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What happened to the funny rating in CA

Discussion in 'Forum News and Staff Communication' started by Catty Nebulart, Nov 20, 2016.

  1. The funny rating in CA seems to be gone. There is nothing in the changelog, nor is there an announcement. Was this done on purpose (due to abuse and such) or is there a problem? :???:
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  2. Skyllian Blitz

    Skyllian Blitz Shadow Cabal Member Moderator On Leave

    Xon's adding some new features, he's had to disable the funny rating for a bit while he does coding and testing.
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  3. Flectarn

    Flectarn A Las Baricadas

    Why just the funny rating, and just in current affairs?
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  4. The Curious Fan

    The Curious Fan Perpetually sleep deprived

    I'd figured that you guys were just sick of people mocking others via the funny rating.
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  5. Fernandel

    Fernandel Lovely Writing, Tendency to Waffle Councillor

    I am, quite honestly. Thankfully for us all, the staff is is not the kind to throw the baby out with the bathwater. :V

    Also, let me just note that it's hilarious that some people in CA are already saying "Oh no, they finally took away the Funny rating, woe is us!" without checking NSMD.

    ...On the other hand, I really shouldn't have expected anything else. :p
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  6. I'm surprised nobody has accused of the staff being authoritarian and them restricting their free speech.
    Ah well, the thread is still young.
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  7. Richardson

    Richardson Not here Now.

    It puts the funny on its skin or it gets the hose again?:confused:
  8. vicky_molokh

    vicky_molokh The *other* transhuman[ist]

    Kyïv, Ukraine
    You just don't see the 64+ deleted posts.
    Last edited: Nov 27, 2016
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  9. Well, going by Xon's formulation it isn't really a technically necessary measure, but indeed a stopgap measure until the final fix has been implemented. So the intention is actually to not have "unregulated funnies" in CA ;)

    ...and it's kinda annoying, tbh.
  10. This sounds rather ominous...:V
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  11. I did deliberately try to avoid writing "final solution" :p
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  12. Private Lee O'Malley

    Private Lee O'Malley Head Puns = -10 to Next Roll Councillor

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  13. Save it for the Tribunal, kids.
  14. Shanejayell

    Shanejayell Yuri Fan without a Pause

    Don't worry, Xon is just tweaking something.

    Let Xon tweak in peace.

    (So THAT'S what he calls it? :rofl: )
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  15. Avernus

    Avernus Abomination

    *I* didn't notice at first that the rating was outright gone, and I thought that maybe I'd pissed some people off and they'd un-funnied some of my posts that I recalled having that rating before.
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  16. Pyrion

    Pyrion Asuran Rights Activist

    Spirit Lake, ID
    So there's gonna be a tribunal over overuse of Funny ratings?

    Welp, I'm fucked. :V
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  17. Random832


    When/If it comes back (I assume that the new feature is something like "people may mark their posts as jokes to allow the funny rating on a post-by-post basis" or "any post containing :V may be rated funny"), are existing funny posts going to have their ratings restored?
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  18. I'd think so, since the site can still count them (at least I think I would have noticed them disappearing from my funny count.)
  19. 10ebbor10


    I'd hope it would be the reverse.

    Having to mark something as something that can be taken as a joke kind of ruins the joke.
  20. Random832


    Maybe what we really need is a neural net learning algorithm to evaluate what comments are funny enough to be rated funny. Hey Xon... how hard would that be to implement in PHP? please don't kill me
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  21. Likely not feasible with available computing resources, sorry to say.
  22. Hotdog Vendor

    Hotdog Vendor Yo momma is fanon

    Down Under
    Without Funny, people are going to start using Informative or Insightful ironically to mock posts.
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  23. blast flame

    blast flame How far will we go if it means lighting the way?

    Why do we need a funny rating in CA? Eliminating it takes care of 95% of the abuse. If someone has a funny post in there just "like" it, not the end of the world.
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  24. It's just.... not the same. After the Funny rating has been introduced now, I just can't give funny posts the same rating I do to posts I agree with, or, well, like. In the recent days, when seeing a funny post in CA, I just have not rated it at all. And that's kind of a... gap. Something's missing there.

    So I find the current state of affairs in Current Affairs to be a bit annoying.
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  25. Fernandel

    Fernandel Lovely Writing, Tendency to Waffle Councillor

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