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Comics Webcomics Discussion, Recommendations, and Chat

Discussion in 'Fiction Discussion' started by Fernandel, Feb 12, 2016.

  1. Fernandel

    Fernandel Lovely Writing, Tendency to Waffle Councillor

    [information=Official Staff Communication]Hello, everyone.

    There was an open webcomics thread in this subforum until a short while ago. After thorough consideration by the staff, it was decided that the thread routinely violated Rule 1 of the CC ("Illegal Material Is Prohibited"), which reads thusly:
    The trouble with the thread was this: quite often, scans of a latest webcomic update ended up being posted here, even though it was under the author and artist's copyright on their website. This is a problem, since it exposes SV to legal liability for potential copyright violations.

    Since it was presumably done without any malice and ill intention, the staff will not be levying infractions. We will, however, lock the old thread and soon delete it, since going through sixty to seventy pages of that thread to excise copyrighted material would take up too much staff time and patience.

    The staff, however, recognizes that there is an interest in webcomics on this site, so we decided to create this new thread here for you guys to discuss webcomics, point people out to updates, and exchange recommendations. There will, however, be a few rules that we are expecting people to observe when they post here (and elsewhere on SV).
    [alert=Thread Policy]
    1. You cannot copy-paste webcomics and content thereof into a post on SV. This will hopefully be the clearest rule: copy-pasting an entire page or part of a copyrighted webcomic violates Rule 1 of the CC, and will be treated as such. As a good rule of thumb, if it has a "©" anywhere on the original page, it's not allowed to be posted here. Even if it doesn't have one, don't post here it here unless...
    2. You can only post copies of a webcomic onto SV if its author/copyright holder has given you explicit permission to do so. A good example would be xkcd's "direct linking" policy, which allows for people to post pages of the webcomic elsewhere for noncommercial use as long as they leave a link to the original page. The permission must be explicit and clear, though. If you're not sure, don't post it here.
    3. If you want to talk about a specific webcomic and it is copyrighted, you are at most only allowed to link to the page where it originated from. No linking to copies of webcomics posted elsewhere; it must be the site of the original author/copyright holder. Consider it a nice gesture to get them views on their websites and new readers.
    [warning=Punishment for Thread Policy Violations]If posters violate any of the above rules, the images will be deleted and you will be infracted and threadbanned under Rule 1.[/warning]
    [information=New Thread Opened]So here we are! This is the new thread for discussing webcomics, their latest updates, to exchange recommendations... Keep the rules in mind, and have fun! :)[/information]
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  2. Random832


    Is there a way to just bulk remove all img tags from the old thread without requiring any manual effort? It's a bit disappointing to see the discussion go away with it. If not, I understand.

    Also, just a note for everyone... pasting a link from tumblr.com without link text will attempt to embed the tumblr post (which is presumably against the thread rules, and many sites e.g. the Dumbing of Age tumblr have disabled it). Remember to include link text e.g. Dumbing of Age preview panel for May 9, 2016

    [url=http://dumbingofage.tumblr.com/post/139090712152/may-9-2016]Dumbing of Age preview panel for May 9, 2016[/url]
    NOT any of these (if the link text is the same as the URL, the forum can't tell the difference):
    If you must have the link text show up as the URL, you can work around it by using an invisible bbcode tag:

    shows up as

    Similar techniques apply if you want to link to e.g. a twitter post without embedding it (esp. tweets containing images may be against the rules unless the mods say otherwise)
    Last edited: Feb 12, 2016
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  3. Fernandel

    Fernandel Lovely Writing, Tendency to Waffle Councillor

    [information=Official Staff Communication]Perhaps @Xon could pull some wizardry, but his time is limited and he has a lot of other stuff to do when it comes to SV. As far as I'm aware, there is no way to remove images from a single thread in bulk, which means we would have to do it manually, image by image and post by post. And I'm very sorry, but we're not willing to go to that effort.

