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Wormverse ideas, recs, and fic discussion thread 1

Discussion in 'Fanfiction Discussion' started by Yog, Apr 21, 2014.

  1. challenge 1 danny being a parahuman and his persona Old Man Henderson power immortal stuffed bird projection that's it the cultist stuff and things at real and he is now Retired now imagian a story like that either that

    challenge 2 Taylor and Danny fall down mount ebbot monsters are still real they go pacifist and break the barrier monsters are now free.
  2. Spoit


    What? I'm not sure that's even a sentence, much less a pointless one liner. Take that shit to the crack thread/biohazard containment zone
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  3. Older-than-Time

    Older-than-Time Slightly rich, sorta single, non-father brother

    Mind making this a more coherent series of words that don't sound like some hyper eight year old said?
  4. Iny

    Iny ઢ ᱢ७ꗬ᧖৸o ਅ७?

    Austin, TX
    I have good and bad news for you: you're dead-on correct, and I know you're correct because this is a canon power possessed by a minor character who eventually ended up in Faultline's Crew. "A precog-frustrating microtelekinesis field guided by Entity-grade computing power" -- that's Shamrock's ability!

    (There is, as you expect, an active power to go along with the subtle component, although Shamrock's ended up being much less overt than "set blender to disintegrate"; that certainly feels like another reasonable expression of the shard, but Shamrock's active-power component instead manifested as "fake luck manipulation", subtle microtelekinesis to encourage "lucky" outcomes and subtle computing-power-derived Thinkery to let her be in exactly the right position to capitalize on those openings.)
    Last edited: Jan 5, 2017
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  5. Shamrock's power is just another precog power that uses telekinesis and host puppetry to produce something similar to knock off PTV. It isn't really a counter precog ability at all.

    It's only a counter to other precogs in the same sense that any precog is because both sides keep adjusting to new simulations. This is a form of defense yes but only in the same sense that using your own gun is a defense against someone else's gun. You can shoot them back and try to suppress them but you're still just using the same ability in a different way it's not a true defensive implement.
    Last edited: Jan 5, 2017
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  6. Question! Does anyone know when the Protectorate became a thing the time glider doesn't say, it tells me that the PRT became a thing in 1992. Anyone know?
  7. Cyclone

    Cyclone Disciple of Zor

    Earth, Sol System
    A team called the Protectorate or the Protectorate as we see it in canon (i.e., a multi-branch team under PRT authority)? For the former, we don't really know. For the latter, Alexandria's interlude suggests it coincides with the PRT's founding, as the whole purpose of the PRT was for them to place themselves under government authority.
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  8. @bloodyreaper300, would you just ease up on regurgitating these challenges that are ether fandom, not well thoughtout fantasy prompts or all Taylor centric?

    While I can't write, I post out questions, like what ifs or or point out hidden plotholes.

    I have asked about what kind of powers both candidates in the last election would have if they lost.

    I have asked what if the ancient pagen gods of antiquity were the first Parahumans?

    I asked what if Piggott had to prison instead of Coil?

    I put out AU author Swaps questions to open up two way discusion on the differences.

    If you want to contribute it has be though communication and maybe even it has be original.
  9. Iny

    Iny ઢ ᱢ७ꗬ᧖৸o ਅ७?

    Austin, TX
    Yes, that's what her overt power is. But her subtle power, like I just said, is a scrambler field designed specifically to frustrate high-grade precognition by way of constant ultra-low-grade unpredictable environmental manipulation to deaden the accuracy of simulations as they pertain to events in and around the field, exactly as you described.
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  10. BeaconHill

    BeaconHill Lost Among Carbon Fields Advocate

    Woof (index) has updated with Chapter 8.

