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Wormverse ideas, recs, and fic discussion thread 1

Discussion in 'Fanfiction Discussion' started by Yog, Apr 21, 2014.

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    Crucible 1.4

    “That's the car? You're certain?” The tension in McAlister's voice was a palatable thing, but Taylor could hardly blame him for that. They were standing next to a car bomb, after all.

    “Yes, I'm sure. Guy opened the trunk, turned a key and pulled it out, then closed the trunk and walked away. He's about three blocks south of us right now. I saw a lot of wires, two blocks of something that looked like plastic explosive and a long metal cylinder.”

    Taylor listened with a fraction of her attention as he repeated that into his phone, but the majority of her attention was elsewhere. Taylor was acutely aware of every single person in the hospital. Of what they were seeing, what they were saying, what they were hearing. Even the sleeping ones registered to her senses, albeit only as a vague presence of place.

    There were five thousand three hundred and twenty three people in the building right now, and the only one of them likely to survive the building collapsing underneath them was the Nazi bastard who'd just reached the roof. A roof where there was neither Dauntless nor a PRT Chopper waiting to greet him.

    That could be a problem.

    “McAlister, what's the ETA on that Chopper or Dauntless? Krieg just reached the roof.”

    He repeated the question into the phone, and a got a response back a moment later. “Dauntless is still seven minutes out and the chopper isn't coming. Some sort of maintenance issue. Bomb squad is ten minutes out and Armsmaster should be right behind them.”

    “I'm not sure Krieg's going to stick around that long. Do you want me to send him another text? Try to stall him?”

    He shook his head. “No, Krieg's not the priority right now. If we can catch him, great, but dealing with the bomb's more important. Look, you said the bomber was a few blocks south? Can you follow him?”

    She nodded. “Yeah, sure. He's still on foot.”

    “Ok. Then that's what we're going to do. There's a car out back with a PRT agent inside. You take that, and track the bomber, find out where he's going. I'll stay here and keep the scene secure until EOD shows up, and if all goes-”

    He was cut off abruptly as Simmons' phone began to ring. Taylor didn't need to check the screen to know who was calling; she'd seen Krieg dial the number. “It's Krieg.”

    “Hand me the phone. I'll try to convince him I'm Simmons.” Taylor hesitated for a moment then gave him the phone, which he immediately answered with “Simmons here” in a surprisingly good approximation of Simmons accent.

    Taylor heard Krieg's reply in both Krieg's ears and McAlister's. “Put the girl on the phone.”

    “What? Are you sure-”

    “Put the girl on the phone now, Agent McAlister.”

    He tapped the mute button. “He's asking for you. I don't know how-”

    She held her good hand out. “Give me the phone. I'll talk to him while I track the bomber. I'll stall him as long as I can.”

    McAlister hesitated for a second “You sure? I won't lie- bagging Krieg would be fantastic- but I don't want you losing the bomber over this.”

    “Trust me. I'm good at multitasking.”

    “Fine. I'll probably get in trouble for this, but what the hell. Here.” He handed her the phone back and she took it, unmuting it and bringing it to her ear as she began to walk towards the car.



    “That's not my name, you Nazi fuck.”

    “And what name would you prefer? I do not believe you ever picked a name for your parahuman persona. Perhaps I should just call you Taylor Hebert?”

    Taylor froze. “I have no idea what you're talking about.”

    “Oh, I think you do. The Empire has eyes and ears everywhere, Taylor. Mr. Laborn's statement was quite interesting reading. You may have evaded Justice tonight, but understand there will be no escape for you.”

    “Justice? Is that what you're calling murder now?”

    “You killed a dozen soldiers of the Empire, Taylor, and for that, there must be retribution.”

    “They weren't soldiers Krieg, and neither are you. You're just a bunch of racist, sadistic thugs.”

    Krieg chuckled at that. “Oh, but you're wrong, Taylor. So very, very wrong. But don't worry. We'll meet again soon, and then I will be able to explain to you the error of your ways. Perhaps with your Father's help?”

