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Wormverse ideas, recs, and fic discussion thread 1

Discussion in 'Fanfiction Discussion' started by Yog, Apr 21, 2014.

  1. Yog


    Well, I might as well create a thread here too. And yes, this does mean that I'll be indexing stuff (as much and as often as I can - I really do have 12-14 hours of work each day).

    I am not importing index for now, as those stories are hosted on SB (if people want it, I'll copy it here, no problem). I am importing useful links.

    The Worm Fic Google Spreadsheet Index of Unending Doom. almost completely by The MMR

    Useful links (that aren't hosted on SB):
    Wormverse ideas, recs, and fic discussion thread on SB
    Unofficial timeline (200 views per month) and in textfileformat thanks to alethiophile
    Spoiler-free cast list
    More in-depth cast list
    Weaver Dice by Wildbow
    Myrddin - a PHO interlude editor webapp by liujuin

    Worm stories on this site:

    Starry Eyes [Worm/Lovecraft Mythos] by helnae

    Dragon's Child [Worm] by Icura

    [Cross Post] Morphosis, a Worm/Sandman Fusion by NonSequtur

    Meh, I can take them all! [Worm/One Punch Man] by wkz

    Scarab [Worm/Scion] by FFFX

    Obfuscate (Worm) by Taron

    [Rehost] Deviant (Worm AU) by Ganurath

    Unto the Last, Victory. (OWod/Worm) Revised Edition. by Talon88.1

    Goblin Queen [Worm/Exalted] [Crosspost] by Biigoh

    The Way of The Sword(The Elder Scrolls/Worm) by TheProffesor

    Pesticide [Worm/Blackest Night] by Mortifer

    Inferno by Gideon020

    List of snippets:

    Tenno in the Bay, Warframe crossover

    Ars Poetica
    Hello..., non-crossover

    Average Weird
    Power of the Sun [1.1], [1.2], Touhou Project inspired non-crossover

    Nightmare 1.2, non-crossover

    A Cold Wind Blows, non-crossover

    My Daddy is the Best! [2], surprise crossover

    Tachikoma's Uncle
    An Atomic McGuyver, Fallout-inspired non-crossover

    The Wicked Witch, Glee crossover
    Last edited: May 20, 2015
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  2. ElectromagneticRhapsody

    ElectromagneticRhapsody It's Gonna Get a Little Weird

    A Certain City
    Ah. That looks good. :)

    For a first story idea... I'd say, let's look into that medieval thing.

    For instance, the main character could be:

    Taylor: Taylor is a young princess of a British sub-country. She has been gifted with God's Gift, giving her the power to control insects and spiders. Since she has gained her power, her town has become much more fruitful.
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  3. Thor

    Thor Be Thou The Rainbow

    I hope you don't mind too much, but I linked this thread in the OP of this.
  4. Olive

    Olive Silent Princess

    I'll be very interested to see at what pace people gradually migrate over to here, if at all.
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  5. Evillevi

    Evillevi A Pikachu for everything - Shadow Pikachu,2015

    Can you import the SB Index, There are a lot of snippet as a whole on SB and even having the link to the SB Wormverse Index will save a lot of time
  6. Czlyydwr Llrngwl

    Czlyydwr Llrngwl "Sell ya a door Learn gull," Czly/Celly for short

    Where the Beef is
    I think a link to the SB index (and one here from there)would suffice, allowing people who want to avoid the old site to do so ajnd making it simpler to do updates as well, while still keeping it a clearinghouse for links to all the Wormfic.
  7. Kashiro

    Kashiro Person of Unspecified Sanity

    I joined up to SB on thursday for Worm stuff and wow... will make sure to dupe posts :)
  8. Yog, the mods confirmed in the SB clusterfuck thread that it is appropriate to mention Sufficient Velocity in one's personal thread where it pertains to moving content off-site. Can you do everyone a favor and drop a link to the SV spin-off in your SB Worms thread? The Worm fandom is ravenous for content, and it'd be a shame to undergo any more unnecessary splintering.
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  9. Leila Hann

