9:46 AM.
  1. Pilot win against all

    4 vote(s)
  2. Pilot win some but not all

    1 vote(s)
  3. Pilot lose against all

    0 vote(s)
  4. Clones win (bonus)

    0 vote(s)
  5. Pilots win (bonus)

    0 vote(s)
  1. Rules
    -standard gear only ( pilot standard gear grappling hook, 2 arc n frag grenades secondary RE-45 auto, primary flatline)
    -no outside help for neither combatants
    -the pilot can switch grenades (arc and frag only)

    -earth, New York, combatants are at least 2000 feet away each other
    Imagine a long street with a pilot to the left and the opponent to the right with building surronding them for cover or hiding in

    Round 1 pilot vs unsc marine

    Round 2 pilot vs SA marine

    Round 3 pilot vs odst

    Round 4 pilot vs GDI commando

    Round 5 pilot vs spartan 3

    Round 6 pilot vs master chief

    Bonus round 5 pilots vs 5 clone troopers on naboo
    Who wins
    Last edited: Jan 6, 2017
  2. MJ12 Commando

    MJ12 Commando Shadow Cabal Barristerminator

    So you have a Pilot, who does incredibly well in broken terrain, fighting a bunch of ground-bound peasants.

    This is going to go pretty well.

    Round 1: Pilot flies above the Marine's head while firing the Cold War at the Marine. Marine explodes.

    Round 2: See Round 1, except maybe an Arc Grenade or two is necessary.

    Round 3: An ODST has even worse sensors and protection than the SA marine. See Round 2.

    Round 4: Same thing. GDI Commando gets whupped so badly by the Cold War he's going to be drinking with Boris, in hell.

    Round 5: Cold War. Face. Repeat.

    Round 6: Cold War. Face. Repeat.

    Replace Cold War with EPG or Softball as you desire. Or hell, even the Sidewinder. In general any of the Grenadier weapons are going to wreck someone's face.

    Bonus Round: Grenadier weapons are great against ground-bound peasants. The enemy entirely consists of ground-bound peasants. Do the math.
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  3. Ok I wasn't expecting that response let's replace the clone troopers with clone commandos and replace the SA marine with a SA biotic L4 how about now
  4. And let's replace the cold war with the flatline for the pilot
  5. Athene


    The Spartan 3's have the disadvantage of not being proper super soldiers while a Pilot is. :V
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  6. Lambo

    Lambo Bzzzzzzz....

    Pilots are also more cyborg than Spartans even... (those poor Stim and Phase pilots).

    Pilots don't need to use a weapon to kill any of the aforementioned soldiers either, a Pilot running phase can just telefrag them all.

    Amped Flatline is a helluvathing...

    They also don't have to use a Cold War to do anything. They could use the Charge Rifle and pop people from great distances.. or the Kraber...
  7. Ford Prefect

    Ford Prefect What is Project Zohar? Director

    This competition is trivial up until scenario 5, which will still comfortably be in the Pilot's favour. Scenario 6 is some fuckwit with a jetpack against the Master Chief.
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  8. Ok i should have made the rule more simple let me change that
  9. MJ12 Commando

    MJ12 Commando Shadow Cabal Barristerminator

    Wow. Giving the pilot the worst secondary weapon (as much as I like the RE-45 for hilarious kills) and the second worst tactical ability, yeah this sounds totally fair and balanced.

    Especially since the singleplayer Pilot trailer shows them using all tactical abilities simultaneously, while Cooper at least has Cloak (and Phase).
  10. EarthScorpion

    EarthScorpion CR of the Thrown

    Noting that for the whole game, he's using a kitbashed mix of Rifleman gear and field-salvaged Pilot gear.
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  11. MJ12 Commando

    MJ12 Commando Shadow Cabal Barristerminator

    Captain Lastimosa uses Pulse Blade, Grapple, and Holopilot (and we know his Pilot Kit has Cloak due to Cooper) in the trailer.

    What's notable is that Captain Lastimosa is... actually kind of a mediocre pilot given his Gauntlet scores. The Titanfall 1 Crew (and thus presumably Blisk) are significantly better, and that G. Sager guy is probably singlehandedly carrying the entire Militia. :V

    (We can tell Lastimosa is a mediocre pilot because he uses Holopilot and Grapple, whereas someone who wasn't a bad pilot would be using Stim and Phase)
    Last edited: Jan 6, 2017
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  12. I thought it will be more balance than phase into someone 2 kill them
  13. And how is grapple the second worst I find it funny and handy to get away from people after stealing a core from them
  14. Mister Chef is a cool guy, but surely the Pilot has a serious mobility advantage over him in terrain that favours the latter?
    Last edited: Jan 6, 2017
  15. So let me get this straight master chief the man who prevented galactic genocide TWICE, defeated any enemy with zero to no effort, and fell from space n got right back up like nothing can lose against a normal person in a suit that makes his parkour number go to 15-89 in a fight
  16. Let's see here a man with a jackpack with parkour skills vs a man with superhuman reflexes and run close or beyond 50+ miles per hour
  17. Imrix

    Imrix Periodically Malevolent QM

    Master Chief would stomp all over that, but... That's not a Pilot.