    “Don't you dare touch him you piece of shit-” Krieg cut off any further insults by hanging up, then he turned and tossed the phone off the edge of the building.

    Then he took a deep breath and jumped off. He didn't fall straight down, instead doing something that pushed him against the wall of the hospital and slowing his fall, sliding down the wall in a way that defied physics.

    Taylor took the opportunity to climb into the car- Krieg wasn't on the same side of the building as she was, but he wasn't on the opposite side either, and she really didn't want to be there when he landed. She buckled herself in quickly out of habit, and told the driver “Head South.”

    The Agent turned her head back. “Good to meet you too. I'm Agent Summers. Control was saying you had a way of tracking a suspect.”

    “He's five blocks south and one block west from where we are now. He's waiting for a light to change right now. And since Krieg just landed five hundred feet away, I'd like to get moving now.”

    “Right then. South it is.” With that, Summers shifted the car into gear and pulled out. Taylor listened with a fraction of her attention as she radioed the PRT with an update on Krieg, but the majority of her attention was on the phone as she dialed her home phone number. It rang and rang and rang, and Taylor silently cursed her families lack of an answering machine. After the tenth ring, she disconnected, taking a deep breath before trying the work number, silently hoping he was working late.

    The phone picked up on the third ring, and Taylor heard a tired but familiar voice. “Dockworkers Association, Danny Hebert speaking.”

    “Dad, it's me. I-”

    He cut her off. “Taylor? Is that really you? Oh thank god you're alive. I was so worried about you. Are you okay? Are you hurt?”

    “I'm fine.” She looked at her arm. “Well, mostly fine. But that's not important right now. The Empire 88 is pissed at me, and they got my name and yours. You need to get to the PRT Headquarters now. Krieg might be coming after you right now. You need to get to safety.”

    “The Empire 88? The PRT? What happened Taylor? Did you join the E88? I-”

    Taylor cut him off. “I was kidnapped. It's complicated, and I swear I'll explain everything when I get there, Ok?”

    “You were kidnapped? But why? I-”

    “I need to go now, Dad. I'll explain everything to you when I get to PRT HQ. I love you. Bye.” She hung up. Then she turned towards the driver. “He's a block further west now.”

    “Right. So, family trouble?”

    “I'd really prefer not to talk about it.”

    Summers shrugged. “Suit yourself. So, what's the guy we're looking for look like, exactly?”

    Taylor shrugged. “I didn't get a good look at him. I see out of people's eyes, and he hasn't passed near anybody, and he hasn't looked in any mirrors. I just saw him arm the bomb.”

    Summers nodded. “Right. In that case, I'm going to swing by him, get some pics with the dashcam as we drive past then circle around. How close do you need to be to track him?”

    “Just keep me within a half mile and I should be fine.” She could actually track people at twice that, but better safe then sorry.

    “Ok, that shouldn't be too difficult. I'll just drive past him, get the shots, and then we can follow from a two blocks over. Where's he at now again?”

    “He's on Jones, just coming up on 19th.”

    “Okay. Let's do this then.”

    The driveby itself passed without incident; the windows were tinted, and the bomber had absolutely no reason to suspect them as they drove past. Except...

    “You're sure that's the bomber?”

    “Yes, I'm positive.”

    “'Cause that guy's white. Which means he's not ABB, which means we've got another mad bomber in the city who isn't Bakuda. That doesn't exactly fill me with the warm fuzzies.”

    “I'm not so sure about that.”

    “Really? You think Lung's an equal opportunity employers these days.”

    “Not exactly. But I think I just found Bakuda's lab.”

    It was a first floor apartment a mile away, just barely within her range, the floor covered in plastic with several tables worth of bombs and bomb making equipment scattered around. Six people were in the room, and three of them were in restraints. Looking through Bakuda's eyes they looked every inch the stereotypical skinhead, and all of them looked like they'd been through the wringer, and she had a really bad feeling about what those symbols on Bakuda's HUD meant.

