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What if Greater Soviet Asia

Discussion in 'History & Military Discussion' started by galahad, Dec 29, 2016.

  1. galahad

    galahad Seeker of Truths

    Suppose the great game between the Russia and Britain for control of central Asia ended more successfully for the Russian empire. Instead of borders being settled in vicinity of Afghanistan Russians were able to gain much of Afghanistan and Pakistan. Anglo-Russian Borders are settled somewhere in Punjub, Russian empire achieve direct access to Indian ocean and control port city of Karachi.

    Later the Soviets refuse to relinquish control of Iran in wake of WW 2. Iran suffer same fate as eastern European states that Soviets turned into satellites.

    How does this change history ? Especially how would Soviet Union possessing warm water ports and direct access to middle east and Indian ocean affect geo-politics ? Especially as the regions oil wealth is discovered.

    Also Soviets culturally transformed central Asia, how would their influence spread also including Iran, Afghanistan and Pakistan change Islam. One of biggest and most potent parts of Islamic world is now effectively secularized and Russified.
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  2. ussnimitz1968

    ussnimitz1968 Not an Actual Servicemember

    This is especially important as it potentially gives the Soviets major incentive to have a strong Indian Ocean naval presence. Along with the historical Baltic Seas Fleet, Black Sea Fleet and Pacific Fleet it'd now have a total of four major fleets to look after, which will certainly effect their acquisition and construction programs. It also depends on what kind of strategy they think is best for their Indian Ocean Fleet - fill it up with a bunch of cruisers and other heavy warships or have it be primarily a lighter, more flexible and littoral fleet with a lot of missile boats? How would submarines which IIRC were a major component of the Baltic Seas Fleet factor in?

    There would be a short period of time in the early Cold War where this changes things, perhaps the US cozies up to India or whatever parts of Pakistan and Afghanistan that aren't claimed by the Soviet Union. In the OTL Pakistan and especially Iran were seen as major satellite state counters and sphere of influence anchors against the Soviet Union, the PRC and to a lesser extent India which was seen by many planners as being "too neutral = too likely to join the Soviets when the nukes start flying." But of course by '79 little practically changes as the Iranian Revolution causes it to flip to the Soviet sphere of influence anyway. It'd probably have it's greatest impact after the Cold War if Soviet stewardship means those revolutionary elements never exists, and at the least Iran could potentially be much friendlier to the West or at the very least have closer and more open diplomatic ties. Even if it ends up going over to the PRC sphere of influence (which in the OTL it currently is at least somewhat), without those revolutionary elements it has to be better.

    Of the countries you named only Iran really has any oil reserves as extensive as other Middle Eastern OPEC nations, and at least in the OTL they've been hilariously bad at exploiting them, again at least in comparison to other Middle Eastern OPEC nations. Just how hilariously bad? IIRC in 2014 they had a '70s US-style oil crisis. Afghanistan has extensive mineral deposits but those weren't discovered until very recently - as in, within the last decade.
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  3. The Japanese or English gain a tasty new piece of land if the Russo-Japanese War goes as OTL? A new nation if the Octomber revolution happens and various pieces of the Russian Empire break away?

    Iran probably meets the fate of Korea and Vietnam or even worse since it was roughly held by both the USSR and the British Empire. If the Soviets refused to go then I can see the Brits doing the same and help prop up one or more anticommunist states.

    If the go full communist on them? Perhaps less crazy, definately a lot more corpses lying around.
  4. I seriously doubt the Russians would have been able to keep hold of those areas once the Russian civil war kicked off and I suspect the soviets trying to keep direct control over those areas post world war II might well strain their resources to the point I be honestly surprised if the soviets lasted past the fifties and sixties before collapsing.
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