    It's never explicitly explained, but it is heavily implied that Pilots are augmented supersoldiers. They don't have MJOLNIR armour, but they seem to have undergone extensive cybernetic/bioengineered upgrades in order to sustain the breakneck pace of what they get up to in combat. Particularly for their speed, agility and reflexes.

    Things like conversations between grunts where one remarks that he put two drops of Pilot-grade stims in his coffee and couldn't sleep for a week, while as a Pilot you can spend a Burn Card to have all your adrenaline replaced with the stuff, which strikes me as a bit invasive to put a regular person through. There's also Pilot cloaking technology, which is a two-part system with half of it embedded in the skin, there's acknowledgement of health regeneration from an in-universe perspective during the Titanfall 1 tutorial... It's notable that when grunts gripe about Pilots, they go for insults like 'freak' rather than generic epithets or something keying off their elite training.

    "That one pilot is better than a thousand of our covert ops teams put together," is pretty clearly hyperbole from the ground-pounders, but it does fit the impression that Pilots are a cut above conventional elite soldiers.

    There's also the regeneration mechanic in multiplayer, which from an in-universe perspective involves essentially rebuilding the body of a Pilot who has been crippled by the cumulative injuries of years of battle. If they can turn back the clock like that, enhancing the body in the process should be easy street.

    Really, this is your main problem. Vs debates aren't about 'balance'. Vs debates are about finding who would win. If I start a thread asking who would win between two sides and the answer is, "... huh, I don't really know," then either the combatants are too vaguely defined to really argue about, or more investigation is needed to find a conclusive answer, because however much healthy debate or moronic quarreling it takes to get there, the goal is to end up at, "yeah, this one would win," not "it's too much of a fair fight to tell either way."
    Last edited: Jan 6, 2017
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  18. Ford Prefect

    Ford Prefect What is Project Zohar? Director

    I think people are seriously overestimating the usefulness of a Pilot's mobility. Like, yeah, they can get around very well, but they're not so incredibly fast that they can't just be shot. It's hardly like enemies with superior mobility across three dimensions are unknown in Halo, and the Master chief killed all of them, too :V

    Like when it gets down to it, the opening cutscene of Halo 5 demonstrates frankly astonishing capabilities on the part of Fireteam Osiris, far beyond anything in Titanfall. That's what was considered necessary to take down the Master Chief. Pilots are quite impressive, but you're pitting one against big green king arthur. It's not a contest.
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  19. Lambo

    Lambo Bzzzzzzz....

    Why are you trying to make this Versus more and more lopsided in favor of the opponent you clearly want to win?

    All the weapons are available to Pilots, as are the Tactical abilities and the ordinances.

    You can also go obscenely fast with grapple, and use it kill enemies with melee attacks.

    Amped weapons are still a thing (and are standard gear, first Boost you have unlocked), and the Amped Flatline is pretty good, and, well, the Flatline isn't a shit weapon... neither are frag grenades.
  20. Imrix

    Imrix Periodically Malevolent QM

    I think people are overselling Pilots a fair bit - they're supersoldiers, yeah, but Spartan's are supersoldiers in power armour. That said, having rewatched the cutscene in question... It really doesn't. About the only thing anybody on Osiris does that a Pilot couldn't is at about 2:20 when one of them bulldozes through a small rock formation. Sure, Pilots don't have that kind of brute force (that's what they have Titans for), but everything else looks like pretty standard run-and-gun fare to me, just with some very slick cinematography.
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  21. Ford Prefect

    Ford Prefect What is Project Zohar? Director

    Man, every Titanfall 2 trailer wishes it was that ridiculous.
  22. Having forgotten that cinematic existed and having rewatched it, I think what sells me on the idea of the dirtbiking astronaut holding his own here is a) the likelihood that he's as good as any one of Fireteam Osiris in the marksmanship department given that they were sent to apprehend him, which is relevant because of b) their ability to tag the Knights 'porting around them as they went down the slope. That's some bullshit sharpshooting. No idea how the telefrag would interact with Mjolnir Mk. 5 or 6 shielding but I wouldn't want to bet on the Pilot winning that way consistently.

    Time to call in a Tone? :V

    Either way I'd love to watch that fight from a safe distance with like at least one sack of popcorn on hand.
  23. I'm not trying to make the pilot win I'm trying to give the opposing player a chance to even do something before the fight if u were fighting a Pilot wouldn't u want the pilot to be hamper down with some handicaps at least
  24. Imrix

    Imrix Periodically Malevolent QM

    Well, yeah, it's very smoothly filmed. I wouldn't say that means anything in it is particularly beyond a Pilot though, excepting the aforementioned bulldozing.
    Probably, but I'm not fighting the Pilot, I'm an impartial (as I can be, given human biases) observer assessing the likely victor. How the Spartan would like to fight a Pilot is irrelevant.
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  25. Ford Prefect

    Ford Prefect What is Project Zohar? Director

    I don't really feel like Pilot's demonstrate causing shockwaves with their physical strength, either :V

    How it appears is important. Titanfall 2 had a couple of cinematic trailers which depicted how Pilots move and fight, and while they are quick and agile and coordinated, they aren't exactly assault rifle Dante like the kids in Osiris. The scenarios depicted are smaller, involving less enemies, less armour, less air support, less area that is covered. I feel like I've been shown the high end of what Pilots get up to and it doesn't really compare.
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