    A few moments later, she confirmed it. “Rise and Shine assholes, and welcome to the ABB, Nazi asshole division. That pain in your nose is where I just shoved a tinkertech bomb into your head. You attack me, it goes off. You disobey my orders, it goes off. You try to run, it goes off. Basically, as far as you're concerned, I'm God now. Understand?”

    The skinhead on the right snarled at that. “Fuck you Bitch!”

    Bakuda smiled. “Oh good, a volunteer.” She blinked, and the icon on the defiant skinhead highlighted, then she twitched her toes and the Skinhead screamed in pain before literally exploding into a cloud of sand. “Now, any more questions?”

    A mile away, Taylor winced before turning back to Summers. “Call the PRT. We're going to need backup. We're going to need a lot of backup.”
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  2. Older-than-Time

    Older-than-Time Slightly rich, sorta single, non-father brother

    Well, I finally have a reason to put someone on Ignore.

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  3. devas



    It isn't :) you're only kidding yourself, butchering your own social skills in the process, and ensuring that your life is going to be measurably worse in the future.

    Also, you're not actually making people angry, you're making then look at you with disdain and pity
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  4. Very funny.

    Now, after you made yourself look like an idiot, twice....
  5. Haah, thought that might be it, it was mostly post Contessa dual head shot Taylor being shoved into the body of the Zerg overmind (although maybe a queen/brood mother would be better) with the swarms knowledge and given the ability to jump between universes, she goes through with the first jump because she is bored and/or lonely and keeps going because people are dicks (or extremely fond of tentacles).

    The XCOM one, which I haven't put up, came from reading the XCOM 2 prequel book and it saying the Advent armour looks insectile, which it sorta does, the book actually expands the verse a lot, you see examples and the extent of the aliens propaganda and lies and why they are so well looked at, what the aliens did to restrict human travel and some sort of contagion (which I don't know much about) which is why large parts of the world are now uninhabited.
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  6. Oi, wrong guy.
  7. Nope, right guy, well one of them anyway the other that quoted my was @Spoit.
  8. Oh my god yes. Although I'm somewhat confused on the identity thing. Did Taylor not figure the Empire knew who she was? Did they literally just kidnap white people at random and give them numbers?
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  9. Rinn

    Rinn Coffee Addict

    Krieg got a copy of Mr. Laborne's police statement, where-in her name and maybe her father's name appeared. Or he just mentioned that she has family in the bay, so Krieg has his moles dig up the missing persons report from around the time they picked up Taylor and matched her to the one Danny would have filed... And, yes, they thought Taylor was a homeless runaway when they took her off the street.
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  10. Ah, must've missed that bit. Thanks.
  11. Spoit


    No I got the "Taylor is uploaded into the swarm" part, It was the rest of the post that I couldn't parse. Like, what the actual plot for it would be.
    I wouldn't get so cocky, chummer. Your "idea" posts aren't always.... coherent either.
  12. Older-than-Time

    Older-than-Time Slightly rich, sorta single, non-father brother

    Ok, first off.

    Run on sentence. Make sentences. Use punctuation. Watch your grammar. Formatting.

    Here, I even did an edit:
    See how much nicer that is?

    I've seen how you post in other parts of the forum. You know you can do better. I've seen it.

    You have no excuse other than being lazy about looking over what you write.
  13. But mine are readable.
  14. Spoit


  15. Come on, they are!
  16. I said the main reason she moves on would be because of people constantly trying to kill or control her for various reasons, not all of them because said people are evil but most would be.

    Course not everybody is trying that and she does make some friends, in both senses of the word, and they can follow along with her as she looks for a relatively friendly place to settle down.

    Urg, I know and it's got a bit to do with my mental state at the time, I write better when I either grumpy or languidly happy/calm and feel slow/lazy and it's hard for me to get into either state here (or it might be that I'm on my phone).