    Featuring elaborate costumes, tough questions, and a first day at a new school.
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  11. nope I make sure to post either one or two challenges when I do post challenges
  12. Ellf

    Ellf Hivelord

    So, idea in the vein of what I did for this snippet: Taylor finds one or both of two things a short while after her mother dies. She finds a very small puppy that can fit in her pocket... or she finds a bone-white skull. The former grows up to be a huge dog while the latter is possessed by a spirit that's a bit of a pervert. (But this would be Taylor's interpretation of Bob, which would still be different from Bob himself.)

    With the former, her dog acts like a guardian to her, but is still unable to prevent her trigger. However, it'd probably be a different condition this time rather than the locker which is hilariously overdone.

    The skull, on the other hand, teaches Taylor. She finds she has an aptitude for what the spirit within can teach her. Her mind is naturally suited to puzzling out problems, and she learns.

    Of course... either situation means that Brockton is a little more interesting as more than Parahumans inhabit it. Or rather, not all Parahumans were human in the first place. It's easy to allow people to come to their own conclusions even if you never outright lie to them.
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  13. Spoit


    When was the last time you've seen someone actually go and take a challenge, and write it? Much less one of your challenges.
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  14. Anzer'ke

    Anzer'ke Anarchism Ho!

  15. Older-than-Time

    Older-than-Time Slightly rich, sorta single, non-father brother

    How about making them sensibly and easy to understand?

    I checked your previous ones and they're just like these recent ones. Incoherent and messy
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  16. What do you think is the political scene between and inside The PRT and the Protectorate?

    Like is there a faction on the Capes side that wants more authority over the PRT's matters?

    Is there an anti cape faction within the PRT?
    Last edited: Jan 5, 2017
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  17. Older-than-Time

    Older-than-Time Slightly rich, sorta single, non-father brother

    I'd be surprised if there wasn't.

    It's statistically impossible for everyone to be exactly on the same page and have the same opinion without external factors forcing the issues
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  18. Honestly I like the idea with Bob and it would be interesting to see Taylor come to grips with the what she is learning about this new(old) side to the world. I also would like to see how she would deal with the restrictions of magic if she wanted to stay sane.

    Question? Is the White Council a thing in Earth Bet and what is their stance regarding parahumans?
    Last edited: Jan 5, 2017
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  19. Was my challenge at least understandable?
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  20. RyubosJ


    Wow, hard to see Harry letting Lea teach someone he cares about again, cause the first time work out so well after all.

    Anyway it wouldn't make much sense for Bob to be Bob unless Taylor got him after meeting Bob Bob first. Although talking skulls in worm would be rather cool.

    As for mouse I reckon you could do a lot with him, however constellations does the doG spirit guide very well already.

    PS and now I'm back to waiting for Peace Talks
    Last edited: Jan 5, 2017
  21. Spoit


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  22. Markala

    Markala Still a Mighty Duck Barking at the Moon

    A/N: I got spoiled for TMNT 2k12’s ending and am just not feeling it, fuck the ending with a lamp and a lube of NOPE, so here’s an AU with Worm-elements. Tang Shen doesn’t get enough love in canon or in fanfiction(which is the greater travesty here), and I’ve noticed that any time she featured in fic, she’s always pretty level-headed(there’s a great AU where she survives in Splinter/Yoshi’s place as a Cat Mutate that goes by Shard floating around tumblr/Ao3), a woobie, or a morality pet. Well fuck that shit, gimme some intensely fucked up, angry, shard-powered Tang Shen! WHAT COULD POSSIBLY GO WRONG?!

    Near-death, self-blame and an intensely terrible mindset I guess?

    HATCH 1.1

    The sting of the blade-

    She’s bleeding.

    -bites into her flesh.
    She’s dying.
    Flames that crackle, snap, roar higher


    She took that blow for one she loves.

    Seconds crawl in death and smoke.
    Eyes open, he’s gonehe’sgonehe’sgone-!

    Would’ve, could’ve, should’ve seen it.
    She’s afraidangrya l o n e.
    [->PURPOSE ? ]
    The angry gazes, their talks, him prodding at her doubts, how did she not see-?!