    Leila Hann Aerocommando

    That name seems a little anachronistic.
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  10. ElectromagneticRhapsody

    ElectromagneticRhapsody It's Gonna Get a Little Weird

    A Certain City
    Well, maybe 'Taryla'?
  11. Leila Hann

    Leila Hann Aerocommando


    I'd also ask why you'd make Taylor a princess? In canon, she's the daughter of an almost out of work union rep. Wouldn't the best medieval analogy be the daughter of a minor merchant or guidmaster?
  12. ElectromagneticRhapsody

    ElectromagneticRhapsody It's Gonna Get a Little Weird

    A Certain City
    Hm, maybe that should be the case.
  13. For awhile, I thought this was a Long Live the Queen crossover
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  14. Tachikoma's Aunt

    Tachikoma's Aunt Priestess of Yog-Sothoth

    Idea: Taylor is a tinker with a specialization of improvised weaponry / salvaged tech. Specifically, the craftable items from Fallout 3 and New Vegas. Except for the food from NV--she can make the drugs though.

    Including the ones from the mods. ALL THE MODS!

    Now, compared to most tinkers, what she makes isn't that special--except for it's sillyness. But what really sets her apart is the logistics--if you give her a roll of duct tape and a leatherman, and drop her off in pretty much any city on Earth, she'll be able to make a bandolier of Nuka Grenades, a gattling shotgun loaded with dragon's breath rounds, and a 10mm handgun with master powers that turn the user into a berserking psychopath within the first half hour out of junk she just found laying around.

    Down side is, she doesn't benefit from better funding or materials. Her power only works if the starting materials are salvage / common household items and materials. And she has a compulsion to constantly build things with terrifying good cheer:


    Danny Hebert was exhausted. It had been a particularly soulcrushing and futile round of refusing job appications at the Dockworkers' Union. Functioning on muscle memory alone, he climbed the stairs of the front porch--carefully skipping the rotted first step--walked the last few feet to the door, and entered his house. Eyes glazed over and unseeing, he staggered, shoulders slumped, past the torn open drywall and the frayed, severed ends of absent wiring. His gaze passed over the gutted tv set without pause for recognition.

    Finally, he entered the kitchen, muttering a greeting to Taylor, and opened the fridge to grab one of his emergency beers.

    ". . . Taylor? Why is the coke glowing blue?"

    "Hmm? Oh, I had leftovers from the grenades," chirped the younger Hebert, eyes wide and blood shot, hair singed and dissarrayed, covered in rotted blood with a grin a few centimeters too wide to be human, "and that stuff is, like, really caffeinated and slightly radioactive. I think it might also have amphetimines in it. Great pick-me-up; no way I'm wasting it."

    *End Snip*

    . . . 'Tis a cracky fic. Also, in this Taylor had one hell of an adrenaline surge when she triggered and broke out the locker herself. She shattered her left hand in the process, but made a stimpack out of some potato peels, a discarded needle, and a wilted bouquet of flowers she found in a dumpster. Hence, the still being covered in biohazardous waste / tearing apart her house intead of her hospital room.
    Last edited: Apr 23, 2014
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  15. Nightmare 1.2 Nightmare 1.1

    “Taylor why did you hide from me, all I did was make sure we can be together forever”
    The crazed Hess said her voice gaining an eerie echo in the close confines of the metal closet.

    “Don’t you see all I want to protect you because your mine, and no you else’s.” As Sophia said this with a grin that seemed to split her face in two, she sped forward mimicking the speed of a striking snake, grabbing on to Taylor with a vice-like grip.

    Taylor was too afraid to even struggling as the blood soaked cloth that Sophia was wearing began to dirty her own clothes. “Your mine Taylor, all mine forever and ever” the soft voice spoke into her ear.


    After sitting at the docks for so long that the sun had begun to set, Taylor began to slowly walk home her legs sore from not moving for hours on end. But luck or fate once more Taylor was not stopped on the way home, she was not mugged kidnapped or “recruited” but by the gods above she would soon and forever after wish she was.