    Actually, the phone bit sounds about right, the screen is small so sentences look longer and I cut them off sooner AND it makes me go through and check stuff.
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  17. Given Taylor's reaction to Scion nuking the east coast, it seems Danny stayed in Brockton Bay.
  18. What he said. Taylor looked like a runaway when the E88 snatched her, and she didn't correct the assumption. I'll be going into more detail later, but basically the E88 had some volunteers, and it took some people off the street for it's little training program. The street kids were generally treated as being more expendable, and were there to give the "volunteers" both something to fear being demoted to and people to kill when they started doing fights to the death.
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  19. Ellf

    Ellf Hivelord

    White Council is probably still a thing, but their stance on parahumans leans more toward observation. The Wardens need to be careful that they don't off capes. Some might even be capes.

    Though original plans had the Council a lot smaller than on Aleph.
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  20. The_Knowing

    The_Knowing Shot Through The Heart!

    So, do you have any plans of moving this to a thread?
  21. Cryptix


    So I have a strange idea for a Worm AU setting.

    - When the Entities came, they were using a different strategy - instead of seeding the parahumans in society to fight themselves, they instead bring subjugated alien species with them to cause conflict and enslave humanity. This will have the effect of causing the enslaved species to uprise eventually, allowing the Entities to know what can hurt them before hightailing it to the next dimension. Of course, they take any loyal individuals with them.
    - In this continuity, humanity was under the enslavement of the Dragon's Blood, a race of humanoid lizards who have the 1/10.000.000 chance of being born into Dark Souls dragons, for 16 years. 15 years into the occupation, a strange mineral crash landed in the middle of a human work camp. It turns out that the mineral, known only as miracle, has the chance to forcibly bond any who touch it to a shard while still connected to the entity.
    - Of all who attempted to bond, 6 became the generals of the resistance: the Master Emperor, the Brute Ice Queen, the Blaster Light Palace, the Trump Deity, the Stranger Black Forest, and the Tinker World Forge. The fighting continued for a year, as he Dragon's Blood had no counter to the parahuman armies. Eventually, the Generals reached the palace of the High Matriarch of the Dragon's Blood, and finally killed her, but not without the loss of Light Palace. Unknown to the heroes, the High Matriarch was Eden's "anchor" to this world, and without her the Entity could no longer interact with the dimension, meaning the other Entity had to take control of her shards. I'm doing so, he noticed two things about himself: there were 5 faint connections between himself and the humans that killed his other half's anchor, and that one of his shards has spiralled away. He took direct control of the humans, already conceiving a plan to seed conflict...
    - Skip 13 years, and it is now 2029. The 5 Generals have founded "Super-corporations," giant companies with their own private armies of Parahumans created seemingly from a drug fashioned from Miracle. In reality, the drug, known as Providence, is just a placebo and just allows the Entity to force a connection with the human. The 5 corporations: Jade Dragon Luxuries, Smoak Tech, Haven Corp., Sombra Trading Co, and Vulkanforge Industries, have taken over the world in all but name, allowing Zion to dig his claws deeper secretly. The Dragon's Blood have become probationary second class citizens, forced into the slums of the cities and having little to no rights. Any Dragons born are taken by Smoak Tech for dissection and research.
    - Zion keeps order by holding the threat of a second Dragon's Blood invasion over the people's head, lead by an enigmatic "High King" (Zion's anchor), bringing even more brainwashed Scalies with him that the First Invasion.
  22. bdun140

    bdun140 I have ideas. Sometimes they're even good.

    Quick question for you folks: Do we ever learn Mouse Protector's real name in canon? And if not, is there a generally agreed-upon fanon name, that I could use to tip someone off that a given lady might-or-might-not (but totally is) MP's civilian identity?
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  23. When Danny brings home Hannah and all immediately know that gunz is now dating Taylors dad. Story idea Taylor dad moved him and Taylor to Chicago after and his death to get them farther from the memories. And she ends up dating mouse protector I'm not actually sure what's going on beyond that but mouse protector Danny new OTP.
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  24. Ellf

    Ellf Hivelord

    Don't think that we learn her real name in canon. Considering we first see her as Murder Rat. The common name I see for her is "Katherine" though.
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  25. Does Dragon's CGI avatar (and, later, her gynoid avatar) have any sort of description at all in canon? I'm trying to resist the urge to make her look like a young version of Samantha Carter.
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