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[Worm] Characters who would be far more lethal if they had no Manton Limit?

Discussion in 'Fiction Discussion' started by Cmyers1980, Dec 22, 2016.

  1. Cmyers1980


    What are some characters who would be far more dangerous if their powers weren't restricted by the Manton Effect?

    How dangerous would Trickster for example be?
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  2. Axiomatic

    Axiomatic I'm alone in my house on Mars

    Skitter with no Manton Limit gets control over computer glitches and bad programming. "Bugs", remember?
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  3. Vista.

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  4. NemiTheNen

    NemiTheNen Matrilinial Jew

    Trickster can make people swap places with stuff, he's already not manton limited.
  5. I presume it would mean he could replace portions of people with stuff. Like, replace your head with a brick.
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  6. Lunatic350

    Lunatic350 Beast of Possibility

    All of them. Except Bitch, because giant dog toys or statues wouldn't be that scary.

    Faultline could cut you up, Trickster could replace your liver at range, Panacea could turn herself into an unkillable shoggoth-alike, and so on and so forth.
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  7. Estro

    Estro Sassy Bitch Stargazer

    Well, not really. The Siberian is about as dangerous as she can get, Narwhal already has none, it does jack shit for tinkers or thinkers, doesn't effect Grue, I have no idea how it would effect Alec, Heartbreaker doesn't need inanimate objects to feel emotions, Skidmark is still an idiot, Mush doesn't change, Hatchet Face is the same, Gray Boy does nothing more, I'm pretty sure that Glory Girl doesn't get any better, same with Flashbang, Purity is no deadlier, Kaizer might be if people have fillings but otherwise not really, Alexandria is still best girl, Legend changes not a whit, Gregor is the same, same with Circus.

    Probably a few more I missed.
  8. There's a reddit thread where trickster is an S-class threat.

  10. Avernus

    Avernus Abomination

    Don't be so sure about non-Manton limited Bitch not being more dangerous.

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  11. greendoor

    greendoor Losing in avatar related threads since 2012

    I'm not sure she could do that honestly (Her power isn't teleporting puppies)-but under one interpretation of Manton unlimited she could probably buff up humans with weird flesh Mecha-things ala her dogs.
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