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Unpopular opinions we have

Discussion in 'Fiction Discussion' started by Numby, Mar 18, 2015.

  1. Numby

    Numby Blood of Biggles

    Orlando, Florida
    We had this thread in AH, and it was very popular, so I decided to make one here (assuming there is not one already similar to this here). So as the tin says, what unpopular opinions do you have about any fiction?
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  2. I like the Star Wars prequels.
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  3. akitsu91

    akitsu91 Out-rageous!

    Don't like, don't read.
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  4. Geomax

    Geomax Starfarer

    Kyubey was the true hero of Madoka Magica.

    SIBYL is a Utopia.

    While I'm not one myself, I really don't mind furries at all.
    Last edited: Mar 18, 2015
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  5. notthepenguins

    notthepenguins Neither Spherical Nor Frictionless Executive

    Oregon, USA
    Gundam SEED was pretty good.
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  6. The 1986 Transformers movie is rather overrated, at best.
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  7. Renly deserved to die.

    Doran Martell is overrated and is a shit plotter.

    Tyrion is a little shit.
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  8. Numby

    Numby Blood of Biggles

    Orlando, Florida
    Yup. It was kill or be killed. Stannis has the legal right to the throne, and Renly was threatening that right with force.

    I don't know. I wasn't exactly overwhelmed by his plotting, but it's not like he has a lot of options.

    Disagree until ADOD, when he became whiny.
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  9. Numby

    Numby Blood of Biggles

    Orlando, Florida
    Apparently, the majority of people who watched the prequels agree with you (rottentomatoes). I don't really have an opinion myself.
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  10. WinterKnight

    WinterKnight Keeper of the Shinies

    I think Harry Potter is an extremely bland and uninteresting character.

    Also, I find LoTR to be unreadable because it's so slow and boring, and also seems very stale.
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  11. Reveen

    Reveen Dunked On

    I don't have any problem with Shae's actions ASOIAF. She's trying to survive while sitting near the bottom rung of Westerosi society, and Tyrion only cares about him because of his own self-delusion. It think it's enormously hypocritical of the story to build a would were women are treated like dirt yet get angry at one of them for their attempts to survive it.

    Especially TV Shae, she was pretty baller.
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  12. My experiences in Eve Online have convinced me that more MMOGs should decriminalize scamming, piracy, and theft.
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  13. Richardson

    Richardson Not here Now.

    ... Yeah....

    Just a bit of an unpopular one. I rather like living in a civilized society that can crack down on those sorts of things. (probably why I'm a miner.)
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  14. VolantRedX

    VolantRedX Official Conscience of Worm Fanfiction!

    Batman Mask of The Phantasm is the best Batman film ever made. Better than any Burton film or the Dark Knight Trilogy.

    V for Vendetta the comic book is overly preach and boring as hell.

    The Fast and The Furious is an awesome series.

    The Dresden Files TV show was really cool.

    Joss Whedon is an over rated writer and has a very limited range in characters.
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  15. I liked the first Twilight movie, and Spiderman 3.

    I prefer Dubs over Subs.

    I didn't like The Avengers. Just annoying.

    Evangelion is straightforward and easy to understand, for the most part.

    Gurren Lagann falls apart after the timeskip.

    The first anime adaptation of Fate/stay night was awesome.
    Last edited: Mar 18, 2015
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  16. Reveen

    Reveen Dunked On

    The greatest piece of non-comic Superhero media of all time is Saints Row 4.
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  17. VolantRedX

    VolantRedX Official Conscience of Worm Fanfiction!

    I don't like TTGL. I thing the shirtless guy is annoying and the fan service gets distracting.

    I don't like Attack on Titan. The setting is hard to understand and the characters are all flat and dull.

    Teen Titans Go can be funny sometimes.
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  18. Teen Titans Go gets way too much flak.

    I actually enjoyed bayformers

    Three burials of melquiades estrada was the best tommy lee jones movie ever

    Pokemon is actually kinda terrible
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  19. VolantRedX

    VolantRedX Official Conscience of Worm Fanfiction!

    Spoony is funnier than the Nostalgic Critic.

    Linkara's plotlines are dumb and interfere with his reviews.

    Bennet the Sage should get a lot more attention from the internet.
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  20. The Dune movie was beter than the book.
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  21. Avernus

    Avernus Abomination

    However annoying some people find the Na'vi to be, they were the good guys, and the miners were the bad guys.

    It's OK for a character to be a noble hero, and for him/her to succeed, and for there to be a happy ending. It is in fact possible to be entertained by something other than grimdarkness, cruelty, corruption and failure.
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  22. Numby

    Numby Blood of Biggles

    Orlando, Florida
    Until you learn that that obtanium the miners were hunting for was being used to save humanity as it would solve the energy crisis (so no more pollution) and to power the economy.
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  23. Avernus

    Avernus Abomination

    Even if that's true, so what? Genocidal invaders are still genocidal invaders.
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  24. PseudoSim

    PseudoSim Intentionally Obfuscating

    I rather liked the last couple Pirates of the Caribean movies.

    Harem anime and manga are the most mind bogglingly stupid things ever created.

    I liked Sean Connerys performance in Hunt For Red October.

    The first 2 jurassic park movies would have been better if they were more in line with the books (way sicker).

    Jurassic park 3 wasnt half bad.

    Note: damn you auto correct
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  25. VolantRedX

    VolantRedX Official Conscience of Worm Fanfiction!

    Mass Effect is one of the best Sci-Fi stories in decades.
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