    You are still allowed to discuss webcomics here and on SV, but posts of copyrighted webcomics are no longer allowed. Just link to the original publication, and you guys and gals will be fine as far as we are concerned.[/information]
  4. As the posting of actual comic pages has always annoyed me, I find this pleasing.
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  5. Salty

    Salty Shadow Cabal Assumptor Supreme

    Sun, Moon, Talia
    Hm. Alright then.
  6. Angle

    Angle Proud Blue/Green Mage

    Colorado, USA
    So this here is the new thread, right?
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  7. Fernandel

    Fernandel Lovely Writing, Tendency to Waffle Councillor

  8. Well, that's fair.
  9. Fernandel

    Fernandel Lovely Writing, Tendency to Waffle Councillor

    To start things off, has anybody been following the latest Schlock Mercenary arc?

    "We may wake up some hidden, automated defense when we start firing."
    "The most likely place for those defense is the sail. Our first shots need to sever all connecting cables."
    "That sounds like a nice point of no return."
    "No return fire is the point."

    Have I ever mentioned that Howard Tayler is a dialogue genius? :D
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  10. cB557

    cB557 NORTH

    So posting non-copyrighted webcomic is okay, though?
  11. Fernandel

    Fernandel Lovely Writing, Tendency to Waffle Councillor

    [information=Official Staff Communication]If you can prove to us staffers it's not copyrighted, sure.[/information]
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  12. Deadly Snark

    Deadly Snark Tryhard As Fuck

    Oh White Chain. Beware of Good Intentions and Beware of Good Wo/men.
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  13. Q99


    Manly Guys doing Manly Things remains awesome, and if one has a buck to spare, I recommend signing in to the patreon because there is a *lot* of cool 'Young Commander with Tank or other squadmates' stuff.
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  14. It's a silly and minor thing, but I can't help but be amused at the idea of explicitly giving myself permission to copy-paste copyrighted pages from my own webcomic.
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  15. Yla


    Doooo Eeetttt
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  16. "Hey Space Jawa, may I have explicit permission to post a page from your webcomic on a forum? Like maybe that early page where Beat Stuff Up Man punched the head off that skeleton who wasn't a zombie?"

    "Thank you!"

    "Oh, hey Space Jawa, it's me again. Hey, mind if I post another one? Like maybe that page with Dr. Smudge that was a joke about cats?"

    "Thank you very much!"

    "Oh! Oh! Space Jawa! How about that April Fools comic you did last year where you re-imagined what if you were doing a campaign comic instead?"

    "Thank you very much!"

    "Hey Space Jawa, mind if I post another one?"
    "I don't know, you've kind of posted a lot of them already."
    "Please? Like that recent page involving that Squirrel that got an ax caught in someone's hair while failing to kill them?"

    "And again I thank you!"

    "Oh, Space Jawa, mind if..."
    "You've already posted enough pages already."
    "Stop whining."
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  17. Q99


  18. Havocfett

    Havocfett Support Gaza Moderator

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  19. Havocfett

    Havocfett Support Gaza Moderator

    White Chain Yes.

    Thorn!White Chain when.
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  20. Salty

    Salty Shadow Cabal Assumptor Supreme

    Sun, Moon, Talia
    Never, by all counts.

    White Chain didn't accept Metatron's offer. White Chain has decided to take Micheal's mission.
  21. Did you miss the part where Michael and the Thorns are working together?

    But yeah, White Chain is losing her shit at rapid speed, Alison is doing something incredibly ill-advised, and Cio is probably gonna have to save her again.

    So yeah. Situation normal.
  22. Salty

    Salty Shadow Cabal Assumptor Supreme

    Sun, Moon, Talia
    They are working together. But Micheal walks not the Path of Thorns. Not yet.
  23. Shanejayell

    Shanejayell Yuri Fan without a Pause

    If, for some reason, you have NOT found the incredible majesty of Empowered before, you can now read the comic as a webcomic with commentary by Adam Warren.

    (This comic can often be NSFW. If you are younger than a mid teenager, I'd suggest waiting to read it till you're older.)
    Empowered - Volume 1 Page 1
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  24. As if that's ever stopped a teenager from reading something they're not supposed to.

    Odds are it'll just make that audience more likely to go read this thing that they're not supposed to see till they're older.
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