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What If: Pre-WWII French Third Republic have gotten a glance into post-WWII anti-armor technology?

Discussion in 'History & Military Discussion' started by HeavyArmor, Jan 7, 2017.

  1. HeavyArmor

    HeavyArmor Trust me, I'm an Engineer

    What if, say in 1931, after a significant storm had hit the French coast, French authorities at that time discovered a derelict ship beached on a uninhabited shore. After examine the ship, they discovered a large cache of strange weaponry on board.

    The cache of weapon includes:
    1000 × RPG-2 hand-held antitank grenade launcher
    28000 × PG-2 High Explosive Anti-Tank grenade
    Full, detailed operation manual and tactical guidebook (in french)
    Full, detailed technical and production drawings of both the launcher and the ammunition (in french)
    A rough, general description of the development history of armor thickness and armor protection schemes of each European nation's armored fighting vehicles from 1937~1945​

    These weaponry and information are initially known only to the highest echelons of the civil government and military command......

    How would these weaponry and information affect the opening phase of WWII and the development of interwar French armored fighting vehicles and infantry tactics?
  2. 7734


    Not a lot. Aside from discovering that A) this is an AT weapon, hear me roar and B) it's not going to get reproduced easily, I think the actual RPGs are going to anti-tank units while a HEAT shell gets developed. Honestly, the weapons themselves are the most useful thing here- trying to develop a reliable and small rocket motor is a project doomed to failure.

    Of course, after the weapons are distributed or stockpiled, the Nazis promptly grab them in the Fall of France (Because that's happening anyway, damn the rokkits) and then they start getting to work developing Panzerschreck auf. Electric Boogaloo while also developing an unhealthy love of sloped armor.

    Really, it's a matter of doctrine.
  3. Darthtabby


    Why would the French need to develop a rocket motor? The RPG-2 is a smoothbore recoilless gun, not a rocket launcher (it successor the RPG-7 is both).
  4. 7734


    Missread that. It's good, then, but the main point still stands- I don't think France is going to do much beyond get a HEAT round into production, and then the Nazis are going to jump on it with both feet.
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