    *crash* the loud noise had come from inside her house. Taylor began to run up the path to her house, fear for her dad making her run faster. As she reach her house she quickly threw open the door and shouted “Dad! Are you there?” entering the kitchen she found a sight that even in the worst of the nightmare that haunted her each night failed to compare.

    Sophia stood above a black lump on the ground. The lump had a growing puddle of dark crimson slowly creeping out.
    Sophia stood there with a large butcher knife and a crossbow standing above the body of that which used to be her father she turned around and gave a smile that had no right being on the face of a murderer

    “Taylor! You’re here, I’m so happy to see you! Now that there is no one trying to take you away from me I can have you to myself forever, just you and me.”

    Taylor began to scream and started to backpedal away from the insane Hess, but in her haste she had yet to notice that the puddle had spread under her, Taylor slipped. Sophia a had small frown on her face from this a began to take a step forward before one of her legs gave a crunching sound and almost gave out on her. “Taylor why are you trying to run from me? I can’t run he broke my leg. Don’t run from me please, I love you.” Eve as Sophia spoke those words Taylor had regained her feet and had sprinted away with all of her might heading towards the one place she thought she had a chance of losing her. The Docks.


    Even with the broken leg Sophia had suffered she had stumbled after Taylor calling her telling her to come back to her, to stop running from her, that she loved her.
    And now here the monster was holding Taylor as though she was the most precious thing ever.
    “With Emma, Madison, and him gone I don’t have to share you with anyone Taylor, so you’re mine now”

    Sophia said in a soft voice as though it had been meant to comfort her. “Mine now Taylors all mine, mine, Taylors mine, Taylors mine mine to keep, to love and to protect.” Even as she said those words she continued to mumble things like “mine” “Taylors all mine” and “I get to love her and protect her forever and ever.” And the rest of the night went with Taylor struggling in the arms of her father’s killer to scared to say a word before her mind gave out to exhaustion.
    Her final thoughts in the world of the consciousness were “dreams aren’t the real nightmares, life is.”
    I’m am now washing my hands of this I thinks it affecting me too. I feel less mentally sound then I did before I wrote this.
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  16. Tachikoma's Aunt

    Tachikoma's Aunt Priestess of Yog-Sothoth

    Noooo. Don't stahp. If you feel loonier now, it means you still had SAN points to lose. And losing SAN should be the goal of this site as much as it was on SB.
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  17. I just don't know where to go with it and I don't believe myself a good enough writer to do it right and not make a piece of utter crap.
    if any one else feel they can write this they can go ahead and try, be warned for SAN loss is a very real possibility.
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  18. Tachikoma's Aunt

    Tachikoma's Aunt Priestess of Yog-Sothoth

    Oh. Okay, that makes more sense. :confused:Wait, that's not right: SAN loss good. . . but. . . ugh, damn the English language's lack vocabulary for complete lunatics.:mad:
  19. Leila Hann

    Leila Hann Aerocommando

    So, I had this out there idea while following BobTheNinja's readthrough. AU fic where Jacob never gets recruited by King, and ends up becoming the Black Knight (as per Eden's original plan) rather than Jack Slash. He takes the place of Armsmaster on the night that Taylor first defeats Lung, and since his power tells him about other parahumans, he's able to sense Taylor's potential.

    I'm kind of nervous about writing good!jackslash though. At least, until Wildbow reveals more about his past.
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  20. Leeanderthal

    Leeanderthal Sir Rayquaza

  21. God damn it, I'm still like 2 threads behind on spacebattles, now there's a whole other forum for me to follow, gah! :mad:

    Also, hey thread, long time no see.
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  22. NonSequtur

    NonSequtur Inaccessible Executive

    The Stratosphere
    Morphosis has found another apartment on SV.
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  23. Will you still be updating on SB?
  24. NonSequtur

    NonSequtur Inaccessible Executive

    The Stratosphere
    Yeah. Though I admit having all the posts in one thread is nice.
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  25. Romantic_Kaiju

    Romantic_Kaiju Romantic Kaiju

    It's interesting, however the main problem is that the principle covering up... no wait that's believable why are people such bastards?
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