    No place in the modern world for ninja-?!

    Different institutions, different names, all the same-! It cannot continue to exist in its current form, let’s move away from this place-!
    Look what that thinking got you-
    [-> DATA ? ]
    Basic self-defense, what a joke.

    Look at her now, one blow and she’s just bleedingdyingdead.
    {->> *data* }

    A stab in the back from the front-!
    [->OBJECTIVE ? ]
    Weak! She’s weak!

    {->> *data* }
    Pretty dreams of a life of peace with no power to enforce it. Too weak to protect that which is precious to her, couldn’t even save him-!

    [ … ]
    Weak like her ribcage snapping and cracking beneath a fallen beam of charring wood.

    Her efforts were in vain!

    If he was gone-! Then what happened to-?!

    No… Nononononono-!


    Why?! Why would she choose this weakness?!

    WhereisyourloveN O W ?
    Weak like the body, cooling from the lack of blood.

    Icantakecareofmyself?! Ialwayshave?!

    Blind, unable to see seething, boiling betrayal on the horizon beyond her own problems.

    See what your ignorance has gained you?!

    Stupidity! So privileged, always needing to be defended-!


    Burden! On everyone she’s ever loved!

    A waster of time.


    It’s her fault-!

    Didn’tdeservethetimeorthelove-! Wasteditcan’tdefendit-!

    In these moment of death-
    Nothing special, some mother, some w i f e… Can't even sA V E H E R S E L F-!

    She B R E A K S-
    It grows, too smalltoosmall-!

    Thunder rumbles through the heavens.

    Not enough-! Never enough!

    Pit-! Pat-!

    Raindrops begin to fall and they quench the earth.

    Lightning flashes above-


    Something bellows, roars with thunder, screams heavenward-!

    From a cradle of flames and char, a beast howls, ‘more wind! More rain!’

    Look inward-inward-inward-! Look at you!

    Naught but ashes remain of her, of it- This weakness-!

    Left wanting. I- I am Flawed.

    The storm overhead picks up, and rain pours.

    So she grows.

    Tall, fast and above all, S T R O N G.

    Nothing of Hers shall EVER be taken from Her again.

    The beast is burnished scales and knife-like teeth, hers is the voice that speaks in tones of thunder and breaths of lightning-

    She is the storm incarnate.

    What’s Hers is sacred, and all that oppose her-!

    -An unknowing, broken man has long fled these ashes of his life, not that it probably matters.

    She will drown them.


    Lightning streaks out of the sky, striking the bony protrusion on her skull-

    She sheds her weakness like a skin-

    -and the scales light up, turn a shade of bright burnished gold.

    Weak no more.

    And so thus, Tang Shen dies.

    “-what the locals are calling the storm of the century-!”

    And with the soft sound of rolling thunder, in the eye of the storm from her cradle of drowned ash and quenched embers, Shenlong rises.

    She flies, leaves behind her cradle of weakness, defenselessness and ignorance.

    A great beast rises, screaming victory to the thundering heavens.


    Throws up hands! I did it! Baby’s first snip! There is like no TMNT related anything on here so I figured, eh why not? This AU takes place during-towards the end of the TMNT 2k12 Season 3 episode, “Tale of the Yokai.” Also, I know, 'Markala, why is there a shard in a non-Worm TMNT universe? The heck is going on?’ I kinda have an explanation about that, I’ll get there eventually.
    Last edited: Jan 7, 2017
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  23. Ellf

    Ellf Hivelord

    Hey, did Danny move to Chicago when Taylor was there? Is there any reference to that, or did he stay in Brockton?
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  24. Hahhaahhahahahahhah!!!!

    No. Your english was terrible. I felt horrible looking at it. Now i"m going to play starcraft to remove this horrible feeling.
  25. a couple of times actualy :D and for my writing I'm just to lazy to fix it Edit: I also write like that to make people angry or horrified its fun
    Last edited: Jan 6, 2017
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